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Bubblebubs BamBam Fitted Nappy

Bubblebubs BamBam Fitted Nappy

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Awful awful nappies

These nappies are a joke. We are onto our second baby with these, and boy have they disappointed us.
Just like our first, our son leaks out everywhere with these and not just the odd nappy here or there but, every. Single. One.
We have also noticed that the elastic around the sides have stretched out on all of the nappies. We use a low speed spin cycle during washing and low heat 30 minute dryer cycle on occasion. These nappies should last longer.
Truly disappointing considering the amount we paid.
Don't waste your money.

Purchased in May 2017 for $1,000.00.

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Hi Zte, sorry you've had a bad experience with the nappies. They are a fitted nappy though and require a separate cover to go over them as the whole nappy gets wet :) Heat and bacteria are the nemesis of elastic, for longevity a good wash routine is essential. Even with completely 'dead' elasic the nappies still work really well (similar to a contour, prefold or flat nappy) If you'd like to reach out to the customer service team we'd be more than happy to help you get them working for you. I've tried putting a name to this review so we can reach out to you and searched for orders in and around May 2017 for $1000 of bambams from customers in WA but I can't find anything (our full-time pack is $600 so it would stick out) so, unfortunately, we can't shoot you an email so hope you see this :)

Incomplete order and appalling customer service

We ordered a trial pack of bambams online a couple of months before our baby was due. 2 weeks later I had an email asking if I'd received a previous email (I hadn't) telling me to choose another print for the cover as the one I wanted was out of stock. I thought that was quite a long time to figure out that they didn't have what I wanted in stock, but as my baby was not born yet, I didn't mind so much.
After my baby was born, we ordered a set of 12 bambams, along with covers and a couple of larger sizes to trial for when he got bigger. When the parcel arrived, it contained everything but only 10 bambams (not 12). I immediately wrote to bubblebubs to let them know that 2 items were missing from the parcel. Two and a half weeks later I still had not heard back from them, so I wrote again. This time I heard back with an email containing just a single sentence: 'just following up to see if the two bambams have arrived?'. I wrote back to say that they had not, and asked if they had been sent yet (because I had not received any communication to say they had). No response. A few weeks later we went overseas for a month, and expected them to arrive while we were away. But now we are back and we still haven't received what we paid for, nearly 3 months after we ordered it! It has taken so long, that even if we received the rest of the nappies now, they wouldn't get much use as my baby would be close to growing out of them.

The nappies themselves work fine. Poo often escapes from the cloth part, but is usually caught by the cover (we got the candy covers). However, the customer service is APPALLING! I think nappies from other companies would work just as well, so it is just not worth the risk dealing with this company. We will spend our money elsewhere next time.

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Oh goodness I've only just seen this I do apologise. I know this has now all been resolved but I would like to address it here too. You are right, and all of the problems you noted happened. We let you down, your order fell through the cracks and I can only apologise again. We were in the middle of implementing a new customer service ticketing system so we could better serve our customers (ironically) when this all happened which ended up being part of the problem. As Bubblebubs has experienced substantial growth over the past year we've started to implement more and more processes to ensure things like this don't happen again. In fact we changed a lot of things due to this issue. I am truly sorry that you had such a bad experience, I am glad however that you do love the nappies. We have some amazing retailers that stock our products that also provide amazing customer service

Perfect newborn nappy

We have used Bambams since my son was 1 week old (3.7kg). He is now 7weeks old and I cannot fault them.
The fit has been great and has adapted to suit as he grew and changed shape - short and chubby to long and thin.
After a quick tutorial hubby was on board has had no problem using them since.

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Hi Katie! So glad you are loving the bambams and that hubby is on board too. Makes it so much easier when you have a supportive partner

So easy for a first time mum

These nappies have been great! I am a first time mum to a 4 week old and have been using these since he was born. Great fit, easy to apply and can be easily boosted if required. I found the absorbency really increases a lot with a few washes. I have some pre-folds as well which are also great.

Vicki's customer service is amazing, she answered all my questions quickly and with so much information. The website and the blog are also full of info and little videos which have been very helpful.

The perfect newborn nappy

Loved using these with my newborn. So easy to put on, wash and dry quickly so that I could use them again. It is so easy with these to get a good fit that doesn't leak.

All the other nappies I tried leaked no matter what I did. Pairing a bambam with a double gusset cover no more leaks every again.

Brilliant cute product and fab service

I purchased some of the new aussie animals bubblebubs candies recently. They were ready for pick up next day and were fabulous to use. They are my favourite out of the different brands i have. Love the clip in inserts - easy to clean. The instructions on the website were great too. Want to buy some more!

Started these first day home with the bubs and haven’t looked back!

We bought these months in advance of our babies arrival based on the overwhelming positive reviews on this site and other review sites. The initial outlay wasn’t bad as we ordered direct from their online store, we got the ‘Newborn part-time pack Bam Bams’ for $299. It included covers, snappis and the bam bams.
Our baby was an average 3.5kgs and started cloth nappies the day we brought him home. The elastic fit on the legs and waist are so good, catching any runny poos and only needing x1 extra layer of booster for wees. The covers are super cute with the prints and very easy to put on and to wash.
Extremely happy with the performance and ease of use with the bam bams for newborns. Such a good start to our cloth nappy journey. Definitely would recommend these for anyone trying out cloth for their newborn.

Perfect NB Option

I bought a stash of these for use with my second after having regrets not getting them for my first. They are incredibly soft and feel gorgeous for little squishy newborn bums. Getting a perfect fit was quite easy, and boosting on the outside between nappy and PUL or woollen cover extended the period of use we were able to get as we had a chunky heavy wetting boy who sadly by 10 weeks barely fit the Bam bams anymore. But we soon upgraded to BIGs and love them too!

Must have newborn nappies

These nappies are so soft and luxurious; it really does put your mind at ease having such new skin in them. I found ours were really absorbent and were used daily until 8 weeks (my babies are big, so she was out wetting them even when boosted). I found them super easy to use in the newborn haze, and washed them in a normal load (with our clothes) no problems.

Great For Newborn

We started using BamBams as soon as my little one was home from hospital. We found that they were a great fit, especially as you can do them up firmly. My partner had no trouble getting used to them as well as visiting relatives. We did find our little one would let us know when she was wet, as this type of nappy gets wet all the way around. Paw paw cream was the best option for these cloth nappies to get rid of nappy rash (caused from disposables when in hospital). I'm sorry when she outgrew them at about 3 months, as they have been such a good nappy. Definitely recommend BamBams for your newborn.

Great fit flexibility for newborns

BamBams are a great fit from from newborns to about 2-3 months. They still fit my son and he's 3 months though I do need to boost them now. Because they do up with a snappy they're very flexible to fit and easier than a prefold to start with. The leg elastics also create a great seal. Paired with a Bubblebubs cover i found these had a great size range and great flexibility when you're just starting.

I can't wait to wrap our bub's little toosh in our super soft Bambams!

As a first time mum, making the right decision on cloth nappies has been a tricky one. After weeks of research, we decided the Bubblebubs Bambams would be the perfect choice for our pending arrival.

Vicki has been amazing, and kept us in the loop with expected delivery times, as the PUL covers we ordered we're slightly delayed.

Having since received our fluffy mail, I can say 100% that I cannot wait to wrap our baby's little butt in the super soft bambam. They are so incredibly soft and silky and just simply adorable. They appear to offer a little more convenience than a prefold or flat, and will (hopefully) be the perfect fit for our new baby! I can't wait to purchase some more!

Love this nappy

As a first time user of cloth nappies I was a bit worried but fell in love with my bambams, I even got my partner using them after he swore black and blue he wouldn't touch cloth !! They are soft and so easy to use, I love the range of covers for them and they all dry quite quickly. I have never had nappy rash with these nappies and have no issues using them overnight. I add a booster now as my bun is getting bigger and I'm not quite wanting to give them up yet.

Fantastic newborn nappy

Fantastic fit from day one (once I mastered the art of the snappi), fit for a lot longer than other newborn nappies I purchased.

Worked very well and while I purchased them second hand and used them solidly for at least 8-9 months, heaps of life left in them and I just wish I had known about them for Bub number 1 (used cushie tushies Osfm with him and they were just a bit big for the first 3 months)

My favourite newborn nappy

I bought a few different kinds of newborn nappy before my baby was born and BamBams are the only ones I kept using. Much easier than prefolds but still gives a great custom fit. The fabric is so soft and the elastic is strong enough to keep in leaks but doesn't leave red marks against delicate skin. They do need a cover, which makes them a little bulkier but I never used one unless going out or wearing clothes over the top. They look so cute on the bum!

Bubblebubs bamboo delights

These are my go-to nappy for going out, car journeys etc - times when I really don't want a leak! They are a bit bulky but bub is only 4.5kg at the moment and think he will fill them out. Really absorbent though (that was my only issue with the bambams - had to change him nearly every hour as he was really wet!) and lovely next to his skin. Teamed with PUL cover I haven't had any leaks and he leaks almost every disposable and the occasional candie (probably operator error?!) Vicki delivers amazing customer service (see candie review) - can't fault her and she has made entrance to cloth nappy using very pleasant! Only concern is how long they take to dry but that is the price you pay for the extra absorbency.

Perfect for newborn to 8kg

My favorite nappy! I got rid of the other 10 styles we tried. Now i only use nappies made by bubblebubs. Very high quality and very reasonably priced. Very very very soft. Extremely easy to use, very very trim, especially when teamed with a candies cover. Almost as trim as a disposable but feels even softer to me!

The good:
Very trim (almost like disposable)
Very absorbent
Dries relatively quickly
Super soft
Can use up until 8kg so great value for money plus inserts can be used after this time
Best of all, you can buy and if you don't like it even after trying you get your money back!
Doesn't leave any red marks on baby legs or back/tummy etc
Perfect fit every time
Zero blowouts
Superb customer service.

The bad?
Can't think of anything. it just took me a couple of tries to figure out how to use snappi but you don't even need one.

A must have in every stash! I've tried 10 soft styles and am replacing all of the ones not made by bubblebubs.

Best Fitted Nappy I have Used

Gosh, I wish these were around 9 years ago when I was using cloth with my older children. Bambams have genuinely got #3 bub into cloth nappies as much as possible from the day we got home from hospital.
I avoided cloth in the early days with my first two, as I was either having to fold flats or deal with All in Ones that didn't quite fit yet.
Bambams save the folding, and fit like a dream! Great custom fit, and trim too, doesn't interfere with teeny newborn clothing fitting still!
Whenever I need to use a disposable, I can't wait to get it off her and get a cute fluffy bambam back on! Not to mention that all my leaks so far have been with a disposable on, and not a single leak with Bambams on.
They dry very quickly - I can hang out inside at night and be using them again by morning (Spring weather).
My only regret with them? That I didn't buy more! :)

Great newborn nappy

I bought 6 of these nappies to add to my stash for my second bub. I love how soft they are and how they are nice and trim. They also fit really well as are designed specifically for small babies but I like the fact that they can still be used up to about 8kg. They take 1-2 days to dry but this the same as my other bamboo nappies and I think bamboo absorbency outweighs drying time.

Will keep using these for as long as possible

I'm not sure if these is for the BamBams or Bamboo Delights so I'll write reviews for both

Bam Bams
I bought a few of these before bub was born as they has such great reviews. They are made of a nice, soft material that feels like it will last really well. I use them with the PUL cover. A friend loaned us a whole stash of Bambooty Easy Dry nappies in small for a newborn, but hubby and I weren't liking the red marks on her thighs when we changed her nappies. We found ourselves reaching for the Bambams over the Bambootys because it was such a great fit over her belly and legs without one being too tight or too loose. All up we have Funki Bums, Bambootys, BamBams and prefolds for this newborn stage, and the BamBams are definitely my favourite. Surprisingly, they are also hubby's favourite, which I wasn't expecting because of the couple of extra steps with the snappi and cover. I do wish they could hold a bit more as it always seems to be soaking wet when we changed her but there have been no leaks!

Bamboo Delights.
These are very similar to the Ai2 Candies, they just need a cover. Like the Candies, they make for a great fit, and they are super, super, super soft! At this point in time I find they are just that bit too big and bulky when a cover is used while my bub is so little. I think in the future it will be great for semi-nappy free time as they would be so breathable.

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Bubblebubs BamBam Fitted Nappy
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