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Motorola MBP36

Motorola MBP36

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Best monitor for rural areas

The image quality is great! I live in a rural area and the range reaches easily over 100m from inside the house. Audio is quite sensitive - it picks up the fan when its on. The different levels of volume that you can select is great.
The hand held screen is easy to use.
It was very easy to set up.
Only had it 1 week but it hasn't missed a beat so far.

Finally found something that works!

The most important thing to me is range. I had a monitor that would lose range from the next room, mostly due to wifi. This monitor, however, has never had any issues and even had full range when I take the parent unit out to the granny flat.
The image quality is good, not exceptionally clear but still very good.
The sound quality is also great, I can even hear k baby breathing sometimes.
The only additional thing which would benefit this monitor is a voice activated feature where the screen turns back on when there’s noise in the baby’s room. But not a huge issue to me, just a suggestion.
The monitor was very easy to set up and it’s also easy to use.
Very happy with my purchase!

Its OK

Not as good picture as they show it to be on the box. Its better using this monitor at night as the night vision part is much better. I can hardly see my baby in the day time but I can still hear him. The rechargeable part of the handheld receiver does not charge so it has to stay plugged in to work.

Clear screen, good reception, good battery life, convenient Micro-USB charging

I have owned an older MBP30 before, which was "fit-for-purpose" but technologically outdated and poorly designed. The MBP36S is a major improvement: a larger, clearer screen which is landscape, not portrait like the MBP30. Improved night vision (brighter, clearer), clearer sound, and a thermometer. The panning is also very handy, as it is nearly impossible to position a camera to point exactly where you want it unless you have the ability to pan.

Note that the MBP36S is different from (and incompatible with) the older MBP36; it has an improved camera, improved sound/video, and the charger connection uses Micro-USB. The battery is apparently also different.

Reception is excellent, and it has improved reception compared to the MBP30, even without the antenna being unfolded. It also has a stand to stay upright, whereas the MBP30 would always fall over.

The only drawback is that it does not allow the screen to stay off, and only come on when sound is detected. When on the charger, the screen stays on, and so does the sound. The MBP30 cut both off, only activating it when there was a sound (VOX). The MBP36S makes sound throughout (digital static, soft but audible even at lowest volume).

I would highly recommend the MBP36S, but consider buying from overseas as Australian prices are highly inflated.

Great range. Clear picture & sound

This monitor was very easy to set up and we've been very happy with the range and video/sound quality. I'm a keen gardener with a very big garden. The baby's room is at the front of the house and even in the backyard the reception on the monitor is crystal clear.

Perfect for twins!

The image quality isn't great but is good enough to see if either of the kids is awake. The audio gets a bit crackly if turned up too loud. The zoom and 180 degree movement of the camera is handy when you have more than one area to focus on (with twins, for example). Great battery life. Have recommended it to other parents of multiples.

Wish we'd bought this one first

This monitor gives the best range.

We tried the Angelcare and the Oricom and neither could pick up signal from our nursery to our bedroom. They kept cutting out and alarming intermittently.

The picture quality is the best of the three also in my opinion.

We have twins so the picture in picture is great. Beats the other brands that cycle camera to camera.

My only negatives are that the controls are not that intuitive and take a bit of getting used to, and the battery life is not the greatest but I'm happy to have to push a few extra buttons for the overall performance and quality of this baby monitor.

It was good while it worked

worked for 6 months, now sound is all stuffed up and I am unable to hear any action as all it's coming out of the speakers is a distorted random sound when the room is totally quiet.. hasn't even been 8 months since i've purchased it for our son. Now i have to leave all the doors open to hear if he cries, which really defeats the purpose of having a cam next to me to hear if he cries.
Another con is it has to be plugged in all the time otherwise battery dies within an hour or so.
I have a feeling it will be a nightmare to fix this product through motorola now.. disappointed..

A bit pricey

In the day time when the blinds are drawn (and blockout curtains) the monitor flashes as it can't seem to work out whether or not to function on day or night mode. The vision is fantastic on day mode - although we close the blinds when our baby naps so we don't get much use from this mode.

The lowest sound level is really not that low - for overnight it would be good if this was much lower or only picked up sounds of a certain volume.

Very expensive

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To add to this, only a few months after my review the connection between the parent monitor and the charger died. It will no longer charge... and you can't just re buy the parent part. We then bought a oricom which honestly was much worse vision and didn't rotate like this motorola. Such a shame...

Hit and miss

I had the previous model for 1 1/2 years without a problem. I replaced it with the new model 6 months ago after I accidentally broke it. The new model was more expensive for the same features and what seems like a flimsier product. The video and audio are fine but I have had problems with the camera not moving and the tempturature not registering and now the charging connection to the monitor is not working. Considering the price tag, I would have expected more.

Great wireless range, clear pictures but don't put it next to your laptop / pc or it will kill your

We bought it because it is suppose to be one of the best and we are not disappointed.

We love:
1. Long range - we are on a 900m block and I can pick up quality sound and visual from one end of the block to the other. Excellent when I am hanging up the washing and baby is in the nursery at the front of the house. **I notices some of the other reviews mentioned connection - we found that you need to put the antenna up to get the long range or it doesn't work very well**
2. The picture is very clear and the sound is sensitive and it lights up red if you want to mute the sound
3. Temperature - I think that it's usually a little higher than what our Groegg is displaying
4. You can talk to the baby and reassure him as you head to the nursery or you can talk to your other half when you are trying to pass on a message and you're in separate ends of the house!

Room for improvement:
1. Put the monitor next to any WIFI and the signal dies (automatically kills my laptop internet)
2. Would be wonderful if there was a clock
3. Nothing for the camera to attach to and it doesn't point down very far so you really have to set it quite high to see. We move it around the house and use Blutack to stick it to places.
4. Green light that's on when the camera is on is very distracting for a baby trying to get to sleep!

Truly awful product. WARNING! Do Not Purchase This Item

I want to warn people not to buy this product. We cannot move 3 meters to the room next door without it losing signal. We have tried this is several different houses, all with the same result. Further more, avoid motorolla. They do not care that they are charging $300 for a product that is faulty. Look at the other reviews, people have various issues but the one common is that motorolla are awful and are happy stealing money from the public and getting away with it.

Awful - would not recommend!!!!

From Day 1, connection has been terrible - nearly non-existent. I can't even make it out of my son's bedroom without losing connection with the camera which makes it completely useless. Have spent hours on the phone with Motorola troubleshooting and they have been very unhelpful and have never been able to determine the issue. I have completely turned off wireless and cordless phones and it does not help at all. I have tossed $300 in the bin and have had to buy another -- certainly not a Motorola!

Poor Quality Build

After reading several positive reviews we purchase this unit with high expectations, 7 months later the power socket has become loose and now does not charge. It seems to be a common problem with Motorola Baby monitors that have faulty power connectors on the parent unit, the micro USB connection does not seem to be held in correctly. Would NOT recommend.

Very dissapointed

Since i bought it one year ago, its been in and out reparing for almost 5 times. The store told me that the signal already been fixed, but still cannot be used. It has the same problem over And over. My baby's room is next to my room, but the signal indicator always on. Im really dissapointed using this product.

Great Long Range Monitor

Great long range monitor!!! Had been searching everywhere and finally invested in this, never looked back. Clear picture, night vision and sounds quality. You can also mute it and still see the video plus it plays melodies and you can talk to baby from base until. Really pleased with this purchase!

Couldn't be happier!

This monitor is worth its weight in gold. I'm so glad we paid the extra money for a top quality video monitor. It has a very clear image in daytime (night vision is obviously not as clear). Love the temperature gage and constant feed of sound (as opposed to the sound cutting in and out) which provides the reassurance you need with a newborn baby. I only like one of the songs so that's a feature we could live without. All in all, great purchase and we couldn't be happier!

Excellent monitor

We needed to update from a simple Oricom monitor when we moved house and had our second baby. We needed a monitor with good range (our house is a long single story home with kid's bedrooms on opposite end from our room) that could have multiple cameras connected. I did a lot of research, but no one monitor seemed to have universally positive reviews, so I bought this camera with some trepidation!

However I'm thrilled with it. Be wary of the "300 metre range" as that is direct line of sight (which no one has in a house!) however with the antenna up it works perfectly throughout our house. It was easy to set up both cameras, and the monitor cycles through each camera every 30 seconds (I think? Maybe 15 seconds).

The only negatives so far are that the screen doesn't have a VOX function (ie screen turns on when camera detects a noise) however it isn't that much of a hassle to push the button to view the screen. Image quality is great day and night and I love being about to pan and zoom.

I also find that I might have to push the on or off button a few times to turn it on/off.

It's been in use about two months now and I would highly recommend.

I bought it from Digital World International - significantly cheaper than anywhere else (for unit and extra camera it was a total of $310 incl postage). The main unit and one camera came with UK plugs (and adapters to Aus) but that has been no issue.

Night vision is bad

The night vision on this is terrible,
I think there is something wrong with my camera as the led around the camera don't do anything.
Sent pictures of it as well
As my anglecare which is a lot clearer at night to cnp brands and they said that there is nothing wrong and the clarity is suppose to be that bad.

Not happy at all

this product works extremely well at close proximity but the moment you enter another room or move more than 25 metres from the camera you lose signal. The info on the package promised 300metres.

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Questions & Answers

Hi can someone tell me where i can service my mbp36 monitor in sydney? The power connection has been pushed in Need to get this fixed asap. Thanks Peter
3 answers
Hey Peter, not sure where you can get it fixed but they have a two year warranty so you can return to place of purchase with a receipt to get a replacement/refund.I had the same problem and went to an av guy in botany. He re attached it back for me and 4 years on still going strongThankyou all. Im in Mascot NSW.so Botany is close.by. Can ypu tell me then name of company you used. thanks peter

How long does battery life last?
1 answer
Hi - I was never able to use it so never tested battery. It had no range outside of my son's room so was useless as a monitor. Had to buy another. Purchased Angelcare. It's not perfect but at least I can leave my son's bedroom! Motorola also has no warranty so really poor. Angelcare has 3 years.

Hi. I have a question regarding the VOX function. Does the parent unit vibrate if the camera detects any movements?
1 answer
No it does not Vibrate at all, it also does not have VOX and it does turn on if it detects movement, it better to have the unit plugged in and charging at night this way the screens also on.to.


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