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Myer Visa Card

Myer Visa Card

1.9 from 69 reviews

Love it

I had no issues when my card transferred across to the new provider. Latitude sent me a card and I did not activate it and they closed the account no dramas.

So now I have the Myer visa through Myer (I think) with the same low annual fee of $39 and unlimited points accumulation.

Sounds like lots of people had issues with latitude, maybe try opening with Myer.

The Worst card

Customer Service is non existant sorry for the poor Indian operators they have no support.
Everything is to hard very stressful dealing with them.

I dont think these Guys will be around much longer.

Billie B

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

The worst credit card experience

Been asked to verify the info I put in the application over and over again for over a month, cant understand why cant they check the info in the application thru other channels, e.g. salary and credit check, never been asked by other credit card companies, the whole application process is just ridiculous, wont recommend anyone to apply for this credit card.

False advertising - promises to sign up. Bad customer service.

Received invitation on mail to sign up for MYER credit card - offer “not transferable” and supposedly $100 shopping spree and to quote offer “A primary cardholder fee of $0 applies”

When trying to sign up under supposedly “special” link had no mention of these. Rang the call centre - told to send an email. Sent an email - after 2 weeks and no word sent another email. 2 days later received call from supposed “complaints” department. Said all the right things - promised to send email confirming conversation - never received.

It appears that the $0 annual fee is only for first year, and $69 annual fee thereafter.

Blatant false and misleading advertising.

(And terrible customer service !!!)

Total Rip off

The new Myer Visa Card is a complete disgrace. I had my old one for many years and was totally satisfied but now you cannot even get on line to check your statement, let alone receive it by post.


This credit is terrible, I use it first time for online shopping, transaction rejected. Call customer service, waited for 20 mins, service is very bad. Cancel it straight away. Don't use this crap credit card.


Oh dear, I wish I had gone on to this site a long time ago! I would not have had all the problems I have had with my Latitude Infinity Credit card. For many years I was with Myer and I did not have any problems and enjoyed their rewards. Ever since Latitude took over I have had trouble logging on, cannot understand my statement and end up having to ring them every month. Plus the rewards are, well I have no words except swear words!! Finally, recently I told them enough is enough and cancelled my CCd. I paid the balance in full as I always do. Thought that was the end of it but NO I get an email this month saying my latest statement is on-line. Tried to log on and I can't. Another phone call to tell them I don't owe anything.. By the way I am 72, do not need this stress in my life. Patricia Boyd

Shocking financial fraud.

First of all , I was a Myer Card visa user, and at the end of August 2017, I paid off my outstanding debt of $1500 and was finally in the black. Unfortunately, I forgot to close the account. So when Latitude Infinity sent me a card which I didn't ask for BTW, I threw it out without activating it as I don't need more debt. I don't have a job so why would need a credit card. Now I get a letter in the mail saying that I owe $89.for a annual card fee plus $20 late fee. I rang up contact number straight away and spoke to some guy who told me that I don't have to pay anything and that he would close the account for me. I don't believe or trust this.

Myer Visa Card trouble for infinity!

So difficult to log into, continually shows that site is not private. Seriously considering cancelling this card - too much trouble for little in return.

Myer Visa Card Is A Dud

Since Myer changed to a new card provider, Macquarie Bank, it has been very poor. The process to change over was poorly explained and you can only speak to an o'seas phone centre that can't help. The new monthly statement is badly laid out and cumbersome compared to the previous provider's statement. Now I have had the Myer Visa card declined in a shop. I checked that I had paid the last statement and then rang the call centre. A block was put on my card because of a legitimate purchase these geniuses thought was suspect. A quick search would've shown it was a legitimate company. No warning was given by text or email. It seems Macquarie Bank are fairly incompetent and Myer aren't much better for selecting them.

Latitude infinity Visa card

I received card in mail was mentioned not associated with Myer visa anymore . I activated card straightaway in September 17 as I had no choice and no time to apply for another card . It’s been 7 months I have 0 rewards in my balance .Poorest customer service, I called 7pm service advertised till 9 pm.Operator asked to call in work hours to activate rewards for the Already activated card of 7 months.There is no email option for person like me who work full time to contact rewards team. Not recommended at all.

Frustrating to Log in

very very disappointed with Myer Visa Card !!! I had it for many years with no problems until came under this
LATITUDE INFINITY !! IT IS A JOKE !! Frustrating and annoying to say the least. impossible to log in,even to pay...

Card won’t work

5 calls to the Call centre over an hour on the phone and they still can’t get my card working

Latitude Infinity Visa Card

This card is a joke. I was not told that there wold be an annual charge of $69! I have now tried for several days to access the website to pay my account. I am so frustrated every time I enter my details its says NOT VALID!
Phoned them, they sent another password and still the same issue, NOT VALID! Am now giving up and cancelling out I don't want their rewards because they are now taking it back with the annual fee. I have been a loyal customer for 30 years as well, Myer is going down the drain, what a pity!

Very terrible customer service & website is unsecured

I spent weeks to try to resolve the security & privacy issues on https://www.creditcard.myer.com.au
Their online website and app were very terrible! I'm very concerned about my privacy & security
I spoke to the clueless and arrogant customer service reps over several times. They didn't take the privacy issues seriously which was very annoying. This made me so angry and frustrated. I just wasted my time talking to their customer service reps. So, I decided to close my NEW Myer Credit card which is now owned by Macquarie Bank. One week after I closed the NEW Myer Credit Card, they sent me a letter and ask me to pay additional fees including the late payment fee $35 & interest! What the heck!! I couldn't even login to their website & app to see my all transactions details. I asked the customer service to send me my credit card transactions details and statement by post before the due date which I never received one! Are you asking me to pay the additional fees and my balance without sending me any proof of transactions details???!!!! Your website is unsecure, failed to load and I NEVER received any credit card transactional detail & statement before the due date. Fix your issues fist, before charging customers the fees. Worst bank I've ever had to deal with. You don't even deserve 1 star review.

MYER doesn’t want me anymore as a customer

I have spent three months trying every avenue I can think of and I am still declined. I certainly don’t feel like shopping with MYER anymore....very angry

New Myer card terrible customer service

The transition from one provider to the next for credit cards with Myer has been appalling. Latitude infinity provided no details, charged the annual fee without the card holders agreement to new terms and conditions (no myer points or gift cards which is why I had this card), and then never provided any detail in several months about their reward. However it was easy to cancel, though I asked for the annual fee to be refunded I have no certainty they will do this.
However the replacement Myer card is just as hopeless. I reapplied, got approved but for the last month have been trying to order a duplicate card for my husband. I have rung customer service twice only to be told I must do it on the website. Every time I try on the website the fillable form says 'sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties'. I have tried several browsers, computers- mac and IBM, and different operating systems. Still no change. I reported the fault only to be told I needed to put an IT ticket in. Seriously? As a client- I need to put a ticket in for your faulty webpage??? The ticket was actioned by just reissuing the instructions that have failed for the last 30 times. This customer service is an absolute joke! I'm seriously hoping Amazon offers a rewards based card or other service because if this is the best Australian retailers can do, they deserve what is coming.

Terrible Customer Service

I have held a Myer storecard since I first started working over 30 years ago. I am also a shareholder. More recently I had a Myer Visa Card which I was very happy with. Out of the blue this was replaced with a Latitude Infinity Card which I neither requested nor wanted. After doing some investigation I decided I would get a "new" Myer Visa and transfer the balance from the latitude card which I would then close. I was very surprised that I had to go through the whole application process-including providing details of my accountants and copies of tax returns. I was even more surprised when my application was DECLINED. I have never been declined credit before. I had never missed a payment on my previous Myer Visa-and I was regularly offered increased limits. I was thinking of trying to follow up but after reading some of the comments here it seems clear that this is pointless. I will be selling my shares and taking my business elsewhere. It is any wonder that Myer is in the doldrums when they are unable to look after their loyal customers.

Myer Visa Card Debacle

Having been a loyal customer of Myer for some 50 years, I was encouraged to apply for the new Visa card and it has been a nightmare. Even though I have always paid my account fully, on time, every time, they seem to think I am a poor credit risk. I have supplied relevant documents, with one exception as it is a contravention of my privacy. I have been involved in phone conversations, sent emails and just repeated myself to different representatives of Myer Credit Card Services. This has been going on since September.
I have lost faith with Myer and will be taking my business elsewhere.

Used but now changed to another bank

Was good for past 5 years I had but recently they changed to another bank and one I had I cancelled/ I’ve chosen not to continue onto the continued latitude credit card as it’s not beneficial to me and the new Myers card in my perspective is going with a bank that has many bad reviews
New Myers card has arrangement with Macquarie Bank and their reviews and service turned me off in applying

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Questions & Answers

Please tell me how to cancel my card?
1 answer
After much stress due to.ignorance over switch to Latitude Affinity, I rang up Myer Customer service, and got them to cancel my card. They had sent me a LA Visa card, which I didn't even use or activate, and because I hadn't closed my Myer Visa account after paying my outstanding payments, they tried to get $89 out of me for having the bloody Latitude card. So do yourself a BIG favor, get rid of Myer.

Hi team URGENT I have Myer visa card and I cannot access your web site to check my account I get a message the web site is NOT Secured Even when I enetr the User name in another web for Myer It failed completely This is the fourth time I have this issue with your web site security PLEASE HELP and RESOLVE YOUR WEWB ISSUE URGENTLY
1 answer
Hi Saffy...suggest you call Myer visa 1300 783 520 within Australia (sorry I can't help as I'm just a Myer Visa card user)

Can Myer Visa Card be used in United States? If so, will points still be added? Are there any fees associated with overseas use?
1 answer
My travels have not taken me to US since I changed to Myer Credit card but I have used it in Europe, New Caledonia & New Zealand without any problems and from memory I have received points for my transactions. There are charges as with all cards, for overseas use, but not unreasonable. The customer service centre has always been very helpful whenever I have needed to speak to them so give then a call & they will be able to give you an accurate answer. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Enjoy your holiday!


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