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NAB Rewards Platinum

NAB Rewards Platinum

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Good for Fly Buys rewards points

We find this credit card ok as we pay most things using it and as such get awarded Fly Buys points worth more than the annual fee. You need to use it for payment of about of $2000 very month to receive Fly Buy points worth more than the annual fee.
We use the points to use to purchase groceries etc at Coles (other places too).
We never transferred the balance of another credit card to this one so can't comment on that.
We have used it overseas without any problem although some countries including USA don't seem to be able to read the chip or allow input of a pin and so you have to sign most of the time. This could also happen with all other credit cards.
We also have a St George credit card for emergencies which does not have any annual fee but no rewards points either.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Worst credit card ever

I am about to close this card and has 721 reward points left, cannot redeem anything online, even with points + pay option, as it tells me not enough points. Called the reward team, the girl said sorry, with 721 points you cannot redeem anything, so it is going to be wasted! What a great experience, with 1 point on every dollar spend, it was $721 spend on the card, it will be wasted, and the redeem website do not even offer cash back option.

Stay away from this reward card, go for CBA credit card, at least you can use all your rewards point not waiting $721!

So much for customer service

Don't ever make the mistake of paying online for a purchase with your black Platinum Visa NAB card. If you decide to cancel your purchase and have the refund paid back into your Visa account, the NAB do not see this as payment of the purchase price and will charge you a late fee for non-payment because you didn't personally put the purchase amount back into the account!!! NAB's reasons for doing this are devoid of any feasible explanation - other, of course, than the obvious - they want the money in your account for their own purposes!!!!

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Note: Once I informed the NAB that I had contacted the Royal Commission into Banking regarding this they very rapidly advised me that my account was paid up in total and that they would look into this dodgy banking practice.......too late! I had already let the Royal Commission know!!!

Worst experience and customer service

I ordered an iPhone 8 on 04/12/2017 and still have not received it until today. Called the rewards team after 2 weeks of waiting and requested to cancel my order, as I will be away during Christmas and New Year, I was told that someone will call me back to confirm if they can process my request but no one calls me back. So I called them again after New Year and was told they can't process my cancellation request and I have to wait for my order. This is the worst service and experience ever. My advice for everyone please redeem your points for digital gift cards instead.

Terrible service from the rewards team

I redeemed NAB rewards points and purchased some goods and still waiting for those items, obviously, now it has been more than two weeks, so I rang the rewards team to see what's happening with my items. Surprisingly they do not have any details to track my items and they have asked me to wait another 48 hours for them to get the tracking details (48 hours due tomorrow morning). That is really disappointing because I bought items from their store but they do not have any details to track them. As a leading bank, they should give a proper training and must revise their policies about their rewards system.

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After few emails and complaints, NAB finally reloaded those points back to my credit card.

Worst ever choice!!!!

I have NAB Reward Platinum card. My first attempt to re-deem by points and it failed miserably. I have ordered Harvey Norman Gift Cards (not digital). NAB sent me email that I will receive it in 10 business days. I have planned accordingly and scheduled delivery. I was shifting my home and planned the time accordingly so that I could receive the Gift Cards in my mailbox well before I transfer my home.....
I did not get the cards after 8 working days, got little nervous and called Call Centre to check. They said they can not track as they are sent from Harvey Norman, but they should be there by 10th working Days and if not call us.
It did not come by 10th working day. I had 2 extra days on top of these 10 days, for my home shifting. It did not come in 12 working days. I called them, and got response that "There was a big order at Harvey Norman, and they could not deliver it in as planned in 10 working days. It will come anytime in next week". (Just to add my partner also ordered same cards through Westpac Reward Card, at same time, he received it in mailbox in 3 working days!!!!).
I have now shifted my home to a new area, I do not have keys to mailbox, as it is rented by a new tenant. I am chasing NAB Loyalty Team, and there response was, I need to open the mailbox and confirm that I did not receive it in mailbox. Ok....I went back to apartment and found that new tenant is overseas. I left message for new tenant, no luck. Chasing NAB loyalty team, they have said until you open mailbox we are not sure if you received it or not.
Now I am not sure, should I hack the mailbox. But NAB has given me no option but to stand outside my old apartment and track new tenant and open mailbox. Ridiculous!!!
NAB did not deliver card on time and I am penalised......

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Rewards Platinum
Card TypeVisa
BenefitsComplimentary Travel Insurance
Minimum Credit Limit$6,000
Additional Cardholders 1
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate19.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$15
Annual Fee$194
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Interest Free Period 44 days
Cash Advance Rate21.74% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 6 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 2%

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