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Naniwa Traditional Stone

Naniwa Traditional Stone

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Great Sharpening Stones

After finding that the 'usual suspects' for knife sharpening (honing steel and ceramic) were not at all ideal for my recently purchased Global knives I figured I'd get some water stones. A great choice - fortunately. The stones are much nicer to use than a traditional steel and give a significantly better result (even on my other - non Global - knives). The set is a 220, 1000 and 6000 grit combination. The 220 is really only useful for severely damaged knives. Basically by the time you get the 6000 step complete, the edge is mirror polished and sharp enough to shave with. I ordered a flattening stone as well (but you could probably use the 220 stone for that), and the set came with a bench mount kit for the stones (probably vital in fact).

With a bit of practice I am getting great results - significantly better than factory edges on the knives and matching the stuff you can see on Youtube (effortless paper cuts and ripe fruit etc). But more importantly - the sharpened knives are a pleasure to use, which is kinda the whole point really.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

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