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Bavarian Edge

Latest review: This sharpener just doesn’t work. If anything it actually dulled my knives. It’s so bad I forked out for the postage to send it bac

Kleva Sharp

Latest review: I tried an 80% sharp damascan sakura but it made it blunter. Also two other smaller knives are no better. It says 3 to 4 pulls only. Maybe mine is faulty. Oh

Global MinoSharp 3 Ceramic Water Sharpener

Latest review: Great investment. Only purchased this as we have owned Global Knives for going on 12 years and this is what I thought I should use to sharpen them. The noise while sharpening is gross. But after

Scanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

Latest review: Definitely a great tool for keeping your knives super sharp. This goes perfectly with the Scanpan carbon steel knives and can be used to produce a razor sharp edge. The three grades take about a

Ikea Skarande

Latest review: I was looking for something that would sharpen my kitchen knives. I had tried various models of sharpeners over the years, most without a good result. I did find that "Kleva sharp pro" did a good

Ikea Aspekt

Latest review: Bought this out of random ikea trip and never thought about it cos I was using Scanpan expensive 3stage sharpener but start to use the ikea sharpener found that its much better than the Scanpan. The

Wolstead 3 Stage Sharpener

Latest review: Bought this yesterday and tried it last night. The handle is easy to grip and it has a non slip feature so that it sits well on the bench top. The instructions are written on the side of the box and

Naniwa Traditional Stone

Latest review: After finding that the 'usual suspects' for knife sharpening (honing steel and ceramic) were not at all ideal for my recently purchased Global knives I figured I'd get some water stones. A great

Wusthof 4347

Latest review: The Wusthof 4347 is easy to use and sharpens knives in seconds. Chopping vegetables is then a breeze. Love the sturdy, non slip base. For the money it is well worth it and being made in Germany it is

Chef's Choice 120 EdgeSelect Professional

Latest review: So, this knife sharpener is pretty good. For the pros and cons: Pros: Knives pretty sharp in a short time with minimal effort (pretty important) Robust design, seems well-made. I can imagine

Kleva Sharp PRO

Latest review: Just bought the product at the home and renovation show Edmonton and was anxious to sharpen my knifes...i tried my Henkel 12" butcher knife first and it seemed to sharpen it good but one tooth

Nirey KE3000

Latest review: A friend and I each bought the ke-198. It worked wonderfully for about 3yrs but now the grinding wheels have worn out and according to the distributer can't be replaced. Works out at $50 per year to

Global Water Sharpener Ceramic

Latest review: I've tried many methods to sharpen knives but nothing has even come close to matching the Global ceramic sharpener. At first use it seems strange using the ceramic wheels and having the knife pointed

Chef's Choice 110 Multi-Stage Professional

Latest review: I have had this machine for some time and it is difficult to remember how many times you have put each blade through, you also have to make sure that you pull the knife through at the correct timing

Smith's Jiff-S

Latest review: Got this Jiff-S in my Smith comprehensive knife sharpening system a few years back... Tungsten knife sharpeners should only be used on the cheap and nasty knives as they destroy the metallic

Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone AngleSelect Sharpener 1520

Latest review: I've had many sharpeners over the years, manual ones, electrical ones and so on. This Chef's Choice sharpener is by far the best one so far. It's easy and fun to use and makes you look like a

Scanpan Spectrum Mouse

Latest review: Firstly though it looks obvious on how to use, instructions wouldn’t have gone astray. Upon using the first time, the sharpening of a knife can be felt. As time of use, the blades are not as useful. T

Smith's CCKS 2-Step

Latest review: This sharpener gave my favorite knife a jagged edge after being used on the coarse (tungsten blade) end. This is definitely a product to be avoided, unless you are looking to give your knives a

Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers FUR626

Kyocera Ceramic DS-50