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Nirey KE3000

Nirey KE3000

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Worn out

A friend and I each bought the ke-198. It worked wonderfully for about 3yrs but now the grinding wheels have worn out and according to the distributer can't be replaced. Works out at $50 per year to keep my knives sharp. I am a single pensioner so it didn't get excessive use.

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I'll have to retract my last review of the ke-198 since contacting the distributers.The more than helpfull staff advised me to use a compressor to blow out any filings from around the grinding wheels axle and check to see if the wheels are free to slide along the shaft.Having done that it's back to all good like a new one.This info would have been handy included in the instruction manual.Happy again GeoffG

Fast and easy to use knife sharpener

I have owned and used this unit for a couple of years and I would recommend this unit to anyone with the goal to keep their knives sharp without spending too much time to achieve it.
A quick run through once every 2-3 weeks keeps an excellent cutting edge. The sharpening process is very simple so it only takes me 1-2 minutes per knife.
I have had 2 sharpening belts come apart, I believe, prematurely. The belt failures could have been attributed to sharpening technique and lasted a reasonable time before they broke down. Fortunately, the belts are relatively inexpensive to replace.
The cost of the unit, initially seemed high to me, but it really is not, considering the minimal effort to maintain sharp knives with this unit and the significant benefit of using sharp cutting knives.

Update 6/1/17: Unit still works perfectly. If you are considering this unit, I recommend that you include a second set of wheels for the medium abrasive belts. Use the medium belt to get new or existing knife blades at the appropriate angle with less work. This will also increase the life of your fine belts. I have not had any more sharpening belts come apart prematurely.

Great product. Gold class customer service

I have tried many knife sharpeners in the past. I could not get the correct sharpness they had when the knives were new. As a result I kept buying new fishing knives. After accumalating many knives over the years I decided to invest in a good quality sharper.
I came across the Nirey KE-3000 sharpener in a hunting magazine.
After reading several reviews, all praising the product, I spoke to the guys at total knife care that sell the product and they answered all my questions. I bought the sharpener, watched the dvd that came with it and was blown away with how quick and easy it put the correct angle on the blades, making them good as new.
I had further dealings with total knife care after buying the product and found their customer service to be gold class. They answered all my questions and concerns. They want their customers to be happy with their investment and will go above and beyond to make this happen.
I would highly recommend anyone considering this sharper to purchase this product. If your a keen fisherman like me, hunter, chef, etc.
Search yourself on line if not convinced and you will see nothing but praise for the product.

The ultimate knife sharpener for the home and beyond

I've been personally using the KE3000 for over eight years now and I seriously can't fault it. Like most people, I have been shown how to 'properly' sharpen a knife many times, but I could never get the edge that I wanted. I stumbled across the Nirey KE3000 and decided to try it out. The rest is history... I use this little machine for ALL my knives and it is so simple to use. I use it not just for the general kitchen knives, but also all my fishing and hunting knives. The best thing is that once you have run the knife through the machine once, you have established the angle you need on the blade and then all you have to do is run the knives through every once in a while (depending on use) to keep that razor sharp edge. For me, this is usually every three weeks for my fishing and kitchen knives and every week for my hunting knives. The knife edge is so sharp and retains it's sharpness so well that I don't use anything else - not even a steel. The KE3000 is the only thing I use to sharpen my knives and to also keep them sharp.

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how do i see a picture and price of article?
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Best idea would be to search for the article online. I bought mine from Total Knife Care. Hope this may help.

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