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Reaction to Acne range

I used the acne products for the first time and had a bad reaction. My face and throat are red and swollen. The skin is burnt and split. I am having to take antihistamines and use paw paw cream to try and calm the reaction. I recommend to patch test this product before use. Natio have addressed my concerns and asked for the product to be returned for testing.


I found these hand creams easily within the department store in Melbourne. I chose the mature skin variety as I am over 60 years of age. Large range of products to suit most skin types. Love the pump action hand cream which has a delicate fragrance and is not overpowering. Non greasy and absorbs into the skin easily.

can't live without it

easy navigation at store,large range of products,quality excellent as I am a coeliac and find it very difficult to find products that I wont react too, price very reasonable

Surprised at value for money

Purchased 2 mineral eye shadow pallets and was very surprised at the quality of this mineral makeup. The colour pallets are beautiful and real easy to apply. I have mature skin and wear makeup just about every day and thought I would try a mineral based eye shadow for something different (I usually use Revlon or Napoleon). The eye shadow remains even with no clumping after 8 hours of wear, I'm very impressed. The best thing is it doesn't cost a fortune! The rosewater gentle creamy gel cleanser good too, especially for my dry skin. Overall I'm happy to try other Natio beauty products, maybe the foundation ;)

Great product

Natio mineral powder foundation is great. I have oily skin and I have tried so many foundations over the years and they just don’t work like this product does. Easy to apply with brush, blurs imperfections and large pores, feels nice on the skin. It also lasts most of the day unlike other liquid ones. I would recommend this product for anyone with oily skin, probably not for dry skin types though. And it’s a great price too!

Terrible allergy using Under eye cream

The under eye Natio cream is the most terrible ever product I have used on my face. It gave me red patches around my eyes and it’s so stubborn that it doesn’t disappear. I am on Claritin everyday and taken appointment with Doctor too. Please do not use this product especially close to your eye.

Natio restore mature skin

When I use Natio products on my face I always get stinging sensations and very watery eyes. It is so bad, I often cannot see properly.

Change of ingredients maybe?

I've used this product for many years but the last bottle I bought has created an itchy rash on my eyelids. I bought it about a year ago and within a week I had horrible itchy eyelids. I also bought a new mascara so over the past year have been testing this to eliminate what it is. I stopped using the eye makeup remover for a couple of months and continued the mascara, and my itchy eyelids went away, eliminating the mascara as the culprit. I used the Natio remover last night to finally work out if it was the cause (always rinse my skin after using it) and have woken up with itchy eyelids again, so have deduced it is a reaction to the ingredients. I don't have an old bottle to compare the contents.

Allergic reaction

Not sure what im allergic to in this product but it made my skin red in the places that I applied the cream.

will not buy this again !

I bought a natio blusher by the time I got home and unpacked it it was crumbled in the container and was no good to use. This was really annoying as it WASNT CHEAP

Better than the well known expensive French products

Last year I became quite ill and was reacting to cosmetics I had been using for years. Since being unwell for the last 18 months I have gradually changed all my cosmetics to Natio. Since then I have had constant praise and admiration about how good my skin looked. Despite being on high dose prednisone and many other medication. I will never go back to using anything else again. When I am well enough and can get out to the shops I am always on the look out for specials or good valued gift packs. All my female friends had hand cream for Christmas, my daughters had Natios scented candles and my husband now uses and after shower/ shave balm. I even gave my mother my eye cream when I was staying saying once you start using it you will not want to use enough. It was such a pity I then had to buy myself a new one and check out for any new deals.

Natio for Men - Daily Face Wash

I have been using this face wash for two months and I am happy with it.
Pros: The foam-formula is gentle and leaves the skin clean, refreshed and smooth.
Cons: The scent is a bit too strong for my liking.


Hi. I have just seen your commercial and would like to know why you don’t advertise that your products are not tested on animals? You should do that.

Its Affordable and it Works

I received the Young gift set which included the face wash, toner and moisturizer for Christmas and I was surprised to see it actually works in reducing my acne and making my skin soft and clear. I have very stubborn acne still at the age of 21 plus sensitive skin and I have tried almost every brand of acne products and none have worked even remotely as well as Natio's products.
The acne clear range (the light blue bottles) also work really well for me and I like the citrus smell.

In the beauty range I have bought the Rosewater Face mist which feels very refreshing, light, can be used on top of makeup and smells great.
I am also a fan of the pressed powder. I have a very pale complexion and the 'Light' coloured powder suits me perfectly, gives me an airbrushed look and stays on the whole the whole day without the need of touch ups.

The prices for each of these products are also very reasonable as most of the products I have mentioned are $20 and less.

Most Products are Quality

• Affordable
• Doesn’t clog pores/cause breakouts
• Safe for acne-prone, combination and oily skin
• Tinted spot products and moisturisers provide good coverage
• No unpleasant odours
• Natural and Australian made

The downside:
• Doesn’t suit ALL skin types and tones
• Creams are on the “thicker” more viscous side, so not a product of choice for those wanting something light

The very odd and unpleasant of the body butter

I recently bought two tubes of orange blossom body butter and was immediately put off by the 'claggy' feel of it. It rolls off like old skin also instead of being absorbed into the skin. Awful.

Mascara was non existent

Spent approx $20 on mascara last week and was so disappointed! I was putting on mascara, but it was like the container was empty! No mascara present on my eyelashes at all. Very unhappy paying this amount of money for no product. Went and bought a $5 mascara and was 100% better.

Natio Illuminating Primer

Been using this primer for years, I thought it wasn't doing anything much so I flirted with a couple of other 'mattifying' primers for a while, but have come back to this one. It's not as dry-looking as a mattifying primer and gives me good moisturising benefits, while still providing a decent base for makeup. If you have oily skin you may find it too greasy, but it works well for my normal skin with a slightly oily T zone. Knocked one star off the rating because of its 'illuminating' claim - it doesn't do much illuminating as far as I can see. Also it's very runny so easy to squeeze too much out of the bottle and waste it. Minor gripes though - it's a good product at a reasonable price.

Usually love Natio but the mask burned

I consistently use Natio. I Love their products and therefore was really disappointed when their mask purifier gave my skin a burning sensation and was all red after washing off. Surely this is not supposed to happen?

Burning from every product tried

Primer, eyeliner, mascara, cleanser and lipstick have all cause my skin to burn and is very painful. Had the 'oh I'll try a different product, it must just be this one item'; just everything I purchased was awful and have completely given up on the brand. I don't have very sensitive skin, and Natio is the only brand I have ever had this much issue with. The eyeliner caused the most damage with red and irritated eyes a week after using it (also smells exactly like a permanent marker). I have no idea what caused these reactions but I am well clear of anything going on my skin.

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Questions & Answers

whats the difference between nation restore and nation ageless products range? i am 68
2 answers
I couldn't say, not being a fan of Natio in the past. The body lotion I bought is so awful that I am sending it back as soon as I can get myself motivated.Sorry I've never used Restore, but the Natio Ageless products work well for my skin and I am in my 40s. If you look on the Natio website there might be an explanation of the difference between Ageless and Restore.

Can anyone suggest me which brand should i go for face moisturiser?nation or bodyshop vitamon c?
1 answer
Hi Farhana, I am a mature lady who is 69 years old and I can only say Natio works for me. I think you should may be give it a try - it isn't expensive but it is only suitable for older ladies ! There are other types of Natio products for younger skin but I haven't tried them :)

Hello, just wondering about some ingredients as Parabens in Green tea & chamomile night cream and Calming moisturizing day cream gel, are they safe to use? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi, I'm not so sure I'm the right person to answer this. I only use certain products, not the whole range. You'd be better off contacting Natio I think. I just wrote a customer review because I loved the products I use. What I do know is that I have sensitive skin and I've had absolutely no problems. I hope that helps.

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