LydiaCentral, TAS

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Bad reaction


Would not recommend these wipes, wish there was an option for zero stars. My girl has had such a bad reaction, she’s never had one before to anything. It honestly looks like a burn, if it wasn’t on her private area I would post a picture. Honestly disgusted.

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths for $5.00.





Both my sister and I have purchased and used this product and reacted terribly with intense red rashes on our faces. Both our faces feel irritated and extremely hot, please be aware.

Purchased in May 2019.



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Skin irritation


I just used a Naty Eco wipe on my face, instantly reacted turning my face bright red, hot and blotchy. This is not what I would expect from a sensitive baby wipe. I have never experienced this problem before and I don’t have any allergies. Unfortunately I won’t be purchasing this brand again!



Horrible red burning rash.


Used these to wipe some food off my six month old’s face and he broke out in a hot red rash everywhere it touched him within minutes. It took 45 minutes for the redness to go down (but not disappear, that took more than two hours) even after immediately washing his face and putting on a cold compress. Makes me feel sick to my stomach that I’ve been using them to wipe him for the past week. Poor wee babe. He doesn’t even have sensitive skin, I was just trying to make the eco friendly choice.



Used these wipes on our 14 months old face and she immediately broke out in a red rash. Wasn’t sure if it was a reaction to food she ate but after using the wipes another 2 times later in the day and the next day the same thing happened. Certainly won’t be using this product again.





I bought these as my Woolworths didn't have any water wipes or tooshies by tom. Used them on myself first on my face and broke out in a painful, burning, red rash! Will not use these on my little one. Thank god I tested on myself first! Imagine what reaction she could have had on her poor little bum!

The total opposite of what I thought I bought


My 3 y/o has never had an allergic reaction to anything so I was super surprised when she broke out in a red and painful rash after using them on her face. I only bought them because of everything they advertise on the packaging (the regular brand I buy wasn't available). They're absolutely shocking. Do NOT purchase.

Irritates my skin


I've been using these wipes for a few days now. My mother bought them and I dont typically need sensitive wipes as I dont have sensitive skin. However, these wipes leave my skin red and irritated ! The smell is also overpowering. I would never use these on a child.



Never to be used again on my baby


I purchased these as I only use sensitive products on my baby’s skin and I was keen to give them a go based on what the brand prides itself on. I used them to wipe food off my 8mo face and she quickly became red in the areas that hat been wiped. The redness took about 15 minutes to go away. I won’t be purchasing again.


TwinmamaLennox head

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Do not buy


I do not recommend these wipes. My boys have never had a skin reaction or irritation to any wipes until using these. After using them to wipe food off both my twins faces, it immediately brought up a bright red blotchy rash all where I wiped. Wishing I looked up reviews earlier and avoided this product.



Do not buy!! Immediate skin reaction and inflammation


Shay K

Shay KToowoomba

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Very thin and small.


I found these wipes to be quite disappointing. They are on the smaller side and rather thin. I also really didn't like the smell of the unscented version. I find some of the other, cheaper brands to be thicker and larger. I wouldn't want to be using these to deal with a blowout!



Burnt babies bottom - DO NOT purchase!


I have never written a review, but I would hate for another Mother to purchase these wipes in good faith as I did, thinking they were natural & gentle on baby’s tender skin. I only used these wipes for one day, & my 7 month old son suffered horrible burning on his little bottom from these wipes. It is bright red, raw & inflamed all over - so much so, he couldn’t even sit in a warm bath without screaming hysterically from pain. When I figured I’d changed his wipes today & they might be the issue, I Googled the brand, read the other reviews about the burning & felt compelled to back up these claims. These wipes are NOT gentle, inflame tender skin & cause pain. DO NOT risk using these on your baby!



Immediately bought up a rash!


My 11 year daughter used these wipes to clean her face. Within minutes her face was bright red and burning. She washed her hands and face with soap and cool water immediately but the rash and burn continued. It settled after taking an antihistamine about 4 hours later. Rash was gone the next morning but both face and hands were still sensitive and tingling. I would be very hesitant using this on a babies sensitive skin. We have used many different brand of wipes before and never had an issue.


RochelleGold Coast

Skin Reaction - 4 month old baby


I purchased these wipes for the first time. I normally use Tooshies by Tom which i absolutely love for my babies skin, however the woolworths near me doesn’t stock them. Almost instantly after using the Eco by Naty wipes, my babies skin reacted with red irritated skin and a rash. He has sensitive skin which is why i chose this brand to try as their advertising and ingredients portrayed that they specialise for babies with sensitive skin. I was suprisingly dissapointed primarily because my baby had thise horrible reaction and also, considering their brand message and significant pricing. Their wipes also are extremely small and thin. I will only use Tooshies by Tom.


PlumBellingen, NSW

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Changed a perfectly good product and made it worse


Less moist. Harder to pull out of packaging. Supposed to be unscented but has a mild and not pleasant scent. Smaller wipes. Overall not happy with the new changes. Capitalism strikes again! Problem with that is once loyal and happy customers leave, hence I will be using a better brand of wipes from now on.

Not happy


Since the new packaging I've noticed these wipes are not as moist & are much smaller. Also when u pull one out, the next doesn't stick out for easy access. I'm not happy, am going to return them & move to another band. I'm disappointed I need to do this & they are more expensive than other Eco brands so I'd expect a better product. Good buy


AntMacquarie Park

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New Packaging = 25% Less Product


We have been using Naty wipes for 4 years now. We recently purchased your new packaging (release 16th May 2017) to find they are smaller and thinner. In fact, they have gone from 407g in weight to 307g - 25% less!!!. These are difficult to use now and require 2 at a time to ensure your fingers don't end up with mess. And they still charge the same price!!! VERY UNHAPPY. I'll be returning my wipes and moving on to another brand.

Cecile Vaughan

Cecile VaughanAU

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Have you tried water wipes?


I have though this and am worried about this for bubs too, have you tried "water wipes" they seem to just have water and nothing else added to them. I am unsure of the quality or thickness etc of the wipe, but assuming not as much stuff in them might help and be more gentle?!



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Pricey but love them!


I actually purchased these on my last weekly shop because fly buys was offering bonus points. I nearly didn't get them because they were quite expensive but I love them! They smell very pleasent and I love using them to wipe my bubs little hands and face as well. For some reason I was expecting poor quality; probably because I find most environmentally friendly products tend to have to sacrifice quality to make them so. I probably won't purchase them again because our budget isn't really big enough to justify spending nearly $5 on wipes, but if you can afford them I 100% recommend, these are definitely my favourite out of the many brands I have tried.

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Can they be flushed down the toilet

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Can these or any other baby wipes be flushed down the toilet?

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Not that I'm aware of, but Kleenex do make a flushable wet wipe for sensitive skin that is hypoallergenic & fragrance free - marketed for adults but would work for a bub too.

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