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Natures Organics Fruits

Natures Organics Fruits

Apple Fresh, Blueberry & Coconut, Coconut & Lime, etc...
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They changed a winning product to a nasty one


I have always used the different flavours of the Woolworth's branded shampoo and conditioner. They were excellent. Then all of a sudden the bottle shape changed and the contents inside changed. It used to be fragrant and soapy. Now it's like every bottle smells like 'eu de toilet' what's happened. Why the change from a loved and winning formula. Go back to what you did well and get rid of this nasty replacement. I will never be buying it again until it goes back to what it was last year

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths.

Value for Money
Hair Type Dry and Normal
Causes Irritation No
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NeatsWestern District, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Id be lost without it


This is THE ONLY shampoo that prevents my scalp from getting sore and the consequent dandruff.

I cannot even use the other scents. Only Apple.

Im concerned by reviews of the product changing. I only just started using it ( I had stocked up the previous old version), but except for the colour seems pretty much the same. Head doesnt get sore so thats all that matters.

Purchased in October 2019 at Woolworths for $1.80.

Value for Money
Hair Type Dry and Normal
Causes Irritation No
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Sylvia Else

Sylvia ElseAU

  • 24 reviews

Conditioner thick and slippery after formulation change


Bought my first, and last, bottle of the new formulation conditioner a few days ago. It is much thicker than the product used to be, which makes it difficult to apply, and one ends up using more (that was probably the intent). It also makes my shower floor dangerously slippery. Yet another example of an unecessary product change that will probably reduce profits.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Hair Type Normal
Causes Irritation No
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Sylvia Else
Sylvia Else

SimFar North Queensland, QLD

Oh my goodness, PLEASE bring them back, I have frizzy/curly hair and these two were amazing for my hair..


Purchased in March 2019 for $1.50.

Hair Type Frizzy/Damaged
Causes Irritation No



  • 3 reviews

Formula change!!


I called the Natures organics company to complain about the formula change today. The packaging is different (I don't care about that) but the formula is now a clear (was green) gel like consistency (now I need three times as much to create a lather) and its DOESN'T have the same apple fragrance (weaker smell). I have been using this product for decades so I would know if it has been changed. The lady I complained to DENIED a change in the formula but said that they have taken the dye/colouring out (isn't that a change?). It made my beautiful long hair feel like straw. I will complain to coles about it as well but I will never buy it again especially from liars!



  • 2 reviews
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Leaves hair shiny and clean


I normally have trouble with shampoo and conditioner leaving my hair either too moisturized and limp, or fluffy and flyaway. The apple fresh shampoo and conditioner leaves it feeling clean and healthy and I can go a second day with just some dry shampoo on the roots to revive it. As a bonus I have used it on my long haired little dog with good results!



  • 11 reviews

Lovely scents but has caused me significant hair loss


I've used Natures Organics for three years, been switching between the Organic Care Range and Fruits Range. About a year ago I started having significant hair fall and itchy scalp while using the blueberry and coconut scent. Didn't occur to me that it could be this product since I've been using it for a while - thought it was stress related and have been to the doctor several times. My hair is drastically thinner now compared to how it was. Wish I've stopped using this sooner!

So good. In love


I've used this so manly times and I can go days without washing my hair again it leaves my hair smelling so good also is very cheap. Would highly recommend

Bleedin Holiday

Bleedin Holidaykikia

  • 26 reviews

great hydrating conditioner


this is a great hydrating conditioner for my hair
it leaves my hair moisturised and silking all day long
the only down side for me it the smell i love coconut and lime but the lime in this product is overprowering and smells synthetic after using it that is the only thing that i can smell
not for me



  • 2 reviews
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This left my hair stripped and lifeless. It now has an odd feeling and knots extremely quickly.
I normally have no issues with new/different shampoo and conditioner.
I shall not be buying this again.

The smell OMG the beautiful smell


I will buy this again just for the smell alone, it is heavenly. Other than that: great price, easily available at woollies, cruelty free and does the job. I haven't had any dry hair problems like some of these other reviews, but I have short hair so less maintenance required. Will be buying this shampoo from now on.



My hair is thin and gets knotty extremely easy. After trying this shampoo I got addicted. Berry smelling hair, (getting compliments all around), good for the enviroment. and works great. Thank you for this great shampoo. My hair also grew longer after using this product. I am very happy and will definatly buy this product again. ;)
Longer hair, inexpensive, enviro friendly

Mangos and Coconut shampoo and conditioner


iv fallen in love with the mango and Coconut shampoo and conditioner. it smells so good and it makes my hair feel so good. the sad thing is i can't find it anywhere any more so i can't continue to use it. its about $2.50 per bottle which is pretty good price if you can't afford those expensive brands if shampoo and conditioner. and it last longer.
Cheap, smells delicious, affordable and lasts along time
can't find it anywhere anymore


GuylianRainVictoria, 3052

  • 13 reviews

It's dirt cheap, but gives me dandruff


I bought this shampoo and conditioner because it was just so cheap. But you get what you pay for. It cleaned my hair, but it left my scalp dry. The condition works a bit on my hair when I leave it in for 3mins, but it gives me dandruff. This is probably because of the cheap detergent that's in it; Sodium Laurel Sulfate. I definitely won't buy this product again.
Made in Australia, vegan, cruelty-free
Dandruff, ineffective



  • 9 reviews

Cheap but OK Shampoo


I bought my first bottle (juicy fruits 500mL) because it is super duper cheap. I like the transparent gel-like liquid which I feel really cleans my hair. The subtle fruity scent is nice. It does not form much lather which I had to squeeze out more for my long hair. My hair was still dry and tangled at the end. Gonna try organic care range for the next one.
Great value, subtle fruity scent
does not improve my dry and tangled hair



I am in love with Mango and Coconut shampoo and conditioner


I have become very committed to buying products that aren't tested on animals and Nature's Organics fitted the bill. It doesn't contain any animal products either so suitable for vegans...even better. I bought some Mango and Coconut Fruits shampoo and conditioner for the first time and was very impressed with the affordable price. I was even more impressed with the quality of my hair after using the product. I usually have problems with frizz and fly-away hair after washing my hair but this product left my hair feeling soft and luxurious...no frizz in sight. I was SO happy with the results! My teenager son tried it and loved it too.
Everything - not tested on animals, contains no animal products, inexpensive, great results!



  • 13 reviews
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Good cheap shampoo and conditioner


I've tried these products a couple of times, and found them to be good value for what you pay for them. They smell nice and clean our hair well. I tend to use these for the kids' hair as they have shorter hair than me. The only issue I found was that my hair, being longer, seems to tangle more easily when using the same amount of product I would use of the more expensive brands. As such, I need to use a fair bit more conditioner to prevent this, which defeats the purpose of buying a cheaper product!
cheap, nice smell, cleans well
doesn't de-tangle hair as effectively


simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews

cheap every day shampoo and conditioner


this is a great value for money shampoo and conditioner that is great for the entire family to use. the shampoos and conditioners come with some great aromas that hang about for some time after you have used. is available in pump pack sizes making it even better value for family use.as it isnt expensive i dotn really mind if my kids use loads of this shampoo with each wash
inexpensive, easy to use and comes in large pump sizes. has a loverly aroma when used that lasts some time after washing.
it just an average kind of shampoo and conditioner that doesnt create extra shine or reduce oily hair but does ensure your hair is clean



  • 182 reviews



My husband uses this one on his hair (apple). He find it works really well. In the past if we have run out of hand wash or body wash I have used this product as a substitute. It is one of few that I can use as I am allergic to a lot of fragrances especially the cheaper ones. It is actaully a cheap way to go as body wash/hand wash. We have not used the conditioner before so cannot comment on that. The product is cheap but is packaged well as if it is a more expensive brand. I like the shape of the container as it fits well into your hand and the product comes out well so you are not wasting small amounts left in the bottle.
It is so cheap and does the job well. Smells great, not over powering. Good for the environment.



  • 23 reviews



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