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Navy Health

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Watch the small detail on transfering in

Having had the initial discussions on joining Navy health with their support staff via phone, once I joined the very small detail starts to emerge especially on the extras, e.g. despite coming from a provider who paid $120 for a scale and clean and Navy pays $45, they define the move from GMHBA to Navy as a dental upgrade as the overall dollar value for the full dental offering (endodontics, orthodontics, general dental ) is higher than what we came from.

Ask 1000 questions to get the full story and study the PDS despite it being many pages with hundreds of links within the paragraphs and in my opinion not in a plain English style.

Waiting to see what else they pull out of fine print, may well be a good provider overall but are very frustrating in their lack of disclosure in plain and simple terms.

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navy health ships to the top of the list of health funds

navy health is exceptional value, the benefits on hospital and extras are unmatched compared to other health funds, navy health have made a concerted effort to keep their premiums as low as possible so it is affordable, it is easy to set up just go online and your membership can be set up almost straight away their customer service is excellent they answer any questions almost straight away, compared to other health funds which leave you hanging on the phone for up to an hour, so five stars to navy health and feel safe and secure your health is in the best of hands so get aboard navy health and enjoy the trip to maintain good health.

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Don't Bother

Terrible customer service, not very helpful, won't ever go back to this mob ! Asked them what cover I had for a quoted varicose vein op - they couldn't tell me. Told them I was doing CFTS and they advised me that I would get a rebate - never happened. Worst customer experience I've ever had. Abysmal ! Go elsewhere people !

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A health fund providing real value to members

Had taken the time to review the private health government website to do comparisons and felt that Navy Health’s top hospital and top extras cover held up well against the competition. Premiums increasing at my old fund was the trigger for the review and transfer to NH. I signed up with Navy Health after checking my eligibility to join this restricted fund, being a cadet many years ago. Have claimed on hospital and extras without any hassles and like the ability to claim online for the majority of extras. The call centre staff are quick to answer the phones and are very helpful on the occasions I needed clarification or to check coverage before hospital stays. My dentist’s receptionist is always amazed at the majority of the bills being covered, with out of pocket fees generally less than $4! If you are eligible to join, would urge you to compare and save like I did!

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Discount for Card Holders and not ordinary Members

Why does naval health offer membership to gold card holders when they are fully covered by DVA for all conditions.If you accept this offer you will have to pay membership fee when there is no need.White card holders are only covered for specific conditions so some people might find it needed.And they give you 10% discount if you join.What about discount to those who are members of Gold Card holders who have been members for many years.Naval Health needs to assist there existing members who are not card holders

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Yes,I agreeThey are not the cheapest.If you shop around you will get better prices

impressive $ returns ED

I was with my last insurer since 1985 , Every year I did a comparison with 4 other health funds, to check I was getting the best value for money, This year I added Naval health to my lists to check out, I hadn't heard of Naval Health before, I listed everything covered and $ returns, NH was $5000 more in returns than my current fund

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transferred from another fund which was charging more and providing less
very impressed with the service from the 5 staff I dealt with (in the 5 ph calls I made)
also influenced by looking at the reviews on various health funds

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Terrible Customer service

I joined Navy health after I left the services just over a year ago (obtained hospital and extras cover). While the prices were not competitive they seemed easy to deal with and the returns appeared to be good value.

During the course of the year I made little to no in the way of claims due to a DVA White card covering most issues.

However, in the last few months of my membership they emailed me almost daily asking for various pieces of paper (proof of service, proof of reserve service, paperwork for government rebate claim). The most strange of which was proof of my service. Keep in mind this was after a year of being with them and I had originally given this to them when I joined. Even stranger was the fact they insisted on me providing the paperwork while referring to me by my previous rank.

After constant harassment I called to complain that I had either provided the paperwork or it was not relevant )rebate) and was pretty much told to just end my policy. After some consideration this is what I did. I am now with Defence Health. Hopefully they will be more considerate of their customers.

It is disappointing my experience was not a better one. While I cannot recommend Defence Health yet I will not recommend Navy Health. Too much drama for very little reward.

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The expertise of Navy Health

Been great to Family and I since 1983. They are always prompt and eager to help. I recently checked around a few other private health companies and asked "compare the market" The consultants advice, after several minutes , "stay where you are mate, noting else come within a bulls roar". Seeing the adverse comments that customers have of rival companies, I reckon he's correct.

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Fast & Professional

Have been a member since 1980's never had a problem in the past 4 years had private hospital operations with hospital fees of over $25,000, yet always made to feel welcome.

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Yes, it IS possible to love your health fund

I've been a member with Navy Health for several years now, and remain impressed with all aspects of their cover. I love their customer service. It's great and the person who answers the phone fixes the issue. Having said "issue", let me also say that in several years of membership, I've had ONE issue that needed addressing and the outcome took one phone call and ended up in my favour. Yeah!

I joined Navy Health because the premiums were more affordable than the rest of the mob, and it's a gift that just keeps on giving because the rebates are really generous too. Even healthcare providers go all shockface at how much I get back.

Put it this way; my son was covered by his father's Bupa, but it was more affordable for me to put him on my Navy Health cover because, even with the additional monthly cost, my total out of pocket expense is reduced.

Said child has currently got all kinds of contraptions on his face and in his mouth too, to address some complex orthodontic nightmares he's got going on, but at aged just-turned-ten, it's likely he'll also need follow up orthodontic care as a young teenager-which is groovy because our extras cover with Navy Health doesn't limit us to only one course of orthodontia in a lifetime.

I'll let that sink in for a moment:

Unlike most healthfunds, Navy Health can provide for ongoing orthoontic care. For my son, this is life changing because this cover has enabled us to source and implement an excellent long term treatment plan with the potential for exceptional results, that will potentially avoid the need for surgery, and still have room for continuity of any subsequent orthodontic care. Without our Navy Health extras, we'd have either needed to switch between private and public treatment to make it affordable, or to settle for "good enough" and stick with one orthodontist and a simplified, once only treatment plan which would treat the malocclusion once it had "matured". With Navy Health, we get to act early and work with his evolving bone structure, and then act again as needed.

Then there's this: even if it were only one orthodontic plan, Navy Health is paying out $1200 more than Bupa and then, depending on the time in between, pays again for the next round when Bupa won't pay at all. Which means so much more money to spend on shoes! (Which is a joke, by the way but still. Having so much more money to POTENTIALLY spend on shoes feels pretty good too) :)

Your mileage may vary, and your savings and benefits will depend on your current health fund and the level of cover you select with Navy Health. I've always chosen "super premium" type extras and did so with all previous health funds, so I AM comparing apples with apples here and Navy Health wins, every time.

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Best benefits and first class customer service

Lucky I can join due to being a former Customs employee. I transferred from Defence Health and have never looked back. I've enjoyed high benefits and after paying a $500 excess my inpatient and outpatient cost have been fully covered this bill alone is in excess of $40,000. Whenever I call I get through straight away and the staff chat to you for as long as you need. The premium increases are lower than the other profit funds.

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Great service, great benefits and great pricing!

Have been with Navy Health for nearly 2 years now after transferring over from one of the larger health funds - I have premium family cover and Navy Health is cheaper for premiums and pays heaps more out on benefits for all types of health services - I have often had comments from health professional offices that Navy Health pay the best benefits - and Navy Health have top notch customer service, if you call them you can often to speak to the same person! and if you lodge a claim thru the internet or fax you EFT payment will be in the bank the next day - nothing is ever a problem with a query. 10 stars out of 10 for Navy Health!

Friendly & Professional, Treat you as more than just a wallet

I joined Navy Health after leaving the Defence Force and, while I've not had any major surgery, I have used my extras cover and have contacted their office on a couple of occasions now and have been very happy, both in terms of value for money and service. A big plus is that they actually care about you - one customer service agent even gave me some useful advice that will save me some money in the future.
Fair and Friendly Health Insurance that offers decent value
None to mention

Questions & Answers

Is anyone able to get Navy Health Cover or is it only for people in the military ? Thanks
9 answers
I understand that its only open for Serving Defence members, ex serving and Family of, and approved Defence contractors. You may wish to give them a call 300 306 289 https://navyhealth.com.au/Thank you so very much GK, I will give them a ring though.No probs, all the best.


Navy Health
Contact Number 1300 306 289
Address601 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Victoria 3127, Australia
Email Address query@navyhealth.com.au
24-Hour Phone Contact No

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