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Nestle Diet Yogurts

Nestle Diet Yogurts

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Agree with others

I have moved to nsw
Woolworths usd to stick soeil low fat yogurt
They seem to have stopped it.
All these reviews should be sent to Woolworths on our behalf

Can't live without it, for medical reasons.

I am a Diabetic for the last 30 years and Nestle Soleil Yoghurt is the only one that suits diabetics as it is low in sugar. I can't find it anywhere, please, please tell me where I can buy it? I can't eat any other Yoghurt on the market as their sugar content is way too high.

Unable to find this in supermarkets very disappointed

Very disappointed that this product is unavailable. Has it been completely discontinued? If so what is a similar product please. Ie low fat and low sugar content

Soleil Yogurt.

I too am disappointed that Soleil has disappeared from the supermarket shelves. I want it back !! especially the Passionfruit. Was sooo nice.

Solie no fat yogurt!

I can not get any of my favoirite yogurt , why did Coles and now Foodworks stop selling them , I'm talking about Solei no fat mainly !! If there is a place I can buy them from , please let me know. Kind regards

Ps : I live in the Bacchus Marsh ( Vic ) area

Soleil where have you gone?

Best yoghurt ever ,eat it every day for breakfast with fruit.Helped me lose weight. PLEASE bring it back to my supermarket.

Perfect please brig it back

I love love love the vanilla one I've lost 20 kg eating this yogurt. It's the only healthy one you could get

Soleil Yoghurt piease bring it back to our supermarkets.

Soleil berries is the best tasting Yoghurt. I have been eating it for a long time, its great for the stomach, intestines and bowel. Compared to any other yoghurt its best by far, gentle on the stomach.

Why have you discontinued Soleil Yoghurt?

I have eaten your Soleil Peach & Mango Yoghurt every day for over 10 years. No other yoghurts compare. Both Woolworths & Coles have now discontinued it, and I cannot find it stocked anywhere else. I am very unhappy about this! Please, please reinstate it! If the big supermarkets won't stock it, then please at least make it available through smaller operators. Please don't discontinue manufacturing this excellent product! It is obvious from all these posts that there is a market for this product.

Can't live without it

Please put this back on the supermarket shelves it is by far the best in all ways. !!! I have eaten it for years !!

Great product but where is it?

Without a doubt the best yoghurt on the market but impossible to find 1 Kg tubs now which is so annoying. Not that easy to find small tubs either. Why has it disappeared?

Soliel No Fat Yoghurt

I have been buying this product for years after trying all the other brands and nothing comes close to it. I have been so disappointed that you have stopped making the large tubs and it is getting harder to find the small tubs. My favourite which I can't buy now is the passionfruit. What have your stopped making this? It is a very popular product and I urge you to reconsider and start making this again.

only soleil good for diabetics

Agree ~ only soleil is good for diabetics
- variety of tastes
- balance
- only choice
Very very upset not finding on shelf as there is NO ALTERNATIVE !!!!!

Excellent for diabetics

Why has Soleil yogurt gone of the market? I have it twice a day for breakfast and sweets after dinner. I am a diabetic and it was good for my sugars. Is it coming back???

Bring back vanilla yogurt tub

I'm also annoyed. I want the vanilla yogurt tub back! It's my favourite yogurt I've been buying it for the last 5 years.

Enjoy it for breakfast each morning.

I like this yoghurt because to me it doesn't taste as creamy as the others and that's what I want. i have eaten it for breakfast with fruit foe many years. Why have they discontinued it?

Where's it gone?

Why has Nestle's 1ltr vanilla yoghurt disappeared from supermarket shelves. Yet another item gone.
Why do they do it in Australia. There would be uproar by housewives in the UK.
Obviously supermarkets don't care about customers just profits.

Bring it back

I have bought peach and mango Soleil yoghurt since I first saw it in Coles, they stoped selling it about two years ago I found that Woolworths still sold it, but now it's gone from there. what's going on? It was very popular. I am an avid Coles shopper so going to Woolworths was a chore I had to do.

Nestle Soleil Yoghurt line has been deleted from supermarket

I am so disappointed that Woolworths has deleted this product line from their stores.
I too have been eating it for years and it always sells out so quickly so I am unsure as to why it has been deleted in the first place if it so popular.


I have been eating this yoghurt for years and am very disappointed to find it has been discontinued. Bring it back!!!!

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please name stockist in south australia of low fat yogurt vanilla?
No answers

Has nestle ski yoghurt been taken off the market as i have been unablr to purchase for some time now
1 answer
Yes it has been taken off the market which is a shame as I am a Diabetic and it had the lowest amount of sugar in it compared with other brands Wish Nestle would bring it back.

Where can i buy Soleil Yoghurt in Rockhampton?
2 answers
Beverly like you i cannot find Soleil either, i find the nearest yoghurt to it is Yopail Zero which is low in fat and sugar. Give that a try. valyThanks I'll try it.


Nestle Diet Yogurts
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