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Nestle Milo Energy Food

Nestle Milo Energy Food

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Milo has always been in my pantry over my lifetime

Milo is available in so many formats these days, i have every choice available from the Milo to go, Milo Cereal, Milo Duo, Milo snack bar and of course the Large 1kg Tin of Goodness from which i still enjoy each day.

Milo is available everywhere and is enjoyable anytime of day or night in any format and its simply delicious


I love this product. It is very good. Just try it and u will really like the experience. It sooths on a calm day and wets your appitite on a good day.


I think they have changed the taste of this recently, but its still good. It does fill me enough when I have it for a snack, but because its sweet, I could probably eat just half and still enjoy the taste. Overall, its a nice sweet treat which I have had as a snack and it has filled me up.
I guess I can eat anything Milo, and this one is no exception. Its really tasty and if I have a full bar, I am pretty full to my stomach.
A little too sweet and rich for me to eat regularly.


I also preferred the original version of the Milo bar....it was like eating a spoonful of milo...and who hasnt done that??
nice Milo flavour
cant really think of anything specific


I preferred the older version of this bar. I liked the original Milo taste and texture which this bar seems to be lacking. I also believe the other bar was lower in fat. The chocolate on the outside melts quickly which I guess may cause you to eat it quickly, causing a stomach ache.
Different flavour to other chocolate bars
A little too melty and heavy


I think it has room for improvement in the near future. I like the texture, taste and overall size and gives me a energy boost before exercising
It's a new improved version with an energy bost
I find it a bit heavy in the stomach if you eat it quick and the old version was had more milo than this one

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Milo Energy Food
Release dateJun 2010

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