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Nestle NAN Optipro

Nestle NAN Optipro

1, 2 and 3 Toddler
4.0 from 234 reviews

Great formula!

The NAN optipro 2 baby formula is excellent. I was recommended this formula by midwifes, family and friends. I’m very happy with this product. Baby seems to enjoy it, get satisfied and never had any issues with it. The formula is very easy to prepare and affordable. I recommend this product.

Purchased at Coles for $18.00.

Value for Money

Great formula

The NAN optipro HA gold 1 was recommended to my and my wife by the midwifes at the hospital when baby was born. She never had a problem with feeding. Easy to prepare and affordable price. I recommend it.

Purchased at Chemist Warehouse.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

The best formula milk for my baby

Thanks to NAN1, as it is easily digested by my son. My son used to spit milk soon after feeding. I have had many formula milk changed for my son and after much effort, I found NAN1, perfect solution. Easily available at superstores everywhere in Australia. No side effects at all.

Great product and price!

We changed from Bellamy's where my son had a lot of issues with gas and constipation, which caused him to be really irritable and cry all the time.
No more issues since changing to this formula. Son loves to drink it and it's easy to buy as it isn't sold out all the time. Reasonably priced, even better when on sale.
Easy to prepare and the product has two safety seals on it, which ensures that the product hasn't been tampered with.

NAN Baby Formula

This is the baby milk my nephew is suited to and digests easily without throwing up. Quite easy to prepare and widely available as well everywhere in Australia. I have not witnessed any sort of side effects for the baby. We tried some other baby milk as well but have now settled on this one for good.

No problems

We tried 3 different formulas for my 5th babe
This is the one for us
I can buy it anywhere
And it’s reasonably priced
Very happy
Regular poos
No reflux
She is happy :)
We tried a2 platinum and also s26 she didn’t like the s26 and trying to get the a2 was a worry

Fishy smell

Ran out of Anmum pediapro toddler from NZ and its not available in Australia. Purchased NAN optipro as I found it less carbohydrates compared to other brand and its affordability but my daughter did not like the taste, she wouldn't take it. I tried it myself and tasted like a fish.

Quality baby formula

Our baby loves this formula and we haven't had any problems with constipation or tummy issues. Both of our girls have had this brand formula now and out hospital also stocks it for new babies. I always suggest nan when friends are looking for formula for their little ones. Not a too bad price either.

Very digestive

Its very good for babies and never upset their tummy. Never had problems with constipation and they show u all the instructions how to prepare it. I used it to my both kids never had any issue with it. They just drink it and fall a sleep with comfortable tummy

It cause bloating and gas to my Bub

After having a good feedback I start from this formula for my newborn with breast milk.one bottle per day.in start it cause reflux and bloating seems that it’s heavy on stomach but with 2 weeks my baby start crying due to gas and baby was very uncomfortable.it didn’t work for my baby.

Really Good

My baby wasn't very keen of trying this formula but once she did she enjoyed it very much. It's very easy to make and I believe it aids in digestion. I will definitely recommend it. It dissolves easily and has a nice tasting vanilla flavor. I will continue to use it.

Not the best formula for our baby

Formula was easy to prepare and our baby seemed to enjoy it. He started on S26 and because that was constipating we started using half half which worked quite well. At around 4 months we decided to just stick with the nan bit this gave our baby an upset stomach, as well as many very watery bowel motions a day. Watery that it was all absorbed in the nappy.


Excellent formula. Wouldn't use any other as it doesnt clump and block the bottle. It is very gentle on bubs tummy since transfering from breastmilk. Even formulas that claim to be gentle on bubs tummy doesn't measure up to this formula. I would defiantly recommend this to others with newborns.

Best formula

we have been using this formula since day four. My bub never had any issues drinking it. We have been mixed feeding (breast and formula) easily digested and we are very grateful for this formula. I will not be changing this formula any time soon. Easy instructions, easily mixed, easily fed.

Very good

Has been using this formula for my daughter since 4 days after she was born. Highly recommended, never has had any issues , good for immune, easy to prepare has been using this for international travels. Happy likes the taste. Nil side effects noted. My daughter is 2 and half still consumes formula once a day

Great product

Great product and never had any issues with the milk. my toddler enjoys it and it's easy to prepare. Measure with the provided spoon and add lukewarm water and you're good to go. Prepare on the go with no issues. Would use again if we happen to stumble on our next baby!

This is prefect

This is prefect and never any issue . Always can buy in local supermarket like coles or Woolworths. And always discount . No drama . My son drink milk like water it is good keep it cheap and easy to find in supermarket. I like it and good choose .


The pediatrician advice me to use nan pro 2 gold when i was still breastfeeding and after she turned one we keep going on with nan pro 3. Now, that she is 3 she s still love her formula and it definetly give her all the vitamins she needs and we love it.

Good product

Formula is very easy to make. I love the packing too - it has a seperate space to keep the scoop for the hygiene purposes. My DS is very fussy with formulaes only prefers Nan. Have tried others but so far Nan is a win. Definitely recommend it. No side effects so far.

Totally love it!

Bub manage to transition very well from NAN 2 to NAN 3. And she still loves this milk. It is easy to make and dissolves very well in warm milk, thus can make it anywhere without any hassle. Most importantly, the formula is full of nutrients and good for my baby.

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Hello my son is 2 years 7 months old his drinking nan opitipro toddler 3 and has been on this for about 5 months he has been waking with upset tummy’s he normally sleeps right through something is definitely making him very uncomfortable. I’m not sure what to do ???
No answers

3 mth old stays crying on NaN opt I pro.. What should I do?
No answers

My baby is 11 months old but she will be 1 year old after 4 days. Can i give her NAN 3 now? Or should i wait for her to turn 1 year old? I really need your help. Thanks
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NAN Optipro 1NAN Optipro 2NAN Optipro 3 Toddler
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AgeInfant (0-6 months)Follow-On (6-12 Months)Toddler (1+ year)
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