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Great build by New Start

After careful consideration my wife and I have decided to put pen to paper about our experience with New Start Homes, we have read so many horror stories about couples that had so many problems building there dream home that has turned so terrible wrong.
Well we have to say that this did not happen at all.
From the very start we found New Start to be professional, we started the initial design while we were still in NSW with Barry Thompson a senior New Start consultant. We found Barry to be easy to relate to, making many changes to our design that were helpful
And cost effective. Barry’s estimates on quotes were spot on. He was not pushy or overbearing which was a relief as we found many builders were exactly the opposite.
Initial layout drawings were submitted to us and Barry actually met us on site and the house was pegged out so that we could see the actual position and layout. From there we went to the brick selection and internal fit out materials this was selected with a color consultant at the New Start Office. It was a bit much to take in, as such Barry organized a second session. Next was the electrical lay out positions for switches lights power points
fans. We were supplied drawings, this was great as you had time to consider where they were and make changes if required. It was the little things that also made the difference the drawings and the brochures that were supplied by new start allowed you to lay your furniture out on your plan so you could see the house and how the furniture would look and then look for power points fans and lights to make sure it was correct.

We were introduced to Shaun the site manager, We must say that Shaun was a pleasure to work with. We had Shaun’s mobile number and were able to ring and ask questions as required. If Shaun was unable to take the call then he would always ring back.
Shaun actually said that the quality of the finished project would be to show home standard. I thought ok lets see. To Shaun’s credit the finished product was exactly that.
Build time was 16 weeks it started in December right in the storm season but this did not effect the build quality or finished product. New Starts maintenance allows for a 6 months
Period for minor defects. These were minor and I actually felt it wasn’t worth the trouble but Shaun dropped in and said that he would fix these. That’s another point, how many site managers would pop in to see you and ask if there were any issues while he was in the area. This is what its all about the builder knows his product is good, he knows it was built right and that’s why he can pop in and ask how is it going. This is why they put a life time structurally warranty on their homes.
Communication with accounts were spot on there were no early invoices, reconciliation was spot on. This was a great experience that should be shared to all.

If you want to build a home, then do your self a favour talk to New Start.
You want look back!
New Start was easy to talk with, reliable,honest,helpful, a pleasure to deal with, If they said that they would do it they did.

First time build

We built our first house with Newstart. Commenced 16 December 2011 and moved in 28 April 2012. Build quality excellent. A couple of minor blemishes corrected with no fuss. Love the design and the large walk-in pantry. Thanks to Barry our sales rep and Shaun our site supervisor it was a great experience.
Friendly customer service, house built to schedule and no hidden costs.

Excellent workmanship

We first visited the display home at Upper Coomera and met Blain Watson who was very helpful in designing our new home, nothing was impossible with Blain, always had a solution for the various issues we had with the design. Sean the site supervisor was very good. Excellent tradesman, we are very pleased with the quality of workmanship. Definitely we will build again with New Start. Thank you New Start for the beautiful home.
Very good finish
Very minor admin delay at the beginning.

First time building experience

When we told family and friends we had bought a block of land and had decided to build, many people told us horror stories they had experienced. As you can imagine, with it being the first time we had built, we were then extremely nervous about our decision. We started with a plan we liked and then completely modified it with the assistance of Blaine from the Coomera office. This was one of the reasons we chose to build with Newstart. Most other builders we went to wanted a deposit upfront (minimum of $1000) to even sit with us and look at what we could change with the plan.

The site works were the only thing was delayed in our build but this was no fault of Newstart, we can pin that solely on Mother Nature. With each stage progressing, we continued to wonder when the "terrible stuff" was going to happen. We can honestly say nothing in particular went wrong. Certain aspects were delayed but this was due to items being stolen from site and after speaking to friends within the building industry, we were told this was quite common. On the week before handover, we arrived to go through the minor things that we wanted fixed. We had our list but to our surprise, all the things that were on our list already had defect stickers on them. Our site supervisor had already gone through and picked on the "faulty" work.

When we look back, towards the end we were getting impatient as we just wanted to move in! We have now been in the house just over 6 months and had the warranty check. Of the few things that we wanted fixed, only one was of major concern to us but Newstart arranged for the carpet contractor to come out and it was fixed. Although we love our house... we really enjoyed the experience and are eager to build again. And after hearing other friends stories that have built recently, we simply wouldn't risk going with another builder when there was nothing major to fault with Newstart.
Newstarts' customer service cannot be faulted and their standard inclusions package is fantastic.
Some communication issues between subbies and site supervisor but eventually fixed

Very Satisfied

Last year we built our new home with Newstart Homes. The service from the beginning with sales [name removed] was excellent. We made a lot of alterations to the original plan and nothing was too much trouble. We have been very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship. The organising of the tradespeople all ran very smoothly, and both supervisors were on top of things through out the building process, especially [name removed] who was the final supervisor. The house was completed well and truly on time. Also the service after settling has been excellent. We can honestly say that our experience With Newstart Homes has been very satisfying and all staff we dealt with were very professional and friendly, and we would certainly recommend Newstart Homes.
Excellent service

My faith in building restored by Newstart Homes

My experience of building with Newstart Homes was just so easy considering that I live in Syney.From the day that I walked into the sales office I was made to feel at ease as I have built four homes over the years with other builders and have experienced many problems so of course I was a little hesitant.The whole process from paper work to the completion of building was extremely professional.I was never left in the dark as to what stage the building was at as I was emailed many images showing the progress of my house.During the contruction period there was plenty of rain however this did not delay the progress of the building which was kept to the contract time.
I would happily refer Newstart Homes to any other prospective new home owner. Well done Newstart Homes.
Always kept in the picture with progress, both administrative and contruction.

Thanks Newstart Homes!

I built with Newstart Homes 6 months ago. The process wasn't without its problems, but they were dealt with very quickly and effectively. Anyone can have problems with paperwork and communication but the key to this whole exercise is the home - that was the most important for us. The home is your dream and you live in it for years to come so pay close attention to the quality of your builder. The Construction Department were fantastic! The Site Supervisors and the Trades were really good, especially [name removed] the Painter who really takes pride in his work and it shows! We had friends build at the same time with other builders and ours leaves them for dead in quality and finish. I would definetly build again with Newstart Homes. Great effort guys. Thank you all very much.

Unprofessional/Incompetent/Rude Manager

I paid a $4500 deposit after signing a preliminary agreement with Newstart. Important specifications for house plans I requested were overlooked, new costs appeared, and after checking prices such as water connection fees, found that Newstart were charging me almost 3 times the actual cost. When I queried this, the homes building consultant claimed ignorance. Interestingly, a previous post from 'expensivelesson' had the same experience with water charges! I am in the process of making a complaint about Newstart to the relevant body and negotiating to have deposit refunded. Would very much like to hear from 'expensivelesson' (or any other ex Newstart client who wants to gain their deposit back).

Despite Newstart claiming 'buying power' every component I checked was more expensive than quotes I got independently (from their own suppliers!)

After a slow start an excellent finish

We started slowly due to problems with the soil & problems with the selected bricks availability. However after that, everything was positive right to the end.The Supervisors (2) were both professional, the quality of the fittings was top classand Newstart were the only builders we contacted who were able to build on other than a slab - we required a split-level & they delivered.We can not speak highly enough of the planning [name removed] & end product & would recommend them to any other prospective new home owner.
Quality of products


Look reading the reviews below I felt it important for someone to post a positive experiance with Newstart for a little balence. I do not work for Newstart Homes but i can recommend them based on my experience. We dealt with the Coomera sales team and the Gold Cost branch of Newstart. The sales team knew their stuff and made sure we received what we requested and made many helpful suggestions. Our salesmens estimate was almost exactly what our formal tender came in at and his site cost estimates were bang on (only increases were some selections we made at our colours meeting). We built in jacobs ridge on the coast and if any one does have any worries ask the sales team at Coomera Retreat (they are based in the "Entertainer") and i will happily send a reference. Everyone will have their own experiances when building a home but please note that despite the below id build with Newstart again.
Good site supervisor, excellent trades, office staff Helpful and flexible.
No cons. Only delays on the build were out of Newstarts hands (Gold Coast City Council and the constant rain). Any delays were sorted, any problems fixed and if i couldnt get hold of our office admin girl she always called us back.


Great. Have built before with all the major companies. Better build quality with newstart though.Sales staff seem well educated.
all good. professional,nice people to deal with.
slight delay in getting our plans drawn.rest all good.


As soon as contract (which was expensive in the first place) was signed, service was terrible. Staff are rude and uncaring. Went to the colour consultation and was greeted with "Hi, I've got another appointment at 1pm so let's make this quick." But the worst was the finish! Lumps in the wall, uneven paint, scratched mirror and benchtop just to name a few. Had to call Newstart plumber to fix the weekly toilet clogging problem. The problem still isn't fixed!! Beware!! Don't go to these people!
Nothing! (perhaps the tiling was ok, but not the apprentice's work)

Very Impressed

I also feel it's important to give credit where it's due. After many months of feeling out different builders the only one that had my attention was Newstart and the straight up "no strings" attitude of the whole team from Newstart. From go to whoa we had nothing but confidence and praise in the quality of work from all the tradies who were very friendly and full of advice when asked many questions. If we build again Newstart Homes would definatly be the first and only port of call to make it happen. After reading some horror stories from different builders on this thing i just have to shake my head and say "People do your homework" !! From one of the fussiest people you would ever meet, all i can say is i highly recommend talking to Barry at the new Flagstone estate for info and advise on what your plans are. I have already recommended Newstart to many of our customers and let them know thay are more than welcome to take a look at our new home and try and pick it to bits. Thankyou to the team and look forward to doing business with you again.
Quality of build and fixtures, communication, excellent tradies, price and no secrets. Very approachable site managers.
The only cons are from myself not being the most patient bloke in the world. Any issues we had ( which i class as very minor) were addressed without any hassle.


After we paid the $3500 deposit, the [censored word removed] at Pacific Pines display refused to discuss anything about price. Their head office staff are all, just as rude, big rip off merchants as you will come across. Watch out for the "Council fee's" They charge thousands to "connect the water" which is already there.(Beware all building companies will try to get you on these 'council fees' the Gold Coast City doesn't have anything like it!) I could go on about what a miserable experience, Bad-start Bad-middle and Bad-finish is. I had the sense to read the "Writing on the wall", write off the money and go with Metricon ( A bit, but not much better, but that's another story....) These people are some of the worst in the whole scam of an industry. Anyone who writes one of those 5 star review about how warm and fuzzy their climatic experience was with Newstart, is one of their own staff.
The way they could move the plan around to suit.
Big deposit, rude, arrogant, scammers.

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How much was HelenT charged for warer conection? If you call the GCCC you will find out there is no such fee! As well as other "charges & fee's".


We built with them six years ago in Oxenford with the Gold Coast branch. I personnaly would never use them again...they eventually sent someone back to fix the plaster work...a guy spent two days and only fixed part of the house (sanding back and repainting), it became too much for him and he never came back...the main problem was the lumps on the ceiling that stood out at night and the expansion joins.(not sanded back properly). Hopefully they have better subcontractors working for them now.
Poor workmanship..tiling the only decent visual trade - plaster work was disgusting


Heres our time line

-4 months to contract
-1 month to get to certifier/council
-2 months approvals
-6 months to build
-6 months to finish defects after handover
-1 life time of regret

Cost line :

-Original "estimate" add $10k to $30K
-varitions, try and budget for cost plus 150%
-Allowances in contract, real cost are nowhere near, some are double

Staff Service

-Very poor by industry standards
-Like it or lump it attitude
-Rude and have trouble with the truth
-Trademen some good some really average

Home finish
- average if you get it finished to a livable standard

This was ment to be our new home, they have made it a nightmare !!! If we get it to a standard that we can sell we are !
liked design of home - not much else really
yes I agree


Where too start, firstly, it took 9 months to complete the house (12 months in total from signing contract too moving in). We went through 5 building supervisors. The first one forgot to order the windows so the house couldnt be bricked and was put on hold for 6 weeks until windows turned up. THEN they put a tile roof on (which was what we ordered) BUT the frame was a frame for a colourbond roof not tile, so for 3 months while they argued with engineers the weight of the tiles cause the frame to bend and twist and warp. The internal sheeting, was then obviously all out of shape and had to be redone (still not to our satisfaction). the entered our neighbours property, pulled their front gate off and destroyed our side fence when they have access too the rear of the property and now their refusing to pay for fence repairs because in our contract we "must give them access too the property" (which is fine but what was wrong with the back?????) as a result the neighbours gate has now been stolen (as he hasnt built yet). The general office staff attitude is less than helpful or understanding. The general "finish" of the house was, well, anything but finished. We had numerous more complaints but just too many too list here. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS - DEAD SET HOPELESS. Were thining about sueing for permenant damages done too the house as a result of the roof, plus the fence issue. I just hope the neighbour sues them for tresspassing and willfull damage to his property.
nothing (except for tiling thanks cam)
everything. As soon we signed it all went down hill from there.

Questions & Answers

Anyone had a Highfield 26 built? Mine has come in at $291k!! Build only, yet there is one for sale at $510k on 650m2 block!!
2 answers
Mine came in same, from $225k!!!Mine came in same, from $225k!!!

Hi every body, Any body has recent experience with NEW Start Home in QLD, coz the the most recent review was on Dec 21, 2013, I have started cumminicating with New start home but I can see that they take over one week to replay my e amil or to call me back, so How long they would take to build a house? Any idea, do we have official NEw start home in this page to replay to each question? Regards, Mo
5 answers
I previously posted a review on Newstart. Our house took just over four months to build. It commenced in mid-December and was completed by the end of April. Considering the Christmas break in between, we were very happy with the build. We still live in our Newstart home and there is nothing we would change in the design.Thanks Footy for your kind response, appreciate that, any body else has recent experience with New start Homes. Kind Regards, MohammedNewstart started building our house on the 28/11/2014 and we are still waiting for them to finish it. They put the frame up in January 2015 and then nothing happened for at least 6 weeks. At the end of every stage they send there invoice immediately, sometimes before the stage is even complete and once it is paid they don't do anything else for a few weeks. The building period in the contract ended on the 17/07/2015 and when I asked them about when they thought the building period ended they responded with saying they needed to add another 31 days for bad weather over the allowance in the contract which was already 14 days and then blamed us for other delays and said that they would not go over the building period in the contract, which to me meant that they would just add what ever extra days they needed to make sure they could say they don't going over the building period. I was told that I could contact the QBCC about this issue, but that was a waste of time, so there nothing you can do about this unless it costs you more than what it is worth with lawyers bills, so they can get away with it. When they came to start the tiling for the wet areas in the house we were told they could not get the tiles we had selected and tried to bully us into accepting something else. The same tiles were used throughout the whole house and everything was matched so we didn't want to change them. When we went to Beaumont tiles we found out that they had enough tiles to do the wet areas and that Newstart could continue and by the time they wanted the rest of the tiles for the main house they would be imported from Italy. When it came to tile the rest of the house, Beaumont tiles tried to deliver the tiles 3 times before they could and then they sat in the garage for another two weeks before the tiler turned up to lay them. So in the end they can import tiles from Italy in 6 weeks before Newstart require them. The building inspector we have to inspect the stages of our house has recently got a job to inspect another Newstart house and it is exactly the same. They take so long between each of the stages, so at least it is not just us. And we have heard other Newstart homes are the same. When we started communicating we Newstart homes at the beginning they responded in reasonable time, so if they are now taking over a week to respond then you can probably extrapolate that out to your house taking twice as long as ours. I would not build with them again and could never recommend them to anyone. We have been onsite more than the site manager, so if I did it again I would look at project managing it myself and save the money going to Newstart for very bad customer service. I hope this is not too late to save you from building with Newstart.

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