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Nikken PiMag Water System

Nikken PiMag Water System

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$$$ ??? !!!

The price for the Counter Top model is very high for a little bit of plastic and some stones... Even though the water is lovely I am not quite sure if it is really worth the amount of money they're charging for it. And all the replacement parts are quite pricy too!

Too expensive!

Great water at affordable price

I have been using Nikken PiMag water system for over 8 years and it is the best investment I have ever made when it comes to water filtering systems. Easy to clean, easy to replace filters. No electronics involved. Ordering replacement filters from Nikken is a phonecall away and delivery is fast. Very happy.
inexpensive and the water tastes good!


Would not live without it, to the extent that on a recent trip away we took the filter with us.
We have had our filter since January 2004. We like the water filter because of the taste and softness of the water. We also like the fact that it doesn't require plumbing, that it looks good and is always a conversation starter with visitors.
As we live in an isolated town, replacement parts can be problematic and expensive.

Who knew water could taste and be so good!

The Nikken PiMag bench top water filter is an absolute essential item for my home. The first time I tasted the water from it I realised I had never really tasted fresh, clean, healthy water! It has 2 large reservoirs so you fill it once a day or every second day. The filtration systems are easy to change and are not that costly. Accessing the water is a breeze. I just can't do without this ... nor can my family!
They also have a travel version ... yay!
As well as above, the excellent filtration system and the awesome taste sensation!
Nothing really but if I had to say something it would be that it is a bit tall so you can't fit it on a bench with cupboards above but we love it so much when we had our kitchen re-done we made a special bench for it!!


I am very happy with the Nikken Pi Mag Water, I have 2 system one at work and one at home
and took it with me when I go away.
The Nikken water has the best taste and easier to drink, I never can drink water in the morning I just get very sick, with the Nikken no problem, great for headache, when I have migraine or headache I drank 2 to 3 glasses straight away and headache gone
I have no dislike about it, I just appreciate there is a water system help to hydrate your body to keep you healthy and does healing as well


Have been using it for about 4 years, and I love how inexpensive it is - I now actually drink and enjoy my 2 litres of water everyday and my skin is all the better for it! feel much better. And replacement filters are easy to order at www.enikken.com.au/water They usually deliver the next day.
Simple to install - no plumbing, water tastes great and I love being able to just put tap water into it and getting filtered mineral water just using gravity and a system of filters, mineral stones and a magnetic tube!
Can be a bit imposing in a small kitchen, so I don't use the bottom base and just sit the tank directly on the bench with the tap hanging over the side. works well.


The Nikken PiMag is a really unique and fantastic water filtration system. We have a large 10 litre one in our home and I struggle to drink other water having used this for the last 12 months - I most certainley wouldn't ever drink tap water again. The water comes out really clean and has a very unique taste which you know is doing good things to your body. The filtration system can be a little complex, but I think given the health benefits it is well worth the effort.
The taste of the water and the simplicity of refilling
Having to remember which filters need replacing and when


An excellent filter - it produces the best tasting water ever (and I'm extremely fussy about my drinking water). I've had mine for over 5 years and would hate to be without it. Nikken claims that water filtered by their water filter is better absorbed by the body and I truly feel that this water satisfies my thirst better than any other water I've drunk.
It produces simply the best tasting water ever. I can just feel it doing me good - no other water measures up

Questions & Answers

I just bought this unit 2nd hand and found the water it made was extremely acidic, not alkaline as they advertise. Why would this occur?
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Ok. Think I’ve answered my own question. With the help of research and more knowledgeable people. The filters and stones are old. Also I used a conventional swimming pool pH test kit which I’ve been told will give an inaccurate reading. Needed to use the pet store pH test kit with bromothymol blue

Is it ok to use soft water with the nikkan filters?
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I am worried about the toxicity of silver in humana. Nikken uses silver on the stones. Should I be worried or not? Thanks so much
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PiMag Water System
Release dateJun 2007
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