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Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000

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Awesome camera

I just purchased a Nikon D7000 digital camera, I have always used nikon apart from testing others and have always returned to Nikon, I have used the Nikon D60, Nikon D 90 and have now just purchased the Nikon D7000 and it is an awesome camera, built fantastic, very fast processor an all round super fast camera, if you want a pro level camera, this one is brilliant !!!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Nikon D7000 - do not buy!!!

I purchased this camera 2.5 years ago when the autofocus and light meter reading stopped working over night. I sent the camera to Nikon Australia to look into. They came back with repair cost of $500 which is almost 30% of its initial price I paid in 2011. This is unbelievable and Nikon seems only to care about the fact that it is out of warranty. However this should not happen to a quality product in first place and Nikon stated that they do not know why this has happened. When I spent $1500 for a camera I did not expect to invest another $500 for repair within 3 years. I am very disappointed about the Nikon D7000 and how Nikon handled the matter.

Good enough for pro work

I have been using this Camera for almost a year. I can there for provide you with an insight in having used it longer than a quick trip around the block.
Without boring you to death with all the tech stuff i instead will summarise it.
I consider this Camera for use of an Enthusiast to inlude professional performance usage.
The Nikon D7000 Camera is a DX - APS-C size sensor Camera, meaning you have a smaller size sensor in comparison to a full size 35mm sensor or the Canon APS-H size sensor being slightly smaller to the full size 35mm.
Nikon offers a slightly larger APS-C sensor in comparison to it's other APS-C sized sensor Camera brand rivals.
This is good because the larger the sensor the better the performance on higher ISO settings meaning less noise hence the Nikon D7000 performance being closer to the larger or full frame. A full frame will come in to play if you are going to produce Billboards or in need of the extra width and general quality may be slightly better in a full frame.

I do not require a full size frame and find the Nikon D7000 more than adequate in meeting all my needs producing excellent quality results.
Another big advantage is the extra zoom reach on a DX Camera. On my 150 - 500mm Lens giving me a reach of a 750mm Lens. All the functions you will ever need are presented to go beyound the normal settings in getting more creative. You can even focus fine tune your Camera Lenses. A must for me as i like all my Lenses to be spot on with the focus. All the buttons and controls are where they should be and are ergonomically fine for me.
The only minus point i will give the Camera is the rubber flap at the bottom of the Camera's Batterie cap. My small Finger makes contact with it causing it at times to flip open.

The rubber flap serves as a cover when an extended Batterie pack is added and or removed. I think it could be redesigned better.
When i first received my Camera i found it necessary to clean the sensor a number of times. I suspected slight Oil residue flicking on to the sensor during shutter operation. Something Nikon needs to watch out for in quality control. This has since cleared up and all is ok.
To sum it up > A Prime Camera and no reason not to purchase the D7000.
Not enough? Get a full frame.
Good high ISO performance - Feel and performance of a Pro camera without having to resort to a full frame
Rubber flap at bottom of Batterie can be annoying

Good camera

I bought this camera second hand as a backup for my D700 and because it has video, which the D700 lacks. There are some improvements on the D700 that I have noted to date. The Live View lever and smoother operation when taking a picture in live view mode. Better screen for zoom focussing when doing macro. Smaller in size - better for travel or someone who wants lighter camera. It is 16 vs 12 megapixel, however this does not necessarily translate to better pictures. The full size sensor and larger pixels of the D700 result in much better light sensitivity and so far in my observations better low light performance with less noise and less pixellation then the D7000. I have tried shooting both cameras same settings in manual, lens with tripod throughout he blinds into bright sunlight to compare. Even though the D7000 has better dynamic range it had double the noise and pixellation of the D700 in the shaded spots of the blinds when enlarged in photoshop. However when shooting in bright normal daylight conditions in moderate contrast light it is comparable with the D700.

Don't be suckered in by the pixel war. I have enlarged pictures on my wall from recent trip to France and Italy that are 1x1.5 metres shot with the D700 that are not grainy at all.

If you just want to take photo's I would recommend the D700. Better pictures, professional quality body (more rugged) and full frame sensor, which equates to wider angle of view with same length lens.

If you want a capable all round camera that can do video and gives the 1.5x magnification (due to the smaller sensor) which is good for shooting objects at a distance i.e. birds
Video, size image quality

Very Bad Service

I have bought Nikon d7000 camera kit with 18-55 mm VR lens, There should be a separate warranty card one for camera itself and one for lens.

I have not got any of them? The one peace of paper what i found is full of Chinese or Japanese and only one statement is written on the whole peace f paper in English which says that this is only valid only in Japan.That''s it.

I have been waiting for this camera for almost a week. I have to leave country for good and i have been waiting for their response for almost 6 days. I left my recorded voice message, send about 10 emails, didn't get any response from them till i request to cancel my order on the phone.

And put new order again hope this time they see my new request. Finally they saw it and process my order without any warranty card. Now i have to go abroad with this new camera but not with peace of mind! Should i?

On their website its clearly written they provide 1 year full Australian warranty! But still don't put in the box? Don't know why. waiting for their reply....
Very unprofessional.
No warranty card

That's probably because you bought a cheap, 'grey import' version which is usually only sold in Japan. The Camera is actually very good. Exactly. People buy off internet or wen on trip overseas and then complain about the service or lack of warranty.Who did you buy your camera through??.. so that I can avoid using them

Very capable 2nd camera

I have used the d7000 as a 2nd or 3rd camera now for the past couple of years and am always impressed with the results.
Good in low light and fast shooting for its price point. Look forward to the upgrade of this very capable camera when it comes out.
Fast shooting at price point, decent low light

Excellent Camera

I looked around for a long time before settling on the D7000 and I am very glad that I did.

It is quite easy to use and there are some great tutorials on YouTube that I use for learning how to use it better. I especially like setting it to a single focus point - it means that I can set the focus to almost anywhere I like rather than the camera deciding where it should be set to.

I brought from the grey market and don't regret this. If it ever needs to be repaired they use the same repairers as what Nikon would.

Next thing to get is the remote control - how could I ever have not brought this in the first place? Will make taking group photos that I am in much easier.

Only down side - Nikon now have a camera that can connect to the iPhone that can remotely control the camera. I would have loved that!
reliable, lots of features, great in low light

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Nikon will not repair grey market cameras, check their website, they will check the serial number on the camera and if not Australian supplied you get no service-period. Nikon have a wi-fi adapter that fits this camera and is cheap too, so you don't have to wait for the next model for that feature. I don't think the D7000 is 'expensive' at all....for the features crammed into it I think it is actually very cheap especially compared to higher end models lacking some of the features included in the D7000.

great camera

I bought this a few years ago for my husband who is a photography enthusiast. It has such great features and takes great photos and video. It suits both my husband who is familiar with all of the features and myself who is a total novice. Even the kids can use it!!!!
It has all the features for a professional but a great auto setting for the novice.

D7000 great camera not for beginners though.

The Nikon D7000 is brilliant in many ways, 39 point 3d tracking autofocus system, colour 3d matrix meter,ergonomic layout and handling, full HD video etc etc etc.
The 7000 is a great little fast handling and powerful imaging machine capable of amazing results in the right hands but what it is not is a beginners camera to learn on.To really appreciate and take advantage of the fully customizable features of this camera the photographer will need a good understanding of photography and SLR camera operation unless he/she wants to simply use the Auto setting.
For beginners Nikon has a great range of simpler models perfectly suited to the novice user-the D3200/5100 come to mind with their inbuilt guide and simplified user format.
If you want a fast handling high performer then the D7000 fits the bill but if you are a beginner in the world of SLR cameras then go for the lower models designed with you in mind-buying a D7000 without the knowledge/experience to use it's full potential means you're paying for features you will never use.
Fast handling ergonomics, fast accurate metering and AF,wireless multiple flash control, inbuilt intervalometer,twin SD card slots,gasketed body,long battery life and fast charging,simple well thought out menu system and full customizablility, backwards compatible with older Nikon lenses,cheap for what you get.
3D autofocus system could be a little faster and more refined for tracking fast moving subjects.

Awesome Dslr

This is my first dslr previously I have used film slr's. This is an amazing camera for the enthusiast and once you get the hang of it, very easy to use. I use this mostly for low light concert photography and I have been very impressed so far. It is quick, efficient and fun to use.
It has two memory slots so you never run out of room to take raw shots.
Autofocus could be quicker.

Exceptional enthusiast camera. Currently the best Nikon APS-C camera on the market

Until the D300s is updated, this remains the best Nikon APS-C camera on the market and rivals Canon's 60D. It only has a half magnesium frame so is not as rugged as the professional grade D700/D300s but is nevertheless weathersealed and better built than the D90.

A significant upgrade from the D90 with a more complex AF system, video recording ability and burst rate. High ISO noise is very well controlled with usable 5x7" prints to ISO 3200 (provided it is exposed well) and possibly ISO 6400 if you use Lightroom3 for some noise reduction. However, starts to lose detail, colour and contrast at ISO 3200 and beyond. Very usable ISO 1600 prints.

Menus take a little getting used to as does button placement but are similar to the D90.

Beginners may be better suited to the more simple models. However, an enthusiast amateur or budding photographer can use this camera without upgrading for years.

I have many beautiful photos from my camera and love it.
Reliable, rugged and takes brilliant photos
A little complex for those new to Nikon or dSLR.

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If you drop a plastic chassis camera and a magnesium alloy chassis camera on the ground they'll both break-the mag alloy doesn't make it more rugged. Nikon make some great 'beginner' SLR cameras but many seem to want the more advanced models even though they don't have the expertise to use them to full potential-if the D7000 is too complex there are better Nikon options.

A brilliant and highly featured camera at a reasonable price

I work as both a graphic designer and photographer and had been looking for a high quality digital SLR for sometime. Most cameras that had the features I was looking for were way beyond my budget, so it was a pleasant surprise when I came across the Nikon D7000.

It is a well built camera that not only handles anything you throw at it, but also features a lot of manual and automatic settings that suit both professionally seasoned photographers and amateurs alike.

It is compatible with most Nikon mount lens, and provides the creative photographer with a lot of room to experiment with its various settings. If you are serious about your photography or think you will explore it more in the future, this camera is an excellent investment.
Rugged build, Many settings to allow for creative experimentation, Excellent price in its class
Maybe confusing for those who have not used a digital SLR before

Superb camera for the semi serious photographer

This can be a point and shoot camera while set to auto, but the photographer wishing to expand their skills will find this a major leap forward. Lots to rave about, and very nicely built.
This camera should last awhile too from a technical point of view, with lots of Nikon lenses to choose from for those wishing to explore photography. Worth the extra outlay over other models perhaps, but only if you are willing to delve into photography as a subject and get the best out of this camera. Where it scores is through the amount of readily accessible controls, lower priced models will have you going through menus to change settings. Try and pick out the right Nikon for your needs and then lok at the model up to see what extra features it has. Choice of lens will affect final price, kit 18 - 105mm lens may be all you need.
Typical beautiful Nikon build, terrific instruction manual
Expensive, but shopping around might yeild a beter deal at the cost of etxra warranty options etc

I am lovin it: my first DSLR

Though i am not professional photographer; I have purchased it for personnel use, i am loving it. It is my First Dslr i am very pleased with its Video recording mode with 1080p and facility of external mic jack, now i have became my own director of my personnel video. It is very good for new user like me.

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Upgraded from a Canon D3000 dslr, will never look back, especially the kit lens

The Best Nikon SLR I have

I have have try 3 different Nikon SLR model for the past 3 years and so far this model is the best for me :-) easy to used for pro and beginner, But the price is also too much But if you want a cheaper one you could get it in Amazon, Before i see some one post is as low as $100
easy to used

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You can always get the 5100 that costs half price and it uses the same sensor/technology as D7000. 5100 is plastic :(

Can't take a bad photo!...well almost

Easy to use. Photos beautiful even when I fiddle with the controls. Colour superb. So glad I got this camera. Quiet and fast to respond. WOW!
Ease of use. Beautiful photos
haven't found anything yet

Love it for my first dslr!

I am a student photographer and purchased the Nikon D7000 for my first Dslr camera. Although I have never used a digital slr before, I have found it very good. The controls are easy once you learn where they are, the battery life is ok, it cleans itself (the sensor) and numerous other awesome features. The only problems I've had have been the kit lenses. I have the 18-105mm and the 55-300mm. While the 18-105mm is ok, I would definitely recommend the 18-55mm instead for low light as it's much better. I've also had trouble focussing this lens due to the low light problems. I guess that's what you get with kit lenses though, so buy the body separate and get a decent lens like the 25-70mm if you can afford it. Otherwise, go for the 18-55mm. All in all, a great camera. I will be buying Nikon again (and again, and again)!
Easy to use, comfortable to hold, great body, good price, video is excellent.
Kit lenses not great in low light, buy a better lens

Love it, beautiful shots so far!

Recently got this dslr for my partner and she loves it.

She still is a beginner but was definitely looking for a camera that would last her awhile, so something more than a beginners.

After reading many reviews and comparing many models, i narrowed it down to the D7000 and Canon 60D. After asking a friends who knows abit about it, he recommended the Nikon....and im glad we did, turns out my partner is a big Nikon fan...(phewww!)

Anyways, back to the review.
From what weve done so far(as beginners)...after a quick flick through the manual, we jumped straight into manual mode and started to do some test shots. Within 30 mins, we could easily see the difference between a point and shoot and dslr. Probably never use the point and shoot again, unless carrying around weight is an issue.

The camera feel is great, solid feel but not too heavy. Buttons are easy to understand (will need to refer to manual afew times).

When you start to play around with the different settings like apature, iso, focus, flash and light....you start to see how different each little setting can affect the outcome of a shot.

I bought the body only cause i was told the lens kits arnt that good, and you'll eventually have to buy a better lense as your photography skills get better....so i decided to skip the kit and went for a tamron 18-270 pzd lens which for now, eliminates the need two continually switch between lens. Its a basic lense, but works quite well for us now.

Only a beginners review, the camera has been fantastic, great battery life (over 1600 shots on one charge), overall a great buy and excellent camera.
Solid feel, excellent photo quality, dual memory card
Nothing yet


This is my second slr and I wanted something a notch up from entry level. I was tossing up between this and the Canon 60D. Both had very similar features and specs but after handling both units I chose the Nikon based on the quality of the magnesium alloy casing, it just feels more substantial. There are a few features that you commonly only see in professional level cameras such as 100% coverage through the few finder and weather proof casing and for first time slr users it has an impressive 39 auto focus points.

Image quality is really nice here and the camera handles low light situations really well. The movie quality is fantastic and you have full manual control in film mode.

Overall I would highly recommend this unit for someone looking for a dslr that has a few more features and feels a bit more professional than the entry level units.
quality casing, nice included lens, great performance and image quality, full 1080p film mode.
Nothing really although a lcd screen with a tilt would have been nice for movie shooting.

Excellent package @ a very reasonable price

It is a joy playing with this camera. It is solid, reacts quickly, produces professional images and so easy to use.

I don't have much to say... I just love it.
Good value
video is not as good as canon?

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How much for one quantity?
No answers

I have had the camera for a year now and love it. I have encountered a problem now though where it will not focus for a shot. I half press the button whilst it is auto focusing and then after it does focus it will not take the shot. Any ideas please would be great?
1 answer
Hi, Sorry for the late response. I would suggest doing a fine focus tune. Have a look on youtube lots of help. See following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqhH2ELuCaE Good luck Dave


Price (RRP) $1799
Video QualityFull HD
Built-In FlashYes
Release dateSep 2010
Replaced byNikon D7100

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