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Nissan Murano Z50 (2005-2008)

Nissan Murano Z50 (2005-2008)

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Love! Big car without the sluggish feeling of a big car!

This is my daily driver and we love it! Have had our Nissan Murano for over 5 years now & am in agony that we can’t buy a new one!
We have 2 tall teenagers and a five year old in a booster and they have plenty of shoulder and leg room. Plenty of boot space also!
We recently hired a qashqai and were so shocked at how small they were in comparison to the Murano. We have not had any mechanical issues to date and get our car regularly serviced.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

lovely to drive

brought my 2005 2 yrs ago from a car dealer in mt gambier was told it was perfect....was lovely when i got it it was perfect for me with a bad back the seats are like a lounge room recliner....took it for my first service and remember the car dealer said it was perfect...back shockers were shot..brakes needed replacing,boots on the front needed replacing and had a cracked head gasket,back diff is leaking..omg..ive had most fixed except the head gasket that will have to wait,but i love driving it love the stereo..just a pity the car yard which is huge in mt gambier were liars

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Bargain of the century

2005 TI 71000kms. Full leather, with every gadget you could need. Not a scratch on it. Love the car drives like it just come off the factor floor. Haven't used 4x4 yet. That will be interesting.
Sunroof works well, no leaks. Stereo is a bit out dated but has great speakers

Date PurchasedNov 2017

The SUV Upgrade We Needed

We Just Upgraded Our Family Car To The 2008 Nissan Murano TI LZ50 & Haven't Looked Back! .. Size .. Space .. Durability .. Drive .. It's All There! .. Love The Leather Interior .. The 'Bose' Sound System .. It Has All The Key Features You'd Look For Without Blowing The Budget .. Highly Recommend It As First SUV!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Should have traded it in early

Bought new 2005. It was a great car, I loved it. Comfortable, classy, great ride, great rear passenger room, good handling, but a bit thirsty.

Car is mainly garaged during the week and only around 8-10,000km per year.

Then the warantee expired. :(

CVT packed it in and fitting second hand replacement cost over $6,000 (new CVT replacement quoted more than double that price).

Brakes constantly squeak, esp when reversing - dealer says nothing can be done.

Steering high pressure hose has been replaced twice, over $500 each time. Allegedly a "common" problem.

Couldn't put car in reverse, an electronic interlock module needing replacement $435. Dealer took 2 weeks to find problem, tried to charge days of effort to find which I refused to pay - google search shows common problem with the car and not many places, and obvious places, to look to find the problem.

Getting more and more fuel thirsty.

At 80,000, very very road noisy. Both front seats now squeaking while driving.

Date PurchasedNov 2005

Great car!

I bought this car a year ago as a bargain (5k under every other Murano (the guy who sold it didn't know how much it was worth). It has been a pleasure to drive. The CVT transmission is brilliant. So smooth and easy. The engine is fantastic. A bit thirsty but it's worth it! There is plenty of power when needed and it sounds like a real V6.

Changed the old stereo with a brand new dvd/cd/Bluetooth unit that looks great. They connected it up to the steering wheel controls. Sounds brilliant. My wife loves the car so much so begged for me to let her use it for her car. The kids love the sunroof and the leather seats are great for families. Plenty of room to go away on trips, as it still looks great.

My mechanic looked over the car and told me it was spot on. The only issue I have had is with some bushes in the front end. They were replaced easily. Don't bother going to Nissan for servicing, find a good local mechanic.


Lack of Nissan Murano Service in Gold Coast

I am a simple woman that using vehicle to drive to work and children. I bought Nissan Murano in 2006 from showroom brand new, The vehicle is beautiful of course CVT drama quite often spoil it, The reason that put me off the the Service department in my town. Over priced, charge anything they can even a pack of $1.50 for a sachet of liquid soap for washing my car after service, if the car is clean it's fine, which is not!, it's look like being hose with water and let dry on the site, leave water spot marks every where.
Every time I picked up my vehicle after service, I am not satisfied. My car is not being service, mechanic open the bonnet, connect the computer then cowboy wash and leave it on the site until I came to pick it up.
Now this Nissan is just another decoration in my lock up garage. Everyone complaining about the vehicle. I cannot sell it.
There is some issue with service department, when someone bring their Nissan for service it need to be service properly accordingly to the cost we paid.


money pit

Only owned second hand Murano 06/07 for a few months - so far- air conditioning not working, electric windows stick, uses motor oil, and finally back diff buggered and front pirelli tyres $385 ea are delaminating. Apparently to do with auto 4wd sensor as tyres may not be correct size? Motor is strong though. Also rear shocks and brakes need replacing. Citrus fruit.


Best suv i have driven

Surprisingly smooth and road manners are great. Well equipped with features and excellent interior comfort.
Down side is cargo room.

2006 murano with a lot of issues

Bought a 2006 murano with 110,000 km. Power steering fluid leaked and got it fixed. Now done 140,000km Oil cooler hose started to leak , crack in the alternator fan, crack in cv joints, the gas out of the boot lid needed replacing and a few other things needed to be fixed. Car looks great and sporty but no power in cvt engine.

Poor performance by Nissan

I bought a second hand Murano 07 it had 68,000ks Ive had it for a year now 106,000ks and the heat exchange failed costing me $3000.00 to repair, cant by the heat exchange new only second hand. A week later the gear box shat itself. Nissan said sorry cant help you except $8500.00 for new gearbox only option second hand gear box at $4500.00 so thank you Nissan for making components that are rubbish.
Comfy car to drive heavy on fuel
not durable considering they claim the engine to be unbreakable, it's a shame the transmission isn't



I have been a Murano owner since 2005 and have not had too many issues worth complaining about other than the driver seat collapsing two years ago , fortunately there were no consequences other than Nissan refusing to recognize it is a problem which I discovered is actually a problem . Other than that I have happy with the vehicle in fact I had made a decision to buy a new model in 2014. In the meantime and in preparation for the vehicles Bi annual NCT I spent 2000 euros on a major service and a few new parts, this I thought would see me through until next year.

Three days ago I heard a strange whining noise come from the engine when I began to drive , I brought the car to my Nissan dealer the following day, I have just been informed the CVT is in trouble and as there are no parts available only a complete new unit has to be fitted which will cost 8500 euros, to say I am stunned is an understatement.
I am searching around at present to see if I can get an Auto transmission specialist repair it, failing this goodness knows,? for one sure thing I wont be buying a new Murano in 2014.


I have just spent 2000 euros on a major service as I decide
I have enjoyed a good driving experience over the last eight years.
Expensive on parts and service, heavy on fuel, when seat collapsed I was lucky not to have crahed.

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In the USA the transmission has a 120000 mile warranty, i'm not sure about the uk and Ireland, but its worth contacting nissan and pointing this out to them, as a murano is a murano is a murano, no matter what country it is in. good luck.

Do not buy a Nissan Murano of any vintage

My 2007 Nissan Murano Z50 Ti is an excellent vehicle however the steering component is of sub standard construction and as can be seen by a simple google search: the problem is being ignored by Nissan and blamed on the owners. Nissan are aware of the problem but refuse to issue a recall to rectify its problem
Well appointed vehicle
subject to power steering issues, case issues with no admittance from Nissan of liability. Too many owners have had the same problem for it to be an owner issue


Not happy

After reading all the other write ups on the Nissan Murano I'm surprised that no one has any negative comments, I own a 2007 ti and in the 5 years it has been less than reliable, from oil leaks in the transfer case, shredding front tyres to the latest problem where just two days ago the rear diff exploded, before you think I haven't look after the car it was serviced regularly at a Nissan service center, it blows my mind that a 5 year old car with 75000 on the clock has these problems, I would understand if I was a hoon and doing burn outs, hammering it off road or just neglecting the car, but none those apply it's driven by my wife 90% of the time, did I buy a lemon? Look forward to hearing any comments on this.
The look of the car and the drive
Reliability and cost of repair

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Same as us! Nissan washed their hands of us... Offered us $5k trade.

Transmission problems

Beautiful car. but!

Transfer case bearing went, caused a shinning sound. Not repairable, complete new transfer case and transmission recommended (only Nissan can do them) $8000+!
Don't do it!
Unless you are rich, I don't hunk Nissan have these transmissions sorted yet, too much electronics on board also.
Stick with Toyota, Ford or Holden. I know they have no style but at least if something goes wrong a normal mechanic can repair it!
Stylish and comfortable.
Expensive to maintain and repair

I feel your pain, Nissan quoted me $5k+ to replace the rear diff and their responce these things happen,thanks Nissan that makes me feel better, I made a few calls and found a reco 1 for $400 and install cost $300 a total cost of $700,make a few calls to some wreckers you might find 1, a good mechanic should be able to repair itTried everyone... No one has a complete used transmission and after talking to the worlds only CVT reconditioner in NZ, he strongly advises not to buy used cvt trans parts. Have since found out that US Nissan offered to replace any faulty murano CVTs with less than 120000 miles for free and compensate those that had already paid for one. Spoke to Nissan australia this morning asked why repairs are $8k +, answer, it's an old car, sorry.... In my day a 6 cylinder car should go for at 300000k and last 20 years, mine was only 7 years with 150000! I traded the car today on a 2009 toyota Camry. The dealer would only give me $6k as a writeoff for it with trans probs. I couldn't bring myself to dump it on another aussie family, so I took a hit for team Australia.. I'm going to take this further and organize a group to petition consumer affairs and Nissan. It is environmentally irresponsible to make cars that have a 7 year life span. My strong advice after a month of looking into cvts is stay away from them. They can't as yet be repaired by any Australian. Nissan will not repair them only replace (reluctantly because they don't understand them), they will not supply parts, tools or software either. I have nothing against Nissan, I am an ordinary Aussie bloke that wanted to have a reliable car to ferry my disabled chid between Canberra and the Sydney children's hospital. It's not a shot at Nissan, my favorite car ever is a Nissan pulsar n12. It was the reason I chose to buy the murano.Never ever buy a CVT !!!! You will start hating anything with wheels!!!


In terms of fuel economy, I've managed to achieve an average of 11.6 L which I think is excellent! I do a lot of driving and I would have to say the Murano is the most comfortable car that i've had. wouldn't have a CX-7 if you paid me! My unhappy friend has one!!
Great looking car, plenty of room, probably the most comfortable car I think i've ever driven. Car has plenty of power, and is far more fuel efficient than I originally thought it would be!
Space Saver tyre! Can't think of anything else though...


Hubby and myself were looking at purchasing the 2005 TI model until we discovered the child car seat anchors at the very back of the boot. Therefore the childs car seat strap would obscure the boot. So if you have more than 1 car seat in the back for a child you would not be able to fit anything in the boot due to straps in the way. STUPID DESIGN NISSAN - what were you thinking!!! I believe the newer models have anchors at the back of the rear seat.
Great looking.

This is very important to me, i wonder if this is fixed in later series??Yes it has now...The 2012 model is perfect in every way over the 2012 model.Thanks a lot, I'm considering to have one these days..and I found that Murano seems to be the best in its class in almost every way

High Mileage Murano TI

Hi I purchased a 2005 TI Murano in mid 2011.
Had near 200,000 (country)Klms on clock and was in v good condition.
Had a perfect factory service record as well.
One owner, with no reliability problems in 5-6 years apart from usual servicing brakes tyres etc.
I have driven it since (now 218,000klms) and the vehicle is a joy to drive, and has given no problems.
Average 11.1 (best) 0n country trips, 12.8 around town.
Intend to use it soon to tow a light caravan (1350 klgs & braked which is within Murano specs) and am a little concerned about how the "ageing"(but serviced) cvt will handle towing.
Comfortable & great to drive,reliable, still looks good after 7 years
economy a little high, high cost of service/maintenance items, Nissan Co not great at information help.



it is a great car... a few things i dont like, but the fuel consumption certainly changes the longer you drive the car. i get about 13l/100 out of it and its also frustrating not having a guage to meausure this!!!

look forward to the new model!
Massive room.. I am a big guy... about 6'4 and 115kg and of all the cars i drove, this was by far the best with room. the seats are massive and unbelievably comfortable.... i even like the engine noise... and being a 4wd.. well a fake one.. i love the ride height
A few things Nissan could fix for their next model.. which is due out soon i think.. the one in the states looks awesome. 1. the volume dials should be ont he right not left.. annoys me how the dont spend the money to put them there on the proper side.... still feels like an effort to change volume. 2. the muffler is very low under the car and you still have to slow down to go over bumps.. this is not a 4wd.. and slack on their behalf. 3. the buttons are a bit tacky.. so is the orange back ground on the dials. 4. sat nav is crap and old.. they need to offer an upgrade to a touch screen version or something because it is hard to put addresses in and takes a long time. 5. keys... the push button should be intergrated.. not a key and a keypad.

2008 Ti Stylish, comfortable, roomy, reliable, just wish the fuel economy was better

We've been very satisfied with the performance of the 2008 Murano over the last 3 years. We've had no breakdowns and the only unscheduled maintenance was a small oil leak in the transfer case that our mechanic found for us. Nissan fixed it without complaint. A couple minor complaints with the interior. The console between the driver and passenger did not always close smoothly, and the passenger side door pocket had a problem. Nissan tweaked both, but would not replace. Fuel economy is the main issue. We typically only get 12 to 14 liters/100km, which is much worse then the Toyota RAV4. The engine is fantastic, we easily towed our camper trailer and had no issues at all. Combined with their CVT transmission the result is a joy to drive.
Style, reliability, luxury, engine/transmission combination, rear view camera, braking is excellent, and grip in off road situations was excellent.
Fuel economy of that 3.5l engine is not very good, and some of the interior items were a bit fragile, the GPS maps are made by Telstra and it shows. Not the most user friendly system you will find. Plus it locks up at unexpected times.


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What kind of oil used in transfer case?
No answers

Is 189 000 ks ti many if i buy a 2008 murano?
1 answer
With that sort of mileage I’d be getting an extended warranty that covered the gear box

Lokking at buying a nissan murano ti 2008 ..its at 176km any problems i should be aware of ? Buy it or stay away from it??
2 answers
If it was me, I would get RACV or similar or trusted mechanic to assure me there was no CVT transmission noise/problems. If the CVT is on the way out it will cost as much as the car is worth to repair. Otherwise a great car.Hi JMMM if its only 176km then its nearly new. Or do you mean 176,000km? If its the latter, I would agree with Phillip and just get the CVT checked as a precaution. I have owned two of these cars and never had a problem with CVT or anything else.


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