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Nivea Sun Children's Coloured Sun Spray

Nivea Sun Children's Coloured Sun Spray

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I love this under makeup!

This is a fabulous sunscrern for kids and adults with sensitive skin. Looks great under makeup which is surprising given that it comes out of the bottle blue! Very gentle around the eyes too. Have not had any staining of clothes -highly recommend.


Given the recent ads telling us how much sunscreen we should be applying (a golf ball size all up for an adult), I'm sceptical that the spray would provide adequate coverage. The only colour I can see is on my hands after application which doesn't help to highlight any missed places on the kids
Glides on easily, SPF30, being a spray the bottle lasts a long time
After applying it 3 kids and myself my hands would be stained green which took a lot of scrubbing to get off (and seems a waste of sunscreen), can't see the green colour on the kids skin.


I wouldn't buy this again. The colour is of no help in application and it stains the clothes. I like the idea of a spray but it's not very accurate...spreads out too much. The bottle sixe is however great for fitting in the handbag. I would buy the colourless one next time.
Nice bottle. Good spf protection.
Colour stains clothes.

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Sun Children's Coloured Sun Spray
Price (RRP)17.25
Release dateOct 2007