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Nivea Creme

Nivea Creme

4.5 from 32 reviews

Best face lotion in the world

This is the first review I have ever written online because I’m not a vocal person on the internet but I had to talk about the best face lotion I have ever had. It is so soft and makes my skin feel and look smooth and healthy. I have refered this to my family and friends and they are also hooked on it. No joke the best face lotion you could ask for. Thanks Nivea <3

Purchased in January 2019 for $1.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Skin TypeDry Skin

Amazing lotion

This is a great lotion for skin that needs hydrating. I use it for my feet and hands. Makes them smooth. Someone on a previous review claimed they changed the ingredients of The Original Nivea from the 30ml and 60ml. I looked and the ingredients are the same.
I highly recommend this product. For feet at night put a good amount on and rub in good. Do this about 20-30 minutes before bed and then put on socks. I know..I hate wearing socks to bed. But even if you find a thinner pair it will help so the lotion will stay on longer and absorb in more. Your feet will feel nice and smooth when you get up. Do the same with your hands. They make overnight hand gloves that will leave your hands super soft. I only use lotion at night because I am a OCD person that washes my hands often.
They have a lighter texture version to put on your face to wear under makeup or if you have very oily skin I would suggest this at night over the original thicker one.
My mom always used this and she would get compliments about her skin all the time.
Hope this helps. I love Nivea and the nice clean smell!

Purchased in October 2018 at Walmart .

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin

To highly perfumed

I have always loved nivea products and decided to try the Cellular filler range, i was very disappointed that this product is highly perfumed and i am unable to wear it at night because of the over powering smell.

Trish :(

Fabulous, goodbye French expensive moisturiser!

I can’t believe how good this cream is. I read the reviews and it was on special for $2.10 a tin! I have dry skin and I have been searching for a reasonably priced rich cream. My favourite French one was discontinued (and so expensive) so after trialling heaps, decided to give Nivea a go. As others have said, use it sparingly, give it 10 mins and see how it feels. My skin is hydrated and looks great ... can’t praise it enough.

So good!!

I have a dry skin (47 yr old) and have tried so many night creams and spent so much to date. This Nivea cream is the best solution for me - the price and the result are amazing. My skin continues to be hydrated till morning and soft. I have tried another Nivea cream (white jar with Jojoba oil and vitamin E) but this blue original one is the best. Better than night creams which cost over $120. Have a try, you won't loose anything as it is so cheap, but it certainly works. Can use for the whole family too.

The best

All our family have used this product for years highly recommended, it’s great on your skin, it’s a company that’s has been around for years others have come and gone. Very popular in the us do australia

The highlight of this winter - amazing new discovery (sort of)

I've tried Nivea Crème over the years and basically hated the texture so would throw virtually full tins away. But I kept reading about how awesome it was so I decided to try it just one more time. This time I used it sparingly - and realised I'd been using it wrong in the past. I was using it the way I use other moisturisers (liberally) and I think in the case of Nivea, that was heavy-handed. This is a rich moisturiser and a little bit goes a long way. It doesn't spread as easily as more liquid moisturisers so you need to work it around the skin. It initially feels greasy but check in ten minutes and all you have is soft, smooth skin. And, your skin is hydrated for the rest of the day. Truly amazing. I'm glad to have given it this another try. I am using it on my face (as a night cream) and over my body including hands and feet at night. I wake up to soft skin. I'm falling in love with the scent too (but it doesn't linger after application). I think it might be too rich in summer with the humidity here but I hope I can keep using it because I love what it's done for my skin.

Nivea Creme is Absolutely Amazing!

I recently purchased Nivea Creme and I was pleasantly surprised by this products ability to moisturize my skin all day long. This product is simply amazing especially on my Melanin skin. I absolutely love it and can't get enough of this product. Its not only for your hands, it works wonders all over your body.

Classic must have

This cream is a classic must have for all womens beauty regimes. I grew up with this stuff. My grandmother, aunties, my mum and i all still use it daily. Growing up the women in my family were always complimented on their skin and how they look at least 10yrs younger than they are so since then i knew there was something to it and began using it in my teens ever since. It is very thick and can appear greasy, so i only use it at night or if im staying home, opting for the lighter Nivea day cream version for my daytime use. It soothes, it feeds and your skin drinks it up like no other. You will notice a difference virtually overnight. Definitely recommend to all

Nivea - one of the best cremes ever created for skin care

I am a mature aged European woman, with fair skin. During a course of my life, I have tried a lot of of different moisturising cremes, both expensive and inexpensive ones. Somehow, I always was going back to Nivea creme. Now, in my 50-ties, I have just decided to stop trying other cremes and simply keep using Nivea each morning. Nivea has been a great "classic" cream for me, with very nice moisturising effect. I called it "classic" because it has been available even when my Mother was a young girl...... By the way, my Mother also used Nivea regularly and had great skin!

Best bang for buck!

Dealing with my eczema was pretty hard but with this creme, I was able to clear most of it within a few weeks. I would highly recommend for this to be used, whether it is for the face, hand or legs.

The best

i was given a sample of La Mer at a fashion event. I had never used it before. I googled it - I google most things to find out more as I am a curious person in life. I read a review comparing La Mer to Nivea creme- a fairly hefty price difference- one at around $250 the other a supermarket product. I used my sample of La Mer for a few weeks. It was good but not great. I then switched to the supermarket's Nivea crime . That was three years ago. Specialist beauticians complement me on my smooth, clear skin and often scoff when I tell them it's Nivea. I test out other products from time to time but not one gives me the outstanding results Nivea creme does. I'm 50 and my skin is great. Love this stuff and use Nivea body lotion as well.


I have just completed a chemo treatment on my face due to many years of too much sun. I started using aloe Vera to heal & rejuvenate my skin but soon changed to Nivea - WOW! my skin drank up the moisture morning & night & has never looked better. Wrinkles are minimised & my skin glows & looks well hydrated. After many years of very expensive French brands I will be Nivea from now on.

Life saver!

It's the only thing that clears up my hand eczema, I could not live without it. It's perfect for my face, hands and body would recommend 10 stars if I could!! Please try it its lifesaving

All good memries :)

When i was a very small child probably 3 or 4 i used to take my mums hand in my hands to go to sleep , my mum was always using this nivea cream before going to bed then she used to meke me sleep and after that go to her own place and now after so many years I'm using the same cream and the smell hasn't changed at all and o my dear God it takes me back exactly to those days, Thank you nivea for being a part of one of my best memories .

can be used in many ways!

works great in moisturizing my face though its a little bit greasy and heavy. it can also be used as a make up remover! just apply it to your face and wipe it off with a tissue or facial wipes and poof goodbye make up. i also use this as a lip balm, weird right? but it works trust me. i usually apply this to my face every night and let my face absorb all the goodness this product gives!

It's okay

Pretty good for the price, I love the way it makes my skin feel! More dry now but it's better than very oily. Only thing i could improve would be increase the size of it so it would last a bit longer, thanks!

Fantastic product for a Fantastic price

Since moving to Tassie from Brisbane the lack of humidity has caused my skin to go from combo oily to combo very dry and This Winter i got 4 dry patches which no cream natural or not could fix.

Nivea Creme /Cream Original is a God send, It is a extremely rich multi - purpose cream that got rid of Of my dry spots and keeps my skin moisterised and the price is fantastic around 10 dollars for a large tub.... High end products are not bad bur small tub for 20 plus dollars...tge value and multi function of Nivea is just unparalleled in my opinion.

I remember my mother using this on me as a kid but in Brisbane I felt my face being shiny and looked "unclean" so as a young adult I droped using it.

Now I use This all over my body and face along with my husband.

About average

I bought 2 packs of this cream from pharmacy express in corrimal mainly because it was on special and went through them very quickly / it would be great for people with normal skin though I have dermatitis and decided to stop buying it

Must have

This cream by Nivea is the greatest cream I have ever stumbled upon. I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on because it does an incredible job for multiple purposes. It worked a charm on my dry skin around my elbows and ankles. Also, I tend to wear a lot of mascara,eyeliner and eye shadow which runs down to my cheekbones in the shower so when I come out I just quickly apply the cream; rub it off and the makeup is gone. This cream also works splendidly as a moisturizer and makes the skin go very smooth.
Works great, reliable

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Questions & Answers

Is this suitable for a 13 year old?
1 answer
Of course! Its moisturiser. Better habits established in youth will pay off tenfold in their later years. Guaranteed

I used Nevea baby lotion for my LO but when i go shopping on nearby malls its all out of stock so i decide to buy Nevea Creme can I used it to my 14mos old Baby boy? thanks
1 answer
Hi there, I've never thought of that one. I think baby products are specially formulated to be gentle fur little babies so I would tend to play it safe and find another supermarket baby lotion. However the Nivea Crete will be fantastic for your face and neck. I use it at night and use a hither moisturiser - neutrogena or Simole in the day. No need at all to go exensifecto get great skin care

What is the difference between using original Nivea cream to the latest creams. why is one better than the other?
1 answer
"Latest creams" ? You mean newer nevia products or like 'latest high end or more expensive brands"? Well there is a brand called la mar la mer i dont remembef exactly but it is 300.00 for a jar made in france but pretty much idential ingredientwise to nivea original but with added antioxidance which exverytime u open the jar losses potency/effectivenice I think sadly it is just trial and error amd find what works for you your skin and wallet


ApplicationBody, Face and Hands
Release dateDec 2006

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