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Nivea Deodorant Pearl & Beauty

Nivea Deodorant Pearl & Beauty

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Nivea anti-perspirant

I'm using the pearl and beauty now. 48hr I took my dog for a brisk morning walk in 29degrees heat for about a hour. When I got back I was smelly and had to reapply.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

i like this product a lot.

I recently purchased this product and have to say, I like it a lot. It has a nice smell and works effectively. You have to wait for it to dry before putting on clothes, but that is the only downside.

Stays dry

It's subtle scent makes it my favorite deodorant. It's easy to apply although as in most roll-on deodorant you have to let it dry before wearing any clothes but I find this better than those sprays which poison the air with me inhaling all those chemicals. It stays dry for the rest of the day and I have no problems with it so far after using it for more than a year.

Could last longer!

Love the nice soft smell of this deodorant. However, despite it advertising 48 hour protection, I found it lacking. On a warmish day where I hadn't done much physical activity, I did notice a waft coming from my armpits by night....only 15 hours after application. Which is fine, but I feel the "48hr protection" label is a bit misleading. If it had lasted as promised, this would be my go-to deodorant....but as it failed for me, I have switched brands.


Great product wont be using anything else. Cheap and easy to use, the ball never gets stuck like other roll on's do and the smell makes you feel clean and fresh. Good for sensitive skin and for me i only use it once a day and it takes me throughout the whole day with no sweaty smell. I find it doesnt leave stain marks on your clothes and sometimes i rub it just on the neck of my top and its doesnt stain at all. its so smooth and doesnt irritate after shaving. infact i find it soothing.
This is fantastic and the only deodarent i use and have used for years now, i love the roll on and the smell is mild but smells like your very clean, i dont sweat very bad so this is great and i find that even if i have one day where i sweat bad i dont smell at all. it leaves the skin smooth and soft and it can be put on right after you have shaved as well until other brands that sting. I wont be using any other brand as this one as done a great job from the first time i tried it. It is cheap as well and in a small handy bottle so you can fit it into your handbag. i also find i only need to put it on in the morning and i am right for the rest of the day til the next morning, i dont use perfumes so this gives you a suttle but clean smell all through the day. No stains left on clothing either. doesnt cake like other spray on's or roll on or sticks.


I bought this Nivea Deodorant for my mum and she really likes it, I had to have another smell then I bought one for myself, it smells gorgeous but so soft is the smell. It wont let you down as it will keep you dry all day long and when you get home and find that it is still working, you will know you are on to a good product. Mum still uses hers but she hasnt changed from the one I bought her, still the same brand still the same smell she still likes it after using it for six months. It is packaged very feminly, and the product is great and you certainly are getting value for money. Try this one as i am sure you will like it also.
This Nivea Deodorant is really nice I bought this one for my mum and she really likes it.

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yeah deo smells good but it leaves white spot on clothes and have much amount of fog!

As long as you let it dry before dressing - fantastic!

One of the few deodorants gentle enough to use after hair removal. Can feel a bit squelchy when first applied but let it dry and it really lasts all day. Not drying to the skin or loaded with alcohol / quick drying solvents but strong enough for physically active days. Doesn't irritate my dry sensitive skin or leave it crepe-y at the end of the day.
Good anti-perspirant, nice perfume, non irritating


The product is marketed as making armpits more ‘attractive’ or whiter in appearance. I didn’t find it made any difference to the appearance of my armpits. It worked quite well as a deodorant, as well as any of the competitors, but the fragrance is quite strong and whilst not unpleasant, I prefer lightly fragranced or unfragranced deodorants. The product is gentle and doesn’t irritate skin.
Quite effective, inexpensive, doesn’t irritate skin, lasts all day, doesn’t leave white marks on dark clothes
Takes a while to absorb (as most roll ons do), typical Nivea fragrance (which I don’t like)


I like the smell and it looks pretty so is great to throw in my handbag. However it really irritated my skin and caused to to get red and dry. I felt I needed to reapply mid day to get long lasting results. Because I needed to reapply more frequently i felt it did not last long.
The packaging is quite alluring. The scent is nice.
It irritated my underarms to the point of them getting a rash, and I'm never allergic to anything. It needed to be reapplied for best results and it left white marks on my clothing.


Nivea Deoderant Pearl and Beauty is and awesome product. It is easy to use. It slides on clean and will leave you feeling fresh all day.
I love this deoderant. It is lightly scented, but leaves you feeling fresh. It is well priced and is a nice compact size
Nothing really


smells great, roll on does take a while to dry, the spray is nice but doesnt stop sweating,but over all a very nice product
smells nice, glass bottle
takes to long to dry and having to put my work shirt on it sometimes seeps through the fabric and you get dark patches.


A great little roll-on deodorant with an extremely pleasant gentle scent that does not overpower my perfume at all. The deodorant works perfectly well and is highly effective for someone like me who doesn't sweat too heavily anyhow. I wore it ice-skating for two hours today and I smelt great by the end of the session! I don't wear it every day though because it contains aluminium, which I'm not overly comfortable with. It loses points for that, otherwise it's wonderful.
I like the scent very much and it works well! No sweating!
It contains aluminium which I don't like to use every single day because I believe that it could accrue in the human body.


This is a good deodorant by a trusted brand. It is a reasonable price, there are cheaper ones available, though they sting your underarms, and do not work aswell. A deodorant worth buying!
Unlike some other deodorants i have tried, this one smells pleasant. It rolls on easily, which some others also don't do. As they advertise, it works well with shaving, and does not sting. It lasts well, for quite a while.
It doesn't stop all sweating, just gets rid of the odour. Though i haven't found many deodorants that stop all sweating, so its good to have no odour!


Im currently using this product and have found that it works to keep my underarms dry most of the time and odor free. Its also gentle on my skin and doesn't sting even when encountered with a wound.
Light fragrance and easy on sensitive skin. Its also moderately priced and best of all, does not stain the inside of your clothes or leave white patches on your skin.


I use the roll on one, and am satisfied with my experience. Haven't had any major problems with it except from the not keeping me feel dry all the time. I too am not sure about the whole pearl extract thing it just doesn't sound right or natural to me.
It doesn't sting after you have waxed or shaved recently, has a pleasant and light frangrance to it.
I still get a bit sweaty under my armpits especially when I've been doing exercise or it is really warm, although I should mention that it prevent my body odour.


when it comes to deadrants, I trust and prefer to use Nvea than anyother products. one good thing is about its quality, light fragrance does not irritates me when ever I use it. the other main reason is, it is value for the money i pay.I would like to see some other different but lighter fragrant varities of Nivea deo-rolls other than what currently on market.
I like its light fragrance. it make me really fresh when ever I roll-on. it is not sticky as well as it does not make any white makrs on clothes , which is really good.
so far nothing I dislike on this.


fabulous....simply the best deodorant you can buy in my opinion....before you even lower your arm your skin is dry
very pleasant scent,feels like it sprays on dry,small purse size can
don't think i have one


This is my current deodrant and I am very pleased with it. I live in hot humid conditions and it is essential that I have a deodrant that not only smells great but also has staying power. It has a plesent smell that is not over powering. It leaves you feeling comfortable and dry all day. My only warning is do not apply it after shaving because it will sting, apart from that I love this deodrant.
Smells great and has the staying power I need. It is well priced.
Could come in a larger can. Not good on broken skin.


If I were the type to stick to only one deodorant, this would be it! The smell is beautiful and feminine, and it always keeps my sweat free. It makes my skin feel soft and silky, but I'm still not sure what the pearl extracts are for!
It works so much better than the roll-on one! It keeps me dry for ages, and it's alcohol free. It smells really nice, and the scent isn't too strong, so I can wear perfume over it.
I don't like the roll-on version of this, but this spray on type is perfect.

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