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Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes

3.5 from 18 reviews

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Love the Touch

Love the gentle feel of each sheet. The fragrance is sweet without being sickly strong. My face is left feeling refreshingly clean and soft to touch, ready for my moisturiser.

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Online.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Burns skin poor quality

These are supposed to be for sensitive skin yet everytime I use they they burn round my eyes I will stick to my aldi baby wipes. Cheaper and 100 times better and no burning

Allergic reaction

So if you have sensitive skin, I'd avoid this product at all costs. I've been wearing the exact same lipstick for about 2 years now and I decided to get a new face wipe because my old ones just weren't working with my make up any more. First time I used it my lips swelled up and formed blisters around the perimeter of my mouth with a burning itching feeling. I just assumed it was from a new vitamin I was taking. I stopped taking the vitamin and kept the wipes in my hand bad and while I was out about 2 weeks later when my lips finally healed, my lipstick was annoying me while I was eating so I went to the bathroom and whipped it off. 20 min later my lips were burning and swelling up. That's how I knew it was just the wipes. Would never buy. Not at all for sensitive skin.

I feel ripped off!!! Now a scrimpy product!!

I really feel ripped off now that Nivea have recently changed the design of it's Cleansing wipes for sensitive skin... the wipe is now thinner and smaller and you have to scrub to get your makeup off.... this is now not a good product for sensitive skin. I 'm sure there are similar products out there that haven't scrimped on the size of the wipe....

These are great!!

I absoloutley adore this product. Obviously, you shouldn't use this as the only thing to wash you face with, but I love it! They smell great and actually make my face feel really hydrated. Love em! Totally recommend.

Another Nivea success

These wipes work great for removing foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara. They leave my skin feeling refreshed and free from dirt and make up residue, and they also smell great. After 5 or so times opening and closing the pack, the tab loses its stickiness and the wipes begin to dry out a little. However, they are still effective.
Do the job, inexpensive, found in many shops
The resealing tab


These are a great idea. They are useful to get teenage girls to remove makeup. As well as tired Step Mothers. I would not use them as the only cleanser, I tried and found my skin started to break out in pimples. However for a quick fix they are a great idea.
At the end of a long day they are quick and easy and get the basic clean. Removing makeup and basic grime. They are also good for removing facepaint from young ones. Nice and gentle on sensitive skin. Smell nice. Feel nice. mosturising, not drying. Not to rich for oily skin.
Not to use as only cleanser. Not very enviromentally friendly.


This product is reasonable. It works. They come in different types for different skin types. From memory you can get the pink packaging ones and they are for sensitive skin (from memory). They are moist and work to remove off makeup. They are readily available at major department stores and chemists. I would give this higher a higher rating but the only problem is that they are a tad expensive for me. I only purchase these when they have the deals 'buy 3 pay for 2' or if they are on sale. Otherwise I cannot afford to buy these wipes on a regular basis
Moist, don't dry out the skin. They work.
Too expensive


This is a good facial wipe to use, but because of the flimsy material or something, it goes limp and I can never get a grip on it to use it properly. I don't like the fragrance in the pink pack, its too powdery smell for me.
I have bought these because the ones I really use often are hard to find.
I don't know what happens, but everytime I use it, it sort of goes really soft and doesnt stay put when I use it to wipe my face. I don't buy it because of this reason. These often come on sale and are easily found in most supermarkets and chemists.


these wipes are fabulous, they are even great on sensitive skin. They leave my face clean and soft after removing makeup.
these wipes work so well to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. My face feels so clean and smooth after using these wipes. The pack stays moist right down to the last one. They are cheap and well worth the price. the pack i bought came with an easy close lid
wish they came in bulk packs


In my opinion the wipes arn't much good, if you want your skin to feel fresh and clean i suggest a foaming cleanser, dont rely just on these wipes to keep your skin clean because they just cant do it. Therefore you would need to buy a foaming cleanser or a creamy cleanser to get your skin feeling fresh, why bother with the wipes if you need another product to help do the job.
It is cheap.
I find these wipes dont really clean your skin they just seem to take of the top layer of make up or whatever but to get a real clean i wouldnt rely on these alone there fore if i bought them i would have to buy a foaming cleanser also .


Rrefreshing facial cleansing wipe:
it is a nice cleansing with nice scent. it is good for quick cleansing. it can only remove light makeup. i usually use other proper cleansing product after it to ensure all makeup or dirt are removed. it is not drying and the cloth is large and thick enough for me.
nice scent. great for fast cleansing.


These are really gentle, some wipes I've used have irritated my skin and I've never had that issue with Nivea. The wipes remove all the makeup and grim and leave my skin feeling moistorised, I like to use them just before I use my toner. Saves the trouble of buying two products (remover and cotton wipes) so in that regard it is a good two in one deal.
Beautiful and soft, don't leave the skin feeling greasy after use, leave a soft feeling on your face
Better as part of your clensing rather than a all in one product


A really fantastic idea for when I'm tired at the end of a long day and just want to cleanse quickly and jump into bed! Time-saving and effective enough for an occasional 'lazy' night or even for the morning when my skin isn't that dirty anyhow. Makes my skin feel fresh and I love the other varieties that it comes in so I have a choice. This product compares well pricewise to similar products.
Really quick and easy to use and clean your face with quickly if your too tired for your normal full skin cleansing regime. Disposable. Great price.
Doesn't clean as well as my full cleansing regime.


These Nivea gentle wipes are my favourite of all cleansing wipes I have used. They come in wrapped plastic with a resealable seal that helps it lock in that luscious moisture in the wipes. The wipes also keep their moisture sealed in to the very last wipe. The wipes are a lovely fresh scent and it only takes 1 wipe to remove all your make-up and even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. They not only wipe away your make-up and clean your face but they also leaves your face soft and moisturised.
Cheap and effective makeup remover and facial cleanser in one, that leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.


Well worth its value! So much more affordable when compared to purchasing a bottle of branded makeup remover only to discover that for a bottle that expensive, it does not really remove makeup as thorougly, especially when I have heavy eye makeup on and water proof mascara!
Quick, easy and efficient way to remove my makeup.
There is nothing I dislike about this product


These wipes are quite compact and easy to carry around in a handbag, so I always carry them around just in case. They remove even the most stubborn, waterproof make-up and they also refresh and moisturise your face. I love these wipes, they're so easy to find and very affordable. I reccommended them to all of my friends!
It removes make up really easily, and it feels nice and refreshing against my face. It's a cheap price and it also moisturises your face.
There might be some of the lotion left over on your face after you've used it.


Not a bad product. I use it sometimes to remove makeup when i don't feel like washing my face right away and it does a good job. It doesn't dry out your skin or give it a tight feeling. Skin feels refreshed
Good for removing makeup. Relatively cheap. Very gentle
Sometimes it leaves a residue on your face

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Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes
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