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Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday Sun

Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday Sun

1.3 from 3 reviews

Not effective

I have an olive skin type. When I use sunscreen I do not burn. This sunscreen was completely ineffective and I am now red. I’m going to to send it back to the manufacturer.


Having lived in Australia for 49 years I know how to apply sunscreen. After a few hours outdoors yesterday, I'm now sunburnt all over. This stuff does not work like SPF30. I reckon it's about SPF5. Extremely disappointing product.

Could do better

I loved this product in the old shaped bottle, it indeed was 'light feel' and not greasy at all. However, last year the bottle designed changed and apparently so did the content, despite 'same content' being written on the bottle.
This sunscreen leaves a white sheen which is very hard to disguise even under makeup. It is extremely greasy. Cannot recommend this product unless you want to look like a ghost.
Makes you white!

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