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No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser and Deodoriser

No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser and Deodoriser

2.9 from 41 reviews

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Avoid this product!

I used on a 2m*2m area to remove some odor coming out of the carpet. This product doesn't "Deodoriser" the carpet but attempt to mask the odor with strong smelling fragrance that smell terrible too.

I have attempt to get rid of the smell from wiping the area with bleach, emptying a few bags of baking soda and renting a carpet cleaner from bunnings. While the carpet cleaner machine got rid of the bad odor from the carpet, the smelly fragrance from this product still persist in the carpet.

For people who want to remove odor from their carpet. Please don't ruin your carpet with this product. Hire a carpet cleaner or a professional.

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.


i dont know how people dont like, how much did y'all use , thats your problem? the small smell it comes with goes away once it dries/sinks in. Did you guys use that much that it stunk out ur places? getting carpet ripped out is your issue, YOU put too much, it foams up so thats your issue. You must of like put heaps if it "didnt go away in days" or "my wife is too scared to go in" someone said their skin is itching, the your having an allergic reaction ,thats a personal issue. if you had to move out bc of the smell then YOU PUT TOO MUCH , do you guys know what moderation is?

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $4.70.

Awful! Stay away!

Stay away! No smell is worth using this awful product! I have a 4 piece modular couch which I regrettably used this product on the whole thing and I’ve had to quarantine my lounge room for 4 days now and counting! The “fragrance” is giving me headaches, nausea, skin irritation and a burning sensation in my throat! I have 2 young kids and I’m scared to let them in the room. It’s completely ruined my couch and it’s stinking out my whole house. I’ve had windows open and tried bi-carb to get rid of the smell but it’s still as strong as day 1. I’m going to have to try and wash it off! I wish I had never used this product!

Purchased in May 2019 for $4.90.

Disgusting product. Shouldn't be allowed.

I used the pet No Vac on a 1 metre by 2 metre piece of carpet. The smell was sickening. I had to move out for a couple of days as I couldn't bare it. I've tried everything to get rid of it and nothing works. My whole house stinks of it and I can't even sit in the lounge. My dog now smells of it too. I've contacted the company and they advised me that everyone loves the 'fragrance', and to open the windows. lol. I advised them it was a pungent odour, not a fragrance. I'm renting so can't rip the carpet up and it's been nearly 2 weeks.

Purchased in March 2019.

Great product at a good price

This is a foaming sanitiser & deodoriser which has a great scent and is easy to use, just spray and forget it. I use it on carpet in the house and the car and on mats and rugs.
Did No Vac discontinue one of their scents, 'Berries'??

Purchased in March 2019.

No Vac is awesome!

Bought Sheer Vanilla and Orchid for use on my car seats. Sprayed foam in the evening, followed instructions of use, next morning the seats were dry and my car had a really pleasant smell. Not overwhelming at all and car shut up overnight so I don't understand the poor reviews at all. My husband is completely OTT in his objection to perfumes etc and he said nothing bad about it. Try it and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well No Vac works.

Purchased in February 2019 at Anytime Deli for $7.50.

Absolutely amazing product!!!

I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about the product here and was not sure if I can use this product as carpet in one of the room stinks badly and nothing help to get rid of the horrible smell. My neighbor recommend this spray to me, as she's herself and all her friends use it constantly in there premises.
I decided to give it a try.
I'm glad I did.
Horrible smell from the carpet gone in one day!!!
It's like a miracle!
I've done vacuuming first, then put gloves (!) and face mask (!) and plastic glasses (!) as it makes sense to do so when you use chemicals (!), then I sprayed on the carpet everywhere in the room. Yes, it did spray uneven, and I brushed it into the carpet very fast and easy. Yes, smell very strong, but what else would you expect? It has to be strong. I shut the door immediately, and left the room till morning as the window was already open. In the evening it was still some smell from the chemicals, as I can smell it from under the door ( actually I put some towels underneath the door to cover the hole ), but next morning all smells were gone!!! I repeat all process again and in couple of days previous horrible smell from the carpet was gone!!! I'm very happy as I've already tried with different powder from other brands and it didn't work. I will repeat with no vac spray again in a couple of weeks and I would strongly recommend this product to my friends and neighbors.
Also it's really cheap ($4,90) from both Woolworth and Coles and it's really work!

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $4.90.

The absolute WORST

We moved into a house with new carpet and it had a bit of that new carpet smell. We picked this up thinking it would just neutralize the odour...quite the opposite...the smell was INSANELY overwhelming... could smell it anywhere in the house even though it was used in one bedroom. We ended up having to rip up the carpet and I can STILL smell it. I have no idea how this stuff is available for purchase... so so so bad.


My partner and I both experienced headache, nausea and elevated heart rate after spraying only the smallest amount on our rug. I cannot believe this product is still on the shelves.

Dont buy!

One week later after using it and still cant sleep in the room. It still hurts my throat, cant breath properly and I am pregnant so worried it will hurt my baby. Its horrible stuff.

Do yourself a favour - avoid.

I ended up replacing the carpet as the smell was still lingering around after a few weeks. Sitting in the affected area an hour after removal was a 95% improvement. Thankfully the smell stays fairly localised to the treated surfaces. If you're in the same situation and can't wait for the smell to disappear, I'd recommend biting the bullet and replacing the carpet.
***End Update***

I decided to use this after moving to a new office cubicle, big mistake. Within minutes, other coworkers were complaining about the strong perfume smell. A few people, including myself have also reported a burning sensation in their nose and throat when working directly in the area.

I have tried multiple Bicarbonate treatments and vacuuming which has slightly helped but the smell still persists. I ended up hiring a Britex wet carpet cleaner which further helped but unfortunately has not removed the smell completely.

I'm now in a situation where I'm going to have to replace the carpet as it's still uncomfortable to be in the office. The whole experience has ended up becoming very stressful as it has impacted my workplace and my wallet.

Please learn from my mistakes and avoid this product. There are so many other solutions out there.

it stinks

I sprayed it over my bedroom then it stinks so much that I cannot stay in the room. I tried to wipe it off and used vinegar and soda, vacuumed several times, the stench is still so strong. it is one week now and I kept all windows and the door open everyday. wasted time and money and ruined my room.

Do not use it!

Can’t breathe ! Had ventilon but throat feeling funny

This shouldn’t be allowed on the market! Other products do use a smaller amount. But this one is stuck to the carpet and stays around for ever!! I need to know the chemical ! I know it’s the same due to reaction. The others are air fresheners. I can’t watch tv now after escaping the house all day from it. Throat is swollen too :( but little ones aslee in my bed away from it.

Omg the stench need to rip up carpet

I will be requesting the company that makes this product pay to have my carpet professionally cleaned.

Only other alternative is to rip up our carpet.

The chemical stench it has left is terrible and pervasive. We have laid out bicarb soda twice overnight and its still stuck into the fibres.

Wife wont goninto the room.

Do not use this product.

Smells like chemical

I completely regret buying this product. The smell wont go away and it is giving all of us a headache I am now thinking of getting our carpet professionally cleaned.

Very good

Good smell
I think it works
I have dogs they leave hair and a smell
This refreshes the carpets
I use it a lot
Don’t know if Coles stock it

Unpleasant smell

Like several other people reported, the smell is too strong and unpleasant to me.
It spread over the entire house, even though I used the product on a rug in lounge area.
I ended up wiping the surface of the rug, letting it dry then spread bicarb soda and vacuumed it.
I will never use this product again.

Great for rugs

I use No Vac - Pure Vanilla scent, to spray my rugs to keep them smelling fresh. I have an inside dog and I like to sanitise the rugs and have been using this product for 6months. I've had no issues with dyes running and I find the scent is noticeable for about 4 hours then is neutralised.

dog proof

This product I use on the mat at my back door as there are 2 dogs who will sit on the mat , when I spray this it freshens the whole area, keep 2 bottles ready and the smell is mild and soft in fragrance which I love, have been using this for quite a while now and encourage my family to use it to,

great product

a really good product more than happy with result i did 3 good size rooms product has a long lasting smell i gave carpet a very light dusting of foam as recommended on can i will buy again product did what it said on label no problem at all

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I suggest you try Coles in Greenacre.

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