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Noodle Zero

Noodle Zero

4.8 from 19 reviews

Love this product

I love this product. I've tried Konjak noodles before but they seemed "glassy" and I never really enjoyed them. These noodles are close to regular noodles and the flavours are amazing. I highly recommend this as a part of a balanced diet. For me, I balance it with those days where I over indulge.

Low carb, low calorie, high fibre, tastes great, quick and convenient - a winner for me.

Value for Money

Really works, you won’t regret trying it!

Really works, you won’t regret trying it!

I have been having these for last two months and lost about 7kg! And I never went hungry.
Another great thing about NoodleZero is that you don’t need have a plan, just adding the boiling water and all will be done!
I definitely will keep going…

My favorite one is the chicken flavor

I love the convinence of the 2-minute meals while I work full time. Love the broth especially! I save Chicken flavor for Friday night to celebrate the end of the working week.

Way tastier than expected

I'm on a low carb diet and I haven't been eating enough at work so my mother in law told me about noodle zero. I looked into it and the reviews were good so I decided to give it a go. The only flavors available locally were spicy-and-sour and pickled cabbage. I rarely drink the broth from noodle soups but let me tell you.. I gulped down the spicy and sour one so fast. It's delicious and the texture of the noodles are great. The pickled cabbage is just as good! I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Did Not Have High Expectations But Wow!

I've tried low calorie noodles before but always hated the texture. For me these noodles are perfect! I've only tried the chicken broth and it was delicious.

Rubber Bands.

I seen these noodle zero from iga supermarket and decided to try them. Tried the hot and spicy flavour. Followed the directions in the packet. The flavour was good and smelt good. But unfortunately I do not like the noodles themself. It reminds me of chewing on a rubber band!! Tried letting them sit in the hot water for another 5-10minutes incase they might soften with hot water over time but it didn’t change the texture of the noodles. Still like chewing on rubber bands. It’s disappointing yeh noodles let the whole thing down cause it tasted good! Possibly use less thickening/setting agent in the noodles and it might be more pleasant to eat.

loving it!

Better than I thought - loved the meals and convenience. Easy to order, delivered on time. Add to all of this fact, I had it for 3-4 days per week and lost 3kg in 2 weeks. Couldn’t be happier and would just keep going.

Effective healthy meal replacement, and cooking time is saved!

I feel healthier, more energetic and I have so much more time each week to do the things I want to do. I've lost the 6kgs that I needed to lose and I've kept it off.

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WOW! It is really a exciting news! Thanks for sharing Daniel.


LOVEEE the konjac noodles!
I only tried twice and I was so hooked...It tastes great, is healthy, delicious, and easy to cook which is very convenient. Luckily can purchase from local IGA, however I would order more in their website for a bargain price!LOL: )

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Hi Karyssa824, yes we do offer online order with a discounted price and free shipping. Check it out on our website noodlezero.com.au :)

Time saver :) Fresh & Yummy!

Been buying NoodleZero on & off for over a year now…I have to say that NoodleZero has become a regular in my house.My hubby and I are both very busy so that we don't have time to cook. 2 mins and you’ve got a calorie controlled and well balanced meal. My whole family enjoys it!

Low-carb World Right Now!!

I can feel that it is the low-carb word right now. Everyone surround me is talking about health food, low carbs and low calroies. I feel it is the time to catch up to this trend. Find this product in the IGA, very popular. Good tasty and so healthy, really like it. I will recommend this noodle to my friends as well. Finally have a good staff to talk, LOL.

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Hey Rich, Yes you are very right! Being healthy and eating lightly is really a good trend! We are happy to help! Thanks dear!

Perfect Product! Delivery is really fast!!

Bought one combo on the last Tuesday evening at about 5pm before I went to the gym. It has been fantastic to see the boxes arrived to my home when I finsihed my training just about 8pm. Really happy with the speed of delivery. Nice shopping experience.

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Hi Nikki, customers' satisfaction is our priority! Thanks for leaving such great words and sharing your experience here. :)

Taking Noodlezero as part of my diet plan

I just got the first delivery last Sunday (Yes they do Sunday delivery which is lovely). Today is the fourth day since I commence my diet plan.
Morning: A skim coffee and a sandwich, or a banana bread
Morning tea: 150g cherries, or a white peach, or a small bag of nuts
Lunch: Burger with salad, Chinese restaurant take-away, or Subway
Dinner: NoodleZero with few vege Plus an egg, or 2 slides of ham
Waiting for a month time, and give you more feedbacks!

Absolutely loving your noodle!

Absolutely loving your noodle!
My best choice for keeping a healthy eating style in last 2 months. Every time I went to gym after a working day, I had NoodleZero as my dinner. There are so many low calorie foods and meal replacements but NoodleZero is still the one of my favorite. Massive time saver, PLUS fulfilling, PLUS guilty free.

This is literally MAGIC!

I have loved every flavour in the classic combo. During my first 3 weeks of the 4-week plan, 2.9kg weight down! What really surprised me is not the weight loss, but I can certainly feel how my waist changed by putting the same jeans on at the beginning of the fourth week. I would strongly recommend NoodleZero to anyone!

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Hi Paris, Thanks for your kind words! We are so pleased to know you are going really well in the progress, and cannot wait to see future good news! Merry Christmas!

Love Noodlezero!!!

Each flavour I have chosen is amazing. I was not sure at the first as I had bad experience in having another kinds of meal replacement. My friend introduced NoodleZero to me 2 weeks ago. You have no idea how the taste of NoodleZero surprised me! Well I live very far from city in Melbourne. But they provide free shipping when purchasing certain packs! Good taste, Low GI, Fulfilling, if you are looking for something not heavy to eat, you should also have a try too I promise.

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Hey Niki! This feedback is amazing... you are very lovely. Yes we are proud of our products very much. Thank you for sharing with us!

I LOVE the great taste of this noodle!

As a healthy food, I have nothing else to complain. Basically I have NoodleZero served with an egg for protein and mixed with salad, honestly, the soup is so good! The delivery service and follow-ups are great as well, they are just so friendly. I can say not every company can treat customers beyond the business itself. Would highly recommend.

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Hi Sam! Thanks for your feedback, we are pleased to know that you enjoyed our products and were well served by our friendly customer team. Hope to hear from you again soon :)

The best konjac noodles I have ever eaten!

Thank you NoodleZero. As a full time office lady, you are my best solution for busy days. I am so board of eating take aways and no time cooking. TOP 3 Reasons of loving NoodleZero:
1. Extremely low calories and low carb!
2. Taste so nice as a health food!!!
3. I don’t cook very much but I can still enjoy a decent dinner.

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Hi Olivia! No worries at all! The TOP 3 reasons of loving you: 1. you are extremely lovely 2. you are extremely lovely 3. you are extremely lovely LOL, thanks for sharing! XOXO~

Highly Recommend! This low cal noodle is so great!

I have only experienced positive outcomes since commencing NoodleZero 4-week plan. Best program EVER... the noodle is really easy to prepare, and the most important part is I can certainly feel full after having NoodleZero as dinner. By taking 1200 calories per day, I have lost 3.6 kilo in 3 weeks (Yes I count calories)! Still one more week to go. Cannot wait to see the final result!

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Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing and glad to hear the good news from you! Yes, NoodleZero effectively helps people control the daily calorie intake! How is thing going now?

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