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Novalac Colic

Novalac Colic

4.3 from 113 reviews

Top notch quality product

I placed my newborn son on novalac colic after trying two other formulas. This formula made my son happy, content and overall is just AMAZING. We cannot speak highly enough about this product.

Purchased in April 2019 for $28.99.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Life Saver

Our baby was restless all the time, we tried number of formulas with no positive results, then we decided to try Novalac colic and it took about a week for the bub to settle down, since then we have not looked back and have happy bubba.... highly recommended

Purchased in May 2019 for $28.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Life changing!

After 5 weeks of screaming for hours on end and not sleeping for more than 1.5 hours at a time due to waking with painful farts, we switched our 3.5 month old to Novalac Colic. He was like a different baby instantly! He still gets fart attacks from time to time but they only last a few mins, no more screaming for hours on end, he has turned back into our happy little man! I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Purchased in March 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $30.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Only formula we had lots of success with

This formula made a huge difference to our bub , she tolerates it well and has become much more settled . We have found its best for her poos too - other formulas left her with runny green poos and much more tummy pain . Easy to prepare and Bub has no issues with taste .

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $30.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Took 5 days to work but Worth the Wait!!!

After weeks of sleepless nights from a baby in pain we spoke to a pharmacist who recommended changing to Novalac Colic. It took around 5 days until we seen the effects but once we did it was amazing! No real side effects like constipation either!! Reasonably priced also depending on the Pharmacy you go to.

Purchased in March 2018 at Terry White Chemists for $30.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Perfect formula when I needed it most.

This formula came as life saver when trying to help my bub suffering from colic. No over the counter liquids i.e. infants friends or gripe water were helping at all. Every meal past 11am were dreadful with screaming, clenched fists and an over all unhappy baby. This item settled her stomach, helped has come up and over all assisted our journey as parents.

Excellent!! 4th formula in and never going back.

Best formula I tried 4 before This and baby was grumpy and constipated, wasn’t on this. Still was on zantac syrup for colic but this formula was a good option as my boob made it worse. Went toilet everyday so no constipation like nan or s-26 I think it does come down to every baby though and seeing what works! This definitely worked for us.

Love it but!!!

I found this great for colic and gas but bubs is constipated,what can i do? I dont really want to change formulas again, this is her 4th one.she is 4 days off 3 months old. I have given the water with brown sugar that works but then when i stop shes constipated again. help please

Just tried it - so far so good

Just gave this to my baby who is 10 weeks and cries/screams 24-7.

WOW. Gave him 150ML then he cried so I quickly made 90ML and he drank them both, burped 3 times...then He just fell straight to sleep.

This never happens! (used nan-pro gold before - absolute horror, then nan comfort which became an issue because he wouldn't finish the bottle so Dr said to change formula- thought I would try novalac before turning to aptamil - so I really hope this colic stays the same

Very happy baby

My baby used to get terrible wind and was constantly unsettled and irritable. I had to give up breastfeeding and feed Bub formula. My baby took to this formula straight away. No wind or other digestive issues. Baby is very settled and content on this formula. Formula is easy to prepare.

Worst experience

Very bad experience.i choose this formula for colic relief but after using only 2 bottles it cause constipation to my baby.now she is more restless due to contipation.never recommend this formula to any one.its particles are not well dissolve as well.she is crying and crying but still no poo at all.

September 13th 2018 Update: Bad

I tried this formula for my baby after recommendation of pharmacist.but after having 2 bottles my baby get uncomfortable.she cried more worse than due to colics.i thought may be it will take time to settle down but my baby suffered constipation very badly.i can’t forget her discomfort face due to constipation.


The change in my baby after using this formula was instant. He is more settled and in less pain. Easy to prepare and whilst it does cost more than standard formulas...the fact that my baby is thriving and not in pain makes it worth it. Seems thicker than other formulas.. but he took to it straight away.

I love it! Did not work for Baby:'[

The formula is super easy to prepare love that it does not stink as other formula's.
Baby seems to enjoy it but she gets hungry more often as if it does not keep her full. (Hungry baby I guess)
She is constipated very badly but guess not all formula work for all babies.

Would Recommend if baby not to sensitive;-)

Perfect is the best

This formula helped put weight on my daughter and she loved it there was no side affects with it. I recommend this formula to everyone who is having a baby or have had a baby. I found it also helped my daughter stay fuller longer and she would sleep all night

Helped ease Colic and weight gain

We have a very small bub who had diarroheah on different formula and was diagnosed with Colic.
after 3 days we saw a positive change in our 3 week old baby. It’s been a few weeks now and he is much more settled but is starting to show signs of constipation.
We loved:
-smooth and dissolves really nicely
-bub was much more settled, less gas and irritability
-great weight gain since starting on it

The only negative thing is the constipation but we are sticking with it as it’s changed our bub for the better

Was disappointed after the hype

Did improve symptoms for a month there, then DD went back to how she was back to how she was before. Except now her reflux was worse. I also didn't like how specific it was to prepare making it hard to pre-prepare for Childcare. I expected better for the price for 800g tin.

We didn't continue using it

Our baby had terrible colic so we tried this formula after speaking with our pharmacist. We thought it was good for the first few days, less uncomfortable wind. But then our baby suffered constant constipation - so he had a stomach ache of a different kind - so we had to change formulas again.

First time formula- thumbs up

After reading reviews and the thumbs up from a friend who is also a new mum, I gave Novalac a go as bubs is a windy baby and wasn’t getting enough milk from me (11 weeks old). Easy to prepare, bubs loves the taste and zero bad side effects. I have tried another brand, which he takes, but it’s much thicker and he prefers Novalac.

Great for the tummy, terrible for the bum!

My partner and I have tried a number of formulas, we started on A2 platinum and baby was a nightmare! Scream crying till she turned bright red and her poos were green water with little bits of undigested milk, it was horrendous! Did some research and tried novalac for colic and it's been wonderful! She's been on it now for about 7 weeks and she sleeps well, barely cries, drinks all her bottle, seems to love the taste! Only problem and it's become a big one is that she is very badly constipated due to the formula being so thick. She poos out little rocks and she's had a couple of poos now that have been coated in blood. Have tried extra water, water between feeds and coloxyl drops in her milk but nothing helps so have unfortunately had to change her formula now as she's also showing signs of reflux. Am trying novalac for reflux at the moment but am worried that because it is also a thicker formula it won't help at all with her constipation and I can't have her on thin formula as everyone she's tried (A2 platinum, mamia, novalac for constipation) just makes her scream bloody murder. Have had to get a bottle of actilax and suppositories so fingers crossed!

Really good for colic but makes baby constipated.

I was so happy with this formula. Bub's colic disappeared straight away. I then realised he had not poo'ed in days. While I'm told this is normal for a mix fed baby, I feel it is not, especially when they're straining. I decided to swap formulas for this reason. I do think it's excellent for colic though.

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Hello. Doctor said my baby has colic and suggest us to give novalac ac.my baby was too gassy and he could poo every 5 to 7 days. He was breastfed baby. Anyway, after having novalac, Its symptom improved and his discomfort also improved. But the problem is he has now constipation. His poo look like small stone. Only two days, he is having this formula. Shall i continue or wait for few days? Adding extra water while preparing his milk?Thank you
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Bubs gets constipated and very colicy and doesnt sleep through the night can i do one-two feedsof novalac constipation a day, colic for the remaining of day and dream sleep for night feeds???
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I wouldn't use two formulas unless you are transitioning from one to the other (and then I did a ratio per bottle). I would try infants friend with every feed and a probiotic... thats what we ended up doing and it was a winning combo for us thankfully.

Novalac Colic makes baby healthier & gain weight?
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Hi s.sajid I heared that.but worse part is constipation.some people said that constipation goes when baby get used to.BUT my answer is no.it didn’t go.it worsen. As you consern about wt gain.i think every formula does that.your baby wt increase within days.


Price (RRP) $28.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Goat's MilkNo
Contains Soy Yes
Contains GOS prebioticsNo
Release dateMay 2008

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