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Novalac Reflux

Novalac Reflux

4.2 from 109 reviews

Worked wonders!

This formaula is great! It’s helped get rid of my daughters painful reflux. She still spits up a bit but no more projectile vomiting!
Now we just need to find something to help with the wind!

Purchased in February 2019 for $28.99.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No


This is a great product is very gentle on babies stomach. It has helped alot with babys spewing and is very minimal now.
It also mixes so well no lumps.

Purchased in February 2019 at Friendly care pharmacy for $29.49.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No


After trying every type of formula available for my reflux baby I tried Novalac after a pharmacist recommended it. My daughter’s reflux has finally been managed and my baby is much happier! The formula is not too thick so she enjoys drinking it too! Her stool is thicker but she is not constipated like she was on Aptamil and S26. Highly recommended!

It worked for my son!

My son is now 1 and I’m soo upset we have to change him over as the age limit for this is 12 months. After a long 3 months as first time parents we finally realised our son had reflux. The pharmacist recommended this and we didn’t look back:
Our baby no longer cried with he’s bottle or stretched he’s body out, upset. He was a “happy spitter” meaning he spat out only little bits, not the full on reflux vomit.
He stopped the spit ups, made him full and was very happy on the formula.
Having a baby with reflux is the worst, to see them in pain. But I swear by this product.
We are now pregnant with baby number 2, and if they’re any signs of reflux, this will be the first formula I buy.

Screaming in pain

After some suggestion that my recently fussy baby boy might have silent reflux I decided to change up his formula and see if it would help the fussiness.
My 4 month old boy would literally scream out in pain during every bottle and refused to eat for over 12 hours until I went back to aptimal.
He had terrible pains in his tummy and had a lot of trouble doing a poo - lots of small very dark green semi solid poos. It also gave him a terrible red rash around his back, which he has never ever even had nappy rash.
I stopped using it after about 3 bottles.
I've gone back to Aptimal and have a very happy baby again.
Also, with the reflux, I found 5mls of water before his feed, keeping him upright during feed and at least 30 mins after has been working great. I just think hes 4th leap. Id highly recommend the wonder weeks for those interested.

Ingredients are a concern..

I gave this to my little girl because she has bad reflux and I hadn't expressed enough milk for her. She was in so much pain and screamed all night.
It contains palm oil and starch. These ingredients are already difficult for a baby to digest let alone a baby with stomach issues.

I can't believe it is marketed for reflux babies with those ingredients. My little girl ended up at the Dr with a huge hard belly and it took a few days for her to settle down.

Beyond words best formula!!!!

I tried many different formulas and novlac was the best formula that worked for my son suffered reflux upset tummy was absolute Iife saver also very nice taste definitely recommend 100% best formula I don't usually right reviews but taken the time to write one about novlac because was simply amazing my son couldn't stop drinking his bottles know Issues just a lil bit of constipation which diluted a lil prune juice and fixed that Issue worked the best!!

best formula

My baby was dropping percentiles and losing to much weight. After talking to the drs we out her on novolac reflux and she is now 1 and reaching all her milestones. she has thrived on the formula and her reflux has come a long way from vomiting as much as she use to. highly recommend this formula to anyone that has a baby with reflux

Not bad

I tried this formula on my sin when he was 3 months and it did help for a little while. After about 1 month of use I found a formula that was better suited. The biggest issue was that it was almost grainy. I was constantly having to unblock the teet of his bottle.

SO Glad I tried this Formula!

My 5 week old sons been on this Formula for 3 days now... What a difference its made! Hes so much more settled after every feed & has more unbroken sleep. Its worked wonders. No more screaming & acidic reflux which was causing him so much grief.

It would be good if there was a lip around the can like in NAN formula that the scoop sits on, instead of having to dig around to find it. Also would work well for levelling the scoop off. Apart from that A+. Variable flow teats work best for thia formula.

Absolute savior for reflux!

This formula has been life changing for my 4 month old with reflux! He was previously on NAN AR after developing reflux at around 8 weeks and was vomiting/spitting up so much milk. Whilst it didn’t effect his weight gain, it was incredibly messy and wetting through clothes caused dermatitis around his neck and chin. Since changing to Novalac Reflux, he spits up very minimally! No issues with constipation yet either. Mum and bubs are both happy chappies!

Loved it

This formula was a savouir for my newborn, he suffered really bad reflux and could never keep anything down. We started using Novalac and noticed a big change, he was a lot more healthier and started gaining more weight. He was also a lot more happier and no longer in pain

Different baby

Super easy to prepare, my boy had bad reflux, he was on NAN and nature before. Most of the milk came back up. Than my doctor recommended this milk.
Hands down best milk for my boys reflux, he burped straight away now and keeps the mall down.
Would highly recommend for any mums out there that are thinking of changing formulas, for babies with reflux, do it!
Cons: effing expensive. But my boy is much happier

Excellent baby formula

After trying numerous formulas with my reflux/colic baby this formula all but made him a happy little guy. He still spews on occasion but it's not often. Cons are obviously the price but you can't put a price on a settled baby. Also sometimes the formula doesn't mix properly and can be lumpy but its certainly helped my little guy

Helped a lot for reflux

This formula helped a lot. vomiting of my bub reduced quite a lot. I will not say that it reduced 100% vomiting or reflux symptoms but definitely helped.

After starting with this formula, 2-3 days bub had little constipation but after that no constipation at all, my bub having poo 2-4 times a day and completely normal. I would highly recommend this formula to other unlucky parents whos bub has reflux

Reflux and constipation formaula saved us

Highly recommend if your baby has constipation. My new born cried and was unsettled for a week used the constipation and no more toilet problems. Had reflux problems changed to that and was perfect. Thank you as I could not breast feed I tried many formulas and this won was the best !

Love it! What would life be without it

Its easy to prepare, my baby seems enjoy it. We havnt noticed any side effects in our baby. Otherwise it helps our baby from reflux. My baby start having this due to his reflux (3months old) and have no problem at all. It save our life as first time parents! He still having it until now (10months) Our GP also recommend us to still having it although our baby is free from reflux. Excellent!

Perfect for reflux

After tried some baby formula for reflux, finally find this baby formula that really work for reflux.
You can really see the result straight away.
The price is a bit expensive compare to other product for reflux and not all stores sell this product.
Tips: if there is discount in chemist warehouse or amcal, start to stock up.

Worked very well

Our first baby had bad reflux this product worked very good, it mixed up easy and baby seemed to like it, I would highly recommend this product. Our second baby was also put on this formula after trying other brands for reflux, Nolavac is the only brand that seems to work.

Amazing results

Our 7week son had been crying in pain and vomiting every feed. The dr said to look at a reflux formula to change too. I saw that novalac had many good reviews and thought it was worth a try. By day 2 our son was a different baby. The vomiting and crying in pain had stopped. This formula worked wonders for us, and thanks to all
The good reviews that meant we didn’t have to try too many to get right one. Happy days

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Questions & Answers

Hi, my baby is 3mnths old and taking Novalac AR, however i find it difficult for me at night to be waking up making formula cos she will be crying....any tricks on how i can keep it ready.? They say it is only taken within an hour after making it...
No answers

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between novalac ar and ar digest. My 10 week old son is terribly constipated from ar. Will ar digest help?
No answers

Have been using novalac reflux for two day and just noticed that the formula is getting clogged at the teat. I am mixing at room temperature and shaking bottle for 30seconds, has anyone else had this said or know how to fix it? Also if formula is mixed with cooled down water will it thicken if heated in a microwave?
1 answer
I wash my hands and just pull the teat...to get it off...and keep feedin the baby,ido dat until it comes out


Price (RRP) $30.05
AgeInfant (0-6 months)
Stage1 and Speciality
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Goat's MilkNo
Contains Soy Yes
Release dateMay 2008

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