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NSW Pre-Purchase Inspections

NSW Pre-Purchase Inspections

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not understanding what customer service is

googled and found the service online (well invested search engine optimisation) and encountered very bad experience - mostly from admin staff. I was having very specific concerns with a property and requested to meet with inspector and go through the inspection process together. Was agreed and accepted and then later found out the inspection happened and finished without me, they even changed inspection time without acknowledging me.

phoned office to question them and 'forgot to check her notebook' was the admin's answer with a tone of 'whatever'. Then had a few email exchanges to question their way of customer service and only received meaningless excuses without tiny little consideration for the possible trouble/damage they may have caused to a customer. Of course, refused to give inspection report without full payment and threatened with legal action.

fair to note that I had no issue with the inspector's work because he was just doing what he was told to do. later at a second inspection found out that even though the report indicated hot water was all ok but fact was the hot water system had been disconnected for 4 years.

Over all, not recommending and not using again. But maybe, recommend for lawyers who may have the spare time to play their game instead of looking for a trustworthy service.

Excellent service

This company employs licenced inspectors who are extremely knowledgeable. Their reports are tailor made to each individual property. The information I received was excellent & allowed me to make an informed decision. Highly recommended.

Excellent property inspectors

This company provides excellent report. They give a good explanation of the defects and include photos and costs to repair. Highly recommended

Complete rip off

If you don't want to be cheated then avoid this company at all costs. They charged more than quoted and threatened legal action when I complained. Very unprofessional.

Be aware with this company!!!

I use this company for the final PCI day of my build. The guy came on the day did not wearing any safety equipment and did not show me a lic No.

He went around a house for about 15 mins and said to me its done. I asked him if he found the defect in my garage which he did not even know about this and said he will put it in the report.

After the inspection he said he will send me a report on the next working day.

8 business day later, I settle my house but getting nothing from the company. However, they send me an invoice asking for the payment, I said to them I have not yet received my report, and it is 8 working days late and I have already settled. I don't need the report no more.

They then send back me an email asking me to pay by 5pm or they will send the case to the legal team. How rude!!! They don't care about you, all they care is your bucks.

I have offered them half charge of $250 as recommended by Fair-Trading, but they said no, they want it full. I told them I am not happy with your service, and if you want to seek for legal advice, go for it. I will also make a claim to Fair-Trading.

So be aware with this business.

Terrible, will never use again! Over exaggerates every minor issue!

Worst experiences ever with Nsw Pre-purchase Inspections, will never allow my clients to use this company again as they have ruined multiple sales with over exaggerated reports, probably to ensure they get repeat business and provide another inspection on another property for the same client.

Looking for rectification work. Check their links

We used this company as sellers to prepare for our house sale a couple of years ago. I was so distressed when we received the report. You would have thought the house was falling down.
Our house was well looked after and always well maintained. Our son is a builder and thought their report was rubbish. Where anything was perfect they put in report that that was suspicious of covering up a fault. Any small faults were grossly exaggerated. We also suspected the inspection person was not a qualified builder and when asking the company for his licence number they refused to give it.
Steer clear of this lot. I am surprised there are not a lot more negative reviews

A complete rip off.

This company should be put out of business. They respond to any complaint in an aggressive and totally unprofessional manner. I saw an episode of Checkout which was also my experience. Stick to a known builder and stay away from [name removed] and [name removed]. Unbelievable company.

Saved us from buying a disaster

Good service & accurate report. The receptionist is efficient & the inspector gave us an excellent explanation of the problems. He was very knowledgeable about house defects. We negotiated with the owner who agreed to fix more than half of the defects. Can highly recommend this company

Most unsatisfactory - don't deliver and let us down

NSW Pre-Purchase Inspections promised us a verbal report (a request I made in writing) after the inspection (we were exchanging that afternoon) and did not deliver it. When I rang the inspector for the verbal, he said something to the effect of 'there's lots of things wrong with it. The retaining walls need replacing', Then when I asked him to continue, he told me he was too busy and I would have to wait for the written report which may, or may not be ready that afternoon.

I can't comment on the contents of the report because I haven't read it. We used another inspection's company services who gave us a verbal 30 mins after the inspection and a written report that day. Also, because the relationship with NSW Pre-Purchase Inspections became very acrimonious, when I finally received their written report, I didn't trust its contents.

Average report that tends to exaggerate problems

Over the years, I have contacted the company to do building and pest inspections both as an owner and as a potential home buyer. The company generally responds to inspection request promptly. The inspector generally issues the written report very quickly after the inspection. They often send two different persons to do building and pest inspection.

However after several reports, I do find the company may greatly exaggerate the problems with the building and often leaves potential buyers confused on the real conditions of their building. This gives little useful information/advice for the potential buyers.

Furthermore, they have some standard template to use to describe house and room conditions, which are used for almost all houses, despite their remarkably different conditions. For example, I found the same paragraph was used in several reports describing bathrooms in quite different conditions (newly renovated versus old ones)"Tiles in the shower enclosure are exhibiting considerable wear and tear, a condition that may allow water penetration through the laundry walls and floor and replacement of the tiles and renewal of the waterproof membrane should now be undertaken. Furthermore, the continual penetration of water through the laundry walls and floor may result in rotting of the timberwork but any deterioration of the timberwork will only be visible when the ceramic tiles are removed and timbers exposed to view. Additionally, moisture penetrating through the laundry can result
in damage to the walls and floors in the bathroom and rooms adjoining the laundry.". As another example, the same sentence was used for a brand new water tank and a more than ten year old one: "The hot water tank may be at the end of its warranty which is often only 1 to 5 years." There are so many such standard paragraphs in the report, which means virtually they only need to change several words to describe both almost brand new house and an old one. Of course, any bathroom may leak eventually or may possibly leak. The problems with their reports were that when you have so many such things listed as MAJOR problems, this gives very little information for potential buyers on what the true conditions of the property are.

I would strongly recommend anyone to stay away from this company if you are interested in getting really helpful advice, or at least you should have a builder friend to help interpret their report. However in the latter case, your builder friend can do the inspection anyway.
Timely response to inspection request and to generate written report
Tends to overly exaggerate problems, list minor fixes as significant and confuse home buyer

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NSW Pre-Purchase Inspections
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