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Nulon Full Synthetic 15W-50 Street and Track

Nulon Full Synthetic 15W-50 Street and Track

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Good for worn engines

I put this in my dad's 03 Camry at 375k km. Naturally going for a thicker oil at this period. The engine definitely felt more comfortable with this than the semi-synthetic or mineral oils he had been using of similar grades. I would recommend this oil for worn engines (e.g. over 300k km) which can take it. If unsure then you should consult your mechanic or tech service at Nulon.

Car2003 Camry, 1MZ-FE

Smooth and quiet.

I have been using Nulon Street and Track in my VT Commodore for the past 130,000kms, the V6 loves it. It seems to seriously reduce engine friction, which reduces engine noise, the engine also runs smooth and revs cleanly out to redline. You can feel the differece. I wont use anything else.


After being involved in auto sport for many years and am in the Auto parts industry I've got a fair idea of what works and what doesn't. Have been using high tech fast flowing in my Hilux 4litre and won't go back to anything else. Use the 15w50 street and track in my street legal drifter, 1JZGTE VVTI single turbo (aftermarket capable of 25psi, drive it to and from track), HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH SLUDGE, high temp viscosity taper or deposits on turbo shaft. I've used oils that have cost $165aud for 3litres and will never do it again, the money I save on oil goes toward tires to shred!
simple, does what it's suppose to! and the price is realistic.

An oil that is worth to give a go

i have being using this oil in my car for a good few changes (6)
fter i replaced my broken head gasket and i seem to use very little oil but here a knocking sound on cold start ups for the first 5+ secs which did not happen with the previous 15W50 brand

I seem to use alot more petrol as well and the oil after 8,000ks seems to be like slug but on long trips the car does great it sounds alot smoother then in the previous oil i used the revs are alot lower on idle for the price they offer it for its fare
there not A ++ great by any means as far as other synthetic oils i have used but not the worst i would be happy to use this oil in summer as i have notices it fines out very fast under HOT Australian conditions and change to the 10W40 in winter as that get thicker still room for improvement but i guess they would bump the price up too
Australian, car runs better on long trips
Seems to make sludge around 8000-9000 ks

wouldn't use it if you paid me to. My car sludged up and I have nothing but problems with my car after using this [censored word removed]!!I have been using nulon syn 10-40 for a couple of years in my v6 prado & The engine loves it . I have never had probs with sludge at all but do replace oil & filter every 6000ks . The motor does run smoother & although I have done 70000 ks I have no lifter noise at all where as i have a couple of friends with the same vehicles that get theyre cars serviced at Toyota dealerships that do have lifter noise . They always comment on how quiet my engine sounds . Real user, it has a high zinc and other contents as detergents to naturally remove deposits in your engine. I noticed mine became dark quickly too, but that's only because of the bad oils the previous owner used. Any synthetic oil will remove large amount of deposits from lack of servicing. This is the best oil I've used so far. In my levin, at revs it's not as loud, dosen't burn or loose it's viscosity at 8,500 rpm and flows well for a 15w50. It cleans as well as the ads use on penzoil for their oils. You must do your research on deposits and where sludge comes from before talking down on a great oil.

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Can this oil be used in a motorcycle ?
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I would be very careful using this oil in a motorbike as most have a wet clutch and gearbox which runs in the same oil as the motor, can cause clutch slip and gearbox problems. Use only a recommended oil for bikes like Motul or similar synthetics for bikes ONLY!!Today I had a discussion with a specialising BMW motorbike mechanic about this oil and his recommendation was this particular oil. Any oil, other than some treated with friction modifiers, generally 0W30 or 10W30 types, can be used as they do not affect the clutch. One thing to be mindful of 15W50 oils is they are thick at cold start up and this particular Nulon oil has a high cSt value at 40C. Most Japanese bikes require a 10W30 or 10W40 as their engines have close internal engine tolerances. My BMW requires 15W50 but once hot still sounds like a can of nuts & bolts being shaken, even with 50 weight oil. I would not use this in a late model Japanese bike unless recommended by the manufacturer. Older/high KM engines should be OK.Sorry, double post due to sign in issue.

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