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Nurofen Gel

Nurofen Gel

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Helps with op site pain

I had a knee replacement a month ago & thought this might help with some of the sharp pain in the inside of the knee. The outside is usually numb after the operation, but not the inside. Oral medication works, but not quite enough, but this stuff seems to settle the sharp niggly pain to be expected after this major surgery. I waited until the wound had completely healed & was cleared by the gp & then gave it a go. Works very well. Am grateful to have another med. to use.

Quick relief for muscle pains in limbs

This is a popular product with injured junior basketballers. They apply it 15 minutes before their games. I also use it to address cramps in legs and feet. It works really quickly and is much more effective than taking tablets. It will not be suitable for all maladies (eg headaches), but for cramps and other muscle problems in limbs it works within 5 minutes and lasts several hours. Recently I bought it for my elderly mother who is having trouble with night cramps in her legs. She now gets 3-4 hours relief before awaking and reapplying the gel. Sometimes we also apply deep heat or voltaren (anti-inflammatory). The combined effect is even stronger.
Quick working and effective for muscle pain

Doesn't do much for me.

I was hoping for something that would provide more relief. I've used it on my knee, shoulder and neck when ive strained them working out. I find that I can't tell the difference before and after I've used it. Though I also dont get much effect from ibuprofen tablets either. I'll just be sticking with my trusty deep heat and continue to smell like a nursing home.
Rubs in easily
Doesnt work for me

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How long after last using Nurofen Gel, will the effects where
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As per my review "but for cramps and other muscle problems in limbs it works within 5 minutes and lasts several hours" Typically 3-4 hrs


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