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Been using for a long time, tried other brands but keep coming back

I've been using Nutrimetics products since I was a teenager. I recently decided to try another brand, but found the products far too harsh on my skin and ended up throwing them out! Back to Nutrimetics for me. I love all of the Ultra Care+ products, they are effective and feel amazing on my skin.

Product Quality
Customer Service
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Flawless Aif foundation

Great product but if you get it on any fabric that has cotton in it you cannot remove it. I’ve used nutriclean laundry and OLC to no avail. Too many shirts destroyed.

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Love all the products

I have myself now become a nutrimetics consultant love itanyone want a free brochure mailed out Or ask me for my link to order online it’s that easy my fav product is the beauty veil foundation and the new lighting lip gloss with mirror light

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Skin Care guarantee? What a joke!

I am very unhappy with the service I received from Nutrimetics. While I was happy with most of the products I purchased the day cream caused my skin to sting.

When I returned the product I was told that they would not refund my product because I had not returned them in the timeframe nominated on their returns policy. I have no prior knowledge of the return policy so I packaged up the goods and returned them when I had time.

The other remark I found particularly baffling was that I could not get a refund or exchange on the product because it was sold as part of a package. What the......????? If my skin had a reaction to a product I do not understand how selling the cream with a bundle of other products would have any impact on a returns policy.

In addition to this I had to ask to have my products returned as I am sure they were going to onsell the unopened jar to another customer.

Very poor customer service. I was happy with the product but will never purchase from Nutrimetics again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Love it!

I have used and shared nutrimetics with others for over 35 years. Great people great product. and an the very rare occasion that someone has wanted to cancel an order or return a product, I have not encountered any unnecessary barriers. I feel saddened about the unfortunate experiences some have had. It is certainly not my experience. If you do choose to join. All I can say is take advantage of any information/training available and ask questions.

Current brochures

Find the brochure practically impossible to follow. Looking to restock some products, but cannot find them!
It is very difficult to sort nutrimetics from other ads. Quality of products previously purchased has been excellent.

Keeps me beautiful & young @ 55 lol

Smell is amazing
I even use it as a moisturiser on my face
By far my fav product
Buying some for Xmas for my two girls

Need it NOW- iconic Nutri-Rich Oil 25ml

Great start for the day,and for the coming evening.I just love the smell of the product and how easy it is to put into my handbag?On today gone tomorrow and off with a warm washer before bed.

Professional Micellar Cleansing Water 170ml

I love this stuff! It easily cleans my face and takes away my eye makeup, including mascara! Previously I was using just as pricey makeup remover from a different sales consultant company and my face always felt so oily afterward. This micellar cleansing water leaves my face so clean and fresh and no oily feeling whatsoever. This is the only product I've tried from Nutrimetics but looking forward to investing in some makeup and cleanser sets. I purchased this product from a consultant that does my brows regularly.

They need to focus on implementing better policies & improve management

Products are not too bad and the customer service team try really hard but management is appalling (hence the massive staff turnover)…so make sure, if you plan to be a “consultant” you ask lots and lots of questions and pleeeeeze read the ‘fine print”!!

Best Beauty Products in Australia

Has helped my skin so much over the last 12 years! I couldn’t live without Nutrimetics and especially the Platinum Range.


I have used Nutri-Clear since it was a Constan product... close to 50 years ago!!...please..please..make it available again. Even my husband agrees it is an excellent product...it really works!

Great product

Love this product always buy the body lotion they smell divine and so good for your skin I highly recommend the product


Nutrimetics is great, loved the product and it made my face feel awesome after. The facial scrub was awesome and i recommend a facial mask

Understanding how it works

I used to be a nutri metics consultant and it would always annoy me when people would complain about break outs when using the original cleanser. It is designed to detox the skin. I would go into great detail regarding the likelihood of "breakouts " when first using the cleansers. Pimples do not come in a bottle. The cleansers are doing their job if you break out. After a month your skin will be radiant. Keep using the products and stop complaining. You're using a fantastic product.

They are effective products but I had bad reactions!

I have tried 2 of the brands facial cleansers, I have also tried two of the serums and some hand creams unfortunaly it gives me bad reactions every time I use them. My sister uses them though and they work perfect for her. I don't have terribly sensitive skin however there's clearly something that doesn't agree with me in the formulae.

Bring back Nutri-clear, definitely agree

I agree.. this is an amazing product . Can't understand why it was discontinued. Even when you have very sensitive skin it is fine to use .

Nutri Clear

Bring back Nutrimetics Nutri Clear.
Please please. This was there best product.
You will definately sell bucket loads of it.

Eye Shadow pots (13711)

I have just received my order containing the Charcoal shadow pot and am finding it so difficult to open it to be able to use it. I have to use a point from the nail file to open it so therefore when travelling have to take along a pointy nail file. Actually had a similar problem a while ago with a similar product (different colour) and forgot that I had to throw it away because I kept chipping my nails trying to open it. Probably will not use this product again.

mary maggio

Hi i have been a member for few years ,been ringing to make an order via phone was away s not available to do so, ,Need an answer or response as you close earlier now , always
miss out Today and many others days ,been trying . and someone hacked in my computer lost my details books have no longer been delivered and im off the list as the account has closed
im so disappointed please follow it up

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Questions & Answers

Can somebody please tell me if they have good products for super sensitive skin? I've been using super pricey brands but most of them are too harsh for my skin.
No answers

Can you get the 'Authority to leave' removed from your Nutrimetics delivery so they won't leave the parcel at your front door if you are not home?
No answers

Hi, so I just joined as a VIP and I have a distribution agreement that came and other things, I don’t want to be a consultant so i am wondering how this all works then as a VIP
1 answer
Every one whether VIP or wanting to be a 'consultant' joins the same way. The term 'consultant ', for the purposes of the agreement , covers every one whether they are a VIP or wish to be more active. .The person who signed you up, (or their 'upline') will be able to confirm that.

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