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Nyal Chesty Cough Medicine

Nyal Chesty Cough Medicine

2.8 from 22 reviews

I can't live without it

Fixes me when I feel toxic and like im losing the battle with whatever flu or cold is going around. Every time, no matter what, a small shot of this puts me back on my feet.

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenNo
Symptoms RelievedCongestion and Headaches

Great product

Not sure what others are complaining about it tastes fine it is thick (so what if it’s thick and it doesn’t taste like battery acid it tastes sweet) but soothes the throat and stops coughing as I had been awake for 2 hours coughing and tried it and it stopped my cough and I got a full 8 hours sleep I have COPD asthma and chronic bronchitis so I cough all the time and have been on other cough syrups but they helped a bit but not like this one. Give it a try don’t let others experience worry you were all different maybe it will help maybe it won’t you won’t know till you try it

Worst experience with this syrup

I should literally mention that this syrup can make your throat infection the worst because I got ulcers in my whole throat I can't swallow my food even drinking water also hurting my throats after using this it was the same issue with husband.

Made my throat and cough even worse

I don't usually write reviews but i had to write this one.
My mum brought this for herself she gave me some because I've been coughing for almost a week now and we were determined to get better for my 2 months old baby.
I was actually starting to get better when my mum gave it to me (but just took it because she told me so lol) but when I took it 30 mins after my throat was more worse than before! Can't even bloody swallow properly! Wish I never took this! NEVER AGAIN.

Good stuff, as long as you don’t mind the taste of liquorice.

It’s cheap, much more pleasant tasting than other cough medicines i’ve tried, and it actually works!

I’ve seen a review or two on here from people saying that it made their cough worse... the only way in which it would have done that is by loosening the rubbish in your lungs and allowing you to cough it up. Which is a good thing. So don’t be put off by these people’s misunderstanding.

Tastes like licorice, which is not advertised on the packaging!!!

I needed something for my deep cough, and saw this medicine on special at Coles. I searched the packaging for a flavour, as many other cough medicines disclose this information, however I could not find one. I thought, "Well it can't be too bad," so went for it. What a bad decision.

I got home and immediately went to use it. Upon opening, I realised my terrible mistake. It smelt terrible, like black licorice. I took it anyway as I was too unwell to go back out to pick up something else. It tasted just as bad as it smelt and made me gag.

On the plus side, it seemed to work somewhat, but it was barely worth it. Why on earth would a company flavour its medicine with something that a large portion of the population cannot stand?

Made my cough worse

Product info says gives relief from coughs but don't take it right before bed, I coughed hard for at least an hour after taking it. So sick and just want to sleep.......can't stop coughing...


So angry with this product right now.

Left bottle in my pantry for an hour after purchase. I come back and it's covered in ants that were seeking the sweet glucose within. They found their way in, thus ruining the bottle.

I then grabbed the perfectly intact box it came in to put the bottle in, ready for the rubbish bin when lo and behold, the bottom of the box falls out. Made a huge mess of my kitchen tiles and took an hour to clean up.

Never again will I purchase from Nyal.

Just wish we could get this in the UK.

Brilliant stuff. Bought when we were on holiday at Christmas for 5 year old. Soon cleared it up. In the UK, we cant get any child's cough medicine for under 6 years.

Summer Sniffles

Started with chesty cough so decided to try this product as an expectorant only, with no other 'mixtures'
Tastes okay, now I've the runny nose, hopefully breaking up now and cough not so bad.


I went to my doctor a week after I got a bad cough & runny nose due to the flu I guess. Was put on antibiotics which haven't done much so a few days later I decided to go to the supermarket & bought this cough mixture which worked instantly. Great taste & I've hardly coughed or blown my nose. Can't believe it's been so good.

January 6th 2018 Update: Nyal chesty cough medicine.

Once again after a week of non stop coughing I went & bought Nyal chesty cough medicine & the first dose I took stopped my cough. Don't know why I put up with it for so long. I know what works for one doesn't always work for someone else but it works for me every time I've needed it

Useless medicine

It was late night and no more chemist open, so I decided to grab a cough medicine in grocery store nearby and this Nyal is the only available medicine, so I did try immediately for a temporary relief and this is the worst cough medicine I've had in my life that gave sleepless night instead of a relief. Strongly not recommended to anyone.

Taste horrible

Been coughing for 7 weeks
Been to the doctor and they give me antibiotic
But it did not work. A friend recomend me this medicine..and for my surprise this syrup medicine taste worse than ever
Worst medicine i had in my life.

The best one I had so far!

Had heavy cough for years..and nothing I tried worked..they will but for a week or 2 then back to normal..After my trip back from my holidays last year I couldn't find a chemist opened when I landed..So went to priceline just to to see if they had something and that was the only one available..in one week my cough was completely gone!! Been a nearly a year now and been through Australia's cold winter and been drinking lots of cold drinks..and no cough at all!!! VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!

i'd prefer Battery Acid, yes i have accidentally tasted battery acid and it tastes better than this

it began on a cold winter morning with a slight cough, continuing throughout the day the cough got worse.Through my journey to make it to 5PM to get to the chemist, i was asking a former "friend" what to buy (no longer a friend after this recommendation) i arrived at the chemist with all delight awaiting my repair stage.
i got my bottle which was cheap.
on my drive home i started coughing uncontrollably and decided at the red light to pour my dosage, well here's my issue the light turned green i proceeded to continue i decided to shot it, all the horrible tastes of the world in one bottle swiggled down my throat as i lost control of my vehicle and came to a stop. As my vehicle stopped the projectile vomiting all over my dashboard and myself. i decided to go see my "friend" i knocked on his door i heard him coming down the stairs almost at the door and BOOM i took another shot and projectile vomited in his face. IN THE FACE. that is all.

note: the above events may or may not have occured, but it is my recollection of the situation,

when i have nightmares its not with freddy or jason or annabelle or the boogyman, its with jigsaw forcing me to drink this poison with a meal.

It really helped settle my cough

I had bronchitis combined with pleurisy last year,which left me hospitalized for two days.
I coughed so hard that I tore up my stomach muscles and I needed x-rays and ultra sounds for suspected broken ribs from coughing so hard,so I'm no stranger to a bad cough.
Recently I've had the flu.which progressed Into a severe cough.I found that the Nyal cough medicine helped clear my chest and helped eliminate that horrible tickle that compelled me to cough.
I don't agree that this medicine tastes awful and anyway,the worst coughs usually accompany a cold or flu. during which your taste buds are virtually non existent,so I don't feel that the taste of this medicine Is a factor,If used while combating a cold or flu.

Looks like car oil. And the taste is probably worse.

It may work. But it is the most vile tasting cough medicine ever tasted. That alone would ensure I would not buy this product again.
Yuk, Phewy, Help, Vomit, Spew,Quick get me some water, I'll live with this terrible cough. Give me brussel sprouts any day over this stuff.

Taste is a form of torture.


Not only does it taste disgusting but it doesn't work! I never usually take medicines but I ended up with a cough so bad that I just wanted relief so I could sleep. Got this one cos it was on special and they didn't sell Benadryl in the shop I was In. Now I'm coughing so badly I have a constant headache. Use Benadryl over this stuff any day!

Horrible Taste, ineffective

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It's an expectorant, it is designed to make you cough

Works for me

I'm not exactly a fan of cough syrups but since I've been busy with work and I'm also a single mum I need something effective fast. Not saying it cleared my flu up completely but it has cleared my chest, given me my energy back and I have less of those attractive coughing fits you get when your badly congested. I feel alot better than I did literally a day ago which is awesome for me!
It does what it's set out to do. For me anyway.
Tastes terrible! I attempted to shot it down but it sat in my mouth while I consciously had to count down to swallow! That's why I hate syrups.


Good for loosening the deep stuff to be able to cough it up. I personally like the taste over 'modern' cough mixtures - it reminds me of my childhood.
Effective, cheaper, no artifical sweetners

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Chesty Cough Medicine
Release dateMay 2010

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