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Nyal Cold & Flu Fighter

Nyal Cold & Flu Fighter

2.5 from 32 reviews

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Amazing product

So Wednesday night I had a bit of a itchy throat n runny nose by Thursday morning the flu had hit me hard felt like I was on my death bed headache, head spins, blocked nose, hot and cold sweats, a fever that wouldn't break even with pain killers, whole body aching, coughing non stop it basically hurt to breathe I had to go into town after school pick up and got some nyal cold n flu tablets took one day one on the spot a night a few hours later when I woke this morning I still felt like crap but was nowhere near sore my headache was gone n my temp had broken I continued to take the tablets threw out the day and I actually could see myself slowly getting better it's now Friday night I've had two night tablets 4 day ones and I feel so much better I wish I took theses years ago

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $13.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenNo
Symptoms RelievedCongestion, Headaches and Watery Eyes

Excellent for cumulative relief and regular colds

I have been using this product as a medicine cabinet staple for four years now. For anyone who isn't aware, with herbal supplements there is a cumulative effect, which is why you consistently take it throughout the day over several days. Expecting it to be an instant fix is ridiculous and concerning (I wonder why we have antibiotics reliance..). I have found these tablets work very effectively for every regular old cough and cold. I always feel much better after the first few day tablets have been absorbed (so after an hour usually). The only instance where I required painkillers along with it was when I had a nasty strong virus.

The night tablets work excellently as they have Valerian in it which I find knocks me out in an hour by bedtime as the packet says. I find pharmaceutical syrups and tablets to make me nauseous and drowsy, and honestly not effective for long enough to sleep.

Purchased in June 2019 for $12.95.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefModerate Improvement
Preventative MeasureYes
Used for ChildrenNo
Symptoms RelievedCongestion and Itchiness

didnt work for me or my wife

my wife had a cold few months ago and she took nyal cold and flu fighter made it worse for her we forgot about the tablets and i got sick and took them and it got worse for me too basically wouldnt recommend it to anyone

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths.

Value for Money
Side Effects Short-term physical illness
Symptom ReliefFelt Worse
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenNo
Symptoms RelievedNone Relieved

Can heal your Flu within 24-hours if you're quick!

Isn't it suspicious that there are only 1-star or 5-star reviews. Basically the 1-star reviews are fake reviews funded by big pharmaceutical companies, and the 5-star reviews are legit. My personal experience with Nyal cold & flu fighter, let's just say it's the only medicine I take during a flu and it always, and I mean ALWAYS clears me up within 24-72 hours. It's herbal medicine but it works better than anything else! Take it as soon as you feel a sore throat, cough or runny nose. If you're quick Nyal can heal your flu in 24-hours.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $15.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureYes
Used for ChildrenYes
Symptoms RelievedCongestion, Headaches, Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Liars, Thieves, Criminals. This is a waste of money.

I have a sore throat and went to the nearest shop. Had a look at medicinal section, saw Nyal was on offer (original price was similar to Panadol and other REAL brands). So picked it up.

It was only after I returned home that I had a look at the nutritional facts or whatever you call it... HORSERADISH? WHITE WILLOW BARK? ELDERBERRY? Is this an open joke? Is this some Skyrim souvenir?

I used the entire pack over the course of a week and it did NOTHING. There was NO change whatsoever, NO effect, i may of as well taken sugar pills. This is complete ludicrous that these thieves, liars, criminals are allowed to package it like REAL medicine, price it like REAL medicine, and claim to have rejuvenating effects like REAL medicine.


Misleading Product

I have sore throat, cough and cold. Found this at Coles and bought it coz it's packaging. Follow all the instructions and ate them for 2days, but I'm not feeling better, now I can't even sleep because my cough is getting worse. Need to wait till morning to get the proper medicine. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

such good stuff

had a sore throat and glands were swollen and took two tablets. symptoms nearly gone in the next 24 hours so decided to dose up again and cleared the whole thing. so great to have a herbal alternative to the usual chemicals.

Fast and really good

Very good! The first two tablets of night med I took was really effective.. the next day I feel way better knowing I had a severe cold and flu before drinking the med.

Ineffective placebo disguised as medicine

This is packaged like medicine, with day and night tablets, and is expensive like medicine, but has no relieving effect whatsoever. It didn't even have a placebo effect and it was only after two days that I had a closer look at the ingredients and realised that it was just herbal supplements. It should have been stocked in the vitamin section of the supermarket, well away from the real medicine. It just doesn't work.

If u take this product already on the onset of a cold/flue it weorks every time.

Herbs and natural medicine DO work otherwise humanity would not have survived that long before the Pharmaceutical Main Stream Industry has been established not too long ago...Best is to take this product at the onset of a cold and flu virus so it can support the immune system.

Works for me

I have been using this for several years & it works great. Normal stuff just makes me drowsy and takes days, this works with only a couple of tablets most of the time. These sort of things dont always work on some people, and you should read the back of the pack of any medicine before taking it or you could end up in hospital like a mate of mine for not following the instructions.

Doesn't work , as good as not taking any medicine

Took the night tablet for cold, fever and headache made my condition worse, had to wait till morning to take some other medicine. This tablet didn't give me any relief. Took a Panadol in the morning and it's making me feel much better.

Misleading and doesn’t work

Like many others my husband bought this for us thinking it was cold medicine. It isn’t clear it is herbal and doesn’t work - if you are actually sick and need to feel better do not buy!

Herbal medicine disguised as the real thing.

Don't buy this if you're actually sick.

I was conned into buying this by it being on the shelf next to ACTUAL medicines that work.

Might has well drink drink tea and do a rain dance to settle your fever, nyall won't.

Always helpful

These have always helped my cold and flu symptoms. People need to read the back and if you don't want herbal products you shouldn't buy this product. It very clearly states the ingredients on the packaging so a lot of these reviews are just due to human error. For me this is my product of choice if I'm sick.

Buyer Beware

this product is a disgrace, looks like a medicine but just herbal extracts. If you have a fever, it will do no good. This is really a product to avoid at all costs, if you are actually sick.


This product is nothing more than herbal extracts. It is not medical and is very misleading as it is sold on the preface that it is. I took it for 2 days and all it did was make me feel queasy! Started taking some ACTUAL medicated cold and flu relief and my symptoms dulled within an hour.. DO NOT BUY THIS.


I can't handle codral etc and the Nyal to me is actually more effective. I have a rotten cold now and want to take some but having to research every herb to see if it's safe for pregnancy as dr google has no answers on this.

Not helpful

This product did not help at all. Extremely disappointed as I have to wait for 6 hours before I can take even panadol. Am feeling terrible. This should be renamed as herbal medication.


Had zero impact on cold and actually deteriorated very quickly. When checking for ingredients found there to be only herbal extracts . Should not be sold with medicines. This is very misleading for elderly people who have always associated Nyal products with quality medicinal treatments.

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Questions & Answers

Does it contain asprin
No answers

I was wondering if I can take Nyal and panadol at the same time I didn't read the contents of it just what it was good for .... and tick alll the boxes but I'm still feeling miserable
No answers

I was using the cold and flu tablets and 20 mins after taking it I be came light headed and I started to have a really bad headache. is that suppose to happen? thanks
1 answer
I don't think so but it could be part of the flu or a side affect of it. Try checking the use by date and if it's not there there or its gone past it it might be better not to take the risk and continue to take it. Anything else I would recommend you visit your local doctor or if the pain is great then perhaps you could try getting a doctor to do a house call or the casualty emergency department of your local hospital


Cold & Flu Fighter
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