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Nyal Cold Sore Cream

Nyal Cold Sore Cream

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Don’t confuse the 2 Nyall cold sore creams

Nyall now make an Antiviral cold sore cream but still make the normal cold sore cream with menthol and camphor which is like a thickened barrier type consistency. I was upset because I thought they stopped making it and it’s the best ever. I have used it for many years. I am allergic to the antiviral creams.

Soooo disappointed!


I have been using Nyal cold sore cream for over ten years - and absoloutely loved it. Recommended it to all my friends - not as a cold sore treatment, but for dry and chapped lips. It was the ONLY product that eased my lips and didn't leave a waxy residue.

When I did have a cold sore and I was pregnant, it was the ONLY product I could use, as all the others had nasty chemicals and were not recommended for pregnant women.

The new formula is useless for me. Bring back the old one!

Can now be bought at Discount Chemist Warehouse - revised opinion

I was one of the people who panned the Nyal Cold Sore cream on here because it looked like Nyal took away the original version and released the new version in the same packaging, depriving us of a beloved and useful product. Now I have to pull my head in and eat my words. Sorry Nyal. Certainly, I haven't been able to buy the original on supermarket shelves for many years and the new version has been made to look a lot like the old one.

However, when I happened on the old version on Ebay I noticed it was coming from Discount Chemist Warehouse (with whom I have no relation) so I trotted in there and fought my way through to the lip creams and treatments, and there it was, hidden under all the acyclovir creams - the original! So, either it's still being made, or DCW has gotten a good truckload of them back in the day. Whatever, I bought a bunch for my preppers stash. Get yours now. I hope they are still being made and they sure look new. All Nyal need to do is a little expectations management with the description and sort out the distribution. 'Lip cream' would be closer to the mark.

Waste of time

Hard not to take it personally when the old product would work and actually chase away cold sores if used early enough..The anti viral is the opposite, wether its doing nothing or exacerbating I am not sure..It has been 4 days with a change for the worse ..usually it would be gone in 4-5 or in 1 if applied early which I did in this case..I havent had a cold sore in 10 years felt the itch and went for old faithful only found the newer viral one, more expensive half the size and TBH zilch nada .Came on this site and now I read dozens of complaints 3 years old..Why is this stuff still on the market? I will still buy the other one if i can find it, was very good..This one??? Is there anything actually in it??


Being outside a lot, I often get dry split lips and have always used Nyal Cold-sore cream for quick relief .... NOT ANYMORE !
Your new formula SUCKS ! :( :(

Read the Ingredients label

Nyal has TWO DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. One is a Cold Sore Cream in a 10g tube that contains nothing but camphor and menthol. It might relieve the symptoms, but it is the 5g tube of Nyal ANTIVIRAL Cold Sore Cream that will help to shorten the life of your cold sore. It contains Aciclovir, which is the exact same ingredient and in the same quantities, as Zovirax (and is a lot cheaper). Read the labels - you are not getting twice as much of the same ingredient in the 10g tube.


I have been dealing with lip cold sores for 45 years, successfully in recent years with Zovirax, but made a mistake in using Nyall as a cheaper option. I now have the biggest cold sore I have had for a long, long time. Others have mentioned issues with the new product and other than it hasn't had any affect at all, the 'watery' nature of the cream means it doesn't stick to inner part of lips.

It doesn't work at all.

After reading all those positive reviews about this cold sore cream, I decided to give it a go, but what a disappointment! It is totally useless. I am now using Blistex cold sore cream. It works a lot better on me.

New product big disappointment

I used your product for over 60 years and it helped me a lot with cold sores and dry lips. I bought a new tube a few months ago. Apart from the fact it is half the size and more expensive, up till now only a watery liquid was coming out. Now it is a watery cream - nothing like the old product.

Comes in two forms

Formula 1: 10g with Camphor and Menthol / Good at soothing and protecting
Formula 2: Active ingredient Aciclovir 5% to fight cold sores / Reduces cold sore size and time of outbreak
Pick the right one for your needs or use together. Look up their website for more info. Both products remain on the market. I like both. I choose formula 2 to treat cold sores. Better than any other cold sore product I've used. Nyal should consider updating their packaging to avoid confusion to consumers. I bought the 10g product in error. Seems like a consistent issue for other consumers also hence the mixed reviews. Don't despair though, do some research and you will see two formulas exist and are both available to purchase.

Bring back the original cream

Used the original for generations it was something different. New one Watery same as all the rest. Original was not only good for cold sores. It helped chapped lips breathing or nose blockages. It was the best. Not buying again in new formate. Will be googling for old stock now

Bring Back Old Formula!

The old formula was AMAZING! It basically prevented any cold sore developing if used quickly enough and the moisturiser was better than any chap stick I have ever used! (As a chapstick alone I'd purchase this!) The new formula honestly feels like it does nothing :(
Definitely won't purchase again. Bring back the old one!

I contacted the company and apparently the old formula is still out in the 10mg and the new one is 5mg. Will buy some tomorrow to try.The old formula is still out there YAY I give 4 stars for the non antiviral 10mg

where has Nyal Coldsore Cream gone,,?

Wher is the Nyal cold sore cream i love this product & cannot find it at Coles or Woolworths ❗❗❗Why❓Can you tell me where too purchase this cream or why i cant get it at my local Supermarkets at present pls dont stop this cream its

Nyall cold sore cream - waste of money. Bring back the original!

This product is USELESS. It does not do what the old product did. The old product was great for: cold sores (relieved the itching); chapped lips (provided moisture over a period of time and protected the lips); and relieved the discomfort of cracked lips. Bring back the original product! I will not be purchasing this product again, it is a waste of money.

Old Product is Perfect, New Product is Poor.

The original Nyal Cold Sore Cream 10g, containing menthol 5mg and camphor 15mg, has worked well for us for many years. With a thick base and long-lasting soothing relief, we believe it is the most comforting lip cream available when it comes to our cold sores associated with ‘flu and helps with wind burn and chapped lips. The new antiviral Nyal Cold Sore Cream 5g, containing Aciclovir, is a thin consistency which tingles unpleasantly and does not offer any relief for my family. I can't believe it has replaced the original product! Surely such dissimilar products can coexist? I suggest the pharmaceutical company reverse their decision and reinstate the original Nyal Cold Sore Cream - please!

bring back the original!!!!

Very disappointed to find that the old formula is no longer available. I use it year round as I suffer from dry chapped lips and this was the only product that helped me relieve my symptoms. The new formula is watery and expensive and doesn't provide the same soothing effect as the old formula has always had. Why oh why do tried and tested products like Nyal Cold Sore Cream get replaced by inferior substitutes that don't work. Bring back the original, please, please, please

Great product,,gone??

I believe that any Nyal Cold Sore Cream purchased is old stock. I found some travelling interstate, I bought a couple, the rest snapped up by the assistants, as they discovered it was now deleted, and were fans of the product. The Camphor and Menthol always did the trick, okay not life threatening but, hard to understand why this great and popular product has been deleted. Nyal, please explain

Has anyone found out why this product has been discontinued, there is nothing to replace this effective cream for lips. I would really like to know the true reason for this decision.If you find some old stock, good luck, don't get too excited, it is not being manufactured anymore. https://www.productreview.com.au/p/nyal-cold-sore-cream.html#overall

Pretty good

It is quite good but the container is smaller and it doesn't seem as effective as it used to be. However it is still one of the better ones on the market.

Finally found it

Was not happy with the change in formula nor the heavy price tag for less product, until I discovered I could still by the original at Priceline thank goodness, it may not cure cold sores but it is soothing. The customer service person I spoke to was also very good when I rang Nyal for help.

I won't be buying this again

I recently bought the new liquid version of this product, and have found it to be useless. Even with the lid closed, it oozes out everywhere. The previous formula was thicker & was very effective in preventing a red sore nose when having a cold. I won't be buying this again.

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Can I use this cream on my 4 year old?
1 answer
Unfornately can't answer this question. My experience with Nyall cold sore cream was that it didn't work for my lip cold sores and much of that was to do with it being too 'watery' to stay on lips.

Can I use this cream while pregnant?
1 answer
On the tube of the new Nyal Antiviral Cold Sore Cream 5g it reads "See your doctor before using this product if you are considering pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding" and that's standard practice for most pharmaceutical things these days. Cold sores are transmittable and I took extra care with hygiene when my daughter was born.

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