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Product works

Product works. It is very useful to have a number that can receive calls internationally. It takes a bit of time to understand the concept of PENS and the rates etc but the customer support is really great. The online chat is very effective, fast and helpful- which is important! It was easy to set up. The only thing is in some countries you don't call directly by dialing. ONce you dial it automatically hangs up and calls back and when you answer it rings. It adds a few more seconds to the process but at least it works.

Purchased in July 2019 for $50.00.

Great support

Very professional and quick to solve issues and find solutions. I use it for bank verifications and their team was very quick to assist in getting me a solution. Works great worldwide.

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Hello Kenny, Thank you for your review. Indeed our Bank verification & SMS PEN's are quite popular and helpful to our customers so we understand the importance of having your service work We appreciate you recognizing our strong customer service efforts put forth and glad everything is working as it should. Happy Travels, OneSimCard

Don't believe what you read on their site or anything their phone reps say

This service is terrible and the and borders on fraud. There is all kinds of fine print everywhere in their website that is impossible to fully read without enormous effort before you enroll. Numerous calls from the US to my personal extra (PEN) number did not go through. In a two week trip to Greece and Israel I had to contact tech/customer support eight times. In the iPhone there is a profile that gets installed that shows you the remaining balance on the account. It was showing a balance of $25.55 (after starting with $30) when a business call I was on was disconnected because of insufficient funds. I was told I had to activate the additional $20, which I did, only to be told it was used up already when my call was disconnected, despite paying for $50.00 in data and voice service when I enrolled. I primarily used WhatsApp and I was using the OneSimCard voice VERY little during this trip. I still cant figure out what happened to the additional $20 that disappeared. I plan on disputing the entire charge with my credit card company.

Hello Paul, We are sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the SIM however looking over your account we do not see any fraudulent transactions. Your usage records and purchases can all be viewed from your web account as told by our customer service representatives multiple times. Your call logs show incorrect dialing to in country numbers. The proper format to dial is always 00 Country Code and Number, we see in some cases (Greece) you were dialing the number as a local number with 0 and local number. OneSimCard is 100% prepaid so the funds you have on your SIM balance is used for all service usage : calls, text and/or data. You can easily go to usage records in your web account and total up the cost of all charged usage to see that everything adds up to the amount you prepaid on to the sim. What you may be referring to as a "profile installed" is the OneSimCard submenu that automatically appears as an app when the SIM is inserted into your device. This menu allows you to make calls and check balance among a few other options. Your SIM balance is displayed in real time and can also be checked online by logging into your web account, via the OneSim app you can install (optional), OneSimCard menu or even by dialing a short code as provided in your OneSimCard user guide. The balance displayed is in fact what you have available for service usage. We advise that you please take the time to look over the details of your account so that you can see that all usage was charged correctly and that there are no funds you added that are unaccounted for. Alternatively, with your permission we can post your actual usage breakdown here to show that you have used up all your prepaid funds to the cent so there is no confusion. Thank you, OneSimCardThe balance displayed in “real-time” was obviously not Norte to as it showed a positive balance of $26.55 when my business call was disconnected with a text message that my funds were expended. In addition, the profile that was installed with your SIM card is an APN that I have been unable to remove or overwrite when I reinstalled the SIM card for my wireless carrier when I returned to the US. As a result I do not have cellular data service. I have spen untold hours with my carrier and apple over the last week and they have been unable to fix the problem. This is a terrible service that is VERY poorly designed and does not work as advertised.

Easy to setup. Worked first time

After much research I chose the OneSimCard Europe and More for our 10 week trip to Europe. My main reason for the choice was to have a service which enabled our family to maintain easy contact, which did not expire every 28 days and which was easy to recharge. I found both the website and the Android "OneSimCard Direct" app intuitive to use and with excellent help access. The additional service options (voicemail, call diversion etc.) are more extensive than my usual Australian carrier. It's easy to check the status of options and enable or disable them as required.

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Hello Jonathan, Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear you enjoyed using our service for your travel needs and the Direct app is indeed a useful tool for calls. We appreciate your feedback and letting readers know of our extensive validity and additional services provided. Please contact us if you require any assistance. Regards, OneSimCard

Smooth Service

Worked perfectly in multiple countries. Touch down, turn on the phone and it just works! Couldn't ask for anything more. Will definitely be using it as my go-to travel sim.

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Hello Russ, Thank you for your kind review. We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed using our OneSimCard SIM service during your travels. Please contact us if you require any assistance when you are ready for your next travels, we will be happy to assist. Thank you, OneSimCard support

Works when you need it

Minimum fuss and very good service support. No connection difficulties with any of the European countries I traveled through and reception was reasonably solid. Could improve the text capability with Pen's bit overall an excellent travelling companion.Would recommend it to other fellow travelers

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Hello Chris, Thank you for your review! We are pleased to hear your feedback regarding the service coverage and level of service. We would like to hear more regarding the PEN and see if we can assist to ensure you are getting the best use of your SIM. Please feel free to contact our Customer Support via: LIVE CHAT - http://chat.onesimcard.com/phplive.php website trouble tickets - http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support Phone +1 617 313 8888 | +1 800 640 2113 Thank you, OneSimCard Support

Great service

A little expensive for Ireland, I had issues with sending and receiving text messages. I travelled in the countryside it was great service for data and for that, I would recommend them.

Useful tool for travelers

It works pretty well for most of the time, call and text charges are, I believe quite reasonable. My only issue was that data plans are quite pricey and don’t last for long enough, 10 days was just too short, next time I’ll probabl just get a Sim at the airport.

The Resolution to my problem is ongoing

So far, I couldn't ask for more in the way of friendly competent assistance. My issue hasn't been resolved in its entirety, but all my queries are being addressed step-by-step.

Coverage in South America

We have travelled from our Western Australian home to many countries over the years always with the issue that our home SIM card either won't connect or if it does the cost is frightening. Add to this many disappointments with other brands of travellers SIM cards led us to research before a recent trip to South America and Asia and we have finally found One Sim that worked in every country we visited and with very affordable charges. Well Done One Sim !

Best way to stay in touch

I just love using this onesimcard. It's so convenient, and allows me to stay in touch no matter where I am. I can travel anywhere now having the peace of mind that my family and friends can still easily get hold of me.

Great European service IF MONEY IS NO OBJECT!

I used ONESIM in Switzerland and Greece for a couple of SMS messages and about 10 minutes of Map GPS locating for which I was billed $50 US for two recharges. In Romania I was billed a THIRD time. At that point, on the advice of a local, I removed the ONESIM and purchased a VODAPHONE SIM for about $12 US that has provided me 3 weeks of calls, SMS and GPS. Renewal after that was €10. Skip ONESIM! Wait until you’re in Europe and get either VODAFONE or ORANGE.

Kills your 3/4G data access on your iPhone when normal sim reinstalled

Beware this card. It does work overseas (most of the time, some callers reported going straight to voicemail).
It is when you return home and reinstall your sim (for me, Telstra and an iPhone 6s) the fun really begins.
Suddenly Inhad no internet or email access when on cellular data (3 G or 4G).
Multiple emails to onesim support met a wall of indifference. Check a few settings, nothing to see so your problem.
After multiple network resets still no joy.
Telstra technical got back to me and said this was a recognised problem. The OneSimCard alters your phone yet leaves no profile tab under settings allowing you to delete it. My sim worked fine in anyone else’s phone who had never used the OneSimCard but not in mine which had had a OneSimCard in it.
Apple and Telstra both said the only way to fix it was to erase everything from the phone and start afresh.
With this duly done you can’t simply restore from your latest backup since the OneSimCard poison is still in there if you back up immediately prior to erasing everything.
You have the joy of manually reloading what you want.
OneSimCard will tell you it has nothing to do with them but their card will ruin the functionality of your phone until you perform a cumbersome factory reset.
I wouldn’t use their card again.

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Hello Olaf, Thank you for your review! We have researched your complaint and can confirm that the issue is with Telstra specifically. We have had no other similar reports concerning any other networks. There are similar reports about APN issues with an iPhone and Telstra from users of other services. This is an issue that Telstra Technical Department should be assisting you with. However, in an attempt to provide you with Support, we are offering the best solution that we were able to obtain from online sources: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2690435&p=2 on a Mac: "Mac App Store – Download Apple Configurator 2 Create New Profile Cellular – Configure Default and Data APN Enter 'telstra.wap' for Boost or 'telstra.internet' for Telstra as the APN in both fields, leave username and password blank, and make sure you choose CHAP as the authentication method, not PAP or it won't work! (full disclosure – I have no idea what these acronyms mean) Supported IP versions: IPv4 and IPv6 Save the profile, Load it on the phone, and voila, the internet! This profile will now appear under Settings – General – Profiles, and can be removed from the phone. Removing it will cause the error message to recur." We hope that this helps. OneSimCard Support

Solved my travel multiple sim card problems

Since retiring, I've been lucky enough to travel to Europe the last few years for two or more months at a time. For Airbnb or other contact reasons, I needed my phone to connect soon after landing or arriving and found that getting a local sim was often problematic. After some research, I found OneSimCard Europe and More card positively reviewed, so I asked questions via the chat feature on their well-designed web page. The responses were quick, professional, and thorough. The product arrived from the US to Canada in a little over a week. I had more questions during set up and again, these were quickly answered. This spring, I went to Greece, Turkey, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Britain. The card worked flawlessly everywhere, always within a few minutes of arriving in a new country or city. I should note that with the "Europe" card calls are direct and not the usual call back type. Recharging was easy through the web page or the Onesim app. Onesim often has relationships with more than one local company, and the card switches between them, possibly leading to better service than a native phone. Charges are local, too, and these can be seen on their web page. Data can be pricey, but if I was in a place for a longish period, I could buy a cheaper local sim with data without time pressure. Reinsert the Onesim card, and reconnection was quick. I didn't use the PEN feature, so can't comment. Supper costumer support made me buy this product and then ease of use and consistent functioning will keep me using OneSim for my travels.

Customer Support Fantastic

Really happy with the money saved from this amazing company. Using data abroad is usually a very expensive affair. 500mb with my mobile company would have cost $250. The initial SIM card cost and data pack only $90 then data recharges are much more affordable.

I had an issue with ordering a PEN, didn't realise one comes free and it's not for mobile/cell numbers. Was happy to have the money returned, not the setup fee though. Would be good to have on the web that the PEN number is only for local numbers. Still a fantastic way for people back home to contact cheaply whilst abroad.

Thanks Onesimcard, you guys are awesome :)

Unacceptable communication

The calls go via Estonia or somewhere, and by the time they get to Australia the delay makes sensible communication very difficult. I don't travel that often, and used Onesim only when desperate. Then they write that unless I make another call they are going to cancel my account and rip off the remaining money. Signed Customer Support!

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Hello, After reviewing your account, we are glad to see that you have enjoyed using OneSimCard service as attested by your calling/SMS/data records. Prepaid funds expire -- this is just the nature of prepaid business model and applies to all companies in the industry. In fact, our 10 month expiration policy exceeds the 6 month industry standard. In addition, we offer our customers an opportunity to extend any unused balance for another 10 months with a minimum recharge of $25.00 SIM card itself may be used for unspecified amount of time, provided that a single voice call is made OR a single SMS is sent OR a single data session occurs within any given 2 year span, starting from the initial account registration. We feel that our Expiration Policy is more than fair. You may read the full text of our Expiration Policy here: http://www.onesimcard.com/terms-of-use/ Thank you, OneSimCard

Onesimcard – saved me lot of money and worked well.

I got the SIM two months ago and used it in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China) and Latin America ( Columbia, Chile, Argentina). It worked everywhere without a glitch and saved me tons of money for calls and mostly data.

Made travelling South America so much easier, a must-have

I can't recommend this product enough to be honest. I went on a five week trip through South America, including Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. It worked pretty much flawlessly in all these places. This included wilderness areas in Peru and much of the Galapagos Islands. What a pleasant surprise. Google maps and any other applications worked perfectly. The convenience of having service and data from the moment you touch down in a foreign country cannot be understated, and the options for South America are very limited.

Set-up was easy as it can get; no issues. I spent $30 on the sim card and used two $75 (1000mb) data packages during the five weeks, which was the perfect amount for me. So overall investment was about $180. While this may sound like a lot, it was so incredibly worth it not struggling to set up local sim cards in foreign languages in each news place or scrambling trying to find places with free wifi all the time. It's a God send. I really regret not discovering this product earlier. Last year I went to Europe and spent an absolute fortune on an International Sim which didn't work half the time.

The only thing I will say is that the web site says they sell the product at four different stores in Sydney Airport. I went to one in international departures, and they had sold out. I went to the other three stores and just got blank looks; they had no idea what I was talking about. So I ordered it online and it arrived within two days which was great, so I recommend doing that.

A Must-Have for people who travel,

OneSimcard is perfect for anybody who travels at all. They offer excellent prices and their PEN Services allow you to have a number for any country you desire, making it convenient for friends and family. They have the best prices I have seen for calls and data, and their VOIP app makes this even cheaper, with many calls costing only 1 cent from their VOIP app.


Easy to sign up for and set up, PEN very convenient. Cheapest option I have come across online too with competitive data pack options. Will definitely be using this company in the future while travelling!

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Questions & Answers

my local mobile data package is with the second SIM (which is in WorldSIM). can I use the data ? Johnson (Singapore)
1 answer
Hello Johnson, OneSimCard is not WorldSIM. Each service can only be used with their respective SIM card using their own service packages. If using a OneSimCard SIM you can use it for talk, text and data at the rates posted on our site. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/cell-phone-rates/ If we misunderstood your question, please feel free to contact us directly so that we may better assist you. http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ Thank you, OneSimCard

HI, my daughter is travelling to Nepal and spending time in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ghandruk and Landruk, and then spending a day or two in Singapore. What would you suggest for her?
1 answer
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We recommend our OneSimCard Universal SIM for call, text and data service in Nepal. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=NP&destinationcountry=&simtype=unv The same SIM will work in Singapore: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv The service is prepaid and requires a unlocked device for compatibility. You can view more information in our FAQ here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv However, if you have any specific questions or need assistance be sure to contact us directly at our support number +1 617 313 8888 or open a email ticket: http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ you can also visit our site www.onesimcard.com and select on the live chat box to speak to a rep LIVE. Thank you, OneSimCard

Where to buy in Australia?
2 answers
Hi Russ, OneSimCard is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra at the below listed WH Smith, Gadgetshop and Supanews stores. You can also always purchase directly from our webstite: www.onesimcard.com.au Sydney International Airport – WH Smith *Terminal 1 Departures, Piers A, B, C *Terminal 1 Landside *Terminal 1 Arrivals Sydney City – WH Smith * University of New South Wales - Morvern Brown Store * Univerisity of New South Wales - Quadrangle Store Melbourne International Airport – WH Smith * Terminal 2 Departures * Terminal 2 Landside * Terminal 4 Departures * Terminal 4 Landside Melbourne City – WH Smith * Southern Cross Train Station Ground Floor * Southern Cross Train Station First Floor Brisbane International Airport – Gadgetshop * International Terminal * Domestic Terminal Brisbane City – WH Smith * Central Railway Station Perth International Airport – WH Smith, Gadgetshop * Terminal 1 – WH Smith * Terminal 1 – Gadgetshop Adelaide Airport * Level 0 Canberra City – Supanews * Canberra CentreHi Russ, I ordered online at https://www.onesimcard.com/international-sim-card/ the order was sent to me via Australia post and only took a few days to arrive


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