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Oppo R9S

Oppo R9S

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Terribly slow, .

Faster cheaper phones are available. Terribly slow,especially running apps. Suspect search engine directing all searches through a built in tool, (China?). Touch screen membrane is solid but clunky. Thumbs down

Purchased in November 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $399.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Good cheap phone

This phone is very good value. The phone has very good specs compared to its competitors in the price range. It's nippy with plenty of processing power to run plenty of applications. The user interface is kinda bad. Would prefer to use stock android. In the box, the phone comes with an already applied screen protector as well as a basic transparent case. Also a special thanks to productreview for giving me a platform to voice my opinions.

Purchased in July 2018 at Mobileciti Physical store for $399.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Oppo R9

great storage space
the add on O/S gives it a IPhone look
quick battery charging 3% to 75% in about 15 mins
batter charge not bat 2.5 days with a couple of calls internet usage an6 txt
good screen resolution and colour
uses standard mini usb cables
good size screen
light to carry
20 megapix camera

Purchased in December 2017 at virgin.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

The best phone.

I have had all manner of different phones and the one problem I have had is that they tend to be so bloody fragile, it doesn't take much to drop them and then you have to pick it up not looking at the screen praying it is ok.
Well I am here to tell you I don't have to do that with this phone, it seems to be indestructible. My 7 year old and 3 year old have dropped it from a variety of heights on all types of surfaces and it has not cracked the screen. This phone has a great size screen and is incredibly user friendly, not to mention it is excellent value for money, The battery life is the best I have ever had, I charge my phone every few days.
I use my phone to help keep my life and my families life in order, when I do need a new phone I will be simply upgrading to a new OPPO, no more experimenting with other phone brands.

Purchased in January 2018 at JB Hi-Fi.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

"Best phone I've had"

Camera quality is great. Used it to get some great shots for all my holidays!
Display and brightness was very good. Dropped my phone a million times and the screen never broke until it got ran over by my car when i left it on the road and the screen was still usable for some time after until i repaired it.
Its a quickly responding phone in terms of browsing and using apps and for the price was easily the best phone I've owned compared to iphones, sony and more.

Purchased in May 2017 at JB Hi-Fi for $499.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Great phone for the price

I've had Android phones for years. I had a Samsung S7, before that a Samsung S5 and before that a HTC One X and when my Samsung S7 keeps randomly shutting down and restarting constantly I knew I needed to get a new phone and I didn't want to spend a lot of money and my sister and her boyfriend had Oppos and raved about them so I decided to give it a go and so I've had it a year and a half and it took a bit of getting used to at first because it's a bit like a cross between an iPhone and Android and it doesn't have some features that the Samsung has but all in all it's a really good phone. It's a really good phone for the price, it looks great, it works great and probably the only downside is that it doesn't have some features that the Samsung has but for the price you can't beat it.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Such a great phone, my brains trust!

I'm not a tech person, just an everyday user. I've had this phone for a couple of years now, and find it's the perfect blend of "useful" for me without being too complex. The screen is big enough to read maps and notes. The camera is great, with choices of resolution and settings. Love the Bluetooth to my car, calendar to remind me of things to attend, all my contacts, emails, internet to find info I need, music to listen to, calculator for checking stuff, weather reports, flashlight, games, notes, my movie collection, and so much more; in fact everything I could possibly need is right there. And if I haven't got it, I can get an app for it. The only thing missing is a cattle prod for protection!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Awesome phone

I've tried apples, Samsung's and everything in between but this phone, id have to say, is the best phone I've had since the old Nokia's! The camera is great, has a beauty lease too, which is really handy.
I have dropped it numerous times, and the screen still hasn't broken..
It's really a good phone for the price.
Easiest way to describe it, is a cross between an iPhone and a Samsung!

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Great little device with a screen not too big but also clearly visible. Tough machine but still needs a case for extra protection. Features work great and loading time is excellent. Easy and understand layout of phone features. Great amount of storage and built in cache cleaner. Camera is of fine quality.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great phone.

I purchased this phone for my birthday and the phone is great. The functions a are simple and easy to control and runs well with big size apps like online games. The phone might struggle if you have very little space left (only4me). The phone has a nice fast bootup, Personal hotspot is great but does not have a ALLOW/DENY devices who use the PH. DO NOT SPEND ALL DAY IN A APPLICATION LIKE YOUTUBE WITH THE SCREEN LEVEL UP BECUASE YOU WILL GET A SCREEN BURN. This phone is a great tool in your pocket to use. Built-in anti-virus scan works well but I think I might just stick to anti-virus I downloaded from the play store because it has updates frequently as well new security threats get discovered and the database is updated. I just prefer to download the anti virus app because the phone patches might take a while to be released but with my preferred app patches and threat detections get updated frequently. I like the off screen gesture, fingerprint, button layout and easy to navigate through settings. I think homescreen search should have more, like search for files on storage like I have a pdf file on the phone storage and I wanted to use the homescreen search because it would seem to be faster instead of using a built-in file search app aswell downloaded file search apps. The verification code for accessibility restricts some apps to function correctly because when you turn on the option for that app to use the accessibility and when you exit then a couple minutes later the option gets switch off. I think there should be more options to turn off the verification code and the 5000MB Daily reminder. The phone is great and I am still using even after dropping it a few times.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great everyday phone

Had this Oppo R9 for almost the last two years and it still works and functions great. Has never slowed down or got stuck. Looks just like an iphone and has plenty of amazing features. It has one of the fastest finger print scanners in the world, has a great battery which charge's up in no time and last a while.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Best phone for price. Honestly these are so better compared to major brand names. Not had one issue ever, no problem and a hassle free phone. All members in our house now use oppo, from adults to fussy teenages who want the best. No issues running other 3rd party apps or accessories.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great phone for the price

I have the R9s Plus, same phone but larger screen, also comes with 6gig ram and 64 gig storage. I needed a bigger screen as my eyes are not as good now.
I find this a great phone, easy to use and no problems with Color OS overlay. Have used iPhone and Samsung in the past so no issue using Oppo. My wife who is IT challenged also has no problem with her Oppo.
Camera is good with no issues except low light conditions. Samsung is better.
Display is easy to read and nice and bright. I run my brightness down low to extend battery life.
Since having the large display, I don’t use my iPad as often for day to day use now.
Oppo is used for calling, messaging, Android Auto and Geocaching and all apps run smoothly.
But i gave this phone 4 stars and not 5 because of two problems;
1) When sending a picture, the phone converts it to a MMS and not a JPEG which is very annoying. Have searched settings but cannot find where to change it.
2) On phone manual is very poor and only gives basic operating instructions. Customer Service is very poor as the Aussie phone number goes through to China and their understanding of English is basic.
Otherwise this is a good phone that is at least half the price of a Samsung or Apple.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Quality phone - good battery life

I took some convincing to finally take the plunge and buy tis - I guess I a a bit of a brand conservative but four months ion I am a definite convert - this is a heck of a good phone for the money and a pleasure to use. Screen is just outstanding and camera is on point too. I got over dyas battery life and I am a heavy user. Dont think twice! This phone really is good.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Suprisingly good

Have been using it for more than a year, no issues really. Specifications are pretty good compared to most other quite expensive phones on the market. It receives regular updates for Android releases which are a bonus. Only downside would be the default home screen pretending to be Apple but still well worth the buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Best value for money

Have been using it for more than a year. Haven't had any issues. Specs are best and comparable to most other ridiculously expensive phones in the market. Gets regular updates for Android releases which is a major plus. Only downside would be the default home screen which mimics iOS but confusing for Android super users.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Repair Service

Bought this phone almost 2 years ago, and has been a really great phone best one I have owned by far, just lately the camera had been playing up. Sent the phone to repair place in Sydney Monday and will have it back Friday at no cost to me at all, Well Done. Excellent service for a near 2 year old phone

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Excellent phone and online service

This was my first smart phone so I needed a little guidance. I found that when I emailed Oppo, I had a prompt and helpful answer. There were no problems with the phone, I just needed help with how to do various things, or where to find information. The online staff were always courteous and helpful. I actually tried them out before purchasing the phone. It is lovely and slim, and seems to me to be just as good as an iphone, only half the price.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Love it!

Bought a year ago while upgrading the Huawei. Oppo still operates like new. Never want another phone - it has made life so much easier from printing, fitness alarms, wifi heater...I have added a few apps & it still runs fast. Wasn't loaded with unnecessary apps, charges within an hour, games run fast, video/ photos very clear, Im not a techie so if you want reliable, easy, compatible with other devices then this is great. I got the glass screen protector which doesn't fit properly & my techie friends said I didn't need it. Love the screen size too

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Mediocre phone with terrible software

I had high hopes for this phone. It felt nice in the hand, has 4G of RAM and 64G of storage, accepts an SD card, screen was nice though not as good as higher end, good battery life, good screen size at 5.5", fingerprint sensor was accurate and fast, and being Android, I could modify it to my liking.................wrong!
The real problem with this phone is the OS, called ColorOS. It is meant to mimic an iPhone so that Chinese buyers can pretend they have one. It is NOT an Android phone because Oppo has so badly written the OS, it is not flexible at all.

The launcher cannot be changed, other than temporarily; it will always revert to the ColorOS, sometimes after a week and sometimes only after using a single app, but it will ALWAYS revert. Some apps do not work or work properly. Some apps, meant to be active in the background, will not function.

First impressions of this phone are great, but it all falls apart as soon as you start to use it. Also note, all of this is applicable to all Oppo phones which use ColorOS. Be warned!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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Questions & Answers

When I got this phone I don't have an issue but now this phone have a bluetooth issue after while. Using a bluetooth earphone(LG), headphone(Yamaha) or car(Toyota Camry) I cannot hear the other end properly and The other end cannot hear me properly. The sound like from universe and disconnected. Then I have to fine a wired earphone. Anyone has any idea what is wrong?
No answers

How to turn off screen overlay from Oppo R9s?
2 answers
I'm sorry I can't help, maybe thru settings or if you go to the Oppo website they might be something thereWhy adroid phone ..message and cal can block ..pld remove tis frm the phone ...very urgent oso cant connect the person

I am using this phone for almost 18 months.Oppo says it has dual sim but I can't use two sims. Only one sim is displayed. Any suggestions?
3 answers
No I am sorry I can't help, think the way it's set would be if you travel overseas you can use the other sim on other networks, at least that is my understanding of itHi Rafiuddin, Sorry but I don't know. Have never tried to use the second one. I bought mine at Vodafone, and I go into their store with any problems, or Oppo are very good at answering emails and have solved some of my problems. Their email address is support@oppomobile.com.auHave you inserted the second SIM card? You do this via the sim tray where the first one is. You can have 2 sims or one sim and one micro sd card.


Oppo R9S
CategoryMobile Phones
Price (RRP) $399
Features3.5mm Headphone Jack and Expandable Storage
Charging Port Micro-USB
Operating SystemAndroid
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Pixel Density401 ppi
Screen Size 5.5"
Screen Resolution1080 x 1920 pixels
Display TechnologyAMOLED
Max Video Resolution 2160p (Ultra HD, 4K)
Front Camera(s)16MP Standard
Rear Camera(s)16MP Standard
ProcessorOcta-core 2.0 GHz
Internal Storage64 GB
Battery Size3,010 mAh
Memory (RAM)4 GB
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 153 x 74.3 x 6.6 mm
Body MaterialAluminium
Weight145 g

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