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Optimum 500

Optimum 500

4.7 from 25 reviews

This is a perfect juicer

Love this machine, fresh juice every day. Morning or night because its super quiet
Easy to clean with just a simple rinse
My body is rejuvenated and skin looks amazing
Plus all the scraps that comes out, I feed it to my worm farm
Nothing bad I can really say about this product

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Brilliant juicer for a great price

This is the first cold press juicer I've had and I'm really happy with it. It's really quiet and easy to use. Set up is easy and it looks great on the counter top (I bought mine in white). The juice yield is better than my old centrifugal juicer. I've even used it to make fruit 'ice cream', tofu and almond milk. This is a great all rounder. It does what it's supposed to and a little bit more.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Love my Optimum 500 Juicer.

We use our juicer every day and are so pleased with the juicing results, we mostly use sweet potato, carrots, apples, oranges, celery, kale, lemons, limes, beetroot and pears. We must try other veggies, but have been so pleased with the flavours we use, it is hard to branch out. We do find it sometimes hard to take apart for cleaning, also today we got a fright when it jammed, I cut everything up into small pieces and mix hard and soft pieces, but for some reason a piece of Beetroot became stuck and the machine stopped and we could not get the top off. Thank goodness my husband managed to separate it. We would recommend it to anyone, what a great product.

Great juicer. Literally use it every day.

We upgraded from a very old high speed juicer and are very happy that we stepped up into the world of slow juicing. We have literally used this every morning since we bought it and have not had any problems. We made some friends a real fruit sorbet after dinner one night and they were really impressed with how quiet it was, we could actually talk quite easily while it was smashing up the fruit. We did have some issues with clogging when we put long bits of kale through the machine, but saw something online that said it is best to cut the stringy vegetables up into smaller pieces and we have not had any issues since. Overall, fantastic machine and would recommend to anyone.

Excellent juicer . Love it!

I have used several slow juicers before and this is the easiest to assemble and clean. Does not get clogged up and the residue is easy to remove. I use it for a variety of fruits and vegetables, including kale and it deals with everything.
Fresh juices are a vital part of my way of life

Love it love it love it!!

This juicer is definitely the best juicer I have ever had. It produces fabulous juice, has several different juicing strainers allowing me choice and is relatively easy to clean. I use it every day for health and generally juice carrots, celery, tomatoes, ginger, lemon and beetroot. I don't believe the motor is very loud and I have had no problems whatsoever with it unlike my old Sunbeam that constantly got stuck and jammed with vegetable matter. Money well spent and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy more from this company.

Wouldn't be without it

Best juicer I've owned. Having weak and painful hands, I struggle to use similar machines. This one is easy to dismantle and clean. It is quiet and the juice is so good. I use it everyday to make fruit and vegetable juice. It is a family event, selecting, washing and cutting up the produce and "feeding" the juicer. A great way to start the day. My health has improved. Wish I'd bought it years ago.

Love it! Life changer!

I absolutely love my Optimum 500! I had a big juicer I was using for 18 months before it broke so thought I would look around at cold pressed juicers after buying a juice overseas and the girl at the store explained all the heath benefits of cold pressed. It's so easy to make, a lot less wastage than my old juicer so I know I'm getting more of that goodness and fibre and best of all. My husband loves the juice! He actually brings home fruit and vege that he wants to try.

I have a newborn baby and wouldn't dream of using my old juicer while she is sleeping due to noise but I use my Optimum 500 all the time (even with her in the room) without disturbing her.

Easy to clean, just a quick rinse and I'm done. Great for juicing dark leafy greens which my old juicer couldn't do. I just love it! My favourite kitchen appliance - looks good on the bench too!

Loving my juicing routine even more now that I have my Optimum 500!!

I first started with a blender and sieve to get my juice (while saving some $$$). I researched thoroughly to get a great value and a great cold press juicer for my greens. The best cold press juicers go up to $500 above. I finally decided to get Optimum 500 as it was on sale, for just AU$300 - with a local service/warranty within Australia, I couldn't pass this up. Now that I have it for a month and a half, I would never want to part with it. This juicer gives great flavoursome liquid as well as very dry pulp. The only thing that I noticed is to juice cucumbers and apples first before your kales and greens then carrots and beets last (which was instructed). I haven't tried juicing wheatgrass with it, but I find that I have to 'scrunch' soft veggies/herbs like spinach, sprouts and parsley, otherwise it won't juice that well. I also find the reverse button works well for the end of your juicing - to get the most out of the last bits of produce. I also use it to make my own almond milk once a week!

It is easy to clean - although I clean the strainers with a rougher (green) part of the dish wash sponge instead of the brush that came with it, as sometimes the pulp can still stuck in those little fine holes - the rough part of the sponge does the trick. Once a week, I would soak the parts with baking soda and hot water and scrub/clean them. My family now have started to notice the difference of my weight loss and increased energy - they are getting into green juicing as well. I recommended my friends to purchase Optimum 500, because it is the best value juicer out there. I'm saving up to give to my parents one as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks Froothie!

42 day vegetable juice diet - we made it together

I needed a reliable cold press juicer for my 42-day liquid diet - juicing loads of hard vegetables like beetroots, carrots, celeriac, radishes and potatoes. The Optimum 500 from Froothie had no issue with this challenge and supported me not only all the way through it but still keeps going strong.

Outstanding performance juicer

I have just purchased my Optimum 500 and it is the best decision I have made.
This juicer looks really good on my counter top and I can tell you for its size it really packs a punch (Fruit/Veg Punch)
Some fruits and vegetables might require cutting but overall I have had no problems just feeding it all those goodness. This machine is really quiet and I like how it doesn't draw attention to itself.
The most amazing thing to me is the pulp, it is really dry. It means that the juicer really extracts every bit of juice from the fruit or vege. My in-laws has a cheaper juicer and the outcome is like day and night when I compared the pulps.
At the end of the day this juicer really makes it worth every dollar spent. I have been making healthy smooth juices for my wife and kids. Nothing beats that really.

Vegetables in a glass

Optimum 500 Slow Juicer is a permanent fixture on our kitchen bench top. Our juices are primarily vegetables with a few added fruits to sweeten the juice. We do not have to worry about whether we are having enough vegetables in our daily diet. We have also cut down on our coffee intake because we have the juice as part of our morning breakfast.

The juicer also has additional features such as making nut milk and various types of frozen fruit sorbet much to the delight of our lactose-intolerant family member. We have thus far made, cashew milk and strawberry and mango sorbet. The downside to the juicer is that the pulp tends to get stuck in between the gaps of the strainer and causes build up over time. Froothie recommended that I soak the strainer with warm water but sometimes it takes a few wash to remove the pulp.

Back On Track With Healthy Juices

Recently because of added responsibility at work, I was feeling always tired. I bought an Optimum slow juicer and really feel the benefits of my juice at the start of the day. I have cut down on coffee and feel so much more energetic.
I like the way the juicer squeezes the juice out of the fruit and leaves a dry pulp behind. It is quick to set up and easy to use. I cut fruit up into large wedges and only both cutting up stringy vegetables like celery. I often include much of the pulp in the juice to thicken it up and get the benefits. The only pain is washing it, but I have found in reality it takes just a few minutes and all is ready to go.
When I ordered the juicer, I was in a rush and didn't notice I had a typo in my address resulting in the wrong street number. Froothie were very helpful and nothing seemed to be a bother to them. I would recommend the Optimum Juicer and also the Froothie support team to anyone.

So glad i made this Purchase

i received my Optimum 500 slow Juicer a couple of days ago and I'm so happy with the purchase. I have so far made orange and pineapple juice which is mainly what i wanted the machine for. Its fantastic does exactly what it says it does and it's really easy to use. Instruction booklet is easy to follow and setting up the machine is a breeze. Looks fantastic on the bench top and easy to clean after use. I can't wait to discover what else i can make with the juicer and I'm very glad i made the purchase after much research and reviews I've red. you won't regret it and its well worth the money spent.

Just what our lives needed, but frustrating at times!

It's quiet and produces great juices with a lot of product. We borrowed my parents optimum 400 for a trial and I feel that the design changed were a mixed bag. i do not think that the tap fitting inside the chute is as good as the 400 where it fit outside the chute. This is because it is harder to clean and it is not easily removed.

The on/off switch wobbles and does not appear as sturdy as the 400 (maybe some cut corners?). The positives are the size is much better and the centre masticator appears a better design.

I agree with others that the celery drive me mad. I always leave it until the end but always gets frustrating. Even if you cut it into smaller pieces, they seem to end up lodged inside and not even juiced. This is where the designers need to be working! I would not pay the $500, I think $299 is the max I would pay.

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Hello Daniel, we are sorry to hear about the issue you are facing when juicing celery, this should not happen. Please send me an email directly at francois@froothie.com.au and I would like to personally attend to this matter and resolve ASAP :-) Kind regards Froothie Support

Just works straight out of the box!

This is our first slow juicer and we are very impressed. A no fuss appliance that just works as you would expect it to. We were surprised how quick it is to set up and make juice we really enjoy (apple, orange, carrot and ginger).
No hesitation to recommend the Optimum 500.

by far the best

i have had 3 other juices and they didn't last long. I use mine to make 3 juices in the mornings and at least one at lunch then 4 or 5 for the family at night, with dinner, The easiest i have ever used and to clean well easiest again, best tasting juice i have had from a juicer I have had and have recommended this juicer to my friends. The amount of left over pulp is the least of any other juicer i have used before as well. I would not part with it now.

Impressive Juicer

I recently bought the Optimum 500, the main reason was to juice leafy greens such as Kale and Spinach.

The out of box experience was not too painful, although the instruction booklet could be improved to make it easier.

The juice was so much more smoother than my old centrifugal juicer and much less quiet.
I got a lot of juice out of the Kale leaves and was very happy with the output.

Cleaning was not too bad either.

The super juicer

I love my Optimum 500, I don't know how I could live without it before. It's pretty amazing all the wonderful things that you can do with it. Almond cheese from the "scraps" of your your almond milk, fresh and juicy juices and smoothies, crackers with the pulp of it. No worries with sharp stuff or cleaning. Also very easy to assemble the pieces together.

Excellent Slow Juicer

We only had the juicer for almost a month. Its a very good value for money. We aboslutely love our very first juicer. Very compact, easy to clean, easy to assemble, solidly built and good looking too. My kid loves the juices even the green vegetable juices which is awesome. It extract almost 99% juice out of fruits and vegs. Highly recommended. Thanks KJ

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Questions & Answers

Are the parts dish washer safe or BPA free? this is the only doubt i have now and if this gets clarified i will straight away buy this juicer
2 answers
Hello Adith, I’m sure the components cannot be put into the dishwasher, on the video we saw they mentioned to just rinse in cold water, I usually rinse straight after use in cold water, then dry with a soft cloth and leave out to completely dry before reassembling. I have no idea if it is BPA free so I think if you are worried about this contact the manufacturer before purchase. This is the website for Australia www.froothie.com.au your country link if needed is at the top of the home page. Good luck Regards JillHello Adith, better late than never :) Yes the parts are BPA free. Here is a great video on how to clean your juicer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ssQMGnK118&t=5m58s Some tips: - Rinse two glasses of hot water through the slow juicer. - Add a glass of warm water, while the drain valve is closed so that the water remains in the juice cup. - Press the reverse button. The reverse button ensures that the pulp is pushed out of the juicer. - Turn the drain valve open allowing the water to flow out. - Open the lid and remove the pulp. Clean the remaining juice rounder parts normally using the supplied cleaning brush. Do not clean the parts in the diswasher. Here are some additional cleaning instructions which are identical for the Optimum 500: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHeBPrgHYic or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQJTE3SOn2I More juicing tips available here: http://www.froothie.com.au/Juicer-FAQ.php Hope that helps :)

Are you still offering the introductory price for this juicer? I've read all. The reviews and am interested. Margo Gibbs
1 answer
Hi Margo, The Optimum 500 cold press juicer is currently on a promotional price of $299 in Australia and can be ordered via this link https://www.froothie.com.au/store/optimum-juicer/optimum-500-slow-juicer If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our 24 x 7 support team at www.froothiesupport.com Have a lovely day

We received 3 juicer (stainless steel) within our box – using only 1, not sure what the other are for. Could you please put a tag around each item –stating the name and what it is used for?
2 answers
I have only used the coarsest one. There was a book with the juicer that explained. There are good videos online that show how to use.Hi Shane, The three strainers that you have received with your Optimum juicer are: Course Strainer/Smoothie strainer – is used to juice soft fruit (oranges, watermelon, strawberries, kiwi fruit and tomato) and sticky fruits such as bananas. This is also used for juicing soft vegetables such as kale and spinach. The course strainer is used to make a juice with more pulp in the drink, for example a nutrient packed fruit smoothie. Fine Strainer – is used to juice hard fruit (apples and pears), beans and hard vegetables (carrot and celery) that are more fibrous. The fine strainer is used for making a pulp free juice. Blank strainer – is used for making delicious dairy-free nut butters, healthy frozen fruit ice creams, sorbets and wholesome baby food. Froothie also has a 24x7 Support & Warranty team that operate via www.froothieuspport.com if you ever have any questions regarding the appliance or recipes. Have a lovely day


Optimum 500
TypeCold Press
Price (RRP) $499

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