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Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series

Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series

4.3 from 20 reviews

Excellent machine.

This machine does way more than what we use it for. It handles everything we throw in it with ease. The only problem we had was when the lid wasn't held down during operation and covered the entire kitchen in blended gunk. Lesson learnt, always hold lid during operation. Otherwise can't fault unit.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


G2.3 blender review


The concept is great, a brushless motor that maintains 75% power with any load put on it

The problem is the speed, it does not have enough RPM`s
it made it too gutless, would not blend properly, left chucks etc
For blending smoothies it is totally useless, it blends smoothies but very, very poorly
hence why I only used it about 12 times then I put it in the cupboard and eventually sold it cheap

I rang froothie about the performance and they said to blend the smoothie longer that did not help much at all and I`m not buying a high powered blender to blend things longer, defeats the purpose of having a high powered blender

The quality of the blender is good except for the jug started cracking on the bottom and after 6 uses the jug started to go frosty, hard to see through I did not like the jug having a grey tint which was the part going frosty

it might be ok for nut butters etc
I will not recommend it for smoothies

I do not want to buy 2 blenders this one for nut butters and a different blender for smoothies. I want a blender that does both
nut butters and smoothies

so overall I give it 1 star for the concept I would not recommend this G2.3

After having used the wide jugs of the G2.6 and vitamix A2500 I would not go back to skinny jugs like this G2.3 jug

I have owned multiple blenders from froothie
the - 9200a 2ND GEN
the - G2.1 and the - G2.3 and
I still own the G2.6 – the one I do recommend

get the optimum 9400 for $487 or the G2.6 or the vitamix A2500
buy when they are on special otherwise they are over priced

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hello Darren, thank you for a great detailed review. You are correct with your conclusion about the Optimum 9400 and the G2.6 (which is almost identical to the latest 9400), as well as the 9200A, being superior to the G2.3. The reason for the low grunt you described is due to the technology behind the G2.3, the world’s first Induction motor blender. This allows the blender to make hundreds of smoothies a day and increases the longevity of the motor. It is a GREAT blender for making a large amount of drinks, but not the best at blending thick ingredients like nut butters. These are characteristics of the induction motor. Regarding the jug cracking, this seems like a fault, did you receive a replacement under warranty? Thanks again for sharing your feedback Darren! Please email me directly at roy@froothie.com.au or call the office at 1300 309 900 if there is ANYTHING I can help you with :-) You can also DM us on Facebook and ask for me, or Instagram :-) Roy

Great solid blender!

Firstly the customer service of Froothie is unparalleled in my experience; so hats off to Luke for his help, advice and general assistance! They are very easy to deal with and email back quickly.

I used to own a Blendtec blender and I had it for 9 years including the 1L Twister Jar so I have that as my standard. I also owned a PolyCool blender while we got the money together for a decent new blender. It was pretty crappy and fell apart very soon after a month or two.

The G2.3 is fantastic and have used it daily for the past few months. I love that its a Brushless motor and is far less noisy than even the Blendtec. I haven't had any issues with any of the blending itself; everything has come out smooth.
I do have to do agree with someone who said that if you are blending thicker things in the 1L rotating jug and the lid pops off during blending it will most likely cause the lid scraping arms to hit the blades. Thus causing it to break or damage one of the arms. This happened to me. However just use a bit of elbow grease and push down when blending as nothing is perfectly designed. Should also note that Froothie sent me a new lid for the rotating jar when I told them about the lid incident.

I think this blender is perfect for people who use it mostly for smoothies, soups, dips, etc and not so much 'heavier' or thicker things like nut butters and very thick things. If that's your style then maybe look at something that does have a higher RPM.

This is probably perfect for the majority of peoples needs.

Date PurchasedMay 2018


Great purchase value for money, handles all foods with ease give the best consistency. Very reliable product well built very impressive finish. Get all round product not very noisy easy to use and clean.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

A little underwhelming, with needed improvements, but does a great job anyway

I was weighing up between the more tried and true Optimum 9200A, and the Optimum G2.3 Platinum.
In NZ, the G2.3 was on sale when I wanted to purchase a blender, and the 9200A was not. So I bit the bullet and went for the G2.3, despite seeing mixed reviews and opinions expressed online.

I have experience with various models of Vitamix, and had always intended to one day get either a Vitamix or Blendtec blender. Alas, the price of these devices in New Zealand is prohibitive ($1300K ++). The G2.3 is almost as expensive, but on sale (at $650) it seemed well worth getting.

I was disappointed to see that Froothie have resorted to using a relatively soft rubber fitting where the motor engages with the blender (the Jug/Base Coupling). They promote their use of metal for the Jug/Base Coupling on their much lower priced 8200 blender, and yet on a blender selling for 4x the price, they have a soft rubber coupling. The 9200A also has a metal coupling, as do all the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders I've seen.

After only minimal use, already the rubber coupling is starting to chip away. Apparently, this occurs relatively easily, especially because when blending thicker substances (like nut butters or hummus) you have to put a fair bit of effort into ensuring the 1-litre rotating jug does not lift up from the base at all. There's nothing locking it in place (which is typical for high-speed blenders) so it easily lifts off, and must be actively held down with one hand. If it lifts up, the blender will stop. But, more importantly, it can also cause the Jug/Base Coupling to get damaged if the rotating parts collide. There's almost no practical way to consistently avoid this. Looking at photos of the 9200A and the G2.1, I get the impression the four lugs that stand up from the base, which slot in under the jug, may be a little shorter on the G2.3, which perhaps makes it easier to jiggle around and lift up. That's a guess though.

In my opinion, going with a rubber coupling was a very poor design decision for a $1300 blender. As I can see the rubber coupling is very likely going to be the first thing to significantly wear out (and require replacing) on the G2.3, I've knocked a half star off my rating for this poor coupling design. It would have cost Froothie perhaps a few dollars more to use a steel coupling.

Other than the coupling issue, the build quality is acceptable. No other particular complaints. The jugs are sturdy, the blades seem decent enough (although only time will tell how durable they are), and the base unit is fairly solid. No complaints there.

On my first use, I was surprised and underwhelmed by the significantly slower speed of the G2.3, compared to the 9200A or a Vitamix or Blendtec. At first I thought there was something wrong with the blender, as the speed does not noticeably increase in the last three speed points. I since found out from Froothie staff the G2.3 has a speed range of 11,000 to 15,000 rpm. Compare that to the 48,000 rpm of the Optimum 9200A (2nd generation), and it's a massive jump down. It's less than 1/3 the RPM. When I noticed (yes, it's very noticeable) how slow it was, I was concerned it would not be anywhere near as good at doing all the many things a "high-speed" blender can do. In my opinion, the Optimium G2.3 is not really a "high-speed" blender. I'd consider it a mid-speed blender.

I've taken half a star off my rating for the poor speed performance (relative to standard "high-speed blenders").

Just how well it actually works at its lower speed, I cover next.

First off... Despite the relatively slow RPM, it has managed to do a GREAT job of everything I've thrown at it. I've actually been rather surprised by this. I was expecting it might perform relatively poorly due to the speed. I've tried blending fruit and vegetables -- whole kale (stalks and all), apples, whole carrots (for vegetable hummus), cooked chickpeas (for hummus), frozen banana and frozen blueberries (for fruit ice cream), soaked almonds (for almond milk), etc. I've also turned desiccated coconut into smooth coconut butter. All have blended without any issues. The almond milk came out as good as any I've experienced in other high-speed blenders.

Does it take much longer, due to the slow speed? I can't compare it to the 48,000 rpm 9200A, as I don't have one, but here are some numbers. To blend a 2/3 full 1-litre rotating jug of desiccated coconut into smooth butter, it takes around 60 to 80 seconds. Roasted peanuts turn into crunchy butter in around 40 seconds, and smooth butter in around 60 to 80 seconds. I blend a hummus from freshly soaked and cooked chickpeas in around 60 seconds. Blending a liquid + banana + green powder smoothie is easily done in 30 seconds. Blending carrot into a carrot hummus, around 45 to 60 seconds. Ice cream (with 2 frozen bananas, a cup of frozen blueberries, and some coconut cream) takes perhaps 45 to 60 seconds. Again, I've used the 1-litre rotating jug for everything thick, and the 2-litre jug only for liquids.

I've also ground brown rice, and dried chickpeas into flour. I've done all that with the 1-litre rotating jug. It worked well. That took perhaps 2 to 3 minutes for the chickpeas, and around 90 to 120 seconds for the flour. Perhaps a little longer, depending how fine you want it. I used the 1-litre jug for these dry ingredients.

About the only thing I use the main 2-litre jug for is liquids. It makes smoothies without any issues.

** ERROR ?
I have noted that when using the 1-litre rotating jug for thick substances, it's relatively easy to get the machine to go into an "Err" (error) mode, at which point it beeps, flashes "ERR" on the screen, and promptly shuts down. As far as I can tell, this happens when the material is not feeding down into the blades sufficiently. For some reason, that results in the blade speed fluctuating (pulsing) and it results in an oddly loud sound, and if unabated it eventually shuts down. I am not sure why it does that. I would have thought if the food was not feeding down, the blades would simply continue rotating at full speed (for the speed setting being used), and not make any fuss about it.

The additional 1-litre rotating jug is a huge bonus. It's obviously copied from (or "inspired by") the Blendtec Twister jug, which retails in NZ for over $250 (just for the jug). I've found it very handy for anything thick. Such as nut butters and hummus. It easily beats using the standard jug with the tamper to push thick stuff down into the blades.

In my opinion, this 1-litre rotating jug is one of the MAJOR plusses with this blender. It really is EXCELLENT. Very handy for nut butters, ice cream, hummus, etc. It's played a big part in my decision to keep the G2.3, despite the various issues I've pointed out in this review.

The 1-litre jug lid does not seal at all well. That's fine if you don't attempt blending liquids in it. I don't use it for liquids, except when cleaning it with some hot soapy water. Than the poor lid seal is a bit of a nuisance, and it has to be operated at a slow speed, otherwise liquid readily makes its way out.

The 2-litre jug lid is fine. No issues. The tamper reaches down to a couple of centimeters above the blade, and works as expected. The lid seals around the edge well, although the hole cover is a little light-weight and flimsily attached, compared to the Vitamix blenders I've used. If you have a lot of liquid in there, and go at maximum speed, this may result in liquid seeping out around the tamper hole lid.

I think it is noticeably quieter than the high-speed Vitamix blenders I have used, and much quieter than the various low cost low-speed blenders I've come across. I suspect this can be attributed to the brushless motor, combined with the fact it's operating at about 1/3 the speed of a Vitamix.

The ease of cleaning is much the same as any other high-speed blender on which the blade can not be removed from the base. Practically, this means blending it with some warm soapy water to get thick substances out from under the blades, and scrubbing with a dish brush for cleaning the inner sides of the jug.

I was on the verge of sending this machine back. The two main reasons were, 1) the relatively low speed of the blender) and, 2) the crappy rubber jug/blade coupling. Since it actually does everything very well, despite the relatively low speed, I am letting that pass. As for the coupling, I guess I'll just accept the fact it may need replacing much sooner than a steel coupling.

If I'd paid full price (AU$1200, NZ$1300) I think I would have returned it for a refund, under their 30 day satisfaction guarantee. As I got it for NZ$650, I am going to happily keep it. It does a GREAT job of everything I've attempted to do with it, and that's the main thing I think is important.

I give it a rating of 4 stars. 1 stars deducted, for the reasons stated above.

PS. The blender I received has a fault in the LED display, on arrival. One of the speed settings does not illuminate. Froothie is arranging to replace/repair it, which requires it being shipped back, etc. This might mean no blender for a few weeks, but such is life. It's an obvious fault / issue, which in my opinion should have been picked up by a basic quality control procedure before it left the factory. I guess no one actually turns on each blender to test they actually work before being released. For a $1300 blender, I would have expected a little better from their QA department.

>> UPDATE Feb 20 2019: It's been about 14 months I've had this blender. I was away for 7 of those months, so it's had around 7 months of use. As expected, the rubber piece that engages the drive unit with the blender got demolished in one short moment of the small grinder jug tilting slightly to one side. Froothie custom service, in my experience, is excellent. They are sending me a few more of those rubber lugs. The are easily removed and replaced. I think they should by default include two spares with the original blender, as it's an obvious weak point.
The "Err" message continues to show up when blending heavy loads, and the motor has issues with such loads (it pulses in speed, and then gives the error message, and shuts off). But I've got accustomed to it, and work around it.

Purchased in December 2017 at Froothie.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Daily
Used for: Dips & Condiments, Nut Butters, Smoothies and Soups

Had it for 2 months now, its great

I've been using this a few times a week now for two months to make nut milk and frozen banana ice cream, so not the two easiest jobs. Its been great so far! Just chuck in some frozen bananas, press the sorbet button, and the ice cream is ready in 90 seconds. So good to be able to eat ice cream everyday!! The machine seems solid.
I had ordered the optimum 9400 but they were waiting for the shipment to re-stock so was offered to upgrade to this one for free. It was scary spending so much on a machine so I read tonnes of reviews but I am happy.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Underwhelmed and disappointed

I got this machine as an 'upgrade' for my original optimum 9400 blender purchase and overall, I am fairly disappointed.
The machine's blending ability is alright. It makes very smooth blends even if you put nuts and kale in it, but you must blend it for longer. The smoothie function is not made for that (I have yet to make a recipe in one minute in this blender).
Ive made: walnut, kale and pumpkin smoothie bowl, banana and cauliflower nicecream, coconut butter and pistachio butter
The walnut kale smoothie required much longer than a minute (the smoothie function does not work for this)
The banana and cauliflower nice cream came out with little bits of cauliflower still in it.
The coconut butter took 10+ minutes and was still not completely smooth
The pistachio butter took 5+ minutes and was fairly smooth
Cleaning the machine is really a pain after nut butters because the blades cannot be removed and blending with dishwasher soap simply does not work. Under the blades was a lot of nut butter. This meant I had to use a sponge and a toothbrush to scrub out the bottom of the blender (which is a lot more work than an average blender). The blending technique works for other things though.
I was told to soak the jug in white vinegar and dishwasher soap overnight but that is also a pain everytime I make nut butter...
The spatula doesn't really do much. The sides of the blender are still hard to scrape down.
Speed function: (totally personal preference)
The lack of the dial really makes the blending process stressful because its all timed and I have to remember to press '+20' every time. I definitely prefer a dial. I also accidentally brushed one of the speeds with my finger once while the lid was not secure in place... didn't go down well. My fault but wouldn't have happened if there was a dial. I also enjoy the gradual nature of the dial.
Overall, the blender creates smooth blends (aside from tough things like frozen cauliflower), is hard to clean (when making nut butters), is hard to scrape down (even with the spatula) and is not worth the price. Its an alright blender, but not worth it. Would not recommend. Very disappointing :(

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Hello JoJo, My name is Francois, General Manager Froothie Australia. I wanted to thank you for being one of our thousands of Froothie global customers - we appreciate you chose Froothie and Optimum in your health and wellness journey. I would like to sincerely apologize for your experience with our product. I am surprised that your G2.3 leaves little bits of frozen cauliflower after blending and also surprised your coconut butter took more than 10 minutes to make - this should not have happened, as the product is a very powerful appliance with great feedback from clients and influencers all over the world. The smoothie function should work properly and leave your drinks smooth and flawless. I personally tried to check your case, but was not able to locate your order in our system. Please email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au with your email or order number so I could personally assist. I will be in direct contact with you in order to have the issues resolved immediately and to your full satisfaction. Regarding the cleaning aspect, I would be happy to send you a few tips and tricks via email to help you out. I understand how cleaning the jug can sometimes be such a drag but keeping a few aspects in mind will make the job easier. Please note, as we have sold tens of thousands of Optimum blenders globally, we can assure you a feedback similar to yours is very unusual. Optimum pride themselves on quality in over 40 countries and as their distributor, we can attest to this (along with numerous other industry experts). More details about Optimum’s strict Quality Control standards available on their website at www.optimumappliances.com. This does not change the fact that the product apparently failed you and I will ensure this is remedied ASAP. I apologize again if you feel we did not live up to your expectations and I want to thank you for the feedback you provided as it helps us to further improve our services. In case you have any other questions, I will be more than happy to personally help, so feel free to get in touch anytime. I sincerely regret these inconveniences and hope to regain your trust as a Froothie customer. :) Respectfully yours, Francois N. General Manager Froothie Australia.UPDATE (26/11/17): Francois personally called me to have this issue resolved over the phone. He was very accommodating and friendly.


Wow ! I am impressed with this blender. Got it today and first thing I did was soaked a cup of almonds for 5 hours ( can’t wait any longer) to make almond milk. I used top speed for the 60 seconds programmed, and the milk came out smooth and creamy . The pulp is so fine unlike the ones I got from my old ( spat the dummy) blender. Will try nut butter tomorrow.

The support service guys ( Paul , sorry only got one name), are really fantastic. They were very reassuring and calm and helpful on the phone, as well as live chat. Email response - not so prompt .

The delivery was super quick too in Auckland.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Had it for two months and today the blender has stopped working while making nut butter !, grrrrrr...I hope someone from Froothie reads this and get in touch. Not impressed ,,,Hello Sew, My name is Francois, General Manager Froothie Australia. I wanted to thank you for being one of our thousands of Froothie global customers - we appreciate you chose Froothie and Optimum in your health and wellness journey. I would like to sincerely apologize for your experience with our product. I am surprised that your G2.3 stopped working while making nut butter - this should not have happened, as the product is a very powerful appliance with great feedback from clients and influencers all over the world. I was saddened by the fact that you had this unfortunate experience, as I was very happy to see your above positive review posted in October. Please note, as we have sold tens of thousands of Optimum blenders globally, we can assure you a feedback similar to yours is very unusual. Optimum pride themselves on quality in over 40 countries and as their distributor, we can attest to this (along with numerous other industry experts). More details about Optimum’s strict Quality Control standards available on their website at www.optimumappliances.com. This does not change the fact that the product apparently failed you and I will ensure, just as I mentioned in our recent phone call, that this is remedied ASAP. I apologize again if you feel we did not live up to your expectations and I want to thank you for the feedback you provided as it helps us to further improve our services. In case you have any other questions, I will be more than happy to personally help, so feel free to get in touch anytime. I sincerely regret these inconveniences and hope to regain your trust as a Froothie customer. :) Respectfully yours, Francois N. General Manager Froothie Australia.Further to my comments above, I am extremely happy and satisfied that the problem I had with the blender has been resolved. Frankly, I have caused the problem myself without fully following the instructions properly. I would stressed that the support team has done an amazing job at guiding me thru the process of understanding the problem and ultimately resolving the problem. Their patience, knowledge of product, professionalism is outstanding. Francois The general manager gave me a call over Christmas period to check in on the issue, which was immensely appreciated. The whole experience was an example of what customer Service and support is all about. At no point was I blamed for the problem, which is is fantastically reassuring. Thank you Francois and the customer support team.

Good for making veggie drinks

We want a blender that can blend veggies as well as fruits. Not all of them do the work as some veggies are harder to blend. This one works well and you can separate the pulp easily. It's easy to assemble though the washing isn't such a chore because the machine dismantles easily and not too many parts to wash each time. The blending ability is good -- it does take some of the tougher fruits and veggies and makes a good job of it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Was well worth the price I paid.

Initially pre-ordered a G2.1 in May and on the website it stated that it would be about three weeks before the next shipment became available. After five weeks and now into June I rang Froothie NZ and enquired as why the delay and that the website G2.1 pre-orderhad been changed to end of June. The support staff bent over backwards to help and asked would I like to upgrade to a G2.3, this was the model that I initially wanted but it was too much at the time for me to purchase. I accepted and it was here in three business days, this is one machine that is worth the price and cannot have anything but praise for this machine as both my wife (who is a chef by trade) and our family have used it almost on a daily basis.
For people deciding on Optimum I would say do it, you won't regret it!

Date PurchasedJun 2011

Short circuited the power in my house!

After reading many reviews and not wanting to pay the price of a Vitamix I also opted for this blender. Whilst I wouldn't say it is quiet it is some what less noisy then other blenders I've had. It worked well for about 3 weeks until it short circuited my house and the power had to be reset at the electricity box. After that the blender would no longer work, I couldn't even get it to switch on. I'd like to think this was a random faulty unit but after reading the review of another person here from April I don't think so. Least to say I am disappointed because I've only had the blender for three weeks and when I placed a ticket inquiry through warranty, I was told to allow the blender to rest off power over night to see if it works again. This was incredibly frustrating because by that point in time it had already been 24hours. It took two to three days of back and forth communication before I was told I to send the blender back but that if it wasn't properly packaged and damaged in shipment it would be my liability and also if not cleaned properly there would be a $30 cleaning fee. I don't know how you can be liable for a blender that's already faulty! No one expects a product to break 3 weeks after purchasing it brand new. I think it's poor service to then turn the tables on the customer in terms liability for re-shipment and to return it to them to 'have a look at it for you.' I would have also thought an immediate replacement would have covered it, especially because the product became faulty within their 30 day money back guarantee. I'm very unhappy with the service at this point and the quality of the product. My old thirty dollar blender worked for years without being faulty, why pay $700 for something that doesn't work for more then three weeks. I was also upgraded from an order of the G2.1 as they didn't have any in stock.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi Jackie! I am glad to hear the Optimum G2.3 worked well however very surprised and apologetic about the fault you experienced and the service received thereafter As per our terms and conditions, any faults within the first 3 months of purchase are eligible for an immediate free of cost replacement. I am extremely surprised this was not the case with your matter, please email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au with your email or order number and I will: 1. Organise an immediate replacement to be sent to you even before we receive your faulty unit 2. I will investigate why our support representative did not apply our policy and replace your blender immediately. This must be due to human error and I, as the General Manager, take full responsibility Please note, as we have sold tens of thousands of Optimum blenders globally, we can assure you this fault is very uncommon, as demonstrated by the small number of reviews mentioning the issue (I only know of 1 other review). Optimum pride themselves on quality in over 40 countries and as their distributor, we can attest to this (along with numerous other industry experts). More details about Optimum’s strict Quality Control standards available on their website at www.optimumappliances.com. This does not change the fact that the product and our service failed you and I will ensure this is remedied ASAP Kindly awaiting your email to resolve this matter. You can also call me on 03 8609 2210 if you prefer :-) Have a great weekend! Francois N General Manager Froothie SupportThank you Francois, I'd like to add Francois rang me personally to attempt to rectify the issue. I was offered a full refund for the product which I opted for. I had to purchase a blender from a different brand shortly after my review because my diet depended on having a blender and I could not wait any longer. I'd say that the customer service from Froothie is quite responsive and they do follow up if you are unsatisfied with anything about the product you purchased.

Love my G2.3 blender!!

I use it for everything from soups, smoothies, juices, nut butters to nut milk. Quiet and creates great products. Couldn't be happier with it!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Quiet and Efficient

I originally purchased the G2.1 and though the results were good however the noise level was fairly extreme. Shortly after the purchase Froothie offered a discount on the G2.3. They made me an offer to do a switch and I accepted. The power, lack of noise and even the weight of the G2.3 is tremendous. I guess brushless electric motors for blenders is the way of the future. I use it quite regularly and the blender has stepped up on every occasion. If you catch it on sale buy it as it's well worth it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


I use my blender at least once a day and couldn't be happier! I was offered an upgraded from the Optimum 9400 to the Optimum G2.3 blender for an extra $99 and after talking with a sales person from Froothie decided to go for it. The blender fits nicely on my bench top without taking up too much space in my little kitchen and looks cool! I use it to make my almond milk daily and the result is beautiful creamy milk. My smoothies are a perfect consistency, blending up nuts, seeds, frozen fruit and greens perfectly. I have made delicious coconut ice cream with frozen bananas and used it to chop up nuts and seeds for my muesli. The machine is quieter than most which is great as I have a very anxious dog who freaks out with loud noises, although he does leave the room when it's in operation. All in all I am thrilled I purchased the Optimum from Froothie who's customer service is excellent in my view, and thrilled I made the upgrade at the reduced price!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
Further to my review above: I have not used my blender much at all over the past 12 months and yesterday decided to do a smoothie detox. About one second into making the second smoothie for the day the blender completely stops - this model does not have a reset button! This has happened once before but it did reset a few hours later, but not this time. The blender is not working at all, no display, nothing. I’ve called the froothie support number three times today, the first on hold for way too long, the second I left a message for a call back (which I haven’t had) the third I finally got through, I was told to go online and make a warranty claim which I attempted. I found the page , filled in all the fields and wrote my issues in the text box and pressed send. A blank page appeared telling me there was an error and try again, all the information had disappeared. Completely frustrated and disappointed after giving such a great review and apparently nearly 3000 people have read it! I hope someone from Froothie reads this and can provide me with some support!Latest Update. Finally got through by email to the support team and after several emails back and forth the support team from Froothie have sent me a replacement base. I asked if it was new and the reply was that they didn’t currently have a demo model so they were sending me a new one! I expected it would be a new replacement as mine is faulty and under warranty. On arrival (base only) it was obvious the unit had some minor signs of wear and tear so not new! I did a test run and had to select each option two or three times before the unit would respond and it did not respond at all to the pause option. So Froothie have now sent me a used and faulty unit to replace my faulty unit. I sent another email off to the support team and copied in the General Manager Francois Nassif. He replied briefly asking for 24 hours to investigate the matter and said he would update me in due course.

The silent ninja

Very impressed with my blender. Juices and smoothies are a dream to make. Now I am off to try som nut butters. Happy blending!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Fantastic Blender and excellent customer service

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this blender. Couldn't be happier. Great functionality, powerful and so quiet compared to other blenders. Handles everything you throw at it with ease. Best customer service I've ever received. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Trips the power......

As with other reviewers, after much deliberating and tossing up between an Optimum and a Vitamix, the big money difference, and the many great reviews online, swayed me towards the Optimum. I originally purchased the 2.1, but was offered an upgrade to the 2.3 as none were in stock. Too good to be true? (I now think so). I liked the look of the 2.3, maybe not as "sleek" as the 2.1, but still really nice. Also liked how much quieter is was than any other high powered blender I have heard before. Unfortunately, it has been nothing but a disaster, with my power tripping nearly every time the jug is either put on, or taken off, the base. When it works, it is fine, have made good smoothies, ice creams, hummus and soup, as long as I remember to turn it off at power point before touching the jug (I have many other high energy appliances, and never had this problem before). Better than a Vitamix I'm not too sure...
I contacted customer support straight away, and have asked for it to be returned for my original 2.1, which I am now being told is still a few weeks away (maybe longer). I was also told my 2.3 would be inspected/repaired and a new one given if it was deemed to have a major fault, which I found a bit annoying as I had already deemed it a major fault straight out of the box, surely an immediate brand new replacement is the only acceptable response??
I am considering just asking for a refund, and getting a much more expensive Vitamix. (which I do feel is largely overpriced, but maybe you DO get what you pay for?)
On the whole, a really disappointing experience for a still none too cheap item

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Dear Nicky, My name is Francois and I am the General Manager at Froothie Australia. I am very sorry to hear that the blender is tripping the fuses in your house. This is most unusual and very inconvenient. We take any quality issues very seriously so please rest assured that we will rectify the issue for your promptly. Could you please email me your order details and name to francois@froothie.com.au and I will attend to the matter personally. Kindly awaiting your reply :) FrancoisAs requested, I have emailed you, thanksAfter being contacted by Francois @ Smoothie, I give him all credit for going above and beyond in trying to resolve my issue, which I do appreciate, and restores my faith in Customer Service. Unfortunately, it came too late and I had already ordered another blender elsewhere, and requested a refund from Smoothie. I like to think I was unlucky in receiving a faulty unit, and when it was working, I was more than pleased with the blender. I would not hesitate in telling people to give one a go!

so far so good

Have only used a few times but works well. Very quite

Date PurchasedDec 2016

A Solid, Classy and Professional Blender

We upgraded from the Optimum 9400 to the Optimum G2.3 blender several months ago and couldn't be more satisfied. This is a very solid machine. It is relatively quieter but still very powerful. No more buttons to get dirty - this machine uses a touch screen display which is very easy to use. We use it daily for blending up mainly green smoothies. There are NEVER any lumps. It pulverises everything - no matter what. Highly recommended. The support team from Froothie are very helpful and supportive and obviously care about their product and brand name. Well done team.

June 2018 Update
Still use this machine every day. It still blends all foods exactly as it did when I first got it. No loss of power that I can notice. However, the display screen has disappeared until you push the on button (the display is supposed to appear when you put the jug on the base, I think. I can’t remember now how it used to be). Jug is increasingly difficult to clean despite following the instructions given. Blades at the bottom of jug are also difficult to clean properly.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

A pro unit

We had the THE OPTIMUM 9200A (2ND GEN) and upgraded to the new G2.3. The price difference is large. One of the best features for us is that the new unit is much quieter. At least 40% in my opinion. You also get a small second jug which is great as often you are only blending small items. Ie nuts which we do a lot of. This is a top end professional unit, so it is expensive to buy, but you do get a five year warranty and lifetime on the motor which is amazing really. Is it worth the upgrade price? Only if you can afford it as the 9200A was a great unit also.So we have not had this unit long but it is really very nice. If you cook a lot and use your blender a lot I would suggest a great long term buy. If you only use your blender once a week i think the 9200A is the choice. The unit is easy wipe clean which is important also, as long term some units with big buttons gets sludge and gunk on them and this is just wipe clean. This is also a deciding factor for us with the blender and makes it a professional blender.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Questions & Answers

Hi please what do I do to restore connection between the jug bottom and the top of the motor on which it seats? This great machine has been very helpful in my business...
2 answers
Sorry I am not sure what you meant. Is the machine not going at all ?Hello Tam, thank you for your message. Can you please contact our technical support team using this link http://www.froothieinternational.com/warranty.php and describe the exact issue you are having and they will assist you without further delay. We hope this helps :)

Hi Nicholas, Took down my review as the company are doing the right thing and replacing the 2.3 for a 2.1. Just wondered if you have tried nut butter in your 2.1 and did it work. Also how is the 2.1 in comparison to the 2.3 in regards to seeds in smoothys ? I also ended up with large seeds in smoothys from the 2.3 Thanks
3 answers
Hi Tiggy, That is fair enough. I have not yet made the nut butter. In regards to juices and smoothies I excellent so far. It still struggled with the protein balls - it did mix however - but the motor did start to burn. The g2.3 did not do anything and switched itself off. Over all happy with the G2.1. ThanksHi Nicholas, got my G2.1 today and made a smoothy same ingredients I used with the G2.3 but far superior results. Will have to try nut butter but like you very happy with the G2.1.Hello, Thank you for your feedback :) We are happy to see that you are satisfied with the G2.1. Regarding the nut butter, you can check out our online video where we make some nut butter in the G2.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLbOdSXzf6w You can also find some useful tips under our FAQ section - including the order of ingredients under "My blender won't start - what should I do?": https://www.froothie.com.au/blender-faq/ Nicholas can also share his feedback once he has tried his own nut butter. We hope this helps :)

Hello, Can you please tell me the actual HP for the G2.3? I am still waiting. I was told the G2.3 has more torque. Can you please also provide me the actual torque for the G2.3 vs G2.1 and the Optimum 9400.
4 answers
I went to the optimum websitr and they had a vomparrison between the various typesHi Bev, Thanks for the reply. Yes you are right. They do have comparisons. However they do not say what the Horse power for the G2.3 is. Please tell me where on the website can find this. They also say the G2.3 has more torque than the others. So what is the torque difference between the G2.3 and the other blenders. Again this can not be found on the website and no one from the company is answering these questions. It is retailed as a $2,000 blender yet they cannot answer simple questions. On top of that - they told me 3HP over the phone, and 3.8HP to another customer. Please read the questions and answers above. No one from the company is answering this question which does not seem right.Sorry Nicholas - no idea. Ask Froothie.


Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series
Price (RRP) $1,000.00
Dishwasher Safe PartsNo
BPA FreeYes
Number of Blades6
Number of Speed Settings 5
Colour / Finish Red, White, Silver, Black
Dimensions 515 x 455 x 383 mm
Power1,800 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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