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Optimum Puppy

Optimum Puppy

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My puppy prefers these to Black Hawk puppy biscuits

My 6 month golden retriever puppy loves these bikkies.
We used to buy her the Black Hawk puppy bikkies which she ate but she would never eat them as soon as I put her food out. She would leave it for 20 mins until she was really hungry to eat. They are the smallest puppy bikkies I have found on the market.

She doesn't vomit or have diarrhea when on them.

My dog loves these biscuits.

My dog is really fussy with what she will and won't eat, but these biscuits are one of her favourites. May not have as good nutritional value as more expensive pet food but you get what you pay for. It is a good inexpensive food that my dog enjoys.

0 stars!

I bought this for my 2 dogs. The first night they ate it and were vommiting, then the second night they barely ate any of the biscuits, which is not like them! Would not recommend!

Poison - Optimum should shut down!!!

Please do not give your puppy this rubbish food,
My poor poodle, she was so sick and vomiting.
She was not putting on weight. The vet was so concerned for her. She was always hungry, she would go and hunt for spider to eat because this food has no nutrition. The vet and pet store had confirmed that this food is the worst you can give your puppy, no protein or fats to help them grown.
As soon as I stopped giving her this rubbish she stopped vomiting. She had cooked turkey and rice with royal canin for poodles. In one week she put 100 grams of weight. Finally she is putting on weight. This product should be removed from the shelves.. I have made a formal complaint about optimum. Please do not give your dog this food!!!!

Loves his dinner

Loved it nothing left in his bowl thoroughly enjoyed it will definitely let my family know about this product thanks

Our pups love it

Our Maremma pups love this food. We find it to be one of the highest quality from the super market. As we can't always afford 80-$100 for premium food from the vet or pet store.

Best value

Great value product, high in protein and fat, been using this for long time without any problems, my puppy is very healthy and grown well, is complete and balanced with all the needed nutrients, nice solid poop too.

Would definitely not recommend!

Recently changed my pup to this food and he got extremely unwell and had an infection, we assumed he may have eaten something he shouldn’t have. Had him on a plain diet of rice and chicken for a week and he got a lot better, started him on this food again 2 days ago and since starting this food again he’s got the runs and is also vomiting everything up. Never had a problem like this with anything else only this food. Definitely not worth it to make your dog sick.

Swiss shepherd fav food

When I first got my Swiss shepherd I used optimum puppy and from day 1 she loved it.
I soaked it in warm water to stop bloat and to make it easy to chew and she found it great will keep on using it.

puppy love it

I reacently switch to this brand after some research. my Bichon puppy love it.
also the package has easy zip.

Heathy puppy

Our little fur child loves this product and is fit and healthy and growing up fast would highly recommend to anyone with a new fussy puppy.

ok, there is worse but there is a lot better puppy food on the market

Purchased this when we first got our mini foxie puppy and he would not eat the dry food all the time and is very fussy. The pedigree puppy food gave him the runs. This Optimum was ok - poohs not as runny, and he ate it sometimes, so better than pedigree. However, now we use Black Hawk moist dog food, and Nutro Natural Choice puppy food with Black Hawk dry food and he is much healthier, firmish poohs with little odour, shiny soft coat and a healthier dog all round who isn't as fussy with his food.

try intoducing it slowely

Have not tried this puppy food yet but to the people saying it made their dogs sick:
My vet mentioned when changing a puppy's food you must introduce it slowly, especially being a puppy because changing their food straight away can cause upset stomachs, diarrhoea, vomiting...

These biscuits are garbage highly NOT RECOMMENDED

I was using supercoat large puppy breed and didn't have a problem with the biscuits. When i went to purchase the biscuits again the lady at the counter highly recommend Optimum (BIGGEST MISTAKE) My rottweiler has the runs and I've got him on a biscuit only diet. At $65+ a bag.

Won't get it again

I get the large puppy dry food. The dog is not to keen on it. I can't stand the smell of it when I open the bag. The bag has a long time before the use by date but to me it smells like week old road kill.

Puppy was sick after eating biscuits

Our 6 month old puppy has been on the puppy biscuits since we got her, recently we purchased another bag and after every meal (only biscuits) she has thrown up everything almost straight away. We have fed her only rice for a day to find out what was causing this and no vomit, tried a small handful of the optimum biscuits 2 days later and as suspected she threw it alllaterNot impressed!!


Feed this to all our 4 dogs, 2 Goldens, sharpie, akita and every single one had running poo and vomiting. They were drinking alot of water. Now after 4 days of normal home cooked food one golden is still sick. This is absolutely garbage and will make your dog's sick.

And that vet s face on the bag what a sell out he is

Horrible, my dog won't touch it.

Bought a bag of optimum puppy food for my 7 month old border collie after my friend recommended it. It was TERRIBLE. Full of useless fillers and by products and my dog won't touch it. Ended up chucking the whole bag in the bin. Don't buy it.

Puppy likes it!

This was the first Puppy food we tried for our Bullmastiff pup and she loved it, up until she was 14 weeks old we would add some Puppy milk to the dry food and it went down a treat! she needs a little more convincing now , but still eats it well, she's thriving and has a beautiful coat, so in all, i am very happy with this product!

Works for us!

Puppy wasn't fussed on it in the beginning but he loves it now. We had no problems with excessive urination or drinking and had him house trained in a week or two after getting him. I don't however feed him much dry and prefer to hydrate it in boiling water daily. He has all systems working well.

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