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Oral-B Triumph Black 7000

Oral-B Triumph Black 7000

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Package too hard to open

I bought Oral B electric toothbrush at Big W last December. The hard plastic packaging was extremely difficult to open and I nearly gave up. It took ages,strength and strong scissors to open the package. I bought this product because I already have one that works well. I challenge the producers to open this package themselves so that they can see how tough it is.

Purchased in December 2018 at Big W Retail Stores for $39.99.

Very good toothbrush

After started using it I never went back to my manual toothbrush as I felt my teeth were more cleaner. I always use flossing brush head for normal brushing as I felt it does a better job than the normal brush head. Overall I am happy with this purchase.

Oral B is the ONLY one for me!

Oral B is the only electric toothbrush that I would consider buying. Ive had a few different models over the years. The only reason they've been replaced is because the batteries always eventually die quickly and need often recharging (over the years). Ive had this current one for about 4-5years now. And still going strong. I use it for our family of 4.

Not a good product

Got the product and charged it for 24 hours. Used it for day and a half (3 brushes) and the battery was dead on the 4th use. Charged it back up again and it was good for about a week before it started to give trouble again. Basically, the battery drains very quickly. After a month of use, I came to the conclusion that the bluetooth must be running and draining the battery. I'm at the point where I leave the handle on the charger all the time when not in use.

Fashion cleaning products.

First in the design of the black body to the eyes of a bright bright, while with the blue light, absolutely enough high-end atmosphere,Added a more user-friendly functional design--tongue coating cleaning mode, more intimate and practical. Improved smartguide, scientific 3D cleaning technology, the use of 40,000 times/minute before and after vibration + 8,800 times/minute rotation of the 3D vibration rotation, clean more thoroughly. Its clean, soft, polished, massage, tongue-brushing cleaning a total of 6 brush modes, with 3 minutes of deep cleaning,

It will make you more attractive.

Purchased this as a replacement (for the same electric toothbrush) after my previous electric toothbrush started losing power (After 2 years ..... expected). I'm just so pleased that they didn't change something with this toothbrush. It is an excellent toothbrush - plenty of power - reliable - and easy to keep in the cupboard whilst recharging.

Does the job, still going strong

Bought the Oral B 7000 from shavershop in 2014 and still using it to this date. Although the battery seems to have lost some charge and will need to be left on the dock after use it's still works like a charm. The good thing about this is the different brush heads available such as the orthodontic ones when I had braces. The different settings such as massage/tongue cleaner are a bonus however I rarely use them. Overall very happy with this toothbrush.

Good product but a bit pricey

This is only my second electric tooth brush but is substantially better than my previous one. Variable speeds help if you have sensitive gums, the torque really backs down. Price is indicative of the quality. Feels good in the hand.

cant live without it

This product has improved my oral health dramatically over the past 6 months, I no longer have sensitive teeth.
The features i enjoy about the product include the timer for each section of your mouth, the stand and the storage for tooth brush heads. The toothbrush comes with a stand, so is easily stored and the charge lasts me almost a week. Great toothbrush, wish I had bought it sooner.

Seems to be doing the trick

This is my first electric toothbrush and I am very happy with it so far. I like that it pulses every 30 seconds before the final two-minute warning. My teeth feel squeaky clean.

Great Brush, Good Features

This toothbrush replaced my old Woolworths Oral B electric.
The brush has a good feel in the hand but is significantly larger than my old brush which took a bit of getting used to but feels fine now.

You can notice the speed/power increase with this higher level model but I have not found it too aggressive on my gums and I use the floss X brush head for what that's worth.

The bluetooth functionality with the phone seems a bit silly to me but may work well for others
I do use the little bench-top display that comes with it one nearly all brushes as it really does help to motivate you to complete the recommended 2 minutes with each brush. Seems silly but my old brush had a 2 minute timer built in where as this one has 30s interval markers to help you stay in each quadrant for the appropriate time.

I have had no troubles with my teeth or gums using this brush, my last dental check was positive from my dentist. I have never had a cavity or dental work and aim to keep it that way.

Best so far

Purchased fro uk eBay
Worth the 3 week wait, saved $60
I've had a couple of same brand toothbrushes
This one just feels better in its action and leaves a better felling over mt teeth
Battery seems to last a week but I sometimes use the charger to store it on so so better life won't be an issue
Even if they fail this brand of toothbrush is easy to open and change batts (twist off the bottom using the charger spigot)

Great toothbrush not much battery life.

I love this toothbrush my gums have never been healthier than with this toothbrush. I also love the wall timer and the light on the brush indicating 30 seconds on a quarter of your mouth has been brushed. The only negative about this toothbrush it doesn't live up to the life of the battery it really only lasts a few days after a full charge. Overall a really great toothbrush.

Great Clean, Bluetooth a Novelty.

I never thought i'd spend so much on a toothbrush, but I'm not regretting it at all..

I picked this brush up in April of 2017 and instantly found it to be better than the previous Oral-B brush that I had.
It gives a much more thorough clean and noticeable improved the health of my gums within two weeks.

The battery doesn't seem to last as long as it used to (probably two brushes until I can notice it getting slower) but that's not a problem if you leave it on the charger, I only noticed it when taking it to hotels in the travel case.

The bluetooth feature is a novelty at best, I did have the application on my phone and it worked fine, but if you need to track how you brush you teeth on a calendar then you're probably not going to own this brush to start with.

Beautiful travel case and a nice looking brush with great cleaning power and 6 cleaning modes.

Super cool brush

Love this brush. Holds its charge well. Looks cool and my teeth always feels so clean after brushing. Only downside is so expensive the replacement heads are for all the oral b brushes particularly if you use the floss action one. It is for this reason that even tho it is a great product I rated it 4 star.

Best Toothbrush I have had.

I got this toothbrush on the 6th of January and the brush is amazing, it even looks nice and I want to use it. It charges well and stores well. The battery holds its charge aswell. its a really nice toothbrush, I love it!.

Best toothbrush ever

We brought this to give it a try as our friends had recommended it to us. We love that it had a two min timer to remind us and tit has lasted us for a few years so far.

Does a good job but recharges for a very long time with a bright light

I have had a number of oral B electric toothbrushes. This one does a good job, as have all the others. The big negative is that this toothbrush spends hours recharging after just one use. While it is recharging it has bright blue flashing lights and makes the bathroom look like a disco. This toothbrush does not show the charge level on the toothbrush handle either. Other Oral B toothbrushes do and I found that very useful.

There are better alternatives for less

I bought this toothbrush in December 2016 at my partner's insistence it would clean better than my existing Colgate Pro-Clinical C600 (which was much cheaper and therefore my partner assumed wasn't as good).

Well, the Oral-B certainly doesn't clean as well. My hygienist noticed immediately at my next quarterly visit. She actually asked if I had changed toothbrushes! I had assumed the Oral-B was cleaning more gently when in fact it simply wasn't cleaning as well.

There are however some good points about the Oral-B. It has a bluetooth clock/timer display that tells the time and also tells how far into the clean you are. If you have two of these devices (my partner has one also), you can program them to use different blue-tooth channels so they don't get confused. The toothbrush itself warns if you press too hard (a bright red light), it has different clean programs, and other nice little features.

But the bottom line is: It doesn't clean as well, and it's expensive. So it only gets an "okay" 3 star rating.

I have now switched back to the Colgate C600 which cleans beautifully. I am using the Oral-B as a clock.

Do Not Buy If You Are Living In Australia

I have not experienced the problems listed above re holding charge, etc. as mine is only new but I do know that the repair agent has said that they have received lots of returns on this item. My BIGGEST concern is that we are paying top dollar in Australia and only receiving a 0.9W charger instead of the 1.2W charger which is supplied overseas that is required for such a technical item. Why are we discriminated against? I agree that we do not require bluetooth - just concentrate on the necessities to make an efficient toothbrush that does not require a day to recharge. The one thing I do like is the angle incorporated into the head which does seem to help clean my teeth much more efficiently.

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Questions & Answers

My Oral B stopped charging 1 month after the 2 year guarantee period. This brush is expensive and one cannot simply buy another one after every 2 years. Does Oral B provide support to repair the battery or charger? What is the warranty period on this product?
2 answers
I bought it online from them and do not have the receipt. They said there was nothing they could do, although that particular model is only over a year on the market. So not only their product have fallen below acceptable standards but so is their after sale service.Look up your booklet or call oral b people and they will give you address to send to repairer post paid if still under warranty.Will repair or replace.


Oral-B Triumph Black 7000
CategoryElectric Toothbrushes and Flossers
Price (RRP) $329.00
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateAug 2013

  • MPN: D365356X

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