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Orange Power Air Fresheners

Orange Power Air Fresheners

4.4 from 19 reviews

A little squirt of freshness

The colourful bottles said ‘try me’ ,So I did. and found them totally exquisite , even my dogs sensitive nose can tolerate the fragrance and all my fish are wearing a smile .

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Online for $4.99.

Brilliant natural product!!

This is a brilliant product that doesn't send me searching for my asthma puffer or an antihistamine tablet. I have been using it for years. It's an Aussie product too!

Purchased in January 2019 for $4.20.


Best air freshener I have ever used.This freshener is the only one I have used that doesn't end up reminding me of toilet smells. It is amazingly fresh from start to finish. Awesome products.

Great Product

this is the best spray I have used for some time. It was given to me and I thought I would try it. Smells great and works for a long time. You can say its environmentally helpful. Would recommend you try it and make your own mind up. there are 3 varieties. Lemon and Orange, Lime and Orange and I think another one. Available from Woolworth's. Not cheap but can recommend.

Have now tried all 3 products and find the Orange and Lemon the strongest, but also sweet. Unfortunately not available from my woolworths as they only have the Orange, lime and straight Orange.The Lemon Myrtle variant is available from all COLES stores nationally. I hope this helpsGood to hear will check it out thanks for the heads up. Good products well done. it's great to find a spray as strong and lasts. thanks again

The best toilet spray ever!

After using the usual toilet sprays forever I bought the Lime and Orange Oil Air Freshener for travelling.
It is amazing! Covers up anything with a fresh natural scent.
My partner is also amazed by how effectively it covers certain smells. Now we use it all the time at home as well as travelling
Highly recommended!

a good product

A really good product, and made with natural ingredients. A nice fresh citrus smell which you dont mind inhaling because you know its a natural product, makes a good change from all the other chemical laden products.

Absolutely Love It

I’m in love with the fresh orange fragrance.
Smells like orange.
The fragrance wafts throughout the house.
Also, the spray bottle lasts a long time and I use it daily.

Best air freshener

I LOVE this product. Not only is it better for the environment, but it smells so much better and removes odours better than most aerosols. The bottle appears smaller than most aerosols but it actually lasts just as long (if not longer). Plus it's a good size to carry in my handbag and I always have it on hand for the car and for when I have to visit a public bathroom.

Just love this product.

I have this little spray bottles in my car, as I carry clients for my jib, and they comment on lovely and fresh the car smells, my little secret, its in use in my home and we as a family use it daily, I love the orange the best.

Not as good as it used to be!

The orange spray used to work brilliantly as a chemical free air freshener, however the last few bottles we have purchased recently are nowhere near as effective, the formula has obviously changed, such a shame!

Nozzle stops working

Great product and great scent. But how do you get he nozzle to work after it jams. I'm stuck with 2 bottles that are jammed. Its really frustrating. Looks like other reviewers are experiencing the same.

fabulous spray

have been using orange spray products for years and when needing to buy another air freshener recently, was upset cause we couldn't get it at our local store anymore. Had another look Thursday night and none of your orange power products are on their shelves. Can't find anything else that I am anywhere near happy with.

Perfect product

The orange scented spray is great, it doesn't smell artificial like most air fresheners & does its job with only 1-2 sprays. Because of this one bottle lasts a very long time. Really like that it's not an aerosol can.

Amazing for chemical sensitive people

I can't handle regular air fresheners, toilet fresheners, deoderants, perfumes, body sprays, shampoos etc. anything that is artificially fragranced with synthetic chemicals, but this I love! No irritation, no headaches, no nosebleeds or nausea, just *real* lemon/lime scent from essential oils with water and alcohol instead of propellants and weird lab chemicals. Please don't stop making it!

Good air Freshner, but faulty spray bottle

Have been using this product for years. Found it to be very good and like it due to its natural, chemical free qualities. However, I have had a number of freshners, where the nozzle stops working altogether and you are left with half the contents in the bottle and can't use it. Or, when you spray, the air Freshner will dribble down the bottle. Both problems are very frustrating as the product is quite expensive and you don't want to waste any.

It works

It costs around $3.5 - $4 from coles and woolworths and you only need one spray to fragrance a room for hours.the smells are pretty nice and seem very natural. Its good to keep around for those times when suddenly a bad smell appears and you have no way of trying to eliminate it.

Brilliant air fresheners that smell amazing

Easily the best air fresheners that I've ever bought. I get hayfever and other problems from standard air fresheners, but I don't from Orange Power air fresheners. They have fantastic fragrances, they don't irritate my nose and eyes, and smell so lovely I wish every home I went to had them.
They work really well at masking bad smells, they smell lovely, are safe and natural, they don't give me hay fever and other problems like most other air fresheners do, they last for ages, are concentrated, and you won't harm yourself by inhaling them (like you can with lots of other air fresheners)


I have bought the orange citrus fragrance one and its currently in the bathroom. It is a small cute bottle with a very big price tag! But I guess I am paying for the natural product, so cannot complain too much. The Citrus fragrance has a very strong orange smell to it, which lingers for a couple of minutes after I spray just 1 spray. I like the fact that its a non aerosol spray, so it really feels very natural when I use it.
The smell is a strong orange, but I guess its better than a strong chemically smell. I have had this bottle in the bathroom toilet for such a long time, but it still works like I bought it recently. So, it hasnt clogged or gone
It is expensive, but the small bottle goes a long way.

Questions & Answers

Can I buy this product in New Zealand or can I have it sent over. Judy Roderick
No answers

Where can I purchase it online?
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Not available online but readily available at most Coles, Woolworths and Independents right throughout AustraliaI do my online shopping with Coles online and order three at a time in my order.You should be able to buy them online through Coles or Woolies, also saw some Orange Power Air Fresheners for sale on eBay. They were all listed at $4.20, but unsure about costs for postage or order delivery costs from Coles or Woolworths.

I love this spray, one of my work clients has it, Sadly i live in New Zealand, Does anyone know if/where/how i can get this here?
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Seems on ebay are the only option at the moment, almost double the price but includes delivery. Also saw this possible option but you would need to look into it? Woolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket retailer, has launched its online store. https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/page/media/Latest_News/Woolworths_Launches_on_Tmall_Global Other than that sorry can't help you anymore. Good luck


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