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Oricom Secure610 Premium Digital SC610

Oricom Secure610 Premium Digital SC610

2.5 from 24 reviews

Poor customer service

I have no one idea who your reps are over the phone but they need to be retrained, i bought a 610 through a 3rd party and they exchanged it no worries they were greay sadly the replacement is still faulty so i call oricom i was told that for my troubles they would send me out the 520 the newer model to the 610 and send a prepaid slip to send my 610 back to them i get a call yoday to tell me this can't happen and they wont be doing what they said the friday of last week not only is this inconsiderate but poor customer service when i asked to speak to a supervisor i was told NO call back tomorrow... to top things off i have a 18month old and im nearing then on my second pregnancy so im in need of a baby monitor...

Over all good product

Over all - good product, does the main job - which is to alert us when bub cries in the other room while we wash the dishes or asleep.
The battery issue mentioned here few times is not significant to us. During the night the parent unit is next to our bed, charging anyway, and the battery is more than enough for the naps during the day.
On the other hand, the quality and volume of sound is less than ideal. However, it is enough to here the little one cries, so I guess that is what important.
The star show is beautiful (although at this point, our bub (7 months) doesn't really care about it....
Other issue that bothers me, but might not be significant for others - the volume of the music/white noise is too low, even when we get it to the maximum level (in general white noise really helps ours to sleep, but not the one from the monitor).
As I said - over all - we are happy.

Frustrated and disappointed

Purchased this monitor as I don't like the idea of video monitors. Ended up having to send this model back 3 times due to the parent unit not linking, now I just use it as a night light.
I've since purchased the newer model of this (520 I think it is) for my new bub, 3 months in the parent unit didn't link so I sent it back, they replaced it with a brand new one and after 2 weeks the units won't link again today. So frustrating!!

Faulty unit

Purchased this monitor May 2013. I wished I researched this product carefully. The parent control unit had been playing up for example when turning on unit, all LED'S lit up and on the LCD display ABCDEFG etc as it seemed possessed , then started beeping. The only way to stop the beeping was to pull out batteries. Also the torch light turned on by itself during the night. Called ORICOM today and was advised by them that I could replace batteries if that didn't fix the problems I could purchase the parent unit again for $90, as it was out of warranty by two months. NOT HAPPY. Purchase this product only if you want to risk throwing away your money

Disappointing unit that did not last

Purchased prior to my son's birth, as my sister had loved her oricom (an earlier model, which almost 5 years on, has not skipped a beat). Had I been able to locate the receipt post-birth, I would have returned it. Within 3 months the digital display had disappeared, and after approximately 12 months of use, the unit would no longer stay on for extended periods of time (even on mains supply). Now, after 21 months of use, it will not stay on for more than 5 minutes and I have to replace it. Extremely disappointing.

Hi Kirsten, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with this monitor. Unfortunately, from time to time, issues like this may occur however, your monitor is covered by a 3 year warranty. We also have a friendly, dedicated Customer Service Team who would be more than happy to work with you to sort through the problems you are having with your monitor. Please call us on 1300 889 785 and quote your reference HL56105 so we can help you out. Kind regards, Oricom Baby Care Oricom were very helpful in rectifying the issue with our baby monitor and the units actually have a 3 year warranty, which is very generous in my opinion. After being supplied with some replacement parts, I am pleased to report that the unit is again functioning as it should. Just in time for our second baby!

Poor quailty product - would not purchase this

Like others here the screen on the handset is no longer readable...which doesn't matter anymore as the on/off switch is now broken too. The on/off switch on the base unit has also been very temperamental since day one and needs to be pressed in a particular way to get it to work. Unfortunately have lost receipt or this would be returned.

Hi Darren, Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your unit. We would like to help you to get your monitor working for you again. Could we ask you to contact us with the following, either via email at support@oricom.com.au or 02 4574 8888 or 1300 889 785. • Full name, postal address and phone number • Serial number of unit – located in the battery compartment Your reference number is: HL55184 Kind regards, Oricom Baby CareUpdate - The parent unit has now been replaced by Oricom. Appreciate the level of customer service with this issue.

Design flawed

I purchased the original unit just over three years ago and since then have had to have the parent unit replaced another two times under warranty.

The fault was the same for each warranty claim and it has happened again, just recently with the latest replacement. I've given up replacing it and have tossed it.

The fault is with the parent unit failing to charge the battery whilst in the charging cradle, causing the unit to turn off. Also, it appears that the digital icons begin to degrade making it difficult to interpret the temperature of the room. Both features I consider critical for motioning my babies well being.

Considering the price I paid for the product and the marketing suggesting it is a premium product I expect more from Oricom.

I had no issues when dealing with the Customer Service team. I found the ladies I spoke to on each occasion helpful and empathetic.

Based on this, I do not recommend buying this product.

Broken unit - TERRIBLE customer service

I absolutely loved this product at first. The star projection and white noise is great, and torch on the back of the unit is brilliant. However, after only four months the screen broke, and the battery died. Trying to get help from customer service was a nightmare!! They were so unwilling to help, and there was never an apology. They have acted like I was an inconvenience because their product broke. They eventually agreed to send out a new parent unit - this one didn't even turn on!! Again, it was a massive inconvenience to them.... Thankfully, the shop I purchased the product from agreed to swap it for another make of baby monitor - they actually agreed quite easily because they hear the same story about Oricom all the time, and know they are a nightmare to deal with. Will not be purchasing another Oricom product again, no matter how good it is, it's just not worth the hassle if it breaks.

Sick of having to phone customer service with faults

This monitor is good when it's working. I have owned this for about a year but have only used it for about 6 months as my twin girls had been in my room until recently. I have phoned them 3 times with different issues and yes they have replaced parts each time but I don't have time every few months to call and wait for new parts. They have even replace the whole monitor once but still I am having loads of issues so surely It can't be that I got 2 faulty monitors? I'm currently waiting on batteries as they believe there is an issues with them now but I don't feel this is the problem but the lady from oricom didn't really want to listen to me and just wanted to get me off the phone. What am I meant to do in the mean time with no monitor and my girls room being the other end of the house! Wouldn't recommend monitor to any unless you have time to call them all the time.

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Hi Delly85, Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry for your continued issues with this product. We hope that the replacement battery resolves your problems. We understand your frustration at having to continually contact us but we genuinely would like to resolve the problem for you and thank you for contacting us to help. Sincerely, Oricom Baby Care

Sound is Great, Terrible Battery Life and Terrible Customer Service

I bought an Oricom610 baby monitor. I was very impressed with its features and the sound quality. However, after one month the battery life deteriorated. Once the monitor was taken off the charging dock the battery would last only an hour or two before it would beep and need to be returned to the charging dock. I rang Oricom direct and they said that perhaps the rechargable batteries might need replaced and that they would send them straight away. It did take 2 weeks for me to receive the batteries and in the meantime I had to ring up to find out when I would be receiving them. Once receiving the batteries the problem still remained of it having to remain on the charging dock. I rang Oricom direct again and was told from Oricom that it must be the charging dock itself and that they would send out a new charging dock. Once again I had to wait over 2 weeks for the new charging dock to arrive. In the meantime the off/on bottom would not work, which meant if the battery died completely I would be left with no working baby monitor at all. I rang up Oricom again and they said that if I sent the entire monitor back they would be able to check it over and that it would be a 3 day change over. I sent the whole monitor back this time costing me out of pocket over $18 for postage. It has now been 3 weeks, I have rang up twice to find out the progress of my monitors and told twice that it should be out by the end of the week, and it hasn't arrived. I rang again today and they confirmed that they had been waiting on parts for the monitor to arrive (which is great, but it would be have been nice for someone to have told me why the wait was taking so long). I have now been told that my monitor will be sent tomorrow and I should be receiving it by the end of next week. In total making it nearly 4 weeks of me having no monitor and me in the meantime spending money on a cheap monitor until this one was replaced. I am really unimpressed with the lack of customer service and the lack of communication regarding my baby monitors. I will not be purchasing an Oricom product again.
Sound quality and the monitors features
Batter life, chargin dock problems and TERRIBLE customer service regarding Communication

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Dear Vikki, Thank you for your feedback. This information has been passed on to our Service and Support Team to allow us to refine our processes for the future. Sincerely, Oricom Baby Care

Sound quality is good but lcd screen is terrible!

I have been using this monitor for 9 months. The sound quality is crystal clear. The handset lcd screen pixels have been slowly fading and since yesterday I only have 3 pixels on the screen so have no idea what the temperature is in nursery and how much battery I have left. Worst thing is that I got it as a gift and do not have the receipt to return it even though it is still in the warranty period :(
Crystal clear sound even in a two storey house.
lcd screen pixels fade so you have no idea of nursery temperature or handset battery life.

Hi Beaglemum, We are sorry to hear you are having problems with this monitor. Please call our Customer Support Team on 02 4574 8888 or 1300 889 785 and quote your reference HL43537. Best regards, Oricom Baby CareI was told by Oricom that it's to do with the batteries dying. If you replace it, it should be ok after. I am in the process of getting mine replaced to see if it helps. Mine didn't last more than a year and I had the same issue

Good features but disappointing performance

We have been using this monitor for 18 months. Battery life off the charger deteriorated rapidly after regular use. Within months we were lucky to get an hour off the charger. Replaced batteries with high performance Eneloop batteries and the same problem occurred. However, using those same batteries in another product and another charger and they were fine. Therefore, there's a problem either with the monitor unit or the charger or both. Recently, the LCD screen had dead pixels so it became almost impossible to read. Finally, a week ago the remote unit started randomly flashing lights and turning itself off, even with fresh batteries. Now its dead after only 18 months.
Good sound quality (when working), lullaby tunes and star projector
Poor reliability.

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Hi Tony, Thank you for your review, we are pleased that you are happy with the operation of the monitor other than the issues experienced with battery life. Battery performance will differ depending on the usage, charging patterns and operation requirements of a device. If you believe there is a problem with your monitor, please contact us on 02 4574 8888 or 1300 889 785 and quote ref. # HL41857. Best regards, Oricom Baby Care

Don't waste your money

I bought this because it is supposed to be a good brand & I liked the music options. I found the music functionality difficult to use and there was a poor selection of songs. I did like the torch functionality.
Then after two months the screen of the handset began to fade so I returned it.
Poor music selection

Not reliable!

This monitor was purchased by my father inlaw. Thank god I didn't pay for it myself! It was good in the beginning but it didn't take long for the volume buttons for the music to stop working but as long as we could hear our bub it didnt matter to us. But the battery life has always been bad! I mean 2-3 hrs max! And it just got worse to the point were now it turns off if we take it off the charger! On a few occasions we have woken up to our baby screaming at the back of the house because the monitor turned off while on charged! We have no idea how long our poor baby had been crying but given the state of him awhile! We have now had enough and have purchased another brand.
Being able to control the music & lights etc from the monitor
The battery life was not good enough nor reliable for use with a baby

What battery life

The units functions itself are great, however battery life is VERY poor, We have had 4 battery replacements and 2 complete unit replacements in 20 months. Customer service is great from Oricom every time, our battery goes flat after being off the charge for anything from 1 - 4 hours at times. I feel that this issues really let the monitor down, everyone I know that has this monitor has had the same issue. We have 2 other cheaper brands of monitors and don’t have any issues with their battery life, if they get to the bottom of the battery issue then the unit and its abilities would be fantastic! I also love the clarity and no fuzziness in the sound
Clarity and no fuzziness in the sound
Battery life is VERY poor and never last as long as advertised

Dear Stuart, Thank you for your review. Batteries, being a consumable item, have a life dependent on the amount of usage they are subject to, charging practices, and environmental conditions and as such they may need to be replaced at intervals over the life of a baby monitor. We are glad that we have been able to help you in the past and should you require further assistance or advice on the operation of your unit, feel free to contact us. Best regards, Oricom Baby CareI do realize that but 4 battery replacements and 2 complete unit replacements in 20 months is a bit ridicules when we have had other cheaper brands for the same time due to the size of our house and we have not had to replace Batteries, and they will last between 12 and 24 hours per charge, the best I have ever heard from your unit and we know of 10 or so people with them, is 4 - 6 hours from day 1 them 1 to 2 hours after a month or 2. Customer service is great from Oricom every time so I will just continue sending them back every time.These units are a joke, the latest one has only lasted less that 10 weeks. Unit want charge, and want link. Oricom stop blaming the batteries and change type or units. I will never buy Oricom again or recommend to any one

Battery is a little dispointing :(

The units functions itself are great, however battery life is VERY poor, and the nursery unit does not have battery back up! Our battery goes flat after being off the charge for 4 hours. These two reasons are really important to me and i feel that these two issues really let the monitor down, if these were changed then the unit and its abilities would be fantastic! I also love the clarity and no fuzziness in the sound
The torch, the muting abilities, temperature etc
Battery goes flat way too quick. No battery back up for the nursery unit

Dear MissKatz, We would expect that your battery, in prime condition, should offer many more in-use hours than this. Batteries do have a life span and this can be affected by many things including the charging cycle. We would recommend that you call our Customer Support Team in the first instance to talk this through: 1300 889 785 (cost of a local call anywhere in Australia) or 02 4574 8888. Best regards, Oricom Baby CareAre you able to tell me a list of the names of the lullabys that were on this particular device pleaseHi MissKatz, They are: 3 Blind Mice Brahms Hush Baby Night Night Twinkle Star Bird Song Calm Waves Hair Dryer Lake Sounds Ocean Sounds Summer Night Vacuum Clean Whale Song Womb Noise Canon in D Dream Chase Dreaming Night Music Pavane

Is not a long term device.

We turned this on when my baby moved into her own room and it worked well for a while. Eleven months later and we are experiencing power problems with both units.
On the baby unit, the cord comes loose on its own (not in an accessible area for the baby) and therefore it 'unlinks' itself until we then fiddle with the cord into the back and it turns on again.
On the parent unit, the batteries constantly run flat. I have heard from others that this is due to being on a charger for a large amount of time. Well, if my baby sleeps 12 hours a night, its going to be on that charger for 12 hours a night!
We dont use any of the functions except the star projections as a nightlight, which my daughter loves and even on the dimmest setting still provides enough light for you to see what you need to do in the nursery.
The Nightlight, as a nightlight is pretty useless to see by, but could be a comfort to a child.
The music is pretty poor choice. While soothing, some of the melodies start quite strong and 'out of the blue' and use to startle my baby when she was little, so we just stopped using it.
Star projection
Battery life, power pack on baby unit, poor music choice

Very disappointing

We purchased this monitor, happy to spend a little more money than planned to ensure we had a monitor that would last - for our baby now and anymore we may be blessed with in the future. A month ago, when my little one was 3 months old the portable unit was not charging properly. The only way we could get it to work was to 'jimmy' the power cord into the battery pack. Now bub is 4 months and the charging unit is not working at all. I thought we were covered by the 3 year warranty only to find the battery pack only has a 30 day warranty. Not recommended at all, we wasted $200.
Initially worked well
Bad warranty service, unusable after 4 months!

Thanks for your review and we are very sorry to hear of your issues with the Oricom SC610. Please contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you. Oricom support 1300 889 785 or (02) 4574 8888 and quote reference number. HL28317. Since posting my review, I have been contacted by a representative from Oricom who has been extremely helpful in resolving my issue. After replacing the batteries did not work, I have just been sent an entire new monitor. I want to thank Oricom for acknowledging there was an issue with our monitor, not caused by our negligence, and that there has been a prompt resolution. Thank youAlmost exactly a year on, we are having the exact same problems with our battery charging unit. This is incredibly disappointing yet again and shows that it must be a design fault in the product and was not just a one off for that particular unit. We will be contacting Oricom again. If there is no acceptable resolution, we will certainly not be purchasing another for our new bub due in 6 weeks.

Soothing Monitor with ALL the features

Product Review - Oricom

I was quite excited, recently, to have the opportunity to review a baby monitor from Oricom.

The monitor is the Secure 610 Premium Digital Baby Monitor, which allows parents to keep an
ear out for what’s happening in baby’s room when you’re at the other end of the house.

This is no ordinary baby monitor. It has many extra features, which make it a really handy thing to have in the nursery.

It plays soft, soothing music to help lull baby to sleep, and has a comforting night light which throws stars all over the ceiling.

My daughter Addi asks for her “stars” each night when she goes to bed and sleeps with them on. She loves to watch the stars projected onto the ceiling. The patterns change often so they show just
enough to keep her interested but not enough to keep her awake.

We have dance parties to “Twinkle twinkle little star” with her stars shining, even in the middle
of the day.

The lights are soft but clear. They are not bright enough to keep your baby awake, or make
them think it’s time for being up and playing in their room.

As a parent, I love that I can control features such as the brightness of the nightlight, the
excellent music selection and volume of sound coming from Addi’s room. I can do it all from
the parent handset from another room.

I am able to monitor the temperature of her room throughout the day or night, and the unit
sends out warning sounds when the room is too hot or cold. It gives me an extra peace of
mind and means that Addi is comfortable and can sleep restfully.

The monitor also has a nice little two way, parent talk back feature, so if Addi is particularly
unsettled I can reassure her that I’m nearby and talk to her till she settles herself.

There is also an inbuilt clock with an alarm function, which is rather handy if you want to know
what time you’re being woken. If you’re still feeding, this model also comes with a handy little
Feed Timer feature, for those who need it.

The “Secure” part of the monitor is the 120 auto-select channels, where you are guaranteed
the only baby you’ll hear is yours, which is comforting to know.

With the cool design and really useful features I would recommend the Secure 610 Premium
Digital Baby Monitor to all parents.
The alternating stars projected on ceiling, the soothing songs, parents model can adjust and turn off all features, ability to see tempeture in room and monitor, no interference with other monitors in area.

So far so good ;)

Love the new Oricom Secure610 we've recently purchased from Baby Expo, because our old units were very noisy. Baby unit comes with lightshow, nightlights and music. Also has Aux input for MP3. Ran a watt test, it only consumes 1.5watts which is even cheaper than running our GroEgg. Parent unit, love the remote control functions and how you can turn all the features on/off at your fingertips.
Everything so far, especially the noise interference factor. Oh wait, there are none :) Cheap to run too.

Update: Device is still going strong. Issues: All the LED pixels on my handheld are completely gone and this was an known issue for other customer. I am no longer able to use any of the additional functions because I cannot see the display. Battery is also extremely poor as Oricom sent me a new one and it lasted a year or so and it's always fully charged. Sound quality on the other hand is still by far the best we've used compared to other brands.Just found out to replace the battery for my Oricom, it'll cost $24 and the battery is only $14. Still loving the sound quality of the unit but starting to be disappointed with the product a little due to display issue and battery life.

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Questions & Answers

I have plugged it in its on and charging for the 24hrs before removing but i have a contastat shhushng noise coning throught the unit and it only stops when i press the talk button or when mute all is on how do i stop this???? I dnt want to have it on mute when im sleeping but i dnt want to be kept awake but the constant shhhushong sound
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Hi Anna, Sorry to hear that you are having this trouble with your monitor, please call us on 1300 889 785 and quote your reference HL75225 so we can help get this sorted for you. Kind regards, Oricom Baby CareI have no one idea who your reps are over the phone but they need to be retrained, i bought a 610 through a 3rd party and they exchanged it no worries they were greay sadly the replacement is still faulty so i call oricom i was told that for my troubles they would send me out the 520 the newer model to the 610 and send a prepaid slip to send my 610 back to them i get a call yoday to tell me this camt happen and theu wont be doing what theu said the friday of last week not only is this inconsiderate but poor customer service when i asked to speak to a supervisor i was told NO call back tomorrow... to top things off i have a 18month old and im nearing then on my second pregnancy so im in need of a baby monitor...

We used our sc610 for our 1st child and were very happy with it but we have just pulled it out in preparation for our 2nd and the lcd on the handheld device is unreadable? It should still be under warranty but can't find the original receipt. What options do we have? Regards, Bob
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Hi Bob, I'm not sure. Without proof of purchase it can be hard. My advice would be to contact the customer service team at Oricom to see what they can do for you.Hi Bob G, It may be possible for the store you purchased it from to provide you with a re-print of your receipt. Please contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785 for advice. Best regards, Oricom Baby Care

I have a SC310 that the receiver unit won't stay on even when sitting on the parent cradle. The red light is displayed to say it is charging and no matter how long it has charged for it won't stay on for longer than 2 mins. I have tried draining the batteries completely and then recharging and it still won't work.
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Hi Charlotte, It sounds like the battery may need replacing. Batteries are a consumable and, depending on use, may need to be replaced every 6-12months. To accurately identify the issue and for assistance in resolving, please call our Customer Support on 1300 889 785 and one of our friendly team will be able to help you.


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