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Oricom ULTRA550

Oricom ULTRA550

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How handy is this little beauty.

Have found this hand held extremely useful both while travelling or on the farm.
When travelling my girlfriend in seperate cars she takes it with with her so we can keep in contact as I have an Oricom uhf fitted in my 4x4.
When on the farm I carry it with me when around the property in case of emergency or I hurt myself to be able to call help as we have limited phone reception and there always have trucks in the area that would be able to assist.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
Hi Dingo, thanks for the message. We are glad to hear of your experience with the ULTRA550 and appreciate you taking the time to let others know. All the best with your future use. OricomCheers, not a problem

Little box of wonder

With being a long haul truck driver, the ability to have a portable radio is a luxury. With this small, but mighty radio, it’s been a real godsend, helping with hooking up multiple trailers, and helping to stay in contact with forklift operators while loading/unloading. It’s robust, after dropping it a few times, it bounces back and works like new. It’s easy to use, for me it was intuitive, and simple. It is lightweight for it’s size, easyily fitting in shirt pockets and being forgotten about. This radio does what it claims, with out any fuss or fanfare, I would definitely buy another radio when the time comes. Keep up the great work Oricom

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Lynton, thanks for the message. We appreciate your feedback on the ULTRA550 and thanks for taking the time to let others know of your experience with the unit. All the best, Oricom.

Love this handy little radio

Brilliant little radio that has become a key part our 4wd touring gear, and now loves in the car.
Small enough to keep in the glove box or the centre console, but still 5 watt power. It is so handy clear and easy to use, its become habit to grab to when ever jumping out. We've used it for spotting when 4wding, guiding back into the prefect camp spot (saves on the yelling and waving) and putting into the car of the one in the convoy who still hasn't got around to installing thier own oricon radio yet.
Highly recommend this taradio

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Scott, thanks for the review. We appreciate you taking the time to let others know of your experience and wish you all the best with your future use. All the best, Oricom.

The perfect travelling companion!

After having an Oricom UHF base unit in our vehicle, we chose the Ultra550 x 5 watt as a handheld unit for the times we were away from our vehicle. The unit feels good to hold and isn’t heavy and has a strong outer casing. It’s also small enough to slip in your pocket and clips nicely on a belt or backpack strap. We find it’s easy to view channels and settings even in bright harsh sunlight. The audio is clear and loud enough to be heard even while riding our quad bike, and the reception has been great and signal strength fine even when climbing in and around gorges. We occasionally use an external microphone which screws into place so it can’t work loose - this way the unit can be tucked away safely in a pocket and the hand piece clips nicely to your shirt. While we’re yet to use it with our tinnie, it’s nice to know it will survive being dropped in water with its IP67 rating. The battery life typically lasts 3 to 4 days on the tracks before needing a recharge, and the docking station meant it was easy to recharge while travelling in our vehicle. We were after a unit that could withstand the harsh and dusty conditions, and something that was robust should it get dropped when rock climbing or tracking about in sand, mud and water. Our Ultra550 hasn’t missed a beat and we’re more than happy with it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi there, thanks for the message. We were glad to hear of your experience with the ULTRA550 and appreciate you taking the time to review the product and let others know of your experience. All the best, Oricom.

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