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OZtrail Tourer 9

OZtrail Tourer 9

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An expensive purchase

i used this tent quite alot. I followed the instructions on how to condition the Material but still it leaked after heavy downpour and storm. After cleaning and drying it out i used it again and it leaked after another downpour. This time i had to wait until the rain stopped to dry it out but noticed something was a little smelly. My camp matteress had gotten wet and mould appeared under the matteress and around the joints on the floor of the tent. I took both back to where i purchased them at BCF and they were happy to replace them under warranty however after a short time again out camping the same thing happened to the tent. It leaked and leaked so i threw it away after conditioning this one too.

Great tent quick set up

Have owned this tent for 7 years great tent in all conditions, from beach camping to high country winter camping.
Rain, wind snow and sun shine. room for 2 people to camp for weeks at a time.

Fantastic Tent

We have owned many tents from dome tents to 2 room canvas tents. This is by far the best for a 3 day weekend for a family of four. It doesn't leak. It survives wild wind and storms. It sets up in less than 10 minutes. You can stand up inside it. We have owned ours for well over 8 years and its as good as new.
The only thing to be aware of is its size when packed down. Its not the smallest or the lightest but its certainly durable and sturdy..

Pole broke on second use.

Great tent. Have not used in the rain yet, but on only the second use, the wing nut on the pole snapped. Same happened on our other, more expensive tent, but, as it has a hole throught the roof, we just use a extendable tent pole. This one hasn't. It has a rubber stopper top and bottom, so we will have to buy a replacement pole.

Spacious and simple design Tent

I bought this tent from BCF for $300.
I have taken it out only once with no issues. It is very easy to set up and I find it very spacious as I am used to the small dome (crawl in) type of tents so this one is a nice change.
I have heard some stories that the canvas leaks and that it should be 'watered' a couple of times before heading out which i did. There is also some kind of inexpensive fluid that can be sprayed over the canvas to further facilitate the water resistant properties.

I have still not had it in any major rainstorms so i cannot verify its water resisting abilities but so far, the tent is a-OK.

I am giving it 4/5 stars purely because of the lack of use in the rain.

Don't Buy - Leaks Like a Sieve

I erected this tent and conditioned it in accordance with the instructions. After the second hosing I left the tent standing and noticed that when you touched the inside of the canvass my hand was wet. No other leaks. The tent dried out but before I was able to take the tent down it started to rain so I left the tent up. After 2 days the floor was covered with water from leaks around the roof and the inside of the canvass was damp. I contacted Oztrail who said what did I expect as the tent had been up two days in the rain - doh - not to leak. I asked if they sold flys and they said it was not needed.

Also how do you close the awning fly when you are inside the tent as there are attachments for the zips.

This tent needs a fly.

Do not buy this tent if you need a waterproof tent.


We have had ours for a couple of about six years, we are really happy with it. It is So easy to erect, it can even be erected by one person. We have never ever been wet or cold and we have been through some terrible storms. Will definitely get another when this needs to be replaced.
Easy to erect, warm, dry.
Where can I get a replacement carry bag?

Good little tent

I have had this tent for many years now and used it all around Australia. Its never leaked once even when using it during heavy rains that caused devastating floods in NSW a few years ago. The canvas is very thick far thicker then any of my other dad's canvas tents. It stands up to strong winds with no issues. One thing with the centre pole i found it slipped a lot with the weight of the heavy canvas and roof frame so i drilled a hole straight thru and put a bolt in it - never slipped again.
Very quick to put up especially if not windy roll it out, unzip the front/fly, put the bolt in centre pole walk it in and push it upright and bam your done.

Due to the heavy thick canvas and window design in extremely hot weather and high humidity (in Noosa for example) condensation can build at the top of the tent.
A little trick is you can peg out the side window awnings say 5 inches up to allow more air which is very cool way to keep the tent aerated but still have privacy.
Keep that front awning down when its raining if you don't water will pool on your roof.
I also stuff a sock in the power inlet to stop ants and things like that getting into the tent.

This is a fantastic little tent if you:
1. Condition it properly by watering it down
2. Learn all the little tricks to use it properly e.g. see above

Happy with this little tent and taking it down to Tassie soon again can't wait best $350 i ever spent!
Thick canvas, easy and quick to erect, great windows for privacy, breathability
Centre pole clamp doesn't hold weight easily fixed, front awning needs to be taken down when raining not a huge big deal

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UPDATE this tent is still going strong and ive had since 2009 now unfortunately we accidently pitched it on some broken glass in Tassie and it has had 3 small holes in floor which let in some water in heavy rain. I repaired them with seam grip and its back to being a great tent again! This tent is now like $650!! Canvas tents last an amazing long time, my parents still have the 8 sleeper we used 28 years ago!

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Questions & Answers

Could you tell me the floor measurements of the tent?
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I can't remember! - haven't used tents for 12 months - about to set them up for Easter - the important thing about the floor measurements though Is that you can't stand upright at either end due to the slope of roof - it doesn't seem to matter as you usual have the beds at the end or a table - the tent can easily accommodate two queen mattresses on either side of the middle pole with some in between room.The Oztrail tent I had ended up in the bin because after several days in the rain it started leaking badly from the roof in the middle of the night. Wind driven rail also can get in at the bottom of the windows flaps because there is no tension on them when closed. The Oztrail was great when it didn't rain though. I now have a Black Wolf Turbo lite FS 3 (3m x 3m) which doesn't leak, has cloth panels which can zip up to make sides (gussets) in the window flaps so you can have ventilation even if its raining, and has a part fly which helps to keep it cooler when its sunny . I live in FNQ so all that's important. The Black Wolf is twice the price of the Oztrail but in my opinion, worth every cent. Go to a store and check them out erected and compare. Happy camping anyway.


Tourer 9
Room TypeMulti-Room
Price (RRP)$599.95
Sleeping Capacity4
Release dateFeb 2012
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