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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze

Body Lotion, Body Spray and Bronze instant
3.7 from 53 reviews

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Haven’t been without it since I bought it!

I love this product! It doesn’t have that typical tan smell - it genuinely does smell nice. I love the shade as it really looks like a dark tan and it doesn’t turn out pale and streaky like other gradual tanners I’ve tried.

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo

Good but smells awful

I do like this product however the smell is very off putting. As a result I won’t be buying this again. I am referring to the Natural tan body lotion.

Stinks!! Itchy!! Rash!

Didn't take long to apply dried very quick but with minutes of putting it on the backs of my knees were on fire! Came out in a red rash and really irritated! Had to jump straight in the shower to wash it all off! Burning sensation stopped but rash is still there and feels irritated. I dont have sensitive skin at all and have genuinely never had a reaction to a skin product in my life and I've tried alot!!

Would not re buy this!!!!

Thought I'd have a change from the dove tanning moisturiser. Little did I know that I'd wake up like a zebra. I applied it in the exact same way I applied the dove but got the result of a zebra. Not a good look in 'shorts' season.

Good product..Be patient!

I have just recently started using palmers gradual tanning lotion having previously been a dedicated Dove gradual tan user. I saw a couple of good reviews, noticed the product on sale one day and decided to give it a try. I will say in my experience this lotion requires patience, i have fair skin and it took at least 3-4 days of applications for me to notice a tan. The colour is nice and natural and my skin feels great. I have had some problems with patchiness of colour on my legs but this is due to my skin type more than anything-I have really dry skin on my legs. I would recommend this product-a little goes a long way so it is good value for money also.
Again..patience is key-don't expect to see results straight away but when you do you will be pleasantly surprised..

New user - seems pretty good

My skin is naturally a little tan so I've never been interested or seen the point in a fake tan, until this summer for some reason. I bought the Palmers lotion a few days ago and I've used it 2-3 times immediately after showering and drying off. I have sensitive, irritable skin at the best of times, and often get itchy for no reason (well I'm sure there's a reason but I don't know what it is, my washing powder or something maybe). This product has not made me itchy, has not stained my clothes/sheets, and, so far, doesn't appear to be patchy. I use 2 pumps on each leg, and 1 pump for both arms. The smell is a bit strong upon application, but unnoticeable especially after putting on deodorant, perfume etc.

Streak Free Instant Lasting Tan!

I was surprised that such an instant tan would be so even and such a nice colour! It also surprised me and lasts multiple showers! It doesn’t take hours to cure and doesn’t come off in clothes. I am very very impressed.

I like it

First time using it, keen to see the results. Don't see any immediate tan but hopeful for the results. I put on around two layers on my skin, so this stuff is just a bit sticky. But it's good

Stinks... literally

the scent is so strong its overpowering to the point you want to wash it off after half an hour, on the plus side it dries quickly but the tanning results were not that impressive compared to Dove gradual tanning alternative

I'm orange and smelly

It has been the hottest days of the year recently and unfortunately I don't feel body confident to sport skimpier clothing but as it's been 30 degrees the past few days, I have no choice but to bare my legs in a pair of shorts. I haven't had the time or sometimes the motivation over winter to get slim and toned for summer. So in an attempt to look and feel better about myself I thought I buy and try out Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze, especially on my legs that resemble large raw turkeys. I bought this as I thought cocoa butter is quite good for the skin and the hint of natural bronzer would be a more subtle way of looking bronze compared to thick, cloggy self tanners. I applied it on as evenly as I could but as you can't see it straight away, it does make it awkward to see if it's evened out. To my horror the following day, I woken up and saw the colour of my legs now resembling the inside of butternut squash and it was dreadfully patchy. Although I washed my hands thoroughly straight after use as instructed, they were still quite stained and I'm also left with this sickly sweet aroma on me, kinda biscuity and at the same time the overpowering smell of the cocoa butter. I showered since then but I can still smell it on me. I do like biscuits and chocolate (one of the reasons why I'm not slim for summer) but I don't necessarily want to smell of it.

You can do better

the smell is like JUST BEARABLE. patchy if you don't spend a good 30mins trying to get an even application. good thing about it is it doesn't stain the bed sheets

Makes me itchy

I have sensitive skin so a lot of products make me itch but having read the reviews here it seems I'm not alone. It's a shame cause I don't mind the smell and it gives a really naturally looking tan. But I can't stand the itch.

Love it!

I am naturally very pale and hate the heavy, fake-looking spray tans on me, this product gives me a gorgeous, natural sun-kissed look that can build over time, it is very moisturing and like most fake tan, it does have an awful smell, though I try to apply it at night and shower it off in the morning and I've never noticed any staining in my clothing or bedding, as long as I wait about 10 minutes before dressing. I always exfoliate before applying my first coat and apply a little moisturiser to the dry areas before applying the tan, such as knees, tops of feet and elbows, otherwise the dryer, thicker skin tends to 'grab' the colour and can cause patchiness, but otherwise, this is the only one that works for me, the colour is perfect and I highly recommend it

Just no

Ok I've been using this for a while on and off and couldn't decide if I liked it or not. It very often leaves you really patchy and when I went to school with it on every one said I was orange. Takes forever to try apply evenly to your whole body. Not recommended.


I have been using this for years now and wouldn't change. I hate the look of heavy spray tans, and this product gives me an even, natural looking bronze which I love. Never made me itchy and lasts a few days with only a single application although you can build on the colour if you want.

Good tan

I like the tan that develops, I have even received compliments on my tan. I do find that the scent of this product can be a little sickly sweet smelling which is why I try other brands. Pump bottle is great for applications and not sure if Priceline or Coles still sell travel size versions of this gradual tanner but it would be a good purchase to see how you like this product.

Good tan but itches

I have used this product a few times & the tan is instant. The last time I applied it, I had just used my epilator on my legs. I began itching a few hours later & thought it was due to the epilator. I used it again today without the epilator & I'm already itching! I'll get it another go in a few weeks time to see what happens!

Love hate relationship.

the first thing I realised about this tan was the smell argh it is not pleasant at all while applying it but tends to wear off during the day. After you get over the smell this really is an amazing tan I love the colour and never leaves patches on m wears nicely and doesn't leave my sheets dirty.

Ugh not what I expected

My friend recommended this to me saying it would be great! I applied it and the smell is gross and is described as a biscuit coconut artificial smell. I put it on during the day and didn't really see much of a difference you till the next morning. The next morning it was patchy and resulted in rashes and it was also difficult to get off. I do not recommend buying this. I would suggest trying Bondi sands which I am yet to try out.

Fingers crossed

I have always found myself incredibly allergic to most self tanning lotions even those that are gradual. On my Mum's success and doing a patch test I applied this product 3 times over the course of 6 days. It was to attend a special event but I only applied it to my arms and chest as my legs are more sensitive. I had developed a nice tan the morning after the first application. Friends commented on the great colour. The day after the third and last application I developed a tiny rash on the top of my right arm but by then had attended my event. I am giving it a second go now, a bit over a week later, but will only be applying it twice over two days before my event as I think that will be enough. Find the smell a bit overwhelming but I think that is just my reaction to self tanners in general as I'm used to breaking out in a horrid rash from them. My husband thought it smelt like coconut and not at all unpleasant. Fingers crossed the rash may have been from an insect bite and not the lotion because it seems to work well.

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After sprayed !! How long must i wait before i can take a bath?
No answers

How do you apply it on the back of your hands without making them patchy between fingers?
2 answers
Apply some moisturizer first, in-between the fingers then apply the lotionthank youuu

Can you use this on your face too?
1 answer
I used it on my face, it was a smooth result

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