Value for money, it cannot be beaten.

I bought the Panasonic Model KX-TG6822 Duel handset after looking at quite a few models. I was not expecting much as it is not by any means rated highly or has a premium classification. Set up was very easy and I took special care to charge the unit for the recommended initial 24 hours to ensure a good lifespan from the rechargeable batteries. Easy to see screen, illuminated display and keypad lighting is also good with prominent number displays and good ergonomics. The unit is easy to navigate and the hands-free speakerphone feature is very good, as is talk time. The charger is great and shuts off on full charge automatically so one rarely picks up a hot phone due to constant charging. Ringtone and call volume is adjustable with acceptable sound volumes. I am by no means a Panasonic fan but in this instance, I was impressed with my purchase. Reliable and works well for what it is. The only negatives are the ringtones - way too kitsch or jazzy for me. Had Panasonic included a few traditional ringtone choices with this model, I would have given it a 5-star rating. Value for money, it cannot be beaten but time will tell as I've only had my set for about 4 months.

Purchased in November 2018.

Easy to use

Purchased this cordless phone on special to replace an old Telstra cordless. It's easy to use with good size buttons and it's good that it has a little icon on the screen to say I have a message on my 101 message bank.
The phone also has a loud speaker button making it easy for conference calling or talking hands free.
The caller id is great, it allows me to see who's calling, or I can filter who I pick the phone up too. If I have missed a call I can check the number or search the number that tried calling. Adding numbers into the phones phonebook is simple.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Kat, thank you for taking the time to provide the great feedback on your new cordless phone.

A Simple To Use And Set Up NBN (VoIP) Phone

Purchased my set from The Good Guys for $48 (on special) which is the same price as the single handset version at Harvey Norman.
Adding phone numbers is easy. The only difficulty I had was with setting the date/time when the batteries were inserted. The instructions didn't match what the phone was prompting. But I figured it out within a few minutes. I think I just hit the OK button to bypass the date/time setup and then manually went into Time Settings to do it.

Caller ID works fine. I tested this by calling the phone with my mobile. But note that if you are being called from a mobile that has its number blocked from being visible then you will see something like "unknown caller" on the Panasonic handset.

Ringer volume is nice and loud. It can be adjusted for both the handset and the base unit.
Ring tones can be changed although some are really cheesy! LOL. The best ones IMO are 1, 2 and 7. Tones 39 and 40 are Xmas ones. Good for Xmas I guess.
If you misplace the handset you can use the base station to make the handset ring.
Sound quality from the ear piece is loud enough at the default setting but can be made louder. The sound is clear.
Answering Machine - this is on by default and has a default message. Nice!! I didnt have to set one up. I think I'll keep the default one. Message playback is nice and loud and clear, and the volume can be increased or decreased. Deleting messages is simple enough.
Menu - simple to navigate.
ECO - I've placed mine in ECO mode to conserve power.
Handset is light weight and comfortable to hold. I was on the phone for approx 30 minutes and it didn't get warm.
Button and screen brightness are good enough for use in the dark.

Connecting the Panasonic base station to the NBN modem is simple.
Setting up VoIP on my NBN modem was as simple as following the modem instructions.
I was set up within about 10 - 15 minutes.
The good thing with the NBN modem is that you can go into Admin and see the calls you made and received and how long they were for. Nice!! No having to wait for your bill to arrive to see your calls anymore. :) Although if anyone has been using VoIP with ADSL previously then you probably already know about this.

I haven't tried blocking callers as yet so can't comment on that feature.

I most likely won't use the second handset therefore it will remain boxed as a spare if the main one gets damaged for example.
For $48 it's a good phone and has all you really need in a home phone (with answering machine), considering we mostly use our mobile phones most of the time anyway. I hesitated at getting an NBN phone at first but then decided that if my mobile died on me or if I left it at work, I would at least have a phone I could use at home without having to borrow anyone else's mobile.
The rechargeable batteries are easily replaceable too, if they start to no longer hold their charge after a few years. Also, rather than use the batteries supplied you could try to get hold of rechargeable batteries that hold more power, therefore your handset can go longer without needing a recharge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

But Jury still out...

Only just set the 'phone up and still to use.
Pluses: (1) pad easy to use even for someone with big fingers; (2) pad is well lit; (3) instructor's voice is clear
Minuses: (1) seemingly odd symbols with no obvious connection to the relevant function (but I'm not a smart-phone user); (2) instructions for basic phone/answering-machine functions were hard to glean from the mass of instructions. Surely phone manufacturers could devote part of the instructions to basic functions and the rest to advanced functions? I doubt I'll use 95% of the functions the phone is capable of and I think that would be the experience of a lot of people.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
I've bought another one (for another residence) which I guess is a vote of some confidence in the product. So ...unless something goes wrong with phone (2) my verdict is: Best Point - nice chunky feel in your hand and easy-to-use because of the big buttons. Worst Point - and I think another reviewer adverted to this - sound volume of incoming calls is a bit low but perhaps there's a way of turning it up? You can still hear ok but a few more decibels would make for more easy listening.Final verdict - product seems fine but you may need to be careful when putting the 'phone back in its "launch pad" because if it's not properly inserted it won't charge and you'll be wondering why there's a ring out signal but you can't ring out and you'll be reading the manual and getting flustered and then you'll go back to basics and ... the penny will drop.Both 'phones still going strong after 6 months. I like the fact I can use the 'phone with one hand i.e. hold the phone in one hand and press the buttons with thumb. Bit hard to hear Mum sometimes but that could be due more to her croaky voice than the 'phone?

Very disappointed, the screen goes blank 3 weeks after purchase and makes the phone practically usel

This is the second time this happens, i bought the first one in August this year and after about 3 weeks of usage the screen suddenly went blank and made the phone practically useless, you can't see the time and phone numbers dialled, all the settings incl. dial tone, setting up and changing features is impossible.
I returned it to the Harvey Norman Store and they happily replaced it without fuss. Now the exact same thing happened with the new one, i'm very disappointed with this phone which promised to be a simple and compact unit.
I had a few Panasonic phones in the past and never had a problem with any of them.
It seems that the quality has drastically dropped, maybe due to the change in ownership?

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Works well as a phone

Easy to set up,
Sound quality OK.
Small footprint so it doesn't need much space.
Works with NBN modem / router.
Menu system could be a little easier to use, but have never found a cordless phone any different.
Certainly was value for money as other makes were more expensive.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good Product

Purchased to work with my new NBN FTTN VOIP service which it does perfectly.
My VTech with supposed caller id wouldn't work properly and felt cheap.
The Caller ID on the Panasonic works and the phones feel like I have obtained value for money.
Easy to use and program with.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Charging Adaptor failure

Despite the phone unit being under warranty, one of the charging adaptor cables went u/s. Panasonic does not regard these as part of the warranty, does not stock them in Australia and a distributor they referred me to gave an approximate quote of $59 for a single replacement cable (without which the phone cannot be charged) and a five weeks wait for delivery. This is just $5 less than I paid for the entire unit with phones, cables and answering device. Don't rely on Panasonic spare parts.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Not that great

Bought these as my old phone finally died works great in every way except the volume is to low even when turned up to high and its very difficult to hear the other person,i found I had to go into a quiet bedroom and shut the door to try and hear what they were saying very annoying since my old phone was loud and I could have a conversation while the tv was on and kids were making a racket.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Good product

Very happy with the product so far, only been using for a week or so so it's a bit hard to tell you much about it at the present. Quality seens very good, answering machine works fine and clarity is good as well. Panasonic is a brand that I trust.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Works great with NBN VoIP

Phone cord goes into the Tel port of the ISP-supplied modem, if the modem has a VoIP function. Call quality on this end is just as good as, if not better than, the old phone service. But on the other end, people say my voice is amazingly clear. But I don't think this phone's feature of working in a power outage will work on NBN because NBN phone calls (which are all VoIP) go through the Internet connection, which goes down with the modem when there's no electricity. Oh well...

Date PurchasedDec 2015

It is reasonably good value for the price

I had this phone for more than 2 yrs. No problem and happy with it until yesterday. The hand set claimed that there is no power connected to "The Base" even the power supply is ok. After buying a replacement unit to use, I opened up the Base to visually have a look, I discovered that there were live 6 small cockroaches quietly hidden inside. Presumably they got in when they are much more tiny and may be stuck there or get in/get out daily for food ? They all got terminated with a gentle short insect pray (all inside a plastic bag) ... They could have eaten the wires (5V) or shorted something inside to cause the fault... Still working on it to see if the phone can be revived. !

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Update: After "rehab" the roaches and cleanup the mess the roaches done to the inside of the base unit with running warm water (5-10 minutes &use a very soft make-up brush ). Water was shaken out & dried with a warm hair blower and left overnight. This morning the unit works again perfectly (now I have a brand new unit I bought yesterday as a spare phone). In conclusion: themselves & their "mess" might have interfered with the electrical circuit operation, once removed it's ok, ie no physical damage apart from visual corrosion stain left on one of the metallic shielded component inside.

Do Not Waste Your Money

Bought these to replace an older set because we were unable to hear the caller. These were even worse!!! I am cross because I now have to re-visit the store which is 45 minutes away, half a day of my time wasted. Absolute rubbish, I am disappointed with Panasonic for allowing such inferior product on the shelves.


Cordless phones seem to be getting worse. We seem to replace ours on a regular basis nearly every year as something always seems to go wrong with them.
I always thought Panasonic was the best. This one is unbelievable you can hardly hear the person talking on the other end of the line. I don't know what to buy now. It is a real problem.

Died Just Out Of Warranty Again

The latest in a long line of cordless handsets that only last just beyond the warranty. This phone is also the worst in terms of annoying beeps, bleeps, etc. The charger connection seems to also be unreliable. Paid $15 for a new battery but no change. Now the handset just goes blank without life. Even if it works sometimes the numbers can't be identified by the phone when pressed.

Masterpiece of Rubbish

It took some firm convincing to receive a refund (of $69.00) on this product at my Harvey Norman Store; as it functioned just fine in store. Yet at home after 2 weeks I couldn't bare the thought of putting up with this masterpiece of rubbish for one second more, let alone the next 5 years or so.

Be that I'm tech savvy, had bought one other Panasonic Cordless phone (and appliances) before, my hearing and Telstra cables are not defective, this cordless phone model was beyond ridiculous to hear and have conversations with any sort of clarity – period! I suggest you keep your receipt because you may need it.

Plus had this phone model fallen off the back of a delivery truck – FREE; I’d kick it into a Rubbish Truck where it belongs! Please note that I’m not disparaging the good name of Panasonic, just this phone model – KXTG6822 (two handsets).

Redeeming features are; rechargeable batteries (included), and for me the setup was much easier than other cordless phones I’ve had.

[+] These rechargeable batteries are cheaper to purchase compared to others
[-] Highly NOT recommended

Worst phone ever don't buy it.

Bought this phone and for the first couple of months it was okay. Just okay. I don't have hearing difficulties but always found it was a bit quiet and hard to hear the other person talking even when turned up to the max. But the main problem started at about the 2 months old mark. It started crackling now it is so loud that you just can't hear anything. It's terrible. To be sure it was the phone and not the lines I swapped phones with my parents for the day. The Panasonic crackled like hell at their place and their phone worked perfectly at ours so not the lines. It's the phone. We have moved the phone and made sure there is nothing around it to cause interference but it still crackles. Unfortunately I can't find the receipt to return this heap of junk so now we are stuck with a phone that doesn't work and just using our mobiles. Will never buy another Panasonic phone again. Clearly their standards have dropped. Thanks for ripping us off Panasonic.

dont buy this if you want to use it

After buying this phone, it immediately became apparent it injects constant white noise ( a "shhhhhhh") sound into itself, being audible through the ear piece, and the speaker of the base unit. It is also audible in messages, and behind the built in voice of the unit.
During a call, the white noise can only be heard by you, not the other party. As such, it will drown out their conversation, and you'll find yourself asking them to repeat themselves over and over again as you could not clearly hear what they were saying.
I would not recommend this phone at all. It's going back for repair. In the mean time, I think I'll go buy a Uniden.

Quite Good

Once you work out how to use it I find it very compact and cost saving. Got it at a good price and find it fairly reliable. The idea of the answering system is great as you can turn it off & on when needed and any messages are easily detectable.
Inexpensive to buy and to use
Quite difficult to work out info from the manual but have eventually managed

Questions & Answers

I bought one of these units recently and have one problem. When setting the time I set it to our local time, GMT-8 hours. It stays that way for about a day and then the time changes to two hours fast. That happens to be Eastern Australian Time. I can't get it to display our local time despite trying setting it to our time less two hours, (so when it does its "correction" it would display our time, but that didn't work). There doesn't seem to be a setting by time zone, just manually entering it, but the "correction" always takes it to EST. Anyone able to tell me how to overcome this?
3 answers
No answers yet, but I've solved it anyway. If you have a similar problem look here: http://eng-au.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/43080/kw/Time%20setting/p/1638/c/45134Hi Bilnrobn, sorry we couldn't get back to you in time but glad to see you found the answer to resolve your issue directly.Yep, think I've nailed it. The solution was easy to find and to put to use once I worked out where to look.

where are this 'phone's instructions for use
2 answers
In the box it came in. I found the instructions to be informative, and easy to follow. Hopefully you did not discard the OEM box with those instructions. Failing that, I believe there is a download available on the Panasonic website.Hi Cadagi, you will find the operating instructions at the bottom of the product page on our website. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/household/cordless-phones/phone-with-answering-machine/kx-tg6821alb.html

Hello. Please advice on which Panasonic base station (for Voip) is compatible with the TG682 series phone? Thanks.
2 answers
Not too sure of what your request is but if I read correctly, you are looking to match a Panasonic KX-TG682 series phone to a Panasonic base station? If so, I think Panasonic would be best to contact for that information.Exactly. That's what i am looking for. Thank you.


KX-TG6822ALB (2 Handsets)KX-TG6821ALB (1 Handset)KX-TG6822ALB (3 Handsets)
Handset TypeCordlessCordlessCordless
Price (RRP)$79.95$59.95$99.95

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