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Thank you

Please give our thanks to everyone at Panorama for the concreting, we are very happy with it! Your consultant Arch convinced us that you knew what was needed for the driveway and paths around our new house and the result is even better than expected.
The concreters were only too ready to answer any of our questions before they started and then showed themselves to be true experts by producing a great looking job.
The guys who came after to cut joints and clean and seal the paving also seemed very professional and thorough.
Thanks again for a top job by everyone.

Really nice job a real enhancement to our home

Waited a while for our slate look concrete surface but the quality of workmanship was definitely worth the wait . Too hot this summer put their programming behind schedule. Really nice job appreciate the feedback for the scheduling of when the job will start. -Redwood Park SA

Don’t get David to do your quote, absolutely hopeless

David was a hopeless sales rep, everything is in the too hard pile unless it’s a newly built house they are doing a driveway for. He should be selling blinds not concrete. He has no idea, very uninterested in his job. Would not recommend

Customers are just a pesky nuisance to Panorama Concrete Paving

Our job isn't small. It will be a significant expense - something not to be entered into lightly. The lack of info in their quote screamed of a lazy, I-really-can't-be-bothered attitude; it lacked basic details. And it seems that answering even the simplest of questions that arose from such an inadequate quote was a real imposition on their staff. We were promised a response. A whole month later we still had no reply. We nudged. They still couldn't be bothered responding, let alone apologising for the unacceptable delay or their pathetic customer service. If that's what you get before they win the job, imagine the level of customer service after they get their hands on your money. A professional company with less contempt for customers will get our job instead.

Hi Ima, We are very sorry that you were not happy with the proposal we supplied to you. Unfortunately, you have chosen to write the review using the name "Ima Noymous" (I'm Anonymous), so we are unable to follow up on what occurred after you received our proposal, and provide a specific response to your review. We value feedback at Panorama Concrete Paving, as it helps provide a better service to all of our customers. At Panorama Concrete Paving, we believe that responding quickly and effectively to our customers, and potential customers is the main reason we have been able to trade continuously and successfully for more than 33 years. We also receive constant feedback from previous customers that one of the main reasons they decided to use Panorama Concrete Paving for their projects is the knowledge and comprehensive information we were able to provide them during each stage of their project. At Panorama Concrete Paving, we have a comprehensive website with numerous photos of our different concrete ranges, and we write twice monthly blogs on issues we think might be of interest to our potential customers. We also have an office with an internal display of numerous samples of our different concrete ranges (approx. 50) that is staffed with people ready to answer questions from potential customers and customers every weekday from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Our office has an external display that can be accessed 24 hours/7 days a week. Panorama Concrete Paving TeamJudi, your copy and paste responses to reviews are full of lame clichés, and offer nothing more than lip service. On this occasion you haven't even bothered to change the user name to match this site (or correct the spelling). I'll say it again, Judi. Lip service does not equate to good customer service. If you monitored the sales@ inbox properly, you'd know which customer you have failed to respond to several times. We only wanted answers to some very simple questions about your quote. It seems that was too much to ask. Your blurb here offers little more than repetitive, irrelevant information. It has a lot in common with the worthless information in your quote. We patiently nudged several times before becoming frustrated enough to leave negative reviews, Judi. You, or your sales staff, failed to respond to all nudges, but it seems you have plenty of time to respond to reviews. To me, that speaks volumes about your priorities; it's certainly not to your customers.Hi Ima, Everything I said in my response is accurate. Since you did not give us your proper name we are unable to zero in on what precisely happened with your quote. I say again we have been operating continuously with several concreting teams for 33 years in the residential and commercial markets. How could we have that record if customers are a "pesky nuisance" to us?

Excellent Work. Perfect Job Done

I recently had Panorama Concrete Paving do my driveway and perimeter paths at my new home in Adelaide. I'll be honest, I am hard to please, but Panorama more than rose to the occasion. The whole Company's staff and concreters did outstanding work in a most professional, caring and timely manner. They were quick to quote, as well as schedule my job. Nothing was too much trouble for them. We have the Platinum exposed aggregate at the front and plain coloured at the sides and rear paths. The work done is fantastic. It looks really great. I certainly say to everyone -- Get Panorama Concrete to do your job for you -- forget about the backyarders who never seem to answer their phone.

Concrete paving perfection

I am so pleased with the whole experience of having Panorama Concrete Paving do my paths and patio area for me. The salespeople, office staff and concreter who did the job were always courteous, attentive, listened to me and were quick and very professional in how my job was quoted and done. I have no hesitation in fully recommending Panorama Concrete to anyone looking for top quality work and attention to detail.

Not good enough

Rang on a Tuesday to speak to someone about getting a quote. Was told my message would be passed onto a salesman named [name removed]. 2 days later no one had called me so I phoned again. Was told that 'I have not seen any of our sales people for days". Asked if [name removed] could give me a ring. 24 hour later he rang and we arranged a time 7 days later for him to come to our house to see what we needed and talk through our options. 15 minutes before appointment he sent a text saying he would have to reschedule. No reason given. Had to change our plans to accommodate meeting him and then he cancels 15 minutes before? I replied to his text saying we would find someone else to do our job. He replied "good" Not good enough!!. Can't get over the fact that a receptionist says she hasn't seen a salesman for 2 days. Wouldn't a message be emailed or texted to a salesman who by the very nature of his job is out of the office?

We are very sorry this occurred. We are in the midst of training new front office staff and will ensure that they more fully understand the need to contact our Consultants about customer requests asap. Our Consultants come in to the office daily to collect their messages so we are at a loss to know why the customer was told that the Consultant had not been sighted for two days. Unfortunately on the day of the appointment with Markus, our Consultant had a medical emergency at home. He was told by his Doctor to take his wife to hospital. He also had two small children to look after. His priorities were not his appointments. He knows that he was not thinking as clearly as he normally would be and apologises for any inconvenience caused. Panorama Concrete Pavingsure...............if he had informed me of this medical emergency I would have understood. However, I can not understand how 2 days later he sent me a text. "WOW had to reschedule what a big deal!!! Yes your so important to me im really sorry. Get a life wa___r" Im happy to send it to you if you like? Not acceptable in any situation is it? Take more than a meaningless apology on here to repair any damage.

Great attention to detail, great result

Panorama recently installed the exposed aggregate driveway and paths for our new home. We were provided with great advice during the selection process which enabled us to pick a concrete mix and aggregate colour that matches the façade of our new home perfectly. Our job was quite complex because of the steep grade of our driveway and the team showed a lot of care during the site preparation and the concrete pour to get this right. We were also given the opportunity to be on-site with the team while the aggregate was applied, which meant we were able to achieve the exact finish we were after. Panorama showed great attention to detail, and we are very happy with the completed job.

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Hi Brett, Thank you for your wonderful review. We are very pleased that you are so happy with your new exposed aggregate driveway and paths, and hope that you and your family will enjoy them for years to come. At Panorama Concrete Paving, we have over 40 different samples of exposed aggregate, as well as many colours and stones to choose from and we are pleased that you were able to match the facade of your new home. We hope you will recommend Panorama Concrete Paving to your friends and family. Panorama Concrete Paving Team

Great Job! Very impressed!!

We were very happy with the work done by Panorama. It was completed quickly, and the workers were very professional and helpful. The colour of our driveway looks really good with our house.

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Hi Gillian, Thank you for your wonderful review. We are pleased that you are very happy with your concrete and that it compliments your home. We hope that you will recommend Panorama Concrete Paving to your family and friends. Panorama Concrete Paving Team

wrong colour and cracking

just a few issues we had with them.when driveway was dug out,panorama went way over boundry and dug too far into neighbours property,which caused issues.contractors were still boxing up as cement truck arrived,so water was added to mix in truck.truck waiting for way too long too pour.so cement went off.we wantf black,we got medium grey,so now cement has to be painted black.we also have alot of cracking.
would i use or recomend them,NO i would not.whole experience was a big dissapointment.a bottle of wine was offered as a appology,i refused.then a tub of black stain was offered which i said yes too,which neva arrived that was months ago.
did we get what we paid for no.
when u order black cement and u get grey,and u have to paint im every couple years to get black.not good enough.

Hi Georgy, We are very sorry that you are disappointed with your job. We strive every day to leave our customers with concrete paving they can be proud of and enjoy for many years into the future. It is not uncommon in the concrete industry for concreters to add a minimal amount of water to the concrete while it is still in the concrete mix truck to increase the slump and workability of the concrete. Our concreters are experienced in this and have a good understanding of how much water to add to the concrete. It appears you are referring to sealing your concrete. Many of our customers choose to reseal their concrete paving every couple of years as it refreshes the look of the paving and protects against stains. Panorama Concrete Paving Teamwould be wonderful if my cement looked like the little thumbnail picture you have there in your response!The driveway in the picture was completed over 10 years ago and still looks great today. We are happy for anyone to go and see for themselves. We are also happy for people to view your paving Georgy and make up their own minds.

cracked in 24 hrs wrong colour second rate job fobbed off by Panorama management

job cracked with in 24hrs,was continually promised by manager he was trying an epoxy resin to fill cracks this went on for more than 12 mths still no repairs done,other work done at same time had miss matched concrete colours they high pressure cleaned it with acid this resulted in burn marks on concrete,only way to solve problem was to paint concrete,acid went onto new pebble pave and stripped the sealing off,to date they have not come and resealed driveway.Overall a total waste of tens of thousands of $.I would suggest any warranties they give of no cracking etc are not worth the paper they are on ...be carefull ..be very carefull.

Hi Grant, It is always a disappointment when we become aware of a customer who is not happy with our work. We do not offer any warranties against cracking in our concrete. However, we do everything possible to prevent any cracking in our concrete by using 25 MPA strength concrete, a higher grade mesh and more control joints in our concrete. All of these measures exceed the standards set in the Australian Standards (AS 2870—2011). We believe it is best to leave a hairline crack alone rather than try and fill it with epoxy resin. Hairline cracks will open slightly in summer and close up in the winter. If we fill a hairline crack in the summer, then when it closes in the winter, the fill will be forced up and will look much more obvious than the original hairline crack. Finally, as this customer is aware, they have an outstanding amount still be paid – approximately $6000 for work we completed in good faith and as per the contract signed by the customer. Panorama Concrete Paving Teamwe do not owe any money to Panorama pattern Pave,we also have a certificate guaranteeing no cracking,our cracking was confirmedinwriting by Boral that it was an installation fault by Panorama contractor.The crack is approx. .5 cm wide,hardly a hairline crack,but they would not know that as they have never come and inspected problem.You did not pay us the full amount for this job. You paid short by $6000. Boral say they never write letters to customers confirming or denying anything and you weren't even their customer, you were our customer. The Australian Standard says that there are issues other than the quality of the concrete which could be involved causing widening of cracking in concrete which is several years old.

Fantastic! Love the job, Highly recommended!

From my initial conversation with Panorama Concrete Paving I felt confident that I had chosen the right company to complete my renovations.
The sales staff were professional and arrived promptly, Michael made the whole process easy to understand and allowed me the opportunity to put in my own input and ideas.
I am very happy with the completed job and would have no hesitation whatsoever using this company in the future or recommending them to family and friends. A job well done!

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Hi Julie, Thank you for your wonderful review. We are so pleased that you are happy with your concrete and we hope that you and your family enjoy it for years to come. At Panorama Concrete Paving, we always welcome input from our customers and we are delighted that you were able to customise your concrete to your satisfaction. We will pass on your comments to Michael. We are sure that he will be pleased to receive your kind feedback. Panorama Concrete Paving Team

Appalling Product and Customer Service

It took three attempts for the sales representative to get the quote right. I paid my deposit and waited almost three months before the work began. The specifications provided to the earthworks contractor were incorrect.

The concrete was laid on two separate days. The first portion began to crack before the workers left the site. Reported to owner who stated it was normal. The concrete continued to crack but I was told this was normal. The second portion has also cracked and the owner denies both knowledge and responsibility despite being told on more than one occasion and being provided with photographs. The cracking now covers at least 20% of the surface area.

I tried to obtain the batch sample reports from the supplier Boral for our engineers to examine was refused. The owners have not demonstrated any willingness to resolve the issue and instead immediately resorted to engaging lawyers.

Engineers report states

It was noted on site during the inspection that various exposed concrete paving edges were of a rough, honeycombed appearance. This is a sign that the concrete not adequately compacted by placement, screeding and finishing processes. Adequate ‘working’ of the concrete during placement did not occur to achieve adequate levels of compaction.

The reinforcing mesh in the incorrect position, the strength of the concrete pavement has been reduced significantly. With the mesh being in contact with the surrounding soil rusting of the steel had occurred. The steel reinforcing can be expected to further deteriorate.

The long term durability of the pavements has been compromised. It is the opinion of this office that in order to achieve
external concrete pavements which may be considered as ‘fit for purpose’ with a reasonable life span, the external pavements in question should be replaced

Litigation commencing

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The review says “it took several attempts for the sales representative to get the quote right.” There was only one quote and it was accepted. It took several attempts to get the drawings correct because the customer rejected his newly installed pergola, which was sitting on part of the area to be concreted. We had to wait until the issue with the pergola firm was settled and a new pergola finally installed. We could then check measure the site and produce drawings. At this stage, we added the customer to our normal waiting list. The review says “I paid my deposit and waited almost three months before the work began.” The customer held us up, not the other way around! See above – we could not install concrete paving until the new pergola was in place. The review says “The concrete was laid on two separate days.” For over 30 years, we have controlled how much our concrete teams pour in a day to ensure quality finishes. There was nothing unusual or different about pouring at this site over two days. The review says “the first portion began to crack before the workers left the site. Reported to the owner who stated that it was normal.” The customer complained about a 1mm shrinkage crack. The concreter on site phone the office, who arranged for a Boral Technical Consultant to visit the site to inspect the pour as a precaution. Boral confirmed that the shrinkage crack was minimal and a normal part of the concrete pour. The review says “the second portion has also cracked and the owner denies both knowledge and responsibility.” We have no record of the customer contacting us again at this time. The review says “I tried to obtain the batch sample reports from the supplier, Boral, for our engineers to examine but was refused” Due to privacy issues, no company can just hand over their paperwork. Boral did however supply a letter that the batches were correct. Engineers Report. According to the report, the engineer was told that the concrete pours happened on very hot days. This is incorrect and can be easily be proven incorrect with delivery dates from Boral and evidence from the weather bureau. According to the engineers report, the engineer was told that the control joints were not cut into the concrete for weeks. This can easily be proven incorrect by our staff records. In fact, we arrived on site to begin cutting the joints too early, as the concrete was still too green to cut. As to the rest of the engineers report, we are having another engineering firm with wide experience in concrete work inspect the concrete paving, as we have some concerns that the report is incorrect. Finally, we are not the only business this customer has had a problem with – he sacked his first builder and at least two other contracting firms, as well as the above mentioned problems with the pergola. In view of all of the unsubstantiated accusations made about us, it does appear we may need to go to court. In all the concrete work, we have completed in over 30 years, this will be a rare event! Panorama Concrete Paving Team

Appalling job!

Wrong color originally with transparent sections. Then they painted over it and it bubbled. they had to come back repeatedly. Levels all wrong and so uneven that we can't even put an outdoor table in the area without chocking up one leg by at least 100mm. Customer service and after care is non existent. Once they have your money they don't care. I have told everyone I know not to touch them. Please be warned.

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Hi Dawn, It is unfortunate that you were so unhappy this time with our product and services because you were so happy with the first large job we completed for you. Unfortunately the person we sent to seal your job used far too much sealer on the concrete paving which caused the sealer to bubble. We don’t know what you mean about transparent sections because the concrete itself is coloured. However too much sealer on top may look transparent. We did have to come back more than once to fix this issue which rather contradicts your statement “Once they have your money they don’t care.” For over 30 years we have collected payment after the concrete pour before the concrete is sealed. The fact that we “had to come back repeatedly” surely does show service being given after payment. There is also a letter on your file offering a free reseal in 2 years if required. Issues with the levels of the concrete paving. Your Builder’s plan included a drain in the centre of the area. To get correct fall into this drain the concrete had to be raised at the edge by approx. 30mm. In such a small area this meant all the area was sloping making it difficult you say to sit a table on but anything less than around 30mm and water would not drain away correctly into the drain. Could we have removed the drain? Your Builder thought it was required. If we had removed the drain water might have backed up against the house in winter. Another issue affecting the slope of the concrete was that at one end the concrete had to abut to existing concrete in the carport which was higher than the path. Therefore again the concrete had to rise to meet the carport concrete. Could we have had a small step down from the carport so that the concrete could be flatter? The Australian Building Code is against what it calls trip steps – anything less than a full sized step is considered a trip hazard and we endeavour to follow the requirements of applicable Australian Standards and the Building Code. We are very sorry were not happy on this occasion with our product and services. Panorama Concrete Paving Team

Great job!

We recently had our driveway installed by Panorama concrete in an exposed aggregate style in ash colour and we couldn't be happier. The job looked great from day one and once sealed looks amazing! Highly recommend this company based on our experience with them. Displays and service are difficult to beat in this industry..

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Hi Mark, Thank you for your wonderful review. We are very pleased that you are so happy with your exposed aggregate driveway and hope that you and your family enjoy it for years to come. At Panorama Concrete Paving, we recommend that all of our customers seal their concrete, as it enhances the look of the concrete while protecting against stains. We hope you will recommend Panorama Concrete Paving to your friends and family. Panorama Concrete Paving Team

Communication is terrible, took four months and still not happy.

Paid deposit in September 2014. Finally laid in January 2015. Cracked 2 days later. Was told it would be cleaned 2 days after laying, and yet again, there was no communication and no show. I cannot even begin to describe how abysmal their communication and customer service demeanour is, and how stressful and inconvenient the process has been. And its still not finished.

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