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Peg Perego Siesta

Peg Perego Siesta

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Awesome chair! This made meal time for us so much easier for our two children.

We used this chair for our two children, from about 4 months to close to 3 years. The chair has been amazing, it is so versatile to be comfortable reclined for a young baby to be lowered so a toddler can sit up to the dinner table in it.

We had this chair for 5 years, being used for two kids. The chair was very durable and is fairly easy to clean. For cleaning we pretty much only used a vinegar spray. The tray removes for easy cleaning in the sink which is a godsend! The cover does come off for hand washing if there has been an accident in the chair.

The chair is one of the more expensive chairs out there, but it is definitely worth the money. For the record after 5 years I have just re-sold the chair with great ease for $150.

Very bad high chair and service

Got this high chair from baby bunting online on boxing day and took a week and half to arrive, and it was broken since I open the box, the recline function was completely broken, when I put my 3 month old daughter in, it fell. That freaked me out, it is dangerous and not safe to use. I sent back to baby bunting after a week due to I am not able to carry it by my own with the baby, but peg perego company refuse to exchange, they took it to repair instead. And it took more than a month. I got nothing to use for my daughter and when it came back it was scratched, old looking and dusty. It looks that it been used over years even I didn't use it once. Also they didn't provide any details about repair, we don't even know what's happening and what they have done. I am so worry the seat is going to fall again.

For the product with that price, I am very disappointed. Think before you buy, don't put your babies in that poor quality high chair. It does looks great, beautiful but the quality is so poor and service is bad. Don't let looking fool you. You can have a better high chair.

Practical and stylish

Great highchair, very practical and stylish.

Peg Perego Siesta is a very stylish and practical highchair.

It features an adjustable chair with "eco" leather which means it's easy to clean and you don't feel guilty getting it dirty (for its price!).

The harness/safety belt keeps bub strapped in nice and snug and it breaks into 4 pieces meaning baby doesn't get caught or tangled when taking him out of chair!

The table is detachable so you can use the chair as something else other than an eating aparatus.

I use it to keep bub still while I hang the laundry!

The highchair also features "stop and go" buttons on each side if the frame to safely move baby from location to location. Just behind the buttons are red buttons to collapse the hind wheels which is great for packing and storing in the corner of the house.

The Peg Perego is priced on the higher end of the scale, even more than the Stokke which is what I originally wanted, but to be honest the Siesta, which says it's made in Italy (that has to mean quality right?!) has been such a pleasant and welcome surprise to use that I have to say it's worth every penny.

Pros outweigh cons

Adjustable seat height is great and made it easy to spoon feed my child and then have him at kitchen table as he got bigger. Love the double tray - I remove the top tray after gets dirty from his meal and still have a clean tray for dessert time! Padded seat is fantastic and easy to clean. We have used hard plastic high chairs when out and they leave red marks on his legs - with the Peg Perego we don't have that issue. The high chair looks great and the grey seat ties in with rest of house which is a bonus. The guard piece between my son's legs is fabulous especially for a wriggler - less anxiety that he will slip out while I strap him in. As for other reviews, the negatives are that the straps are hard to clean and the lack of 4 swivel wheels make moving it difficult. Also if you are not standing at the right angle, the tray can be tricky to insert. As it is a little pricey, would be great if chair had a higher weight limit - 15kg means it won't last as long for us as we might need.

Perfect Features

It is very hard to move. You must hold down 2 strong buttons at the same time to move the 2 wheels only. The other wheels are stuck in the one direction. as well it's already best defined here as a <a href="http://babyhighchair.net/peg-perego-siesta-highchair/">Peg Perego Siesta high chair review</a> as long as it's having the cleaning, travelling feature I am in love with it same time my baby is happy :)

Excellent for use from newborn

My son started sitting with us at the dinning table from newborn. At 6.5 months he could hold his own bottle, so I would use the recline and sit next to him for his feed. My neice who is 4years can sit in it as well. Cleaning is fairly easy. A bit pricey but worth it.

Completely impractical

This high chair is so overpriced and impractical the tray is too high and you always need to put a towel underneath bubs bum to get the right height and then the straps become too low and can't be extended enough. It is very hard to move around the place and the tray doesn't line up properly so you always need to put the tray on with 2 hands to bend the sides back and line it up properly. It's also annoying that the arm rests don't move up I can't fit it under my kitchen table as bub can't get in close enough to the table and if I move the chair down she will be way too low and I can't get her sitting any higher as the straps aren't long enough. It is easy to clean except for the straps as they don't all come off easily it looks good but I would rather it be practical to use.

Great high chair, would be better with swivel wheels!

I really like this highchair. The recline on the seat and the ability to have the seat at different heights is great. My little one seems really comfy in it at 5.5 months old. Wish I'd bought it when he was a newborn! The only improvement it could use is to do with movability. The 'stop and go' system is fine but because not all of the wheels are swivel wheels it can be hard to steer the chair where you want it to go. I find myself doing a lot of 'three point turns' to move the chair about the house. I knew this would be an issue when I bought it though, so I'm not too disappointed. Overall, I really like this chair for the sturdiness, comfort and ease of cleaning it provides.

Beautiful... but so, so impractical.

We bought this as first time parents. I was sucked in by a beautiful demonstration video (which mind you did not include an actual baby) and loved the apparent versatility of it and the aesthetic. When it came down to it, I loved it initially, thought the cleaning wasn't that bad but we did have to put a folded up towel in the seat so my son could actually use the tray rather than it being at armpit level.

Then a friend gave us an Ikea highchair which we decided, at first, to use when eating out on the deck... it required no booster from a towel, was way easier to clean and easier to move around. It quickly became our default highchair!

We never actually used the reclining functions on the Siesta, the wheels are designed such that it is very difficult to steer and there's a notch on the base that means it won't wheel over any sort of uneven surface (e.g. change between floorboards and carpet) and has to be picked up which is cumbersome and heavy...not to mention dangerous if there's a child in the chair at the time! We never folded it away (toddlers eat at least 5 times a day!) and the lower straps are fixed so quickly became grubby. To clean the top straps properly I found I had to remove them and put them through the washing machine!

Overall... yes... it is pretty. But it is VERY expensive and completely impractical. None of the 'features' such as reclining or wheeling around or folding away were very helpful for us. The Ikea chair now lives by our dining table and this one only gets pulled out if we have guests with another toddler for a meal. It's about to go on Gumtree and we'll buy a second Ikea one (for <10% the price!) to have on hand.

Sleek and high quality but not very practical

We've had this Siesta chair for 2 months now and I still cannot definitively say whether I love it or hate it. I can say that I HATED paying $320 for it. It’s ridiculous for a piece of equipment you’ll most likely only get 2 or 3 years out of (if your on your second and LAST child) and has a lot of negative aspects. I would’ve been much more settled on this product if it was just more reasonably priced or if it was absolutely perfect. (Even tried looking for it second hand, but just couldn’t find one in our area). There is the model down from this that was $100 cheaper but it doesn’t have wheels and it doesn’t go down as low as this chair (and we often eat down low, Japanese style). Besides that we also decided to get this chair because the back support bar (with the pivoting wheels) is designed to be lower so its not as intrusive on space as much (we are in a very small unit so saving space everywhere is highly important to us); basically you're less likely to trip over the back legs if you need to climb over it. Also I like the back pocket that's on the chair, as opposed to some other brands that have a big obtrusive hanging basket underneath.

Besides price, the other thing that annoys me is that most of the time I’m holding the baby in one hand so I need baby equipment to be one handed. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if you’re not tight on space and you can leave this open all day but we live in a small inner city unit so this needs to be folded and unfolded all the time. To unfold you need to hold down firmly on the red buttons with TWO hands. This high chair won’t budge unless you also press firmly down on both buttons with TWO hands and only the back wheels swivel so you’ve got to do this awkward hold down and spin around to get anywhere, again, not easy when you’ve got a screaming hungry needy baby. To do a full turn also requires HEAPS of floor space! To move it high or low your also required to hold down two buttons with TWO hands..

It still is the most slimline high chair available with different features. Its definitely not bulky and clunky and flimsy compared to others. You’ll definitely feel a difference in quality when you test run the other’s at baby stores. But I feel like it wasn’t road tested by real mums, who don’t have the luxury of having BOTH hands available at all times. LOL. So while its is as compact as they could get it, it requires HEAPS of room at home to manoeuvre and operate easily.

Excellent, but could use some refinements

Had this chair for a couple of months now. Our LO loves it (9 months old). Easy to clean (even with baby led weening) lots of positions to put our LO in to suit his mood. (We removed the straps as wasn't needed)
Raising the seat up and down is easy with baby seated, but with no baby in the chair raising the height is difficult, if it had even a little spring loading it would be much easier, as it is now you have to place your foot on the bottom frame to hold it as you raise the chair, then it tries to fold up on you. That's my only complaint really.

The rest that many complain about is simply getting used to it, we find the auto lock of the wheels fantastic, it took a while to get used to it, by ten times better than manually lock wheels, with out the auto lock we would be chasing a high chair all over the place (wooden floors).

The removal tray and lock mechanism is great once used to it, over all our LO and U.S. love this chair.

Don't waste your money!

The highchair is pretty and the seat is easy to clean however, the lower part of the harness is fixed which makes it impossible to clean- especially as my baby has just thrown up!!
I am very disappointed. I've had the highchair less than three months and wish I had listened to my friends who said get a cheap ikea one!

Great high chair.

Comes in great colours, very easy to clean, good harness & bar between legs to keep baby from sliding down. Baby loves this high chair and has actually fallen asleep in it before. Looks so comfortable. Is a bit expensive but I think it was worth it. I'm very happy with this purchase after a lot of research. Is a little hard to steer but not that bad.

Mixed feelings

Initially we LOVED this high chair, it is ;aesthetically pleasing, comfy, safe and sturdy and our 5 month old daughter loves sitting it it, unlike many of the other chairs we tried. However the arms are bent so the tray does not glide on/off easily (which we were going to ignore becuase we loved it) and after a week of use the front wheel keeps falling off.

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Hi Nicola, thanks for your review. Can you please give us a call on 1300 131 477 so we can discuss the tray issue you're having with you in further detail, thanks in advance, the Babylove Team

I ADORE this highchair!!!! Best purchase!

Ok, so I'm a first time mummy and I researched every high chair on the market to find a great one. I'd already bought a $100 ikea highchair which I hated, and so I wanted one which would be awesome. I googled, I went Into stores, I did my research. After looking at all my options I bought this one, the peg perego siestain in cacao.
What I love :
The look. It's so stylish, it doesn't look ridiculous at my dining table.
How easy it is to clean. It wipes clean and looks pristine after every messy feed.
My baby is so comfy in it! From the adjustable recline to the adjustable footrest... She's so comfy.
The tray! The removable tray is the BEST.
The sturdiness. It locks in place and does NOT move.
I swear, Everytime I use this chair i thank God I bought it.
The bad :
Ok ok so everyone mentions the two wheels which don't move. yes, it's a bit like moving a BBQ but it really doesn't matter and you get used to it. Plus, because they don't move, it does keep it sturdy so I can forgive that design flaw.
I LOVE this highchair. Like I stupidly love it. I love everything about it. And I'm so glad I forked out a little more and bought it. Hope that helps someone!

Hard to move, Easy to clean

I've had the chair for over a year and it has some positive and negative aspects. It is very hard to move. You must hold down 2 strong buttons at the same time to move the 2 wheels only. The other wheels are stuck in the one direction. I loved the folding up idea until I found it quite unstable once folded, especially with a baby crawling around. It falls over easierly. It is very easy to clean with all parts removable. I like the double tray, makes it really easy for cleaning. Safety buckles are good to use. I think the baby finds it quite comfy. I like the design but may have chosen a chair that was easier to move.

Good high chair but hard to maneuver

Bought this chair for our 10 months old boy. It has good design, very steady, with double trays and under both trays are smooth surface made it easy to clean. Needs little space when folded. However, it's quite heavy and only 2 back wheels that can turn 360 degree, not the front 2. When being moved, both hands have to press on "stop and go" button at all time. Terrible to move on carpet esp when your baby is still sitting on it.y

Fantastic High Chair - worth every dollar!

There are too many great features to list for this high chair! We purchased this because of the height adjustment, recline option (which is fantastic when administering meds or when bub is tired and you want to put them somewhere safe to relax before dinner time), and the comfort factor. We have a very tall baby (in the 98th percentile and a lot of the other highchairs just didn't have the growing room). We have found this high chair to be easy to clean and nice to look at (what thing that I felt was important given that I was going to be looking at it in our kitchen/dining room for the next 2 years+ ! We bought the chair in beige and it looks great. After I initially bawked at the price, I found it well worth the money after the first week.

Great high chair

We bought this for our newborn daughter as she is unsettled at dinner time and she now lies in it while we eat. She loves the bright orange, she lies there staring at it. So easy to wipe down, I like how the dinner tray attaches to the rear of the frame when not inuse. Easy to use harness and folds flat and stands freestanding.
Easy to clean, bright colours, can use from newborn
Expensive, heavy to lift and have to use two hands to push down buttons to push it around.

Fantastic. Love it !!!

Fantastic - absolutely fabulous highchair - not only do I use this as a highchair for feeding my son and have done since he was 5 months old - we also use it as a playchair when it's on its lowest setting - he will nap in it, play in it, read his books in it - and watch his little dvd in it.

It is easy to clean, to move about, looks great and I love it as does the baby.

Pricey but well worth it.

Beautiful and well designed.
Looks, easy to clean, comfy, like the recline, height adjustable.
Net at back broke upon first use, not easy to move around, heavy to pick up to move.

Questions & Answers

Just bought my peg perego siesta. Really disappointed with the tray. It does not aligned with the unit. Cant pull it out or push it in with ease, ev3n with two hands. Can this be fixed?
1 answer
Hi Dhipa, thanks for your question and concerns. We would recommend that you contact Peg Perego directly at asistenza@pegperego.com for further advise. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

my high chair table wont fold up anymore, so I cant put it away. Is there anywhere I can take it for service? Or maybe a problem solving page. The number 1 under the tray doesn't do anything. It moves up and down, but doesn't make a difference, the tray still does not budge :-(
1 answer
Hi Susan, thanks for your question. I would recommend that you contact Peg Perego at assistenza@pegperego.com for further assistance. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

How are you supposed to clean the bottom straps ? All the others come out easily. This is very impractical as my son has thrown up on them and the smell is impossible to clean out because they can't be soaked
1 answer
Hi haileyjolena. I can't really help as haven't been able to remove the straps and so I just use a small bit of detergent on a chux to scrub them clean. I've only had food to remove so far! Perhaps add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil or vanilla on a cloth and wipe the straps - might help mask the vomit smell.


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