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Penrite technical customer service is apalling

I have been a faithful Penrite customer for years and have always found their technical support to be beyond excellent in the past. For example, viscosity at real-world temperatures that actually matter (like an Australian Winter cold start at freezing point) is far more relevant to me than the published figures on their website of - 30 degrees centigrade and 40 degrees centigrade (the former never relevant and the latter temperature too high for the first critical moments during a Winter cold start). So previously, Penrite were more than happy to provide these extra figures (which in turn caused me to change from one of their 0W products to a 5W one as the 5W flowed better at freezing point than the 0W one did). But apparently not so nowadays. A recent query of mine asking the same question for the Ten Tenths 0W-20 oil and several other Penrite oils for comparison, the response received was: "No, this info is not determined.Cheers Penrite Tech Support". And it was CC'd to "All Penrite Tech".

Well if asking such a simple question is too difficult for Penrite then I will go elsewhere. There are plenty of good oil companies around these days but what used to make Penrite stand out in my experience was the whole Australian thing and their previously great customer service. But after a reply like that, CC'd to (apparently) all of their tech people (what, so they can have a laugh at the expense of their customers or something??), then I will be spending my hard earned money elsewhere.

Other oil companies are very transparent and detailed in their technical enquiries and Penrite used to be as well. Not any more apparently if my experience was typical.


Perfect for high performance built track engines.

I’m currently using the 20w-60 ten tenths and found this to keep fantastic oil pressure at high temperatures. It also runs my engine cooler than other oils I’ve been using. Even tho I have a built racing engine the one thing I have found is that the viscosity at high temp has little loss and the oil still looks as good as new after each race meet. I highly recommend this oil.

Car2015 VF SSV Sandman Ute LS7 7.2 litre 442.1ci
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Hi Jay, Thanks so much for taking the time to review our product. We are glad you have had a positive experience.

Good product

I used to use valvoline synpower and found the engine used to get very loud lifter tick but after switching to ten tenths penrite the lifters are completely silent. One time the temp gauge got to 100c from idling too long and needing a new fan clutch but the lifters stayed completely silent even with the extra heat on the oil i did not notice any difference in sound or any oil burn as it held up to the heat. Does not burn a drop of oil even with continuous full throttle acceleration.

Car1997 audi a8 3.7L v8
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Hi Marshall, We are glad your switch to our 10 Tenths oil has improved your experience. Thanks so much for taking the time in leaving us feedback.

5w-50 AUDI 1.8T this oil I have found to revitalise AUDI/VW turbocharged 1.8t engine

I deal a lot with the audi/vw 1.8t and I found this oil (5w-50) by trial and error when I had to deal with a high mileage 1.8t 300,000 km. I was having trouble with this engine as it would blow smoke and I had trouble getting oil pressure once warmed up. It gave me the oil pressure I needed hot and cold where other high viscosity oils would not flow at cold start and gave cold start lifter tick. I also had problems with oil burn from turbo seals and shortly after using this oil the oil in exhaust disappeared. This oil is very quick flow on cold start (I first noticed that it poured very thin when adding to the engine- this is a good thing, it needs to be thin on cold start) I now recommend it to all my 1.8t customers and have had positive feed back that it has given the same results in other 1.8t. I also run many 1.8t with e85 and high power high rev turbo 4cly at 500hp.
It DOES have Hi ZDDP which is great for the 5valve per cylinder 1.8t with its old school cam lobes direct driving the lifters- BUT long term use will not do your cat any favors - I mostly run e85 so my cats do very little work and I'm not concerned.

Carseveral Audi VW 1.8t from 1996 to 2005 and most are tuned from 200-500hp
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Thanks for the feedback!

Best on the Market

I use racing 10 in my s13 Race car and early on in its development we had cooling issues (rad was too small) and the Penrite racing 10 held up perfect even in extreme temperatures, Now we have car sorted oil temp and pressure is perfect. Also the fact it is a true synthetic oil makes it a no brainier for my car.

CarNissan SR20 Turbo S13
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Hi MAuto Racing, Thanks so much for taking the time leaving us a positive review! Glad to hear that our 10 Tenths Racing 10 has helped!

Can't speak highly enough of it

Using the 10W60 variant in my turbocharged 626 (was using 10W70 before being discontinued). Lifter noise non existent. Builds pressure quickly and maintains during extremes of operation. Blown head gasket and head was perfectly straight afterwards, some of which I attribute to the properties of this oil. Can't review it here but my wife is using another synthetic Penrite product and has negligible compression loss after 280,000KM of use.

I used to be a Castrol user but Penrite products seem to result in quieter engines with less wear. Being Australian owned is a side bonus.

Car1983 Mazda 626 FE-T
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Thanks for your support Albinus

Best I've used by far.

Been using the racing 10 on my 1993 R33 gtst with 300 rwkw for years. I've owned this car for 14 years now. Used to use that French brand but not anymore. Keep up the good work Penrite. What a way to Support An Australian company and get a great product.

CarNissan Skyline R33 GTST
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Thanks for your support Mickr33!

This oil saved my sportsbikes life..

My fireplace needed new cams at 100000 klms and 8000 klms later my mechanic informed me that the new cams were showing slight signs of wear.he suggested using a oil with high zddp zink.within 30 klms after changing to 10 10 ths racing 10 I noticed a huge difference in power and economy.thank u penrite.

CarCar 1000rr 07
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Thanks for the kind review Fawksie

Great engine oil

I have been using PENRITE 10 RACING 10W40 Engine oil in my 07 Evolution 9 for over 2years now. Never encountered any problem, oil burns or leaks nothing whatsoever. Car is slightly modified with 251kw @ all wheel. Engine is very quiet, very smooth and power and torque delivery is great. I switched to Mobil 1 0W40 a couple of times in winter and I didn't notice any difference. I replace oil very 5000km or under. I had to contact penrite in choosing the correct oil grade they have been very helpful and very prompt and spot on.

If you love your car then penrite will keep it running smoothly for miles and miles..

They are a bit pricey especially of the grade I need, but I don't think people buy EVO and feed her with inferior quality Engine oil.

CarMitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
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Hi Don, Thanks for leaving us a positive review

What a smoothie!

Using this on my BMW 528i In-line 6 cylinder, upgraded from 10W50 HPR. Engine is smoother and much quieter with no top ups needed until after 8,000kms. I now change engine oil every 7,000 kms. Have tried other oils, Shell, Everyday plus, Castrol and they are all noisy and require constant top ups from burning. First class product , will keep your vehicle running tip top. An oil test is determined by what comes out at oil change time, if there is a better oil than this I have not tried it yet.

Car1997 BMW 528i In-Line 6 cylinder. 295,000kms
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Thanks for taking the time to review us Jimbob

Top Of The Food Chain In Oil

By the way I love your racing 20 # 20/60 oil, it's one of the best 100% PAO & Ester, full synthetic oils I have used in a long time. My hq Monaro loves it and I use your 10/40 in my vy sv6. I have used redline amsoil torco used them all Penrite it's as good if not better as for the price very good value for your money just know this "Good oil is not cheap and cheap is no good."

Car1971 hq LS monaro 333cu 5LT
Hi Monaroman, Thanks for your kind review.your oil as come a long way and now i have no need to pay for over priced imported oil your making the best synthetics oils right hear in Australia and that's got to be good all round for every one like i say all the way with POA cheers penrite your oils are now top of the food chain

The Mother of all Oils

Began using this nectar of the automotive gods in my 2002 Hyundai Accent LC Mod only ago at oil change, and all I can say is: What the heck. I can't believe I am actually driving what was called a plain and simple people mover with economy in mind.
Have noticed much quicker and quieter cold starts, and the engine is responding more like an electrical motor. This fully synthetic oil is ideal for high compressions my baby is reaching.

CarHyundai Accent LC GL 1.5L
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Thanks for your positive review Sascha

Questions & Answers

Hi I am just rebuilding a Mazda 3 2.3 engine do you recommend a running in oil as no one seems to have a 10/30 grade run in oil ? Cheers
2 answers
Absolutely, a running in oil is crucial to longevity of your engine.Hi Gavin, Best to give our Technical Team a call. Our number is 1300 736 748.

i have read that new direct injection engines may have problems with oil vapour contamination on intake valves from PCV blowby. Comments have been made that oil with poorer NOACK evaporation losses ( oil volatility) may be worse than other oils. What are the NEL of your Penrite 0 -40 10/10 oils ( 100% synthetic) and are they acceptable for direct injected and DI turbo engines. Some car manufacturers enforce use of certain oils by warranty demands . Any comments?
No answers

Which engine oil best for fg xr8?
1 answer
I use 15-50w Tenths in my Boss 290 works perfect for me living in the Territory. I noticing more stable oil pressure at high speeds

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