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Penrite DCT Fluid

Penrite DCT Fluid

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Mondeo Inoperitive Transmition Error

Cooked the Mondys Trans fluid after only 38K from new as I fitted Fly Wire to my Radiator to stop the Bugs, Cut a long story short the box was stuffed advised by my Ford Dealer and was going to cost 9K to replace it !! Having picked myself off the floor decided to attack the issue myself ! The trans oil was Black as when drained causing the issue, Did 3 Flushes through with the Penrite DCT and replaced with Ford Gen oil filter For trans box ! Its FIXED!! Awsome and no 9K to replace Transmition, its a bit tricky to drain and change but info on UTUBE Fantastic Product has been expensive exercise but a fantastic Result

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55Kms now and NO problems now its all fixed ! Fantastic result !!! just keep changing the oil and filter recommend every 20K it will only cost ya less than $200 el ceheapo fix

Dsg fluid change using Penrith dct

Changed dct fluid on my Passat v6 20000km ago still very smooth gear changes,will do it in my 2012 and 2009 Jetta 2.0 tsi as well
I highly recommend this I highly recommend disorders fluid
Just an update car still running strong,gear changes very silky
Used the dct oil in my 2013 passat v6 I Reckon it is better than oem oil gear changes are so smooth

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Used same oil in my 2012 and 2009 Jetta 2.0 tsi gear shifting lot better then with Oem oil my Passat still smooth gear changing after 30000 km

So far, so good.

I replaced the dual clutch transmission oil with Penrite DCT fluid, in my 2011 Ford Mondeo diesel. The fluid was changed in November 2016 at 113,000 kms.

The transmission was always very rough, the gear changes very uncomfortable and a noticeable delay between touching the accelerator and the vehicle actually moving. The new oil has fixed all these problems and the transmission runs perfectly. The previous problems could be due to the age of the old fluid and the fact it was not filled to the correct level.
Update June 2017 123,000 kms. Still runs flawlessly.
Update November 2018 135,000 kms. Still runs flawlessly.

I will update this review periodically.

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